Cross-Country Road Trip in The Biggest Chevy Square Body Ever! Part 1: Finnegan's Garage Ep.142 

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We are hitting the highway in Lincoln Hawk, our stretched 1986 Chevy Kodiak enclosed ramp truck. The plan is to fix some stuff on the truck and then make tracks for the west coast. I'm flying to California to film an upcoming episode of Roadkill while Newbern is driving to Arizona. We'll meet up in AZ and then road trip back home to Georgia with not one but TWO jet boat projects. All of the videos from this trip are brought to you by the cool peeps at WIRECARE.
The trick fireproof Dragon welding blanket we used in this video can be found here:
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18. april. 2021





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rusters1987 13 timer siden
I feel like he is going to fix it up, and give it to Cletus
Gile the Car Guy
Gile the Car Guy 3 dager siden
Haha! Waffle House business growth analysis.
Gile the Car Guy
Gile the Car Guy 3 dager siden
Whenever you see residential wire nuts on a vehicle, run!
Damian Gillett
Damian Gillett 4 dager siden
If you own toys... one is always broken. You fixed the truck, another toy had to break... I have a work car, personal, boat and caravan... One is always in a state of needing something. Sucks but on camera you seemed pretty well accepting. Fix the boat and brace yourself for the next breakdown.
LAF filmfest
LAF filmfest 4 dager siden
Pretty cool!
richard arthur
richard arthur 5 dager siden
Typical yank OTT vehicle
abc def
abc def 5 dager siden
The Hidden Lake, I don't think you have to hide a lake in Arizona - no ones going to believe their eyes anyway. In Arizona you drink beer to save the water for boatracing... You've got to like Arizona...and sunscreen. I guess Redlegs are not a bird native to Arizona, but how they know who's not from Arizona.
_ Triggered _
_ Triggered _ 5 dager siden
For the yt algorithm
GaryLordsWayMinistry 5 dager siden
Only thing it needs is ham radio system in it with a Texas Star 667 with a fan kit installed in it, I would use a Stryker, 955 or a RCI 2970N4 to run a straight 6-8 pill amplifier. With a Mr.Coily antennas on the mirrors. Then that thing would talk coast to coast when conditions were in. I would keep that master switch for the battery connection so if in a wreck should happen on the battery side you can have a quick disconnect so it will not burn to the ground. Still need to find the leak and seal it up boys. Adjusting brakes is one of the first things to teach a driver so he doesn't die on a big hill with a heavy load and how to come off the hill without burning the truck down as well with a brake fire or seal meting out of the axel. I would say if no jake brakes on the Cat get some and the brakes will last 100% longer as well and less adjusting them as well. I hop you checked the SWRs on that radio and antenna set up after removing the coax and antenna off the other mirror.
Robert Nugent
Robert Nugent 5 dager siden
That transmission fill shot reminded me that I did the same on my medium truck and it wasn't on a perfectly level surface. I was climbing the hill on I-8 out of San Diego to start the cross country trip, engine screaming up the hill at 30 mph and the transmission started to puke fluid onto the exhaust. Thought something was seriously wrong and had a mini heart attack in the process. Realized I overfilled the trans. Stopped smoking after about 10-15 miles of that. Made it the rest of the way no problem except needed to change the fuel filter a couple times (newer fuels knocked all the varnish from the old fuel into the filter). The old IDI was dog slow, but she didn't let us down.
Robert Nugent
Robert Nugent 5 dager siden
I think your other ramp trucks are 1 ton chassis', and most of that stuff is still considered Light Truck unless it has the 1.5 ton axles (like the GMC 4500-5500 or Ford F450-550). This one you have here is most likely still considered Medium Duty unless the GVWR is over 26k lbs. Really the big difference between this style Medium truck and Heavy trucks is axles, tires which changes the weight ratings, kind of like when you go from 3/4 to 1 ton. The only difference is axles and tires usually. The frames are the same. Learned this all when I bought a moving truck with a 7.3idi, rated for 20k lbs GVWR. Even the front axle spindles would have accepted semi hubs and could have run semi tires if it wasn't a low profile chassis. What I found most interesting about all of this is that most of the medium trucks I looked at all had smaller displacement and lower horsepower engines than 3/4-1 ton pickups which makes them stupid slow when they're loaded.
