Epic Road Trip, a Blown Up Hemi, and Goodbye 6 Door Ford! Finnegan's Garage Ep.117 

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This trip was so good that we had to split the video into two parts because so much stuff happened. First off, here's a little life update; We filmed this back in September but didn't get time to edit and upload the video until now. Immediately after filming our trip to Rocky Mountain Raceweek 2.0 (which is not in the Rocky Mountains), we left town to film Roadkill and Faster With Finnegan and we still aren't done filming those shows so we are working on Finnegan's Garage edits in our spare time.
Anyway, since September, a lot has happened. I've bought a new enclosed ramp truck, which you'll briefly see in this video, I've traded away the six-door Ford F650 for a '66 Chevy Suburban, which you'll also see in this video, too. We also had a small shift linkage issue in Blasphemi during Rocky Mountain Raceweek 2.0, which resulted in a major engine failure-again, it's in this video.
With any luck we'll upload Part 2 of the video next week. In that video, you'll see the rest of the road trip and you get to see my wife cry when I surprise her on our 15th wedding anniversary. :)
03:37 If you'd like to grab the cool LED lights from WireCare.com we used on our trailer in this episode then go here:
Check out Rugged Radios which we would have used way more if not for the small engine failure!:
If you'd like your own Finnegan Speed and Marine shirt, hats or stickers then go here:
All proceeds will go toward fixing the damn Hemi-again! lol




21. okt.. 2020





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Edward Alcala
Edward Alcala 9 dager siden
Baby light my fire popped on, love that song
Shane Freeman
Shane Freeman 2 måneder siden
Happy wife, happy life
Dustin Spence
Dustin Spence 2 måneder siden
Those songs sound so much like ugly kid Joe
Uncl3jake 2 måneder siden
Hey how much does blasphemi weigh?
JFK64 Kennedy
JFK64 Kennedy 2 måneder siden
Big red truck,....THE BRICK here a hint for those that go to races, camping, fishing, etc.... Start a file in your phone, on your computer, a list of what you need to bring. as you accumulate trips, you can add or subtract thing you do or don't need. and you can just print out everytime for a trip and check off the items as you load guy I used to work with had that same era Suburban, but had 3/4 ton 4x4 axles and springs, we called it the lunch box, everyone would pile in at lunchtime on the jobsite
Wally Koszyk
Wally Koszyk 3 måneder siden
We had a hauler like the red one, We called it Clifford...you know,the bug red dog
Tony Stark
Tony Stark 3 måneder siden
Damn hope y'all can get blasphemi fixed (idk if i spelt it right)
garrym09 3 måneder siden
Hey, I know that location in Owasso, Oklahoma. I guess it is the closest hotel to the racetrack. But still a nice town to visit. Nice suburban thought. Hopefully your wife loves it.
Joe Lowrey
Joe Lowrey 3 måneder siden
I want a full tour of Lincoln hawk
Steve Weiman
Steve Weiman 3 måneder siden
At 24:38 I thought to myself " huh.. sounds like the 1-2 shift lever plate is upside down...... " Oh man, that outcome sucks, ask me how I know........ :(
Derek Kellch
Derek Kellch 3 måneder siden
Mr Fink is from my hometown. I remember some of his earlier drag vehicles he definitely has moved on up the the drag racing world. The days of watching drag racing behind the events center.
Ben Wells
Ben Wells 3 måneder siden
anyone else remember when he first got blasphemi
Michael Saucier
Michael Saucier 3 måneder siden
Roadkill plans for the farm find firebird?
T Hman
T Hman 3 måneder siden
12 volt called it with the 1 thing that you didn't bring lol
Dsa Phill
Dsa Phill 3 måneder siden
Saw the totes and screamed :) Go the extra cost of one of the tool manufacturer's tool totes. I destroyed that type, the lids pissed me off, not enough space. Went with the DeWalt system.
Michael Hauser
Michael Hauser 3 måneder siden
I have that same trailer brake controller
noisefuljoy 3 måneder siden
There is such a thing as too big for the Mrs. I admire her more and more.
Donald Lewis
Donald Lewis 3 måneder siden
Love the Anniversary trip! You guys make me happy! Great Luck to you!
