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Finnegan's Garage
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Tim Paszkiewicz
Tim Paszkiewicz 2 timer siden
The tanks inside to keep it from freezing in the winter time. The controller on the wall is probably for the furnace. You use the controls on the ac to operate the ac.
DamnTrue 2 timer siden
A kodiak that’s rattling itself apart? Weird.
Hot Canon29
Hot Canon29 2 timer siden
Put solar panels out there to save u gas fam
Jason Wakeman
Jason Wakeman 3 timer siden
What's the rear end ratio in that rig? If you gotta 2:73 highway gear then I'd go 3:73 and turn up the 3208 a little.
carl h
carl h 4 timer siden
The tank inside keeps it from freezing
Obi Shinobi
Obi Shinobi 4 timer siden
Im surprised that had no drip pan under the tank.
Ima Computer
Ima Computer 5 timer siden
watah tank inside so it doesn't freeze in the winter.
Brian Langhorst
Brian Langhorst 5 timer siden
as a swift driver since 1997, you guys have no clue and you should have a commercial license to drive those things in my opinion... take the trim off the inside of the a/c and tighten up the bolts that secure the a/c to the roof.
Carlos Gomez
Carlos Gomez 5 timer siden
From experience you will regret the Mercedes Benz motor
Mawson 5 timer siden
This time on Finnegan's Garage... I bought an aircraft carrier!
Sam Dronen
Sam Dronen 5 timer siden
I used to be an engineering intern at ATC - they make great trailers.
David Castillo
David Castillo 5 timer siden
So where's the car now?
Scatpack716 5 timer siden
Aaaaawwwww yeah .... it's time to get shwifty!
Troy Deck
Troy Deck 5 timer siden
cloud9smokeshop 6 timer siden
I can only imagine how much tube got mangled over the years to get to the point where you can do two mirror image oddball ass bend profiles in one shot. twice. Yall make this look easyyy
Eric Gregory
Eric Gregory 6 timer siden
Remember in a lot of cases you have to have more than 1/4 tank for the generator to run. It's set up like that so you dont use all your gas.
Davevid45 6 timer siden
Don't ever buy a used car or big rig from a deacan of a church. He told me the car used a "little all" ( oil ) and I believed him because, well, he was a deacan. The damned car ( excuse the language here ) used more oil than gas. I was a very young stupid kid at the time. Ha ha. No water tank though. If it had one I'm sure it would have leaked.
wolfseek 6 timer siden
Bum with no cdl losser
Brian Hess
Brian Hess 6 timer siden
That truck is a freaking beast 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻Well done my friend.
Radical Motorsports
Radical Motorsports 7 timer siden
They put tank inside to prevent freezing
nickg0411 7 timer siden
so its a bit faster than the mopar muscle boat...lol
Daniel Marek
Daniel Marek 7 timer siden
As the saying goes "If she ain't happy you ain't happy!"
Rob Meekel
Rob Meekel 7 timer siden
Are you sure the shower isn't leaking too?
Radical Motorsports
Radical Motorsports 7 timer siden
How much for the red trailer
Keith mills
Keith mills 7 timer siden
Now you know what RV stands for........"Ruined Vacation"
Wicked Proxy
Wicked Proxy 7 timer siden
The water tank is inside so that it and the lines are less likely to freeze in cold weather.
91Mustang LX
91Mustang LX 8 timer siden
Nice rig, Congrats!!
Stephen Skierski
Stephen Skierski 8 timer siden
It just amazes me how many pieces of crap y'all actually end up buying. It happens so frequently it makes me think you are looking for pieces of crap to buy. If this is just happenstance stay the hell out of Vegas!
Michael Ronchette
Michael Ronchette 8 timer siden
Michael Ronchette
Michael Ronchette 8 timer siden
stright pipe it it will sound mean
Rick Stebbens
Rick Stebbens 8 timer siden
Water tank inside so it does not freeze. Nice rig.
Coit Custer
Coit Custer 8 timer siden
SWIFT....... Sure Wish I'd Finished Training SWIFT!
Eddie Orozco
Eddie Orozco 8 timer siden
On the next episode of Finnegans Garage "We sold the toterhome and trailer and bought a full size RV and converted the inside to be a car hauler/garage then bought ANOTHER trailer to convert into a living space"
Erric West
Erric West 9 timer siden
Bout to go where no man's gone to on a boat with the grinder sitting there haha
steve shoemaker
steve shoemaker 9 timer siden
Still a good deal look like to me.....Thanks
boofmcgee1 9 timer siden
I work at an rv dealership send any questions my way dudes!
wuoi zuiu
wuoi zuiu 9 timer siden
Factor in the weight of toter conversion with clean and grey tanks plus towing, Lincoln Hawk is gonna struggle.
boofmcgee1 9 timer siden
A/c controls on the ac unit control that unit only. If it’s got multiple a/c then the thermostat in the back will control that ac AND the furnace. If only one ac then the thermostat will most likely be just for furnace. That water tank deal is definitely odd. Most “gravity fills” on trailers are just a straight tube into the fresh tank. Maybe that system has some weird valves or winterization thing goin on? Never seen that with the water
fmkjr1 9 timer siden
You should get a cb radio!!
warty2200 9 timer siden
But you look so happy 1:50 ...
Kevin Schroeder
Kevin Schroeder 10 timer siden
First problem, it's a Freight shaker (Fruit shaker) second problem is the Mercedes engine (They're a piece of crap) Good luck.