Erik Lawaetz
Erik Lawaetz 6 dager siden
I love your show,Finnegan,kindly Erik Lawaetz.❤
Northern Living
Northern Living 6 dager siden
What is the purposes for the truck? Are you going to make a rv out of it?
Danny Compton
Danny Compton 6 dager siden
Either this was shot last year or you registration is out according to the TX one on the windshield. ;-)
Ed Wilko
Ed Wilko 6 dager siden
It is a big rig race truck, It's a HGV ie a truck/lorry. In Europe only people with CPC's and HGV licences. Worth nothing over here as market is soo specific. I bet it gets 3 - 4mpg max
Che Meads
Che Meads 7 dager siden
well looks like someone dasnt read his comments so whats the point in commenting #bringbackroadkill with out the shitty sponsors
Jeff Ratliff
Jeff Ratliff 7 dager siden
I hope that Long Lock T45 key doesn't go to anything important. Because now the internet knows what key to use to break in. Not very likely, but maybe change that lock?
Jeffrey Dillner
Jeffrey Dillner 7 dager siden
I was in a band named "Big Red Blob"...
Gordon Ring
Gordon Ring 7 dager siden
Is a CDL required to opera the this vehicle?
peterdaniel66 7 dager siden
Ever wonder why all the great restaurants stay the hell out of Kalifornia? Because they are smart
Next Adventure
Next Adventure 8 dager siden
Beast of a truck!
AudioMobil 8 dager siden
What's the title / artist of that cool instrumental at 21:50? Sounds like it's been transfered from an old 45...exactly my kind of stuff! SoundHound and Shazam could not identify that tune.
Jacob ware
Jacob ware 8 dager siden
Cross country road trip with expired registration😂 bold!!
doug .patterson
doug .patterson 9 dager siden
the truck is a guy thing women just dont understand
jtj1331 9 dager siden
Self etching primer is my go to color (the olive drab green) love that paint.
Clark W. Griswold Jr
Clark W. Griswold Jr 9 dager siden
The clutch is only for starting and stopping
colin taylor
colin taylor 9 dager siden
nice work
Mike Jason
Mike Jason 9 dager siden
Needs one of those big swooping dually fins on the cab
Michael Adams
Michael Adams 9 dager siden
Can't wait to see you give this all the love can't wait wish there was more of them an more not just the car haller
mplewp 9 dager siden
simply unwatchable with those stupid ADS !!!
Buckwheat 10 dager siden
10:00 😂😭 i really just said 03 wasnt that long ago... 18 YEARS AGO! godddd that just hurt
gst69man 10 dager siden
commercials kill subs
Caleb Brown395
Caleb Brown395 10 dager siden
My family’s best friend taught Ricky Stenhouse how to drive dirt cars. He drove for our friend all the way up until he went into NASCAR.
Chris Ogle
Chris Ogle 10 dager siden
Davey Allison died in 93.
Scottie Johnson
Scottie Johnson 10 dager siden
26:00 air cooled now! Hahahaha
Thom Macy
Thom Macy 10 dager siden
😬 Dave's working on the wiring?! RIP 💀
Alford Adamson
Alford Adamson 10 dager siden
Between 210 hp- 435 hp
Bryce Mantooth
Bryce Mantooth 10 dager siden
i just found your channel and when you mentioned the OG Roadkill ramp truck and showed the picture i noticed that in the picture that was in my home town like 2 minutes from my house and that blew my mind🤯
Bill Lepore
Bill Lepore 10 dager siden
I wonder if anybody driving that truck has a CDL, which BTW is required.
Ron Young
Ron Young 10 dager siden
Is that an LS Chevrolet motor with the pistons laying outside
Gabe Hopkins
Gabe Hopkins 10 dager siden
I got a single video about an extended sleeper cabin in my recommendations like a week ago and I thought oh cool I don't know what this is but let's find out, now apparently youtube has decided I'm a hardcore trucking connoisseur who eat, sleeps and breathes trucking, because now, and I shit you not, EVERY video in my feed save for one or two is videos about the ins and outs of trucking, how to get started, pro tips for new drivers, new models of Kenworth, the insane sizes of the W900 series, so much of a shift because I watched a 7 min video
acrock21 10 dager siden
jake legg
jake legg 10 dager siden
I drove a kodiak years ago. It was horrible. Sit like in a pickup truck and the visibility is horrible; Is what i remember.