Jason Hablitzel
Jason Hablitzel 3 måneder siden
Good spot for that microphone is at the top of the A pillar clipped to the headliner. Ive got a similar head unit you can have if you ever find yourself near Richmond, Indiana.
CLC III 3 måneder siden
That My Friends is a serious bummer.
Stahodad 3 måneder siden
4:50 If you want to seal heat shrink tubing ..flow some hot glue in first..then heat gun it.
Dobie Road Show
Dobie Road Show 3 måneder siden
I thought that was Shawn Fink's Suburban . Gonna have to go see the six door now
Naik van der Wielen
Naik van der Wielen 3 måneder siden
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford 3 måneder siden
been 2 weeks since next week vid going up. not right to dissapoint people waiting for it . granted its free and were just fans but still nice nice
albert parsakian
albert parsakian 3 måneder siden
Where is part 2
Michael Smull
Michael Smull 3 måneder siden
Your a marine mechanic. Use the solder connector with shrink wrap
majobis 3 måneder siden
you know a standard fully enclosed utility trailer works well. they come in many sizes and have more room and plus you can put shelving racks in it too.
Bryan Saull
Bryan Saull 3 måneder siden
Would a rev limiter help?.
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford 3 måneder siden
Be nice if he actually put new vids up when he says he would
Marc wire
Marc wire 3 måneder siden
dam money shifting what is the bill for that?
Joel Clark
Joel Clark 3 måneder siden
wheres that part 2?
Jane Hunter
Jane Hunter 3 måneder siden
I would name the new hauler BART- Big A$$ Red Truck.
Jason Scott
Jason Scott 3 måneder siden
Her reaction to you being there on your guy's anniversary was great. Good move Mike, good move.
Camaro72_Justin 3 måneder siden
Josh Acklin
Josh Acklin 3 måneder siden
Sent here by Cooper spaghetti Not disappointed one bit 👌
jerry dyer
jerry dyer 3 måneder siden
Need a toad tralier. Its a dolly that holds all the tounge weight and you just pull it behind car
Co Carr
Co Carr 3 måneder siden
Kevin Reed
Kevin Reed 3 måneder siden
Hey Finn, I got some questions about Blashemi's Mansmission. I'm sure you've answered them before so forgive me if you have. I'm seriously thinking about buying one for my street-strip truck and want your thoughts. It's still the g-force GF-5R right? I would like to drive my truck on the road often and my power goal is 800- 900HP for a genuine mid ten second man-shifted truck. What is that mansmision like to live with on the street? And the big question is, would you buy it again after using it for so long? P.S. Love what you do and the stuff you build.
Huck Hose
Huck Hose 3 måneder siden
Why don’t you run a Jeffco transmission line Larson did on his Chevy 2? Can’t argue with his success with the transmission. Just curious that’s all. Love everything you do , never miss an episode. Also if you need a hemi, have a 572 stage V available.
CFraser69 3 måneder siden
Call the new truck Darth Haul.
65 bu
65 bu 3 måneder siden
It B.A.R.T. (Big Ass Red Truck)
volksbugly 3 måneder siden
getting rid of your truck, A woman's scorn hath no limit!
Gamers who build a boat
Gamers who build a boat 3 måneder siden
Blasphemi being a manual (stick) car is so friggin awesome but damn, chasing the times that Mike is , I reckon it must up the difficulty level by about a billion billionth. So much respect, even the idea of dreaming of a stick shifted, blown hemi in a old full sized sedan means that he should never ever have to buy himself a beer in a pub for the rest of his life. Great entertainment, great showbiz, great work.
J ay
J ay 3 måneder siden
That's quite the fix. Ahh breakage. Right. Back to it.
Colton Standifird
Colton Standifird 3 måneder siden
Call the big truck Merlot.
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 3 måneder siden
It's called "Lincoln Hawk." In reference to the move "Over The Top."
2jacks_fast Customs
2jacks_fast Customs 3 måneder siden
Tri5 is so nasty ! Definitely building one on my channel one day 🤟🏼
Frodo 4 måneder siden
That’s a good looking suburban!!
