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Big Bear Venom
Big Bear Venom 11 timer siden
What are you saying you have engagement with oil pump and it won't turn. The reason the rotor won't turn just indicates that the cam gear is engaged to the gear on distributor shaft which connected to the fixed rotor on an advance less distributor. Advanced centrifugal mechanical distributors are two separate shafts. You will not know if you are truly engaged with oil pump unless you rotate the camshaft by way of crankshaft on an assembled motor and you visually see it drop or audibly hear it drop or you measure down to the oil pump shaft slot bottom up to manifold surface but never ie the gasket because it's crushes down. Then measure the distributor ring to the bottom side of distributor gear bottom with rotor pulled up to take slack out to get accurate measurement. Then measure up into bottom of gear base on distributor to deepest area of where tang engagement would be then you do you calculations for engagement protruThe other way is on unassembled engine with cam shaft just stabbed in and ditributor
Beefalo Bart
Beefalo Bart 12 timer siden
Well if your wife hates "Clifford the big red truck" maybe its time for a wrap or paint job.
Patrick Tait
Patrick Tait 12 timer siden
Oh what a beauty
dingus153 12 timer siden
Whats the deal with putting "not for hire" stickers on things like this?
David Windsor
David Windsor 13 timer siden
So did the penny drop on the service Erin Reeves. ??
Stephen Hunter
Stephen Hunter 14 timer siden
Acording to waffle house's own website they now in 2021 have 1990 stores in the USA and exactly zero here. I'm an Aussie.
Stephen Hunter
Stephen Hunter 13 timer siden
As for Walmart, checked on ASIC Australian business registration website and their either de-registered or cancelled take you pick!
Iron Horse Garage
Iron Horse Garage 18 timer siden
Never ending, I think it's actually a disease!!
Iron Horse Garage
Iron Horse Garage 18 timer siden
Good stuff! Never dull!!!
Baylan Maverick Legacy
Baylan Maverick Legacy 18 timer siden
i love boats, i dont care what it is gimmi boats, oh yea an chevys !
krvnjrcbs 18 timer siden
20deg valve angle. Lol. That's a stupid decision. Unsub
hi there
hi there 18 timer siden
Finnegan you can get UV blocking window tint for your windshield and darker UV blocking tint for your side glass. I run 90% light transmission on my truck because that was the best they made at the time, I think they make 99% now meaning 99% of the photons pass through it but 99.something % of UVA and UVB radiation is rejected.
Ben Kolpa
Ben Kolpa 19 timer siden
I commented
J, Williams
J, Williams 19 timer siden
Finn, you know you can google this shit right? You dont need a chiltons.
Bill H
Bill H 19 timer siden
Tecate Light? Mike, you may as well be drinking Diet Pepsi :) BTW, those are not holes in the block, nono. Those are inspection ports.
Buckin Bronco
Buckin Bronco 20 timer siden
is that the same boat from the Boatkill episode of Roadkill?
David Bellamy
David Bellamy 20 timer siden
Now I Know Why She Hate It, & That Truck Look Like a Big Fire Extinguisher Truck!! Hahahaha!!
Nick Fulton
Nick Fulton 20 timer siden
Soooooo.....Y'all stopping by Texas Speed to swap out the engine? Its on the way home right?🤷‍♂️
rynstvy 20 timer siden
Hey when you were going through the receipts from early 2000’s Aaron Reeves is that the same Aaron from flying sparks garage?
Graveltrucking 20 timer siden
The 3208 is a 10 liter pig under the hood its gutless, belches blue smoke, around where I live many guys scrapped trucks with 3208s they cost a fortune to rebuild. I would be extending the exhaust pipe well past the cab, got yourself a box of ear plugs lol.
Kyle Langer
Kyle Langer 20 timer siden
Have you heard of Steelit? Its a metal based paint/primer that you can weld through. Good shit. The Hoonigans use it on a lot of shit.
J. Walker
J. Walker 21 time siden
Instead of air seats get air ride. Suspension and cab.
Faggot Rotten
Faggot Rotten 21 time siden
I would make this a mobile man cave Tailgate club
Logan Beedy
Logan Beedy 21 time siden
A cat 3208 you better get some cranks cause they love them
Zach Clark
Zach Clark 21 time siden
Literally why do you keep buying more of the exact some purpose trucks??
