Roadkill, Faster With Finnegan and We Are Giving Away a Six Speed Trans!!! 

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Let's talk about the new seasons of both shows and we'll tell you how you can win a brand new Silversport Transmissions installation kit and a Tremec Six-speed manual trans. Got questions? post em here and we'll try to answer them.




10. feb.. 2021





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Dale justice
Dale justice Måned siden
I miss Road Kill n found yr channel when Shawn came to visit n he put the muffler on the car he bout in Georgia I believe. Love watchin the videos buddy n esp when you go on a drive about all over the place🤣. Lookin for more good content buddy n appreciate all you all do. Stay safe God Bless!!
502MS 2 måneder siden
I love Faster with Finnegan! I want more episodes!
William Preston
William Preston 2 måneder siden
Guess the episodes was more of a guide line than a rule...
John St.Laurent
John St.Laurent 2 måneder siden
Stuck working missed the live stream, I will be back tonight
aRustyPatina 2 måneder siden
Call me Crazy, but that T-6 behind my ‘58 Y-Block Ranchero would help it get out of it’s own way!! Great Shows Always!!
Deez Nuhtz
Deez Nuhtz 2 måneder siden
Glad to see you’re doing okay Finn. Know your dad passed recently. I can’t imagine. Haven’t had to experience that yet fortunately. Hope you’re doing well from TX!
Deez Nuhtz
Deez Nuhtz 2 måneder siden
Dude if y’all bring back death metal that’s gonna he sick I can’t wait for the new episodes glad to hear it’s still happening
Max McKemy
Max McKemy 2 måneder siden
17 ads might be a record
Dennis R Cole
Dennis R Cole 2 måneder siden
Did you video your trip back from PRI w/the loaner engine ? And what did you do after you got back ? I know it was a few years ago , but I just found the PRI episode , Good One !
AB-80X 2 måneder siden
Cool stuff.
Reggie Kilgore
Reggie Kilgore 2 måneder siden
Love the show keep it up 😜
Nicholas Kehren
Nicholas Kehren 2 måneder siden
I'll be back to claim my new T-56 on the 19th. Thanks for the giveaway! I'd like to see more tips, tricks, burnouts, beer, turbos, bacon, and of course GIVEAWAYS!
Luke Desousa
Luke Desousa 2 måneder siden
what trans should I put in my ls 5.3 swap build I want a manual but don't know a good cheap one can someone help?
Freddy FirePipes
Freddy FirePipes 2 måneder siden
Tuned up! With Tammy Belagio!
Donald Fuller
Donald Fuller 2 måneder siden
Corey's old man used to race the old Busch North series when I was a kid. He could pedal a racecar himself.
cathy gambill
cathy gambill 2 måneder siden
Understand no, But I comprehend. We should all only understand our maker.
Karl Kiefhaber
Karl Kiefhaber 2 måneder siden
my old man has a few c2 corvettes
Justa-nother-bloke 2 måneder siden
Bucket list car? I have always wanted a “1959 Chev Impala convertible”. Gimme that for just one day and I can die happy!
Lyndon Wortley
Lyndon Wortley 2 måneder siden
Finnegan, you almost kept a straight face when you said "Two ramp trucks is enough."..... when does the next one arrive?
john patterson
john patterson 2 måneder siden
Cousin Eddie draining the R.V. tank in the background is classic.
scottsinfl 2 måneder siden
My 73 vette Elmer would like that trans.
Javier Flores
Javier Flores 2 måneder siden
Daaannngggg for a second I thought you guys were identical twins. 😂🤣😂
Rickard Fuzzboy Lindahl
Rickard Fuzzboy Lindahl 2 måneder siden
ey ! Rickard here .. from Sweden. You guys do not have things that you do not use. I have a Passat 05 station wagon, the reality needs help. I am chronically ill can handle a small and 7633skr Thanxs for your time!
El Chevyss_9 Cuh
El Chevyss_9 Cuh 2 måneder siden
James Johnson
James Johnson 2 måneder siden
My 86 IROC could use that please
Brian Jackson
Brian Jackson 2 måneder siden
Sorry to hear about your Dad.
