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This adventure began on Monday March 1st with less than a week to get my 1967 Chevy C10 running and driving so that could cruise it to MRC Fabrication in Kernersville, North Carolina. We decided to drive it there on Sunday March 7th to go check out the progress on my 1961 Cadillac Coupe DeVill. You guys are welcome to meet us there if you want. The address is 616 Indeneer Drive, Kernersville, NC 27284.
Day 4 of the build went really well and once again these videos have been made possible by the good folks at Wire Care. Wire Care distributes everything you need to wire and plumb your hot rod, muscle car, truck, drift car or tricycle and we are using everything from battery cable to heat shielding products during the thrash to finish my C10. Want to see more? Visit www.wirecare.com
There's also bonus daily content on Wirecare's Instagram account, which is @wirecare_inc

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6. mars. 2021





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David Fruits
David Fruits Måned siden
David Fruits
David Fruits Måned siden
David Fruits
David Fruits Måned siden
Camaro72_Justin 4 måneder siden
Llama bite 🤣
Sacral Bearman
Sacral Bearman 4 måneder siden
Rock girl
Rock girl 4 måneder siden
Best “show” this week. Can’t wait to see it on the ground.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 4 måneder siden
You guys look like you're having a blast even though it's alot of hard work awesome job thanks for the content!
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson 4 måneder siden
Guessing one thing you can't cross off was sleep?
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 4 måneder siden
9:09 Finnegan's thumb lives to see another day!
Rock girl
Rock girl 4 måneder siden
Can’t believe you didn’t mill out the back of the gearbox breather so it didn’t sit on the piss on the nut serts 😂
Sara Barnes
Sara Barnes 4 måneder siden
The hurt font steadily bang because hacksaw moberly skip within a joyous beetle. unique, whole vegetable
Andrew Litchfield
Andrew Litchfield 4 måneder siden
When will the shop build be a video series? Ie. Gyp rock etc.?
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 4 måneder siden
9:09 Finnegan's thumb lives to see another day!
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 4 måneder siden
Part 5 : redoing another list
DestructionNL 4 måneder siden
Fun to see i'm not the only one who sometimes adds stuff to the todo list, just so that i can cross it off because it's done.
Deo Persad
Deo Persad 4 måneder siden
Cool I'm bing wachting as got to many NOsections channel's and I've been busy doing things myself 👍🏾👍🏻
Shaun Paul
Shaun Paul 4 måneder siden
Holy crap how many comments are their. F this no booty is gonna read this shizat. I like cvt’s and sleeping on the couch. Ohhhh and the last season of Lost was the best. Out
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 4 måneder siden
When the C10 pull out Cotten needs to worm the length of garage.
Shaun Paul
Shaun Paul 4 måneder siden
You all drunk?
Framelayn 4 måneder siden
Looks awesome, cant wait to see it done!!! Bring that thing to Mininats in Maggie Valley!!
scott fritz
scott fritz 4 måneder siden
You can adjust the spring tension in that hole cutter by turning the screw in the back of the arbor. It will keep it from walking. I learned the same way.
hmshyperion 4 måneder siden
It's nice to get back to the C10 build. I know Mike worked hard on the Cadillac build but I didn't watch 95% of it simply because I couldn't bear to watch him cut up that really nice rare car.
Johnny Logan
Johnny Logan 4 måneder siden
"analyzing background." That is what the blip banner says, in case anyone is wondering...
bogginbrandon 4 måneder siden
Mike good job on the C10! It’s been cool to watch it come together! For the record, I liked the old intro logo with the flames and glass break effect better.
bustin yanutz
bustin yanutz 5 måneder siden
That bar (tube) in the cab is a bit low, I hope you never wreck because that tube will break your shins . Why is it so low, I've always seen them much higher? Just wondering why it was put in its location. I know it mounts the steering column but it could've went above it
Stu DeVust
Stu DeVust 5 måneder siden
I can feel the tired in this video and Im not even into episode 5.
Tom Polkinghorne
Tom Polkinghorne 5 måneder siden
Can’t believe you didn’t mill out the back of the gearbox breather so it didn’t sit on the piss on the nut serts 😂
Bill Braithwaite
Bill Braithwaite 5 måneder siden
Part 5?? Need more.
ChristianX Z owner
ChristianX Z owner 5 måneder siden
Listen to alot of stuff from Finnegan over yrs..💪♥️🤟
ChristianX Z owner
ChristianX Z owner 5 måneder siden
Part 5 : redoing another list
ChristianX Z owner
ChristianX Z owner 5 måneder siden
Thats why thoses two white board are there...to get drawn back in front of the build...in ahhhww...kick back n look what is done..can't wait till its kodack time
Jimbo obies
Jimbo obies 5 måneder siden
How tf are you still doing roadkill with Freiburger??? I can see the resentment in you. I love roadkill and all but he is just so know it all'ey and told you so'ey. Him and Dolcheck are perfect for each other. An over bearing ass hole and a panzy ass push over. I like the Finnigan and his buddies stuff so much more.