Andrew Conrad
Andrew Conrad 4 måneder siden
I guess you gotta throw a built big block chevy in your car now 🤠
Terry Gunn
Terry Gunn 4 måneder siden
are you racing at the Rocky Mountain raceway in Utah
Terry Gunn
Terry Gunn 3 måneder siden
@Flat4Buggy 2 thank you have a blessed day
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 3 måneder siden
If you're asking if he was racing there in this video, no. He was at Tulsa Raceway Park, in Oklahoma.
Rich D
Rich D 4 måneder siden
Entertaining and free! Finn your awesome!
Damon S
Damon S 4 måneder siden
I remember my first pickup in 1989. I saved up for a Alpine CD player and It was like $700 dollars. 😂
Ty Martin
Ty Martin 4 måneder siden
When will the rot sun be on Finnegan garage
NLJosh83 4 måneder siden
You best turn that "Doors" tunes down before the YT copyright police get on your tail.
Damon S
Damon S 4 måneder siden
Well how do I win a terminal kit??
mrmasterplaster999 4 måneder siden
I dont blame your wife, that is a hideous looking truck
franko send it
franko send it 4 måneder siden
That Caprice hearse was sick
Casy Chapin
Casy Chapin 4 måneder siden
I vote clifford on the big red truck
Williston Audio Labs
Williston Audio Labs 4 måneder siden
Love the Reebok stereo story :-)
Finnegan's Garage
Finnegan's Garage 4 måneder siden
marty 4 måneder siden
You have let the coolest truck leave. Your wife didn't drive it, what does she care?
fshalor 4 måneder siden
Jack in the back scares me.... weight should be mostly in front of those dinky tires... Also, where's the trailer spare. ;) > Should have a way of turning some of them on while driving!
snakeyhedger 4 måneder siden
Not going to read through all 800+ comments but sure looks and sounds like a shim/washer/spacer drops into engine when he’s removing spring at ~8:45
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 4 måneder siden
and running from the dog.. lol.
Shaun C
Shaun C 4 måneder siden
The extra wire in the back of the keyword was for a ipod not a stacker
Rusty Zipper
Rusty Zipper 4 måneder siden
10:29 you guys need a bigger truck or a smaller trailer! 😂
Rusty Zipper
Rusty Zipper 4 måneder siden
Why wouldn’t you get clear totes? 🙋‍♂️
Build0001 4 måneder siden
That sounds like my luck for sure. I would have taken it worse though. Lol
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 4 måneder siden
frikken greedy mofo's, at least Finnegan is still truckin' on, thanks for dat brother!
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 4 måneder siden
frikken greedy mofo's, at least Finnegan is still truckin' on, thanks for dat brother!
Eddie Gregory
Eddie Gregory 4 måneder siden
Thats how I know you guys are pros, you actualy use a heat gun and not a lighter LOL
Rob S111
Rob S111 4 måneder siden
I love that terminal kit, also great video as usual.
Wahn Burnskill
Wahn Burnskill 4 måneder siden
4000 rpm means flying parts. Should change gear ratio instead
Gary Eland
Gary Eland 4 måneder siden
I dont care what others say...keep the hemi. With any engine combo will be problems and learning. Thats Racing. Hemi On!
EED Drums
EED Drums 4 måneder siden
That truck looks like a Barnum and Bailey circus truck
Inie Hawk
Inie Hawk 4 måneder siden
When your wife is so used to you missing your anniversary that she sounds shocked and horrified when you turn up
George Dennison
George Dennison 4 måneder siden
Finn: "What have I done?" The smart thing? I thought Suburbans were GMC? That's a Chevrolet, isn't it
C Pyledriver
C Pyledriver 3 måneder siden
The Suburban name was used under both Chev and GMC, unlike the Blazer/Jimmy. The difference between the two was the grille styling for the most part. The 5th gen Chevy he traded for here has a drastically different grille than the GMC version.
George Dennison
George Dennison 4 måneder siden
Pro Tip: Go to Harbor Fraud and buy a box of Marine (Adhesive Lined) Shrink Tube, 67598. Comes in an assortment of sizes, (black only). Use colored shrink tube for over the top ID, or color coordinating purposes, ONLY. Seal ALL your wire connections, you'll be glad you did. Makes it waterproof, and also helps with vibration-related wiring failure. GeoD
Jonnyonwheels 4 måneder siden
They now make heat shrink butt connectors that are NOT crimp connectors, they have low temp solder inside. So when you put your wires in and hit it with the heat gun, it solders the wires together and insulates them!
