We Bought a '57 Chevy During The Epic 2,000 Mile Road Trip: Finnegan's Garage Ep.144 

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The adventure continues! We made it from California to Texas and planned to make it to the east Texas state line but got sidetracked by the site of '57 Chevys behind a fence. There were so many of them! Hardtops, post cars, wagons etc. We met the man, Dickie, who owned them all. He spent his life restoring '57 Chevys and '40 Fords and these were the leftover parts cars. Newbern fell in love and struck a deal to buy a sweet hardtop that we'll have to come back for. We also briefly went shopping at Camping World but struck out on our quest for an RV-specific GPS system for Lincoln Hawk. Stay tuned for the conclusion of this journey and the big reveal of our new project boat, which we've been towing on golf cart tires behind Lincoln Hawk.

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Go check out Flying Sparks Garage...Emily Reeves shot the sweet photo of Newbern's
57 Chevy.

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Mike Finnegan



25. april. 2021





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Neno Bermea
Neno Bermea Dag siden
I know exactly where that is. I live about 45min. West if there .👍👍
steve cr
steve cr 4 dager siden
GPS system for your RV? Petro Truck stop Joplin MO. They have it. Profesional Driver equiptment.
steve cr
steve cr 4 dager siden
Owner didnt want to sell. Or you didnt offer him enough of a reason to sell? Dickie seems to be a wise man. And he has the goods. lol. I'd sure like to talk to Mr Dickie.
NiCKi BRaTZ 5 dager siden
OMG another 57 Chevy! The only car ever made in the 1950s. Awesome!
MICHAEL RAY 9 dager siden
Camping world survice sucks, also there electric supply lower quality. Rip-off costumers buying new RV,.
Mark Behr
Mark Behr 11 dager siden
I know the feeling of just buying one more…….
Reliance Bank
Reliance Bank 11 dager siden
hillbilly with a woke hat. moving on.
Reliance Bank
Reliance Bank 11 dager siden
bend the bill, you woke?
Christopher Franklin
Christopher Franklin 11 dager siden
When I was driving thru Wyoming several years ago, I came upon something similar to this boneyard of old Chevy's. I just happened to catch a quick sight of several 55-57 Chevy's parked a quarter mile off the road. My "cool car" radar went off and I had to turn around to check things out. This was 25 years ago and the owner of the cars knew the value of what he had. We talked for a while and then I left. I was surprised to see that many old Chevy's in the middle of nowhere.
Joe john Fanning
Joe john Fanning 13 dager siden
You don't have to worry about calling his wife just send her the video
Project Rescues
Project Rescues 16 dager siden
Excellent find! Score!!!
john michaels
john michaels 16 dager siden
What's with the masks? It's over. Enough signaling already. We get it, you're libs.
coco Boo
coco Boo 19 dager siden
2500 way to much
coco Boo
coco Boo 19 dager siden
The guy moves them alot the grass is nice
Michael Lange
Michael Lange 21 dag siden
big spring tx i-20
Highly Skeptical
Highly Skeptical 21 dag siden
I literally caught a buzz from this video ... I feel woozy :P
Mike Gorelyy
Mike Gorelyy 21 dag siden
Hey Mike Trucking GPS units are sold at truck stops and Best buy stores
Justin Dampier
Justin Dampier 21 dag siden
I like my Garmin truck GPS. And I suggest the Trucker Path app for truck parking,etc.
Shannon Rehwinkel
Shannon Rehwinkel 24 dager siden
Everyone should hit 2-👍 One for Finnegan and one for Dickie!
Aaron B
Aaron B 25 dager siden
I wish people would stop hoarding these and get them out to people that will get them on the road.
Dtdyysg Ttyyd
Dtdyysg Ttyyd 28 dager siden
Ynot Last
Ynot Last 29 dager siden
Great deal 👍 Great story 👍 Good people 👍
Liam Måned siden
"nothings for sale" that man literally doesnt have enough time left to sell them hes just thinking logically.
Greg Schneiderhan
Greg Schneiderhan Måned siden
About as long as I Ben alive.
EnfieldJoe Måned siden
Both are good looking boats. Anxious to see the Eliminator build videos.
mark douglas
mark douglas Måned siden
Karrie Falon Johnson
just a fast word of advice i have never tossed a wheel bearing on my trailer on that size of wheels because i grease the bearings every long trip.
Jonnie Daughenbaugh
Jonnie Daughenbaugh Måned siden
Maybe if you knew the rule you would know ,,,,,if you never sell it you can always get it back
Jonnie Daughenbaugh
Jonnie Daughenbaugh Måned siden
Would be cool if I knew them
Dylan Espinosa
Dylan Espinosa Måned siden
I go through that border patrol inspection station all the time on my way from Fort Bliss to San Antonio. Super cool to see it on your channel keep doing awesome stuff!!!
brett roberts
brett roberts Måned siden
What became of the LT4 - C10 ? Putting one in a Chevy II .
Troy Deck
Troy Deck Måned siden
love Texas walked in a barn in Texas once what do we see while gettin a tour for a good ol boy like that 2 67 Impala SS's 396 4sps convertibles one red one sea foam both nice guy opens the door on the green one fires it up an says want to go do some burn out in the street i shit you not
Mike Kand
Mike Kand Måned siden