69JJV 5 måneder siden
When the C10 pull out Cotten needs to worm the length of garage.
zook 357
zook 357 5 måneder siden
Wait, What? Overnight means tomorrow??? Where I live, Overnight airbag express still means at least 2 days.
Talisman1957 5 måneder siden
I have nothing to say about your build. My car is done and as soon as the snow melts, I'm driving it from Kansas City KS to western Montana. 07 Sky Redline, Mast Motorsports LS7, Z06 cam, LS7 ported intake, 102mm Throttle Body, kooks headers, custom Solo Performance 3" stainless steel exhaust, monster dual disk clutch, GTO master and slave clutch cylinders, Tick Performance T56 Magnum trans, custom drive line, Ford 8.8" LSD IRS, custom 1" axles, R1 disks all around, Hawk HPS pads, BC adjustable coilovers, dual AC Delco AGM batteries, Toyo T1 sport tires, Speedhut gauges, Hurst Short throw shifter, Tuned by Randy at Prevatt Automotive in Tulsa OK, Custom Ming Blue with blue pearl paint by House of Pearls - Ohio, front splitter and rear valance by Norms Fiberglass. Featured on Tick Performance customer cars on Facebook #TeamTick - John Shurr
Will Sullivan
Will Sullivan 5 måneder siden
Is anyone else’s screen trying to do something with anal in the background? Or is it just mine?
Sparkystacoma 5 måneder siden
Half way through the video I have laughed more than any other Finnegan garage, still laughing at end
Monty Crain
Monty Crain 5 måneder siden
Great work but you’ll regret putting the brake reservoir under the dash, because roadkill. Put them in the glovebox or center console.
Niki Govender
Niki Govender 5 måneder siden
The truck is awesome and it's coming together really really nice, I waited along time to see this epic truck done n sitting aired out on the ground.
James Robinson
James Robinson 5 måneder siden
The dude looks like a cartoon
travis stone
travis stone 5 måneder siden
Loving the c10 build
Michael Johns ICYu2
Michael Johns ICYu2 5 måneder siden
This is my favorite project so far. I have been following this build for years. I can hardly believe we are finally going for a ride!
bradley williams
bradley williams 5 måneder siden
When you keep coming back for the next episode every hour 🥺
Sam 5 måneder siden
15:30 the man with the tig torch in the back face when he accidentally hits the pedal.
Brett Connelly
Brett Connelly 5 måneder siden
That Terminator X Max isn't going to last long exposed to the elements. They aren't potted or sealed. You should mount it in the cab unless you're replacing it with a Dominator down the line.
Jt Young
Jt Young 5 måneder siden
Cotten is fucking hilarious!
power addict
power addict 5 måneder siden
Amazing build! Going to be an amazing ride once its completed.
pullimgsm 5 måneder siden
White boards do not make good video content. At all...
Samuel Phippen
Samuel Phippen 5 måneder siden
How is it mom doesn’t already have his credit card?
jennifer cross
jennifer cross 5 måneder siden
Jeremy Coyle
Jeremy Coyle 5 måneder siden
This thing going to be out at sema this year?
Mike Madman
Mike Madman 5 måneder siden
EE DESIGN 5 måneder siden
How hard it is to paint this cab? We get it road kill style was cool about 20 years a go, get over it and paint it.
wnctroutbum 5 måneder siden
My favorite build!! I have loved this truck since the sport truck mag days.
William Baker
William Baker 5 måneder siden
I hope your remember how it is walk...... after you crash that thing.........or you can raise the knee bar....
Wind of change
Wind of change 5 måneder siden
Amazing how quickly it comes together when you stop procrastinating and have a deadline lol.
mark brenneman
mark brenneman 5 måneder siden
Toward the beginning of this video, I thought I was seeing "subliminal messages" randomly run horizontally across the screen. Turns out, it was just a camera alert saying "analyzing in background". Made me a little suspicious there... I really glad that my paranoia was not warranted...this time! You guys are just tearin' this project up!! And seem to be havin' a great time doin' it. Really fun watching all you guys piling in on this. Sending positive vibes in your direction. Can't wait for the High Fives all around!.
gtaguy23 5 måneder siden
analyzing in background
Matthew Jennerway
Matthew Jennerway 5 måneder siden
Does anyone know what seats he's using?
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 5 måneder siden
TMI Pro-Razor.
Joshua Frye
Joshua Frye 5 måneder siden
That IS the fanciest and most over engineered trans breather I've ever seen. I'm over here with a rubber hose like a peasant 😆
Sonny Fishel
Sonny Fishel 5 måneder siden
Put the beer down and get to work !!
Tonny 5 måneder siden
Finally a good mic setup! new intro is worse, looks very tacky. Stock music is leaning towards tacky and too loud when people are speaking. Progress nevertheless ;)
OneLeggedBrian 5 måneder siden
Living the build series! You boys are hard at it. Keep it up!
paul who
paul who 5 måneder siden
Keep up the thing that u do. I'm long time fan. Kind of miss the other Dave must be memory lane thing. Kind of weriod seeing roadkill on main stream tv. Just a matter of time till u move to Texas with joe Rogan. Good luck make a ton of money and have fun. Peace
J Griff
J Griff 5 måneder siden
I would like to see some in-depth video after the build done. Would really like to see more about the hard line, tips and tricks. Loving this build.
derek wallace
derek wallace 5 måneder siden
Absolutely love your videos, I am an aircraft electrician, and an amateur when it comes to cars and motorcycle, but I work on my on vehicles and I learn alot from yall
Joshua Garner
Joshua Garner 5 måneder siden
You should pulse, start stop, your drill instead of running continuously. The high temperatures created from not throwing an efficient chip changes the heat treat and softens the drill tip, reducing its life.
