1 Week Chevy C10 Build and Road Trip: Part 1 Finnegan's Garage Ep.132 

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It's finally happening, I'm finally finishing my 1967 Chevy C10 and going on a road trip to break her in! I knew the only way I'd ever make serious progress on this truck was to set a deadline and that deadline is Sunday March 7th. On Sunday, my friends and I are going to road trip this truck to MRC Fabrication in Kernersville, North Carolina, to go hang out with my friends and see the progress they've made on my Caddy. That means we have less than a week to get this pile of parts assembled and we'll post as many videos as we can. This has all been made possible by the good people at Wirecare, who sponsored this week's videos and provided the tools and supplies to wire my truck from scratch. Want more info on Wirecare? check out it's NOsections channel and website:
Here's a link to new Finnegan Speed and Marine merchandise including shirts, hats, hoodies and sticker packs: fsmgarage.com
Thanks for watching and thanks to Chris Read for coming aboard to edit our latest content for you all!




3. mars. 2021





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Rick Nelson
Rick Nelson 16 dager siden
Hi Finnegan do you have to use the clutch to shift the your transmission for the C10 ?
Brandon Campbell
Brandon Campbell 28 dager siden
Mannn this is the sweetest c10 out thare
Jack Severs
Jack Severs Måned siden
Cottons wee background creeper face =p
Garage Rats
Garage Rats Måned siden
Wire coat hanger would work in exchange for welding rod.. but something tells me that's also pretty scarce these days.
Button Puncher
Button Puncher Måned siden
Ceiling grid hanger wire...longer and cheaper than TIG wire. HD has 6 foot straight pieces, 50 pack for 18 bucks. They also sell it in a coil but that's impossible to get perfectly straight. Straight pieces are 12AWG so they hold their form well. Galvanized steel.
OverZealous Maverik
OverZealous Maverik Måned siden
8:31 that math makes sense.
Lyle Bartels
Lyle Bartels Måned siden
festerfm Måned siden
When do we get an update on the gremlin?
John Himmington
John Himmington Måned siden
There's some real vice grip garage percentages going in here at the end lol 9:14
Tuchodi Carlson
Tuchodi Carlson Måned siden
Wow. Great progress and I can finally hear you !!!! Deaf people watch your Chanel too.....
WeldinMike27 Måned siden
I'm glad you got microphones, makes the show a 10/10.
Patrick Hegerty
Patrick Hegerty Måned siden
Welding rods? What, you guys don't have coat hangers over there? :P
Joe Rogers
Joe Rogers Måned siden
5:49 I think Cotton's new knick is One Take Cotton. Not cause he nails it in one take, but because all you get is the one, raw, for real version. You interrupt Cotton? That's your fault, not Cottons.
paterson022 Måned siden
2.50 in and I hear metric measurements, amazing.
Gregory Means
Gregory Means Måned siden
Love the progress on the truck
NHRAStock Måned siden
Much better audio! What microphones did you end up going with?
Traveling Kaspers World
Which microphones did you get? More details please
Traveling Kaspers World
It has been so long, this truck is finnegan being worked on.
Traveling Kaspers World
Since when do a bunch of people who know what they are doing get together and work? (Sorry....I live not far from the Capitol.....just not used to this type of thing)
Steven Theiss
Steven Theiss Måned siden
“What’s the square root of screwed. That’s us”. Lmfao.
Dumuzi Shepherd
Dumuzi Shepherd Måned siden
I am mixing your audio from now on
Bruni Måned siden
Finnegan studied math the same place that Scott Steiner studied math
Ken Fischmann
Ken Fischmann Måned siden
That was a GREAT tip, use all thread and cover it with shrink tube. That would solve a lot of problems on my next build, lol
Jeffrey Pauly
Jeffrey Pauly Måned siden
this series has the same feel as a bunch of buddies building a car. but these guys know what they are doing
Wind of change
Wind of change Måned siden
Bout damn time this thing finally came together!
Mutt Head
Mutt Head Måned siden
I like Colin, he should be on more.
Franklin Hawks
Franklin Hawks Måned siden
Hey mike you need a shirt that says: "What's the square root of screwed?"
Scottimus Garrett
Scottimus Garrett Måned siden
Square root of screwed...Ha ha ha!!!
Robert Arno
Robert Arno Måned siden
The mics are a great improvement!!
Ben DeWitt
Ben DeWitt Måned siden
Blue tooth driveshaft for the win!!