J H 2 måneder siden
Mike, you and the crew are an inspiration to me, I swapped an 8.1L/496 into my '68 c10 short step. I've came to spots where I just don't feel like doing anything, but I watch you guys and it gives me a boost! Thanks, you guys are the best and my favorite shows! You help me out, more than you'll ever know...
John Cooper
John Cooper 2 måneder siden
You need to start doing Faster with Finnegan at the Freedom Factory
airmech404 2 måneder siden
So 20 commercials in an Hour show?! May as well watch cable TV!
xhf8y xhf8y
xhf8y xhf8y 2 måneder siden
720K video?? Really??
Schofield Motorsports
Schofield Motorsports 2 måneder siden
If you get another T56, or TKO to give away, I am building a 1962 Falcon that will have a 500 hp 2.3 SOHC pinto engine in it. Just like the one Tony and Lucky did in the Hot Rod Garage episode with the TurboCoupe. Well, not just like, much Rowdier!
Andreas Nilsson
Andreas Nilsson 2 måneder siden
I hear you about the track rentals. I don't have your season schedule, but maybe it would be possible to do most shows like this, but once a year give yourselfs more time and more money go really rad, and have time to fix all those "tiny" issues as well as give you a real chance to shine and pull it off, more like Blasphemi and Game Over. By the way I think you should do some rad car with a mercedes om606 disel, "small" by American standards, but surprisingly spry.
Heather Jennifer
Heather Jennifer 2 måneder siden
I've gained mad respect for Finnegan.....he don't play...that roadkill shit, I used to think ya'll were bit of a hack. I was dead wrong. BLASPHEMY IS KING!, his boat is insane, hemi's rule, & sit-down skis are for pussies. Stand-up skis rule! Even your wife's the road, is unreal. Much respect, for you and the meticulous work you do....look forward to more coolness.🤪😎🤪💯💯💯
gdfitzgibbon 2 måneder siden
hmm, 56 chevy/twin tUrbo sbc/mUncie 4 speed. to i want a 6 speed? Um YES !!!
Steve38781 2 måneder siden
Love the 55 chevy/ Hemi...my 56 chevy needs a 6 speed real bad.
Gonecheenin 2 måneder siden
You guys are wrong about that Vette having the lowest horsepower 350 V8 ever put in a Chevy car - look up a 1975 V8 Chevy Monza with the California only 350ci GM somehow detuned clean down to 125hp. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chevrolet_Monza
Mitch Reed
Mitch Reed 2 måneder siden
I'll make a second account and subscribe for that transmission... if I get it it's going in an rx7 behind an ls2
werner KEGGENHOFF 2 måneder siden
if your looking for a hemi cranks check withTim Banning (FHO for Hemis Only ) in Toronto Canada
Mitch Reed
Mitch Reed 2 måneder siden
joshck93 2 måneder siden
Hate that I missed the live stream but work waits for no one. That 6-speed would be real nice in my 93 Silverado.
William Schimberg
William Schimberg 2 måneder siden
I got a big block Cadillac that needs a trans and I think that would be a great fit.
scotty197878 2 måneder siden
Cleetus does damn well from NOsections, I never get why you guys bailed for the wheeler dealers/top gear not on proper tv channel??
cliff richter
cliff richter 2 måneder siden
Getting ready to retire with no pension. I would love that in my 63 Plymouth. Make my last few years on the plant fun
robert sears
robert sears 2 måneder siden
Ahhhh, Uncle Eddie
robert sears
robert sears 2 måneder siden
I like the pic of Cousin Eddie draining the R.V. tank in the background!
Tony Arguello
Tony Arguello 2 måneder siden
Heck yeah! That would be a dream come true for my 71 El Camino road kill edition 🤣
WhiteDevil BanDiabhal
WhiteDevil BanDiabhal 2 måneder siden
Hey, give me that transmission I have literally no need for it.
bakakun12 2 måneder siden
I miss roadkill sooooo much. God dammit motor trend, you ruin car youtube.