I just subscribe you guys channel you are pretty cool I just found it on NOsections so I decided to watch the video you guys are pretty cool I will keep watchingSo builder to build a 57 Chevy I want to see your chair it out
David Castillo
David Castillo Måned siden
So where's the car now?
RICHARD DREW Måned siden
Good on ya mate. Always awesome to pick up a good score. I love the excitement of the chase.
Antonio Covarrubias
Antonio Covarrubias Måned siden
The Iconic 1957 the most beautiful car of the 50’s a masterpiece by Fisher.
RedWhiteBlueFreedom JamesDyke
Personally the 57 Chevy is the most beautiful car ever made 🥰
TuneTwister Music
TuneTwister Music Måned siden
If dickie is a fan of Roadkill, you gotta do an episode build in his yard, talk to him about his story, and pay him some good money for the show for his collection and knowledge over the years. How could he not love that?
Charles Harper
Charles Harper Måned siden
Holy chit! The rat gasser of my dreams!
Camping world is where you go if you want to over pay.
Chicken Feet
Chicken Feet Måned siden
1987 & 1973 caprice.
Heart of Texas Barn Finds and Classic's
Good Find Buddy
David Perez
David Perez Måned siden
It’s somewhat annoying that the old man has all that good American iron and being as old as he is, and not want to sell those cars/rollers. I see that as selfish. What’s he going to do with them anyway
Fast Jack
Fast Jack Måned siden
Go. Too pilot or loves truck stop for a GPS
AussieZ X
AussieZ X Måned siden
highways one small town killers, good find on car.
Cybair Måned siden
A 2-door hardtop is well worth a full restoration.
LowKey ID
LowKey ID Måned siden
Was that the Sierra Blanca checkpoint?
Ron Anderson
Ron Anderson Måned siden
The 86 C20 C6P I have been driving for a year was parked for ten years before I bought it.
jess bock
jess bock 2 måneder siden
Texas! I was sure that was the border check north of Yuma
Robert Wiley
Robert Wiley 2 måneder siden
This was a great story and a great episode. Please do more like this to reconnect the dying motor community. If you are ever in the south end of New Mexico, I know somebody with a lift and carburettor expertise.
Earl West
Earl West 2 måneder siden
So where is Dickies place? Odessa? I need some parts as well.
OutlawCRi 2 måneder siden
El Paso has a million truck stops, should have been able to find a GPS in town.
Andrew Maier
Andrew Maier 2 måneder siden
Just for. a 57 Chevy Belair roller with rust in Australia $20,000 a running goods looking one $150,000 and the rest
Richard Cline
Richard Cline 2 måneder siden
It is SO refreshing to watch a video and not see some guy with so may tattoos he looks like a walking billboard! I make no apologies for finding these things the most disgusting thing people can do to their bodies. I can enjoy this channel.
Albert Escovedo
Albert Escovedo 2 måneder siden
That’s Tx hospitality!! Enjoy the scenery.
John Putnins
John Putnins 2 måneder siden
Get the Garmin RV GPS. Or the Overlander if you're going to take it off-road and want it to be more durable and dust rated.
Bradlee Quistad
Bradlee Quistad 2 måneder siden
12:53 couldn't say it any better
Shawn Sutton
Shawn Sutton 2 måneder siden
This video brings back memories of traveling with my grandfather to car shows and swap meets looking and picking up parts for the antiques he restored. Thank you for sharing!
David Kelm
David Kelm 2 måneder siden
Zachary Roberts
Zachary Roberts 2 måneder siden
He is such a sweet old man.
Zachary Roberts
Zachary Roberts 2 måneder siden
He’s pulling a frieburger, wearing flip flops to every shop.
Zachary Roberts
Zachary Roberts 2 måneder siden
Man I wish I could do what they do.
Josh Salmons
Josh Salmons 2 måneder siden
Finn is going to have to buy a stacker for when yall go on road trips and buy too much junk
Josh Salmons
Josh Salmons 2 måneder siden
The fact that his wife was actually telling him to go get it without even hearing a price means that he has a keeper!!
Jose Boyd
Jose Boyd 2 måneder siden
Hell I'm excited for him!
Benton Builds
Benton Builds 2 måneder siden
Well you just go back to the junk yard and film an episode of roadkill but you can only take one piece from each car to make one hood car. You gotta do it man do it.
Fayisaa Hordofaa
Fayisaa Hordofaa 2 måneder siden
The trite pediatrician exceptionally command because mist firstly puncture absent a defective albatross. cloistered, whimsical warm
mellender0 2 måneder siden
wait 5 years and bye from his kids.
Gaetan A. Cincire
Gaetan A. Cincire 2 måneder siden
Two idiots laughing at Finnigans garage instead of creating good connection with it !? Bellhousing and dumbell are two different things !
Gaetan A. Cincire
Gaetan A. Cincire 2 måneder siden
It was a nice spring time day in mid Québec, I saw three '57 chevy going by in mid afternoon downtown , and I live in a 35,000 population city !
Robert Alexander
Robert Alexander 2 måneder siden
Camping World bites, sorry customer service . don't know how they stay in business ... Lib tard CEO too.
Darrin Murley
Darrin Murley 2 måneder siden
Very very cool
john stach
john stach 2 måneder siden
should have a auction to make money and retire.peoplw ould kill to have a parts reference.
flandrble 2 måneder siden