Gamer Junction
Gamer Junction 10 dager siden
Listening to the tinny sounds those doors make when just unlocking it, that truck is crying out for some Dynamat to reduce the noise on the highway.
Taylor HEALEY 10 dager siden
It's kinda tobad it didn't have the full load interior
Joseph Shaul
Joseph Shaul 11 dager siden
I've been watching Finnegan so long he's starting to look like Freiburger.
Seth Cooper
Seth Cooper 11 dager siden
@Finnegan's Garage I work for TODCO as a design engineer. Get with us if you're looking to replace that older roll up door with a newer composite door. (Armor Plate)
Jeffrey Bamford
Jeffrey Bamford 11 dager siden
That old fella with the snow white hair at the boat races looked like pat music from behind
FalconXE302 11 dager siden
I think the LS3 os OK... it's the new ventilated external wet sump design...!
Peeper The Penguin
Peeper The Penguin 11 dager siden
The Kodiak, ah yes, that thing is bouncy as hell off-road.
Rybot Plays
Rybot Plays 11 dager siden
Trying to watch this episode and chill out before going to bed, and man just turns on a vacuum at 13:25 like okay guess I'm awake now 😂😂
SC Motorsports
SC Motorsports 11 dager siden
I had to laugh a bit when I heard there was a 3208 Cat in that truck. I worked on a few of those when I was younger. They are not Caterpillar's finest engine. Reading some of the comments about air ride on the cab, that's not that hard to do. There are kits out there, but basically just take the two rear cab mounts and replace them with air bags, shocks and a stabilizer bar. Loved the video.
Joe Bartus
Joe Bartus 11 dager siden
That boat would look great with a Nelson race engine in it.
Joseph Alberta
Joseph Alberta 11 dager siden
That would make a great camper conversion.
Justin Dampier
Justin Dampier 11 dager siden
I saw the truck on 75 not long ago
chris l
chris l 11 dager siden
that's a cool crew cab truck.
Anthony Herzog
Anthony Herzog 11 dager siden
Old halon fire extinguisher, was that the ones that are toxic or something? If they are I'd replace them.
Jason Green
Jason Green 11 dager siden
That was so cool
Petty fogger
Petty fogger 11 dager siden
Beevis and Butthead revisited.
Joshawa Lister
Joshawa Lister 11 dager siden
awesome truck. id check to see age of those extinguishers. older halon depletes oxygen and and can be dangerous if accidently deployed in small area (cab)
Dave Ellis
Dave Ellis 11 dager siden
Recorded horizontally:)
fooman2108 11 dager siden
Almost EVERY dealer has after-market air seats. Go into the CHEVY dealer and they WILL have seats for it.
crazyman8472 11 dager siden
What happened to the other trucks you bought? 🤔
Shane W
Shane W 11 dager siden
Check out KT3406E NOsections channel that young fella is a CAT mechanic and he can tell u everything about that engine and how to maintain it
Special Agent James
Special Agent James 11 dager siden
“Until we got ahold of it I think this was kept indoors” same bro same lol
Jeremy Scaggs
Jeremy Scaggs 11 dager siden
Waffle house has 2100+ stores now. Far north as Ohio far east as Pennsylvania, far south as the Florida keys and far west as Arizona
John Loughrey
John Loughrey 11 dager siden
standard primers is that it will soak up water. Its best to put paint over them
The Tilemaniac
The Tilemaniac 11 dager siden
Welding blanket? Wow this truck is so not roadkill. Great Rig tho!
shane phelan
shane phelan 12 dager siden
Could make a nice motorhome with that
Raymond Ward
Raymond Ward 12 dager siden
According to there website Waffle House has 1900 locations now
Larry Roger
Larry Roger 12 dager siden
What's the PRICE ! love to own it.