HellRaizer 22 timer siden
I can't wait for the next episode! Finnegan's Garage Rulez!
Tom P
Tom P 22 timer siden
That Davey Allison is the Crew Chief for Super Stock racer Jimmy DeFrank.
The Grosh
The Grosh 22 timer siden
Muscle truck pulling a drag boat
ooa 91
ooa 91 22 timer siden
The cat 3208 is not the best cat has made
Tom P
Tom P 22 timer siden
Dave's the "12 Volt" Energizer Bunny.
truckinman86 22 timer siden
Adept Ape is the guy to watch for all things Cat.
Randy Wilson
Randy Wilson 22 timer siden
It needs one of everthing!
Sic Creations
Sic Creations 22 timer siden
I am about to get a 68', nice ride!
bishop2355 22 timer siden
What year Expedition did the rear end come out of?
USMC Drifter
USMC Drifter 23 timer siden
Please please please Show More boat racing stuff! I'm putting an Eaton M122 on my ski boat! Why? Because cool noises!
Gregory Veizades
Gregory Veizades 23 timer siden
Holy shit those were Halon extinguishers!!! Those are worth money!!
David Alejandro Silva Iacobelli
Dave’s comment: “that must be old cause there’s over a 1000 in Georgia” hahaha cracked me up
Stephen Hunter
Stephen Hunter 13 timer siden
Funny how there mostly all in one state!
Patrick Parsons
Patrick Parsons Dag siden
Davey Allison and I are for the same town. The Alabama Gang have all moved now except Red.
OhioGuy82 Dag siden
The 3208 is an absolute workhorse. Not all that powerful though, noisy but reliable. Not sure how it performs in truck applications.
biggavins Dag siden
"Oh! Slipknot. Ok!" Hell ya man
Paul Dysinger
Paul Dysinger Dag siden
I need that box truck in my life.
Curtis Kane
Curtis Kane Dag siden
You now have breaking capability!👍
Alex Baker
Alex Baker Dag siden
Why dose the dash plate say Silverado and the outside badge say Kodiak
High Mellow
High Mellow Dag siden
I saw you on TV last week crying about gas prices and the president I sure hope you weren’t a Trump thumper anything is better than him even if gas is a little bit more expensive
Chris Romero
Chris Romero Dag siden
Hold on... I got something in both my eyes... 🥲 Finnegan is an amazing friend taking care of his friends. Really cool!
TheDrakenZ Dag siden
The music while Finnegan reads the instructions reminds me of national lampoons vacation movies.... i dont know which one, or when... but it does.
Edward Ervin
Edward Ervin Dag siden
Very cool Finagin
Chris Klueber
Chris Klueber Dag siden
Tell Newburn not to shave his beard again. Ever. I mean, ever.
Eva DeVries
Eva DeVries Dag siden
3208 maintenance: Oil, filters, and valve lash.
Eva DeVries
Eva DeVries Dag siden
The naturally aspirated Cat 3208 put out 210 hp. While that sounds low, they last forever. We had one in a Cat 225 excavator with 15,000 hrs and it still ran great. Different turbo/cooler configurations push the same engine up to almost 500 hp. 375hp versions are very common.
Kenneth Ellerman
Can't believe it missed you guys I live in buckeye arizona like a mile from hidden lake that's crazy
NJW Dag siden
Good luck with the 3208. Worst Cat motor ever made there a throw away motor. But it should be fine for your purposes.
Ed Haszard Morris
Love the audio editing during the drag boat racing/Newbern driving timelapse montage!
iamgriff Dag siden
you phucked up giving that Allison badge away.
Douglas Pell
Douglas Pell Dag siden
That blows! Wife is going to Love you! She thought the truck was bad! The truck could be looking much better now! LOL Hope the trip back was good! Enjoy your show!
robert A.
robert A. Dag siden
need to add 6 inch stacks to that.
Gilbey Dag siden
I’m not gonna lie. I’m jealous, always wanted one of those. The cat engine makes it even better.
