Finnegan's Garage
Finnegan's Garage
Finnegan's Garage
Abonner 757 k
eager400 17 timer siden
Instead of LincolnHawk name it LeakingHawk. Love your videos!
daniel dimitri
daniel dimitri 19 timer siden
Where did you get a flightline tow vehicle? Im having flashbacks of my airforce days.
Jon stinnett
Jon stinnett 20 timer siden
Todd Bertram
Todd Bertram 20 timer siden
27:15 boat can be seen, BADASS. Just needs a little trolling motor and she is ready to rock.
Todd Bertram
Todd Bertram 20 timer siden
What is truly amazing is that these rigs are actually getting sucked through the water and not thrust through like prop boat. Essentially if the water is calm then 'traction' is unlimited. Pretty rad.
Todd Bertram
Todd Bertram 20 timer siden
Seems like you'd be a lot better of running the jet electrically. Everything is faster, higher torque and more reliable with electric power and the tuning would be unlimited. Yes you lose the hypnotic bones inducing sound but I'm sure you can find another outlet. Not to mention the massive weight reduction if you are truly running the rigs in a drag race. All that said, the engines sound amazing, and I'm sure the feeling is unparalleled.
Hot Rod Dave
Hot Rod Dave 21 time siden
I need one in my life and I am in Georgia. Looks like good times. My buddy had a tunnel hull jet Blown BBC that was crazy fun. He would trim it and do water wheelies with it until the carbs lost fuel and it would come back down. We would get those adrenaline laughs. Good times for sure
Mr Sauce
Mr Sauce 21 time siden
19:41 they finally quit talking about golf cart tires and get wrenching
Steve Beavers
Steve Beavers 22 timer siden
She purty
tree18is 22 timer siden
like and commented before this episode blows my mind
JeffIsAMoose Plays
#57'Chevy #RaceCars #Finnegan
Mongo's Garage
Mongo's Garage Dag siden
Hurry up and get it done! Truer words have never been spoken!
Wikkus Dag siden
Got to say, that Eliminator is a lust-making thing, Your missus is bloody right :D
BlackKnight BcKc
Yea a lot of us boaters have dolly trailers with only two tires and we go from Nor cal to Arizona all the time
stkrrauch Dag siden
so cool nice job great video
Carl Svedenius
Carl Svedenius Dag siden
Stupid Question , why use wood at all and not only grp or divinycell ? It looks like a dream =)
Lonnie Ciallela
Lonnie Ciallela Dag siden
your mom is awesome
Lukes Workshop
Lukes Workshop Dag siden
The start of the episode and watching Mike just glide over bumps with the air ride seat and Newbern being jolted by each bump made me wonder if they fight over who gets to drive Lincoln Hawk
D4 VE Dag siden
Arent they same as classic mini wheels/tyres?
American Rambler
I did not know Eliminator Boats were still around!
RedNeckRacing 88
Finnegan if you ever need anything and your in NJ or near here and need help call me i have a garage full of tools everything you can think of
Nate Dawg
Nate Dawg Dag siden
Man that thing is awesome
BigCee Gracious
BigCee Gracious Dag siden
What ever happened to this truck?
todd paik
todd paik Dag siden
Kinda scary that if you flip, the boat says 666 on the side
Mike Giulivo
Mike Giulivo Dag siden
Dang that's a beautiful boat!!
Timothy Spain
Timothy Spain Dag siden
Nice score. I'm a 57 man born in 57. My dad drove one as a police car. If I hit the lottery I'll have a 57 Chevy
c22narf Dag siden
HAHA!! I just came over from Cleetus, I saw you on Airline Drive in Bossier City, LA! I didn't recognize the truck, I just saw the (what looked like) Daytona Eliminator, I have an Eliminator 207. I can't wait to see this one, I'm subscribing for this!
Let's Talk Racecar
15:01 Watch the diesel price, thanks Biden....
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 Dag siden
Nothing to do with Biden. It was cycling between cash and credit prices.
Benny T
Benny T Dag siden
Loved the road trip music
Michael Morell
Michael Morell Dag siden
Wife's opinion was the best.
Randy & Kraig Brother's
I worked at Marlin Boats in 1987- 1988 doing lamination, it is very interesting how they make them
Jeeper Dag siden
love your wife.."Hurry up and get it done" lol..KEEPER
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Dag siden
Seems like Dave was getting a bit emotional. Good for him getting his dream car.
Robert Hachten
Robert Hachten Dag siden
Finn.... Brother.... You sir, are a lucky man....
Daniel Ducati
Daniel Ducati Dag siden
Badass !!!!!!!!
That Bearded Veteran
I really hope Finnegan brings that Eliminator back out to Lake Havasu for Super Cat Fest West next year!
Brent Grubbs
Brent Grubbs Dag siden
Think this one should be named multiplayer since you can take the family with you
Niterider Allen
Niterider Allen Dag siden
If you guys want a badass GPS. I use this in my Peterbilt it is the DEZL (diesel) series. I have the OTR 800. I absolutely love love love this GPS. Also the DEZL 760 Is well worth it as well.
Here in Germany a lot of trailers come with 10 or 12" wheels, advantages being as you said, you can build the trailer lower to the ground when the wheels are under the bed. The dealership I work at has a tow truck that has dual 10" rear axles on airbags so you can lower the rear end to load up. Nothing to special about it. Does sacrifice some ride comfort though as opposed to regular 14" or 16" trailer wheels.
Matt Sepulveda
Matt Sepulveda 2 dager siden
Man that boat is beautiful!!!!! Maybe I should get one and have Mike and the boys build it up for me
Michael Vecchiarelli
Michael Vecchiarelli 2 dager siden
Hi,Finnegan. I love the new boat.
Joe 2 dager siden
Finnegan that soundtrack KILLED it with this vid. Thank you for helping pass along the truth man, keep on keeping on.
FullSpeedNoBrakes J2BO
Stunning Daytona. The history behind the eliminator Daytona is awesome. Pretty much any fast cat out there is emulating the Daytona.
B GUDIEL 2 dager siden
everytime i passed by this place i thought about you guys... id be like "damn Finnegan would love this junk" lol
LS1 GOAT 2 dager siden
Hope your dumbasses dont get get run over pullin over on side of an interstate so your silly boat dont get wet . What tools !