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Finnegan's Garage
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BearCat459 13 timer siden
Is it possible the air bags were inflated to much? Not sure how them bags work on your trailer but if you hooked it to the rig with no reg it probably had max psi from the trucks tanks to the bags. Just a thought.
WarBeardTheRed 14 timer siden
Dang Finnegan, as an old mini trucker I would think you'd be pissed at whoever designed that suspension.
Westley Tyrrell
Westley Tyrrell 16 timer siden
I have a hoard of parts for tri five chevys here in iowa and I mean alot..... I have alot of rare stuff that holds these together that you can't buy half the time
jordy roberts
jordy roberts 16 timer siden
need to run an airline to the boat trailer while traveling
Ken Cooper
Ken Cooper 17 timer siden
Allatoona? Yeah, I live in Hiram.
Prince Bytor Frunobulax
I want that engine, (NA) in a 72 Monte. Maybe w/a gear driven cam to spice up the sound.
john t
john t 20 timer siden
just grab some square tube and run it across the top of the airbags and tie them into the airbag mounts
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 21 time siden
What is the mpg compared to your other rigs?
Gordon Arnold
Gordon Arnold 22 timer siden
Who built that trailer ... That's a pretty cheesy setup.
Zbychu Odkurzacz
Zbychu Odkurzacz 22 timer siden
What's the song of the intro ?
Tim Rick
Tim Rick Dag siden
You probably know. The little yellow thing on the shoulder belt will hold the belt looser for more comfort on especially long drives like you are doing. So you can move a little safer with the belt attached. I have a similar device on all my vehicles. No more sweaty shoulder belts. Stay safe!!
Friel O’City
Friel O’City Dag siden
Proving once again,...it's not what you know,...but so true who you know.
Kenny Ball
Kenny Ball Dag siden
This thing is bad ass o.m.g. iv got to get one
thatguy3428 Dag siden
Buy ramp truck to avoid having to tow a trailer. Several ramp truck iterations pass. Buy trailer because new ramp truck is now basically an RV. I love this channel. Just as crazy as me.
BeachBow Dag siden
So who built the trailer?
Marcus Downs
Marcus Downs Dag siden
Yay bud.
Mj Moore
Mj Moore Dag siden
Being raised rich has its advantages.
Matt Penny
Matt Penny Dag siden
I am afraid that the build on that trailer is not great. Could do with a lot of improvement. Tube is generally weaker on the weld. Good plan to insert something on the inside. Plug welds 50mm either side of break to inserted tube would help.
Matt Penny
Matt Penny Dag siden
Should have watched longer before making plug weld comment. Good repair.
mtrevino01 Dag siden
Not gna lie, but I think I just came a little when Finnegan throttled that beast. Friggin NOICE!!!
Chris Staples
Chris Staples Dag siden
Seen you the toter home gray trailer on i-44 out side of st.louis heading west last night .
cash talks
cash talks Dag siden
I will subscribe if you invite me to your shop. I know what area you are but I don’t know exactly where you are. I live close to you is all I know….-
marlon detorres
marlon detorres Dag siden
The easy drama connolly trust because doctor wessely start atop a stale jail. stupendous, nonchalant toothbrush
Neno Bermea
Neno Bermea Dag siden
I know exactly where that is. I live about 45min. West if there .👍👍
Mike Point
Mike Point Dag siden
Game over is one sick boat , but the trailer not so much , I feel Mike needs to get a “ normal boat trailer “ less is more Finn .
Harold Hicks
Harold Hicks Dag siden
That is some of the worst fab i have seen. Cut that junk out and put a pair of 3000# torsion axles back.
WheelieGriff Dag siden
Hey you should turn on the gopro telemetry to show your speed
larry a
larry a Dag siden
If you have a generator run it and your house ac while driving
ChrisNVegas Dag siden
Arizona roads are so trashed. I avoid driving in AZ as much as possible. I-40 near Flagstaff is horrible. Only Colorado has worse roads than Arizona.
Roger Johnson
Roger Johnson Dag siden
Ive seen a lot of boat trailers , this one looks like something bought at Harbour Freight , that trailer was never legal to pull a boat anyways , it had no brakes if it was a single axle trailer it dont need brakes and those axles should be 3500 pound rated axles those are rated to haul a single golf cart , I could go on and on , Do your resaarch before buying or building a boat trailer
Johnny Carr
Johnny Carr Dag siden
I see Finnigan is from my neck of the woods. I grew up in Lee County, GA.
johnathan stone
johnathan stone Dag siden
Product of common core math engineers
Jesse Taylor
Jesse Taylor Dag siden
Ss is to stiff and brittle for a trailer ruff roads are going to kill it no matter how much you gusset it up
martymorse2 Dag siden
"By the time you get to Phoenix you will not be on my mind." Hey Mike, Glen Campbell must have been a boat racer
Bruni Dag siden
Easiest way to remove the seam from that tube would have been to use a slug of hardened tool steel with enough of a concave face so as to provide a sharp cutting edge and push it through the tube with a press or some sort of hydraulic ram
William Stamper
William Stamper Dag siden
Dang my olds 455 jet boat went 80 on gps. It was a single carb normally aspirated nightmare The edit is the 9:5 to one short block went 11:80 in my 1970 442
david sutton
david sutton Dag siden
id take that trailer back and demand my money back its junk
Chris Morgan
Chris Morgan Dag siden
The 2 side of the axle articulating on trailing arms is probably twisting the axle in the center causing the brake.