Thatsmrpyro Måned siden
Finnegan's math makes my head hurt
rgsrrofnc Måned siden
Man, y'all will be a stone's throw from me on Sunday. I'm over near Asheboro.
Joseph Hall
Joseph Hall Måned siden
It may not steer and stop under its own power after a week but itll move! Love the content! Keep up the great work.
christopher byrne
christopher byrne Måned siden
This video is un-watachable with the eleventy nine ads every 30 seconds. Lost a viewer here
ddd228/Dave in Seattle.
G. K
G. K Måned siden
6 minutes of standing around 4 minutes of adverts.great
Parker Carling
Parker Carling Måned siden
I love how much the production quality of the show has improved since I started watching. You guys are killing it!
Michel te Braake
Michel te Braake Måned siden
More progress!
Bill Taylor
Bill Taylor Måned siden
Slow S10
Slow S10 Måned siden
7/8 of an exhaust thats 50 percent welded is 90 percent done in my book. Lmao.
scot kov
scot kov Måned siden
ITC BILLET! Awesome accessory brackets! I used their brackets on my LS1 50'studebaker truck.
chrnc Måned siden
Right On
Donald Hart
Donald Hart Måned siden
Great job Finn, you guys are my favorite channel, entertaining as hell.and whilst I am no math wiz I know a good t-shirt when I hear it! And the Chevy is going to be a ripper! Always remember sleep is optional. 🇺🇲🦅👌
5harp3y Måned siden
Quality just got turned up a notch!
moto fish
moto fish Måned siden
No driving anywhere.... Title is misleading....
ssampson572 Måned siden
Lots of talk no action , just a few clips of what's done.. ill watch until the last video is made. Or is this an intro vidoe?.
Jacobus Coetzee
Jacobus Coetzee Måned siden
What math are you on? Roadkill style dude!
The life of stretch
The life of stretch Måned siden
Hey Mike I have literally been following you since roadkill days gotta say love all the builds and Content
David Windsor
David Windsor Måned siden
Well sleepless fun with friends. 🤤👍
gullreefclub Måned siden
A little known fact is "The square root of screwed" is divisible by Budweiser and its cosine is easily found inside a Crown Royale bottle but can exponentially increase with Uncle Tito's Tequila but after one Gummy Bear, and a Mombo Alice B Toklas Brownie you just don't give a sh*t one way or another for 6 to 8 hours.
Tim O' Callaghan
Tim O' Callaghan Måned siden
Nothing says 'smartest person in the room' like starting sentences with "You'll notice"
3Brown Eyes
3Brown Eyes Måned siden
Hell yeah Brother get ready for Blown content!!!
Kole Johnson
Kole Johnson Måned siden
Square root of screwed is Lost x F'd ÷ 2.
MrSealion59 Måned siden
Cool new title.
Kole Johnson
Kole Johnson Måned siden
I'm waiting for Cotton to say "we gonna gangbang this truck"
NeonFreakC Måned siden
greatest show on the internet rn 🤟🏻
Ryan Etzel
Ryan Etzel Måned siden
4:08 OK, who let the camera guy talk? :-)
BenRittenhouse Måned siden
Best thing on U tube
Howard Nielsen
Howard Nielsen Måned siden
S n
S n Måned siden
Man I love the truck
Scott The Great.
Scott The Great. Måned siden
You used a google employee for the wiring very diverse skills! 😎
Metal Fruttolo
Metal Fruttolo Måned siden
"Can I use threaded rod to mount something then cover it in heatshrink?" "...no" "Bluetooth driveshaft?" "Wrong show" I died 😂 shots fired
Michael Alden
Michael Alden Måned siden
The square root of screwed should be a shirt!
Stocky Baldman
Stocky Baldman Måned siden
Oh man I am so pumped to see this thing ripping through the gears with that sequential
JAY IRVING Måned siden
We're gonna rebuild the engine mounts for 1/8"... They make a magic thing called a washer... kinda does same thing...
Anthony Everson
Anthony Everson Måned siden
Go get em!! Love this type of builds. Some good advice being shared.
Biggspeed Måned siden
Clearly punch drunk and sleep deprivation.
Sean Athair
Sean Athair Måned siden
√ screwed? That sounds a lot like roadkill math
Sean Athair
Sean Athair Måned siden
Come on Mike are you telling me you couldn't engineer or Fab up three washers to space the motor up a little over an eighth of an inch?
aSinisterKiid Måned siden
70% closer to the 7/8ths mark which means that 30% of the tubing is actually 80% of the job and that means your 75% closer to being 98% done. Brilliant.