Jorge Vortec57
Jorge Vortec57 2 måneder siden
I still remember those old roadkill days I started watching when they did the sailor Jerry hotrod and the aventador I thought that was one episode when I found out it was a show I was hooked
Memo Larios
Memo Larios 2 måneder siden
Last week after saving money for two years I just bought from my boss work a 68 chevy impala custom coupe i wanted so bad that car since the first time I see the Crusher Impala on Roadkill, thanks for been such a great inspiration for me guys! If i win the transmission fits perfectly for my car tribute :)
HPSFRoadrunner 2 måneder siden
The correct number of ramp-trucks to own is "n+1" where n=the current number of ramp-trucks owned.
Ken Buchan
Ken Buchan 2 måneder siden
Check out a Australia car movie called running on empty
McGinty Media
McGinty Media 2 måneder siden
Mike, when are the FSM designed Vans Old Skools coming out? Hint hint. You heard it here first.
dieselhiboy72 2 måneder siden
whats your guys favorite "b" car movie/cult classic?
Albert Rodriguez
Albert Rodriguez 2 måneder siden
Can you give the dog from MRC fabrication some props please my kids love that dog. BTW happy belated Bday Fin!!
Muther 302
Muther 302 2 måneder siden
Y’all need to do the full Vette Kart treatment to the ManYata
Dennis R Cole
Dennis R Cole 2 måneder siden
What happened with the Crusher Camaro after PRI ? Did you video your trip back to LA?
Stasia Sas
Stasia Sas 2 måneder siden
My husband love the 57 Chevy’s he had a 57 Chevy four-door wagon bel air
Rob Bob
Rob Bob 2 måneder siden
It would look lovely in my 65 Satalite with a 426 Wedge
Erik J.
Erik J. 2 måneder siden
Is their any unicorn cars out there you’d like to have, but can’t find?
Nuttz And Boltz Garage
Nuttz And Boltz Garage 2 måneder siden
Damn skippy on the Pantera and mid 60s vette...
Finnegan's Garage
Finnegan's Garage 2 måneder siden
FD RX7, MKIV Supra, Pantera '63-;67 Corvette
michael matthews
michael matthews 2 måneder siden
Great content
Daniel Garcia
Daniel Garcia 2 måneder siden
That 6 speed will be nice to put into my magnum r/t
Frank Sancho
Frank Sancho 2 måneder siden
I'd rather have a hondo v drive hull than that trans
Casey C
Casey C 2 måneder siden
would love to put the 6 speed in my 1970 concours wagon with my 383
Rvfixerguy 2 måneder siden
Just watched episode 2...loved everything about it. You guys are my favorite non NOsections show right now. First episode beginning had too much of a reality tv feel to it but the rest of it was awesome. Looking forward to the rest of the season
chevyfan 82
chevyfan 82 2 måneder siden
Derpn8r73 2 måneder siden
Spencer Carr
Spencer Carr 2 måneder siden
Love you Mike. An Dave. An Dave an cotton an dulcich
Spencer Carr
Spencer Carr 2 måneder siden
Fuckin love you Mike medicine hat Alberta Canada I'd use that Trans keep cool Mike
Jackson Everage
Jackson Everage 2 måneder siden
Uncle Eddie Rocks !!! And your wife is the shit man, get you an Uncle Eddie pic that’s freaking awesome man !!! She’s definitely a keeper. Better looking than 12volt Dave... lol
Keith H
Keith H 2 måneder siden
Not trying to brag or anything but I have a life size, movie quality cousin eddy cutout that holds a hose coming from an RV. Goes up every year for Christmas.
jocktheglide 2 måneder siden
Did I win the T56 thats all i want to know...
Pat Booth
Pat Booth 2 måneder siden
You made a video promising you would always keep roadkill on NOsections when you launched the motor trend app. That lasted about 6 months. I'll never ever support motortrend or roadkill, I peeled the sticker off my truck I was that pissed. I missed it at first but it leaving opened the door for so many other quality shows to take its place and I often forget about roadkill entirely until you mention it on your channel. I'm so glad you do this now because you were my favourite on the show anyway. Check out a channel ColdWarMotors if you like real people working on junk cars.