Cory Wagner
Cory Wagner Dag siden
I would consider replacing The standard straight axles with the independent style that are becoming more common on trailer these days. I'm in the RV business and we're seeing a lot less damage due to rough roads when they have a system like that.
Joe john Fanning
You can also get snow tracks for them and you can mount an out board on the back
Stefan Holgesson
Stefan Holgesson 2 dager siden
American quality is, as we all know, the best
Paul Blouin
Paul Blouin 2 dager siden
How much air did you have in your boat trailer air bags? Too much maybe?
Völl Däpp
Völl Däpp 2 dager siden
I like the music on this newer episodes. Kinda get bored by the stereotypical guitar-stuff of all combustion-engine related channels.
MJM’s Workshop
MJM’s Workshop 2 dager siden
How many mirrors did you break as a kid?
paxtonspeed 2 dager siden
That trailer is garbage! Who built that?
CJ Osman
CJ Osman 2 dager siden
That trailer is barely enough for a JetSki. Terrible design and execution all around.
bfmcarparts Last
bfmcarparts Last 2 dager siden
19:43 IFO! Identified Frying Object! A Finne-sasquatch!
proudinfidel 2 dager siden
You should have had him weld some eye hooks to the frame and then strapped it down with them. When you get back home trash those mickey mouse wheels and tires and junk that 'suspension', and have a pro make a proper one. Nobody really cares about what a boat trailer looks like anyway-at least, not the one underneath that boat!
Ricky Z
Ricky Z 2 dager siden
Damn I totally drove past you on i40 the other day!!!
Julio Gonzo
Julio Gonzo 2 dager siden
I notice you seem to like the left lane, and who tf butt welds an axle?!
Person Coffey
Person Coffey 2 dager siden
What is sir-vay-sa?
Kirkwd88 2 dager siden
I am assuming the boat trailer maker is embarrassed?
Fortnite Mobilevid Vid
Too much air
Dumuzi Shepherd
Dumuzi Shepherd 2 dager siden
Did this happen...i can't
one time
one time 2 dager siden
you need to ditch that whole trailer design and just run a single axle with leafs :/
Gadne92 2 dager siden
Them metal shavings sire. 0/5 right there for the drilling aluminium stuff at the sandy boat ramp.
Karrie Falon Johnson
Karrie Falon Johnson 2 dager siden
only in canada hey nosections.info/green/2qqfa6CGZKGwptg/video.html
dazaspc 2 dager siden
So many guys trailer big dollar stuff around on lousy suspension.That poor 711 Hemi getting smashed over every bump whilst there is no oil pressure to protect the bearings. The turbos getting hammered over rough roads whilst stationary, the crankshaft main and rod bearings, it might be ok over a few short trips to the local boat ramp but Cross country on bad roads would be like the death of a thousand paper cuts.
scottcol23 2 dager siden
I love seeing young dudes being successful! That is a bitchin setup he has!
Graham Campbell
Graham Campbell 2 dager siden
I would have done another wider piece of metal and weld it as well to go round the middle of the out side pipe as a extra support
KiiNG MF 2 dager siden
Where's the best place to reach Finnegan? I have a boat video that I know he's gonna find interesting... Trust me!!
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 2 dager siden
What is the mpg compared to your other rigs?
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 21 time siden
Don’t cut up Squareforce 1! Do you need a CDL for the toter?
Aaron Hill
Aaron Hill 2 dager siden
Hope you paid him for all that work he did for you !
ItsTheFatOne 2 dager siden
Does it not have a jake brake?
Isaac Oakes
Isaac Oakes 2 dager siden
Wow, holy cow! Give props to that amazing fabricator and artist! He’s incredible!! 👍🏼👍🏼👌🏼
John Wimber1234
John Wimber1234 2 dager siden
Omg that’s insane me and my family rented that house on the water years ago and loved it too death that’s crazy🤣
670fastcrf 2 dager siden
Next T shirt idea Finn... "I have drank beers with engineers!" Because we all do precision guesswork based on marginal information based on skeptical results!
David Kelm
David Kelm 2 dager siden
It would be weird if nothing broke ay ?
Adam West
Adam West 2 dager siden
That misshapen beard is so cute. Also don’t buy cheap shit. Just stop. Then you won’t end up with broken welds and/or joints. Fake ass wanna be Fred durst. Turn your hat around. Grow up.
Random BS
Random BS 2 dager siden
I swear the luck that Finnegan goes through. If he found a dollar on the road, he’d probably be charged for money laundering.
Astro BOY
Astro BOY 2 dager siden
Hey Cotton next time tuck in your belly..lololol
Dirk Andreas
Dirk Andreas 2 dager siden
Fillets not sharp corners (concentrate forces)
D Weber
D Weber 2 dager siden
Just saw my first episode of Finnegan's garage and loved it. The tools you are giving away would really help me get my at home Fab shop going. I've been a metal fabricator my whole life but due to an injury I can't work in a shop anymore. The tools would help me keep doing what I love to do
James Badalament
James Badalament 2 dager siden
The panhard bars are too short on those jet ski trailers. They're throwing the geometry of the suspension.
AAR Cuda
AAR Cuda 2 dager siden
That is one nice boat
Nota Rookee
Nota Rookee 2 dager siden
Just a free suggestion LOL just what you need I’m sure however I will say that if you can bring yourself to replacing that fiberglass or whatever it is water tank with an aluminum tank and use marine grade plumbing parts you’ll have less trouble in the future
Tripp Rogers
Tripp Rogers 2 dager siden
“Where the water flows like Cerveza“ ..Meaning it smells like pee and it’s full of foam??
Chuck Bell
Chuck Bell 2 dager siden
sick shop!