The whitetail connection
3208 better known as a throw away 08. They are horrible truck motors . Good luck with it
Brody Paxton
Brody Paxton Dag siden
24:54 The front of Lincoln Hawk looks like a tool box
Will C
Will C Dag siden
I don't have a need... but y'all have made me want a ramp truck so badly over the years. I'll find a need...
Piratheeban Kuddy
You are always ROCKING
Woody Holland
Woody Holland Dag siden
Great story. And it is in my home town. You guys should have stopped by and had a cold one
Mike Griffith
Mike Griffith Dag siden
The other ROADKILL guy should help you make your videos funnier and more interesting . some pointers might help you increase your numbers
Aaron Anderson
Aaron Anderson Dag siden
Davey left the track for good in 93 fellas. Wish I still had that signed poster from 91. Wrong Davey, still a bad ass rig. Likely a usac sprint hauler... Springfield and Pennsylvania make sense, I remember mid to late 90s.... those rigs were proper haulers for a well funded team. Id try to check its provenance... not that it matters, but hey...
Rebel Kline
Rebel Kline Dag siden
The new video cuts are pretty. I like the extra work being put in.
Figment078 Dag siden
the buzzer at 22:00... that was too long for oil pressure so it's the air brakes alarm? man that RV no-CDL with air brakes loophole just blows my mind.
Richard Harvey
Richard Harvey Dag siden
Always fun time watching these.
Seth Hilt
Seth Hilt Dag siden
The 3208 isn't a great engine but it would be alright in that application just make sure it doesn't get hot those motors are not rebuildable 90% of the time
Ben Stephenson
Ben Stephenson Dag siden
Mike should start a big chart of blown engines.
Bubba Kushington
Fuckin awesome finding the old race qualifying paper.
Ljubo's Car's Adventures
Bringing home two awesome jet boats Surprise 😂👌. Man I never saw so many engine pieces outside the block and this hurts even me, but the last words made me laugh, so thanks for that and hope your wife will not be upset. And maybe it's better not to show up with this awesome big rig and two boats at the same time at your home👍.
kh40yr Dag siden
So Cool. Missed this one. The Weld Alpha's are bitchin!!. Very nice and make the car. A favor to ask. Don't let the dogs watch the welding. Most of them,, don't know to look away immediately. At that distance they take some serious artificial x-rays. Poor pooches will be walking into walls and looking drunk-ish in a matter of years sooner than they should. It has happened before and I also know a guy who knows a guy. At least get them some awesome dark shades and strap them on their noggin. Love that 61 body style. Even IF it has a hard time with 200mph,, it still looks the part. Keep on,,Keeping on!!. Nice work crew!!.
Jay Stuard
Jay Stuard Dag siden
NASCAR driver Davey Allison died in 1993
Sheep Wolf
Sheep Wolf Dag siden
Do you actually throw your stuff THROUGH the dumpters or are they invisible and your shit just goes through them anyway?
Austin Morris
Austin Morris Dag siden
It’s fairly easy to find service manuals for old CATs online. Unfortunately, caterpillar is rather proud of their parts, even the filters. Get rid of that garbage flex pipe on the exhaust, only thing their good for is leaking and cutting your fingers.
Dave M
Dave M Dag siden
kelderman air ride sponsorship!
Brookes Milbourn
Those 3208's sound awesome gotta love a big v8 diesel, Mike if you've never seen the big Scania v8's you should check um out bad ass trucks!!
Guns N Gears
Guns N Gears Dag siden
Cool!!!! A RoadKill engine swap on Finnigan's Garage would be awesome!!!
Sean McGillicuddy
Let the adventure begin !!!
Joe cook
Joe cook Dag siden
i had a combine harvester with a 3208, no turbo though. 10 ltres, 170hp. and it was not economical. and i believe just a long engine without turbos is 750kg. think they were pretty reliable without turbos, from what i've heard reliability takes a hit when power is increased with forced induction. although that's in harvesters where they ran at 2800 rpm all day long often at high load. so might be better in a truck?
beldenjay paige
beldenjay paige Dag siden
Hey Finnegan how you doing man... Question: why the name “Blasphemy” for your “55”, just asking, did watch from the start when it needed everything, but today last I seen it ran “8ts” awesome brah 🤙😎👍