Kelly's Cars
Kelly's Cars Måned siden
Isn't the new logo from papa Finn's General Store?
travis maddox
travis maddox Måned siden
I did a restoration on my C 10 when I was 18 pearl white with maroon flake a souped up Chevy 305 with 3 inch exhaust same three speed But I had a shift kit on the floor and a sandbag on the right rear with coil over shocks In the rear custom cut front springs in the front Optional factory baby blue windows all around small back window If I had this now I would be doing what you’re doing you’re living your dream my friend 😎
iwanttoridemtb Måned siden
Mike the Mic!!!! 🎤🥇
Evan Hillier
Evan Hillier Måned siden
newbie and cotton bonded over threaded rod and shrink wrap
gregory skelton
gregory skelton Måned siden
you could have shipped it USPS !!!
zambonidriver42 Måned siden
What’s the odds that y’all are strapped to a trailer, attempting to finish the build while en route?
N Carolina drag racing Aka Mike brown
Shit I'm in Gastonia North Carolina right beside of Charlotte you're probably going to Concord or kannapolis area that's where all the big Fab shops are or where I stay at
zambonidriver42 Måned siden
Is that a Google shirt? Did you not have a wardrobe meeting/memo regarding FSM swag?
Ryan lukens
Ryan lukens Måned siden
Oh man, I was giggling watching Cotton and his facial expressions while Mike was doing his 80% this and 92% that. You guys crack me up, actual comedy AND good content on NOsections. There is hope for this medium yet. Good luck getting that C10 done and keep up the good stuff. Thanks guys.
helix928989 Måned siden
Finnegan is tall, how tall are those dudes 😱
goatflieg Måned siden
Good luck. No sarcasm. I truly wish you good luck. After all, this is the "wrong show".
Eric Millier
Eric Millier Måned siden
Can you please get these new guys some or your merch??! They are great and I love the edit/pressure put upon yourself!
C W Måned siden
You’re my favorite NOsections channel, closely followed by @diygang and @badobsessionmotorsports
James Sawyer
James Sawyer Måned siden
microphones YES good show
Martin Wade
Martin Wade Måned siden
There just something about impossible time frames that us gear heads seem the love. Keep it up. love the show.
The BlazerSociety
The BlazerSociety Måned siden
Because math thats why
MitchJ 4440
MitchJ 4440 Måned siden
Fedex is a joke, literally always damaged and never on time.
ddd228/Dave in Seattle.
UPS is the damage king.
John Clutch
John Clutch Måned siden
Looks like Day 1 should have started 3 months ago LOL. Good luck guys!
TurboDieselDan Måned siden
Did you get around to ordering the updated intercooler lid from 2017+ LT4's or an aftermarket billet unit? They look and cool a lot better than your early style sloped lid designed for the C7's low hood line.
Patrek Brown
Patrek Brown Måned siden
Audio issues
911fan Måned siden
Why wouldn’t you have put Dynomat on the interior side of the firewall as you did on the floor?
bob marley
bob marley Måned siden
I was going to say the sound is soooo much better! couldnt hear a damn thing be4. good call
gene r
gene r Måned siden
"we're the square root of screwed" nice!
Braden Anderson
Braden Anderson Måned siden
3:13 I heard "because... Black people" and I was like "Damn Fin! You cant say that shit on camera" and then I realized he said "we like people" and it all makes sense now
Andy Fromm
Andy Fromm Måned siden
What microphones are you using?
Jeremiah Truman
Jeremiah Truman Måned siden
Come on back now ya here
Raphael Scully
Raphael Scully Måned siden
hey fin if you guys havent already, why dont you put a mechman alternator on it to be able to accommodate for the power demands of the hydraulics?
Brandon B
Brandon B Måned siden
Hope your doing good man! Life is crazy im way behind on your videos. Hope all is well god bless!
Mike Fleming
Mike Fleming Måned siden
just call the garage squad and will be done in a day.im kidding man.but cant wait to see that c10 done.been following the build for years.
Jeremiah Truman
Jeremiah Truman Måned siden
Way too go guys!
Bigmikes Måned siden
Those guys 6 footers you guys 5 foot tall?
Ganger 3,8 mill
Ganger 3,8 mill