Mobby Bege
Mobby Bege 12 dager siden
26:00 holy moly man....i had that happen at the drag strip with my girlfriends 340 4 speed duster....never seen her so mad in my life.
Mikus the painter
Mikus the painter 12 dager siden
How many waffle house locations in 2021?
thingthing899 12 dager siden
according to google davey allison died in 1993, so according to that badge this truck can time travel too :o
Jim Coleman
Jim Coleman 12 dager siden
The question is, does Davey like waffle house?
Harvey Brown
Harvey Brown 12 dager siden
U right I don't let no woman run my life
Ethan Gordon
Ethan Gordon 12 dager siden
That's so cool i live in buckeye Az. I didn't know you were there.
Ning3n 12 dager siden
I don't understand why people are so reluctant to drive 25 footers. First time driving one I obeyed the highest of 3 rules. Eyes front and on the mirrors. Always check the dino slush. And make sure there is go juice in the tankticles.
andrew wolf
andrew wolf 12 dager siden
Isn’t the W silent in wAffle house?
If you’re ever in Stockton, CA I’m the service manager at a semi trailer dealership/repair shop. We can hook you up on a new roll up door.
Chris Hull
Chris Hull 12 dager siden
I don’t think he knows the difference between a medium duty and a “big rig” chassis
Stephan Mahadeo
Stephan Mahadeo 12 dager siden
There's a bigger square body in a city over from me I drive by it all the time in fact it's the same colour
Steven Grotte
Steven Grotte 12 dager siden
23:03 The vehicle with the motorcycle fenders on the two front wheels, redish fenders & hood------what is it?????
LIGHTSOUT 1 12 dager siden
All the Americans saying twin turbskis us Aussies have literally been saying that for 15yrs now
LIGHTSOUT 1 12 dager siden
Remember to always fill your fuel filters with diesel otherwise they won't start and probably have to prime them to get the air out of the System
Johannes Konow
Johannes Konow 12 dager siden
Wow. Caterpillar. You're gonna have fun once the water pump oil seals go 😂 And they do... A lot.
justin mooney
justin mooney 12 dager siden
Straight pipe that monster Fin, then dump it in front of the rear tires
Henry Mulder
Henry Mulder 12 dager siden
Uou should google on Caterpirrar 3208 and you will find enough specs.
Lamb Chop
Lamb Chop 13 dager siden
Is your dog a Boykin spaniel?
Nick A
Nick A 13 dager siden
Would be great for dirt track racing
RideArizona 13 dager siden
I had to show the discontent comment regarding your wife to my wife. Hey, now I can bring home more cars! 😆
QuadRaSphere Records and Radio
What is the name of that song and artist at 13:35 ? I know I have heard that song and found it before. The Lyres?
DeAnne McCollum
DeAnne McCollum 13 dager siden
that thing needs a big chrome winged babe on the hood
Domino Diamond
Domino Diamond 13 dager siden
I knew one of these that had a gas engine in the mid 90's I don't recall the cubic inches but I know it was big. Possibly in the 500s if I recall. And the one thing I do remember was the guy that ran it said it got 4-6 mpg.
123Jokkmokk123 13 dager siden
God bless Mrs. Finnegan. She clearly deals and absorbs a lot of your stuff.
vxpenfold 13 dager siden
sod all these ramp trucks just get a w900 and trailer lmao not sure how the licenses work in the US for all this stuff, in the UK commercial or private its all the same license and is done on weight but then you could do a video on doing your training and license to drive it
Joshua Ferguson
Joshua Ferguson 13 dager siden
wish roadkill was still making videos i still watch the old ones but NOsections is deleting them for no reason
FPV.Toasty 13 dager siden
is that claire from lost??
AmericaTheGreat 13 dager siden
Paint the entire thing Vanta Black 2.0.
Matt Gillet
Matt Gillet 13 dager siden
Those fire extinguishers that you have are worth a fortune, Halon fire extinguishers are expensive since the ban on produstion of Halons. You could probably resell them to a fire extinguisher company for a small fortune and replace them with less expensive dry chemical extinguishers. That would give you some more engine money.
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