Kees Pellikaan
Kees Pellikaan 10 timer siden
I know you'd like to walk around, use the restroom or just lay down while you're moving. You can only sleep while driving if the bed has a belt. Otherwise all of the above is illegal while driving.
Alan Flint
Alan Flint 10 timer siden
It’s a freightlshaker 🤷🏻‍♂️
_ramen aesthetics _
_ramen aesthetics _ 10 timer siden
I have a bunch of brand new indoor outdoor carpet for high traffic that I’m trying to get rid of if you’d like to have it let me know my email is [email protected]!!!
cadillac crow
cadillac crow 11 timer siden
those wheels are ok but there not all that there ok.
Brian Evans
Brian Evans 11 timer siden
Spray it with bleach run a dehumidifier in it for 2 days and you should be good on the tank go aluminum and use a-n fitings
Rare Form
Rare Form 12 timer siden
Color and lines SEXY Pickle
Huntimer Photography
Huntimer Photography 12 timer siden
Does Finnegan ever eat????
LNM0000 12 timer siden
Get the _fuck_ in !!!
MrStacy1974 12 timer siden
I think your totterhome belonged to my ex-boss in Ft. Worth. It was used to drag a NASCAR style double stacker around Texas dirt tracks.
Larry Lentini
Larry Lentini 13 timer siden
It was funny to watch finnegan eventually do the same thing the last 3 guys did and just put the tank back under the couch
sellC1964 13 timer siden
Water tank inside reduces the chances of it freezing.
Pixelated 13 timer siden
You put that water tank on the outside and it's going to freeze and it's going to crack and it's going to leak out. It's on the inside for a reason so the water don't freeze.
1aMedia_Mock 14 timer siden
dry the wood out. and then fiberglass resin the wood. turn it to hard plastic :) save from tearing it apart.
Couch Tours
Couch Tours 14 timer siden
Swift stands for a couple things Sure Wished I Finished Training Swing Wide It’s A Friggin Trailer (BoneheadTruckers shoutout)
YELLOW08Z06 14 timer siden
Beautiful home. Beautiful neighborhood
Clayton Stegall
Clayton Stegall 14 timer siden
3208 lol : ) Million RPM @ hwy speed = medium duty life
ARockyRanchShop 14 timer siden
I would put a drain pan under that water storage with a drain just incase it leaks again.
Scott M
Scott M 15 timer siden
You put the tank inside for winterizing, prevent the water from freezing. And it doesn't waste valuable storage space underneath
Clayton Stegall
Clayton Stegall 15 timer siden
Sounds like Fred is a #46 tractor parade guy. Defanitely a good dude! : )
Scotch Ace
Scotch Ace 15 timer siden
There's Fast, and then there is Quick. This boat has a bunch of both. Those Holeshots are beautiful.
Acura TL GTLM 15 timer siden
7:04 "who's doing the most dumb things?" Amazon. 100% it's Amazon.
colin pobgee
colin pobgee 15 timer siden
One for you Kevin Oliver
Michelle Duprey
Michelle Duprey 16 timer siden
Have you considered putting down cork flooring? It's comfortable underfoot, antimicrobial, easy to clean (but also doesn't show any dirt quickly) and is a sustainable material. Plus, it's quiet and it looks great! We used cork flooring in one of our campers and loved it!
Troy Deck
Troy Deck 16 timer siden
you can't rebuild a engine in that condition with out a trip or 2 to the machine shop
ItsJustJacob 16 timer siden
No low voltage disconnect on the batteries!!! C'mon!! Buy a LVD!
BobsYourUncle 16 timer siden
Something to think about when driving that big rig boys, driver needs his seatbelt. I know she rides smooth but trust me, you will get bucked out of that seat. Way too easy to kill people with that much weight. Worst part is, you'll survive to regret it.
howard hobbs
howard hobbs 17 timer siden
Bc of the roadkill ramptruck is the reason I'm looking for my own
Howabouthetruth 17 timer siden
If the wood isn't already rotten, it should be fine, if the leak is caught soon enough and the wood is allowed to dry. I think you'll be ok with the existing wood, it looks fine top-side anyway. If it's rotten on the bottom layers, I would think that you should be able to smell it while inside the vehicle.
TheUSpatriot1776 17 timer siden
Get yourself a truck GPS to use in the rig. Garmin and Rand McNally make some good units. Last thing you want is to get on a weight restricted road or stuck under a low bridge.
Jerry Pierce
Jerry Pierce 17 timer siden
Is the reason they put the water tank inside the cab is if you go camping in the Winter it doesn't freeze, That can be a big problem trust me.
Howabouthetruth 17 timer siden
Maybe should've stopped right away to pump ( or drain ) the remaining water out of the freshwater tank to save possible further damage? That's an awful lot of water to continue allowing to leak out ( unless the leak was somewhere high up the tank, and I doubt that ) and possibly damage a lot more than just the carpet. ????????????
Chiripas Lapala
Chiripas Lapala 18 timer siden
Finnegan sucks.
Mike C
Mike C 18 timer siden
“It doesn’t matter what you spend on them, it’s about how nice they were originally” Thank you for making me feel better🤣
Michael Connor
Michael Connor 18 timer siden
Nothing like Pomona at 3:30 in the morning 🤣
JJ TT 19 timer siden
JJ TT 19 timer siden
Jack Severs
Jack Severs 19 timer siden
a teeny tiny bit of foreshadowing in the 57 Chevy roadtrip video at camping world. "say goodby to mold, mildew and moisture"
Gregory Nagy
Gregory Nagy 19 timer siden
Interesting and informative video. Please,double check, your purchase,Before Any Trip!! G