ShortStroke 2 måneder siden
It’s tuned up with Tony Angelo not stay tuned
Grabasandwich 2 måneder siden
"everyone wants Fairmonts" 😆 I think channels like Sloppy Mechanics already drove up the prices years ago. You guys familiar with Matt? It's unreal.
Austin Doud
Austin Doud 2 måneder siden
Box top fox baby
Robby Willia
Robby Willia 2 måneder siden
Enjoy the videos.
James Lawson
James Lawson 2 måneder siden
Yes we hear ya
Zack Simmons
Zack Simmons 2 måneder siden
If y'all have nothing to work on atm I'd love a to see a video on driving blasphemy'a wonderous dogbox on the street.
Nadji Sutherland
Nadji Sutherland 2 måneder siden
Is it remotely possible for an old guy in small town,mn, to have any chance to win that trans? Hot Rodder since 1956.
Steven Plaskett
Steven Plaskett 2 måneder siden
Friedburger can't compete in drag week because the contract controls everything he is connected too with social media so even if he did drag week no one on NOsections in the event can film or show anything of him cause he is owned by his contract That's why at the freedom 500 no one had any video of him at all. Maybe I think Alex Taylor had a quick 2 sec thing talking to him but nobody else was allowed to film him and post it
Kevin Tressel
Kevin Tressel 2 måneder siden
Sweet trans! Would be cool to throw it in a Factory Five Cobra! Factory Five rule.
Steven Plaskett
Steven Plaskett 2 måneder siden
That sounds very likely that's why u never found the truck it disappeared into a garage and has never been out in the public for anyone to tip off the police
Josh Meyer
Josh Meyer 2 måneder siden
Love the show guys!! I need a replacement t56 for my 99 camaro!!
T B 2 måneder siden
Merry Christmas! Shitters Full!
LA SH 2 måneder siden
I need that trans in my 86 square body 👀 and some roadkill help 🆘
o2boutdoors 2 måneder siden
mmmmmmmmmmmmm...6-speed manual
Terrence Kepa
Terrence Kepa 2 måneder siden
Steven Plaskett
Steven Plaskett 2 måneder siden
I love your crew but I can't support you selling out off NOsections onto a paid subscription service that black lists shows in different country's. Now u make less money then demolition ranch cleetus McFarland and even hoovies garage makes more off free NOsections content then your contract with discovery and Disney.
Chevy duramax farm truck
Chevy duramax farm truck 2 måneder siden
Bad ass show
ManyTrickPony 2 måneder siden
2 giant whiteboards.... brilliant
Scott Loeffler
Scott Loeffler 2 måneder siden
Love the Cadillac! Having some fueling issue with my LS 6.0 Cadillac Xcalade. You guys know any one to bounce questions off of?
Waka Nibbolo
Waka Nibbolo 2 måneder siden
Are yall going to Cleatus and Cars?
Lalo's Garage
Lalo's Garage 2 måneder siden
This would be awesome in my 1970 GMC c15 with the 250 ci. Currently has a 3 speed. It’s just a driver.
Baron of Livonia.
Baron of Livonia. 2 måneder siden
I have a 78 C3 that could really use that trans. It has a gen 5 big block with a turbo 350 from Joels on Joy, when he was on Joy Rd. in Detroit. But I have been longing for a 3rd pedal. I'll trade a Ford SOHC diamond encrusted tie tac for it.
Robert Belote
Robert Belote 2 måneder siden
I need that trans so i can trade it for another bike .
R.C. 2 måneder siden
I was think about taking a 2006 monte carlo and making a rear wheel drive. The cost is the hold up. I just think it would be cool. Would you ever think about convert a front wheel into rear wheel drive?
Eric Dolby
Eric Dolby 2 måneder siden
Oh my gosh. Perfect swap for my current NV3500 5 speed that is not handling the 6.0 in my Silverado
Jeff Custer
Jeff Custer 2 måneder siden
Love the 61 caddy
Carlos Diaz
Carlos Diaz 2 måneder siden
Carlos Diaz
Carlos Diaz 2 måneder siden
Glynn Dudley
Glynn Dudley 2 måneder siden