Derek Turnbull
Derek Turnbull 4 måneder siden
Gen 3 hemi time??
TJ9709 4 måneder siden
We saw that SF1 and Goliath went to new homes. What happened the the OG ramptruck?
mike lyons
mike lyons 4 måneder siden
Blasphemi blows motors more than my wife blows me. Hopefully that nice burb makes your wife happy mike.
Ogsonofgroo 4 måneder siden
Anybody else missing YT Roadkill shows? Shame on you Moto-Trend, or whatever, you killed a very awesome and popular series that made people happy because you are frikken greedy mofo's, at least Finnegan is still truckin' on, thanks for dat brother!
Joshua Gathright
Joshua Gathright 4 måneder siden
Lesson learned!!!
pectorialis 4 måneder siden
Man, I LOVED that 6 door :(
pectorialis 4 måneder siden
But I love the Big Red Truck just as much :D
Deo Persad
Deo Persad 4 måneder siden
Awesome 👍🏾😀🙌 unfortunately it didn't go very well, but next time it will be better 😀, good you got to be hm for your anniversary 👍🏾😀
Nathaniel Clark
Nathaniel Clark 4 måneder siden
What's wrong with that old head unit is a bad connection to the front plate.
Nathaniel Clark
Nathaniel Clark 4 måneder siden
You should get more Fords.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 4 måneder siden
I would have loved the ford
Cougracer67 4 måneder siden
Why oh why the garbage "music"?? That noise ruins the video!
Strong Addictions
Strong Addictions 4 måneder siden
I love these totes. But I use dry erase materia too mark and label.
James Axelrad
James Axelrad 4 måneder siden
first thought i had was Clifford the Big Red Truck.
Matthew Hoffman
Matthew Hoffman 4 måneder siden
I don't do change well, snd everytime i watch a video from this channel a vehicle is ether bought or traded........i thought my brother in law was bad.......all ready miss the 6door
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 4 måneder siden
alone and talk too much. But that Nova, tho......
Brendan Geraghty
Brendan Geraghty 4 måneder siden
Mike Cotton is the most entertaining person on this channel. More Cotton!
Bandit X114
Bandit X114 4 måneder siden
You guys should throw some of those HF light switch lights as a backup incase batteries are drained. stick them anywhere in trailer.
Kavinsky Smith
Kavinsky Smith 4 måneder siden
at this point I think you need to put a 440 in blasphemi, as look how well the one in the General did, it had enough power to haul one of the worst things ever created by man, a Beige motorhome, in its weakened emmission strangled form, then it had the bejesus beat out of it and then had all of those things done to to it create a ripping roaring monster of a car, and its still holding together today, either that or go for one of the original firepower hemi's of the 50's as it seems the 426 hemi is an engine that is already maxed out when you get it, so taking it further just seems to always break it, while the 440, its big, its powerful, its heavy, and its meant to haul ass at any speed in anything that its put in regardless of what version it is. and the 426, it got beat by a Buick Back in the day, look up any buick with a 455, they will and do beat stock hemi's of the era like theirs a reason why the 426 wasnt put in everything, and while the hemi is a fine reliable engine stock, and chrystler used to sell them as industrial power generators to run airforce bases, it seems like every time I turn around blasphemi is eating them for breakfast like heck, theres you new name, the Hemi Eater, a 440 powered 1955 chevy 150 2 door sedan.
Josh S
Josh S 4 måneder siden
Get coke cola as a sponcer
foxrace0985 4 måneder siden
Dang, sucks you are getting rid of the 6 door!
David Webb
David Webb 4 måneder siden
When you test drove in the pits and fully released the clutch I was thinking “man, that car has got some really tall gearing”. Hope you guys get it back together sooner than later, that car is an icon.
Joe Cool
Joe Cool 4 måneder siden
Love the Suburban! Love the happy ending. Ya'll are crushing it dude.
thx113868 4 måneder siden
That new truck call it " The Big Red One".
Danila grey
Danila grey 4 måneder siden
I Love the big square body videos
Landon Kupfer
Landon Kupfer 4 måneder siden
Drewsky88 4 måneder siden
Totes malotes!