Gentleman has an amazing memory, I can't even remember what happened yesterday!
pj red
pj red 2 måneder siden
Would love one those belairs
michael s. clark
michael s. clark 2 måneder siden
You guys need to stop at john salvage in Seguin TX. Trust me it's 3 times the size of Dickies and just as much stuff well last time I was out
James Hoffer
James Hoffer 2 måneder siden
Wow man what a cool vid bought a 57 the man let you walk around and check out all his stuff almost better than going to the Bahamas 🙌🙌😊😊👌👍✌ my kind of people walking around the Boneyard just smiling
ADVJason 2 måneder siden
That car is gonna be awesome
tony h
tony h 2 måneder siden
That old guy got a gold mine in parts from the 1950s mostly 1957 window hoods doors grills bumpers you name it he got it.The other guy must be the owner son that going get all that when his dad pass away.
tony h
tony h 2 måneder siden
I like when the guy go it not a bad looking car every things seen to be there and the hood too and the friend goes where the hood and he go I don’t know but I got a hood.That when you know your too excited about the car.When you say everything there but it not and his friend go where the hood you go I don’t know but I got one.If the owner just seen them two how excited he would knew he could got more for the car.
Daryl Fitzgerald
Daryl Fitzgerald 2 måneder siden
I wanted to let you know that NOsections was so kind to bump you off my subscribed list. I can't believe I missed this episode you have a great channel
Jesse james
Jesse james 2 måneder siden
Carlsbad my home town been through that pass and check station plenty of times
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 2 måneder siden
12volts truly in tears having to leave his new found treasure behind... "We will be back for you"!!! I really think finn's right... drive er' outta there!!!
Susan Jones
Susan Jones 2 måneder siden
My word! that place was so great! Good video!
Shawn's Early Broncos
Shawn's Early Broncos 2 måneder siden
That will be a fun project for sure. I would leave the patina on it:)
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 2 måneder siden
He was a neat guy and that was a great deal, make sure he gets a Road Kill T shirt
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 2 måneder siden
Seems like Dave was getting a bit emotional. Good for him getting his dream car.
Chuck Rinehart
Chuck Rinehart 2 måneder siden
Try a truck stop for a GPS for your needs
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 2 måneder siden
as well.
dohnuts58 2 måneder siden
If you need that car moved still hit me up. I drive hotshot, move boats camper vehicles motorcycle tractor ATV and am all over the country.
Ben Hernandez
Ben Hernandez 2 måneder siden
So awesome. I know how it feels to find your dream car and it all fall into place like that. Good luck getting her done.
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 2 måneder siden
You guys probably made that old man's day walking and talking about his stuff lol
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 2 måneder siden
Yeah but you need the money to stop and look to
Delboyo El Mundo
Delboyo El Mundo 2 måneder siden
Presume original engine not in yard?
Chris Spangler
Chris Spangler 3 måneder siden
you bought him the worst 57? clearly yall aint seen mine
Robert Kolb
Robert Kolb 3 måneder siden
How solid are the floors? That was a very good price. I’m jealous !
don rosendall
don rosendall 3 måneder siden
Camp at Walmart
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 2 måneder siden
Hope you don't go putting wagon wheels and thin tires of this car. Then YOU WIILL RUIN the looks of the car, CIMPLETELY.
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 3 måneder siden
Eureka! An open air gold repository. What a legend. The man that had the foresight to gather these aging beauty Queens is a hero.
David Mcginnis
David Mcginnis 3 måneder siden
No shit, if I was rich I'd buy all this old stuff and restore it for its history (value) just like World War II Japanese- German-American- Italian- Russian all the stuff in World War II the history is gone all that stuff's gone! they recycled it there goes your history people!
David Mcginnis
David Mcginnis 3 måneder siden
And the British'
David Mcginnis
David Mcginnis 3 måneder siden
Coming from American I'm glad we won World War 1 and 2 but it's sad that we are don't care about the history or the environment of Earth 🌎 peace too everybody around the world::::::
David Scalise
David Scalise 3 måneder siden
You buy a car like that, you NEVER leave leave with out it. Ever. Don't expect it will all be there when you get back. Don't be dumb, wake up.
JeffIsAMoose Plays
JeffIsAMoose Plays 3 måneder siden
#57'Chevy #RaceCars #Finnegan
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 3 måneder siden
28:33 When it sinks in that not all people are bad.....
Timothy Spain
Timothy Spain 3 måneder siden
Nice score. I'm a 57 man born in 57. My dad drove one as a police car. If I hit the lottery I'll have a 57 Chevy
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 3 måneder siden
Seems like Dave was getting a bit emotional. Good for him getting his dream car.
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