Got An Old UTV and Drove it Straight Into a Lake! 

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This week on Finnegan's Garage Ep. 146 - Redbeard's Garage practically restored this old Argo 8x8 amphibious UTV and traded it to me for a pile of speed parts and an old square body Chevy Suburban 4x4 that I'd never driven. After test driving the Argo for about 5 minutes we decided to try and cross my local lake in it. It went about as well as you'd expect. lol

Go give Redbeard a follow and stay tuned for more adventures as we hop up the Argo for more speed and fun!

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Mike Finnegan



9. mai. 2021





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Joe john Fanning
You can also get snow tracks for them and you can mount an out board on the back
Karrie Falon Johnson
Karrie Falon Johnson 13 dager siden
think ya better ductape 20 life jackets and put pool noodles on the roll cage bottles incase she goes down
Karrie Falon Johnson
Karrie Falon Johnson 13 dager siden
they do not like Ashfault or cement will tell ya all that, and biggy worst mistake is so say over steering, only short fast pulls. but on dirt they spin around in circles
M 14 dager siden
That flapper has to go😵‍💫
Bad Hombre
Bad Hombre 20 dager siden
Their both washing machines I’d of kept the Chevy though 💁‍♂️
Timberwolf Måned siden
That square body comment, no kidding, every car ...vehicle(!) looks like a soap dish now
Eric Pierce
Eric Pierce Måned siden
Ah the Argo - the machine that isn't really a good boat, nor a good UTV.
Military Veteran
Military Veteran Måned siden
Maybe fix the left side brakes before ya sink it!???
Stanley Wrubel
Stanley Wrubel Måned siden
I want one lol
Don Burg
Don Burg Måned siden
One lemon for another so you got the number 1 lemon out of the deal
Titan Rutse
Titan Rutse Måned siden
Are the tires on backwards
Titan Rutse
Titan Rutse Måned siden
What's 6x6 mean it's got 8 wheels
Jeremy Cosby
Jeremy Cosby Måned siden
Trolling motor on the back with some sort of remote steering would be clutch.
Darrell Roeters
Darrell Roeters 2 måneder siden
Dealing with you is more than fair.
Allen Larabie
Allen Larabie 2 måneder siden
Here in Canada people use a small 2.5 hp outboard motor on the back
Big Boones
Big Boones 2 måneder siden
Love my Argo 6x6 they’re awesome machines, have tracks for my mine so like mailman rain, snow, or shine I’m able to use it. Some atv’s your limited to the season like a skidoo, Argo no limits
C10 Syndicate
C10 Syndicate 2 måneder siden
Pop's got a 1956 Plymouth suburban station wagon he would probably let go for 1,500
C10 Syndicate
C10 Syndicate 2 måneder siden
thomas maloney
thomas maloney 2 måneder siden
you need a tank in the front that can have air in the water for floatation and water on land for traction ?????
Brian Jacobs
Brian Jacobs 2 måneder siden
That looks so fun lol
MrHeavyzz4 2 måneder siden
Awesome. If you get a dual wheel kit it wheel drive in water better and more stable. They make a track kit for them also.
Kim Fawvor
Kim Fawvor 2 måneder siden
Check rotation arrows on tires. They are backwards for water and mud.
Northernstoner9 2 måneder siden
Put tracks on it they work way better in water then just the tires and argo makes tracks for them that goes over the tires i had a 8x8 with tracks was one hell of a blast
Chris Clarambeau
Chris Clarambeau 2 måneder siden
I'd bet you could make outriggers that fold down from the cage to give it stability in the water....
Running Ragged Ranch
Running Ragged Ranch 2 måneder siden
I would trade my 07 Durango with 4.7 for th burban I really want i e wad my 4rd vehical I. Life trade with me my Durango is nice wad in lil fender bender an needs. A fender other then that my Durango it sweet an way better shape an runs better but I want a burban bad
Running Ragged Ranch
Running Ragged Ranch 2 måneder siden
I need a burban to build plane van out.of one for my self
Running Ragged Ranch
Running Ragged Ranch 2 måneder siden
I'm in Florida im very intrstef in the suburban ill by it bud I really want the burban bud
scott gardner
scott gardner 2 måneder siden
You're going to have to put a jet ski jet unit in the back with some sort of transfer case
Chad Miller
Chad Miller 2 måneder siden
Finnegan. I live in PA. You never ever ever buy anything from here expecting that it be solid. There will always be rust. Have you seen our roads?
Neacail Campbell
Neacail Campbell 2 måneder siden
I see a place to mount an outboard there...
Dustin Rutkowski
Dustin Rutkowski 2 måneder siden
It doesn't need the sniper efi. Just needs some maintenance.
rob m
rob m 2 måneder siden
Small request please guy's - can you link the music you play in your uploads, I spend more time looking for the tracks I like than watching your video's 🤣
GaryLordsWayMinistry 2 måneder siden