Russell Smith
Russell Smith 5 måneder siden
Are you going to cut the back of the cab out and finish the welds on the roll cage?
Daniel Davis
Daniel Davis 5 måneder siden
Truck looking awesome great team effort.
darrell mcdannnell
darrell mcdannnell 5 måneder siden
Why does he say at the begging "doing this for you"? Not for me, I wouldn't own a chevy, It is his truck, he is help and getting paid to do it for himself lol.
Shane Reyes
Shane Reyes 5 måneder siden
POOP...the most important thing to cross off
James Fowler
James Fowler 5 måneder siden
Awesome C10 build.
Kaleb Delong
Kaleb Delong 5 måneder siden
Awesome videos fin! The progress is impressive! Where do you get all your music?
Michael Frog-Man Bourne - 803 Garage
Nice. Work. Crazy fast build after years. =]
Stove Guy
Stove Guy 5 måneder siden
Just. Buy an old craftsman nascar truck. Done
Nathaniel Langston
Nathaniel Langston 5 måneder siden
I have positively loved every video of this week long C10 build!! Seeing the build come together step by step !
Bruce Felkins
Bruce Felkins 5 måneder siden
Did you have to counterbore the back side of the tranny vent bracket to clear the shoulders of the rivnuts so it would sit flush on the firewall? Couldn't tell from the video.
Restoration Station
Restoration Station 5 måneder siden
Dave, Annular cutters won't walk out of the hole if you pilot drill them 1/8". You won't get the spring ejected slug but you also won't get the spirograph artwork.
Arluvr 1
Arluvr 1 5 måneder siden
Man this truck is bad too the bone.
Lyle Bartels
Lyle Bartels 5 måneder siden
ThatCrazy Timmy
ThatCrazy Timmy 5 måneder siden
Did they fight club us?
Daniel Stoscup
Daniel Stoscup 5 måneder siden
Editing and music is pretty killer. Cool build guys!
Friel O’City
Friel O’City 5 måneder siden
Sheetrock and paint,..hell no,..We need more white boards!
rileycalvin69 5 måneder siden
That look on Coten's (forgive me if I misspelled) face after "whining" about the brake fluid reservoir location....PRICELESS!!! Great job guys.
LS Quest
LS Quest 5 måneder siden
Super video! I applauded for $2.00 👏
Michel te Braake
Michel te Braake 5 måneder siden
The home stretch.....
That 7.3 Guy
That 7.3 Guy 5 måneder siden
That's how you know you're within great company. scratch the firewall, start cracking up about it 😂
lego guns for life
lego guns for life 5 måneder siden
Good luck with the c10
Richard Erickson
Richard Erickson 5 måneder siden
Cotton has the Stink Eye down to a fine art.
Dan Simmons
Dan Simmons 5 måneder siden
Even when you're done...you're never really done 😉
airmech404 5 måneder siden
Wax your white board 👍
Alex Marshall
Alex Marshall 5 måneder siden
Who all went frame to frame to see what was flashing on screen in the beginning?
John Roberts
John Roberts 5 måneder siden
Great content thanks for sharing, very informative
John Hubbard
John Hubbard 5 måneder siden
Joshua Henry
Joshua Henry 5 måneder siden
I'm watching this on Sunday morning. So...did ya leave yet?
John Wood
John Wood 5 måneder siden
I have become addicted to the nutsert! I am replacing self-tappers all over my car and any new fittings now start life with the appropriate nutsert! Bonus is the stainless steel means less longterm issues with corrosion!
Dirty Mule Racing
Dirty Mule Racing 5 måneder siden
Hi guys, what brand is the trans puke tank on the firewall? Thanks
breakshot74 5 måneder siden
mom needs your credit card lmfao
Luke Zivkovic
Luke Zivkovic 5 måneder siden
Love the new opening sequence but definitely still needs the engine revving sound haha
Chris Read
Chris Read 5 måneder siden
It may get a refresh of audio once I have the time. Right now I wanted to get it done for the c10 week and wasn’t finding the right sounds online.
Danny Chovan
Danny Chovan 5 måneder siden
Love this. If you talented guys can do this in a week anything is possible.
mie zan
mie zan 5 måneder siden
This is purely "Roadkill"
Robert Woodward
Robert Woodward 5 måneder siden
Thanks guys, great content...
Derptato 5 måneder siden
i love watching this but at same time a little sad since it means the build go's so fast. but then i remember this is finnegan's garage so there will be lots of episodes fixing stuff after.
Catfish #shorts
Ganger 1,8 mill
Catfish #shorts
Ganger 1,8 mill