I know a bunch of people who would pay top dollar for those so they can make it into a Ham Radio Mobile Base Station on wheels.
Grimwurks Pottery
Grimwurks Pottery 2 måneder siden
you needed Newburn in the back to level it out
Pamela Belcher
Pamela Belcher 2 måneder siden
Why does white boy have 666 on his boat? Is he being cute 999 flip it. Is it a competition number? So, what’s the reason for the number 999? Bet he has no explanation for 999... advertisement for 666? You be the judge.
Nataku009 2 måneder siden
So.. when is the blasphemi vs f-rod drag race that’s obviously coming?
lanzecki 2 måneder siden
There was a mod (manufacturers parts) that gave you a small rear prop. It was never really designed for large water like that, but they made a prop that goes on for people that like to push the envelope. No idea if they sold many, or if any are kicking around. Tyres are on the wrong way around!
ken gibbs
ken gibbs 2 måneder siden
What's up with the 55 race it What about drag week
shaun89759 2 måneder siden
I used to watch red beard til one sunday he told a story about his lifelong coming out as gay, redbeard thought he just needed god and he wouldnt be gay.
J Haman
J Haman 2 måneder siden
This has nothing to do with this video, but you made one of Francis McCoreys "Redneck Full Send" videos.... not sure if I should say congrats or sorry. I'm going with congrats.
Mart 2 måneder siden
Awesome and hilarious like being drunk in amusement park
P Savel
P Savel 2 måneder siden
I always wanted an Argo as a kid, and now at almost 40 years old, I want one even more. So cool, and super convenient to just be able to drive it anywhere. It's in really nice shape too.
Bob2shred 2 måneder siden
Im so glad i still can watch this since motortrend will not let me watch in Australia anymore
Clayton Dyck
Clayton Dyck 2 måneder siden
Garrett/Cleetus will be envious if you ever go mudding with him and his side by side. They need snorkels and you float over the surface
Issac Daniels
Issac Daniels 2 måneder siden
Google is saying your 76 years old I don’t believe google they are lying don’t completely trust google
TnT Zimmerman
TnT Zimmerman 2 måneder siden
I’ve finally realized , I’m the broke, not as talented California version of fin!
Phillip Wilde
Phillip Wilde 2 måneder siden
Give this man a Sherp and he would lose his mind
Dennis Thompson
Dennis Thompson 2 måneder siden
We have two Argo's in our Search & Rescue, they go almost anywhere once you get the hang of them.
Desert Cobra Battalion
Desert Cobra Battalion 2 måneder siden
Just the fact u have fun every time things dont go right makes ur videos so much better
Alex Thompson
Alex Thompson 2 måneder siden
Forgive me if this is a dumb question but Are the directional tires mounted backwards (on the wrong side?)
TheClintmeister 2 måneder siden
Red Beard is a great guy/NOsectionsr!
Ian Mangham
Ian Mangham 2 måneder siden
That Chevy suburban is beautiful
Nathaniel Mathies
Nathaniel Mathies 2 måneder siden
The moral of the story, if you get the opportunity to trade with Fin, go for it! You'll win!
Garret Anding
Garret Anding 2 måneder siden
I’ve got a hustler 6x6 with the same Koehler engine
Andrew Larson
Andrew Larson 2 måneder siden
Dang, I need a nice square body bourban!
Kenneth Stephens
Kenneth Stephens 2 måneder siden
Would be cool with a trolling motor on the back. Pull in, put around, pull out
Emile xantia
Emile xantia 2 måneder siden
now what i wana see is you strap the jet skis to the trailer and go for a drive on the water
The sinner Jim Whitney
The sinner Jim Whitney 2 måneder siden
That Suburban was more than a fair trade for the Argo, let alone all the extra stuff.
don rosendall
don rosendall 2 måneder siden
Where is your fishing pole
Darttoyou1 2 måneder siden
That thing barely works when it was brand new.
Dixie Farmboy
Dixie Farmboy 2 måneder siden
it's still crazy to me that i know where this takes place. that's lake lanier and at 14:51 it looks like Tidwell park
Ern Burn
Ern Burn 2 måneder siden
Fabricate a removable roll bar. Makes it top heavy in water☝
garret woehl
garret woehl 2 måneder siden
Did Mike finally get a new truck? 😂
kyle cordray
kyle cordray 2 måneder siden
Please do another episode after you put the outboard on!
Scottimus Garrett
Scottimus Garrett 2 måneder siden
And Finnegan inexorably moves one step closer to a bitter divorce battle...😂
Nerd Neck
Nerd Neck 2 måneder siden
These things are great, we love our old Argo Vanguard 6x6. Be taking it out to Osceola forest here soon once I get the throttle controls sorted out. Waiting on Cleetus to get one now and see what shenanigans you guys get into with them 😁
PyroMan_FPV 2 måneder siden
Redbeard has always seemed like a good dude, I'm glad to see this crossover. Hopefully he does something cool with the suburban.
Yoeri Kurvers
Yoeri Kurvers 2 måneder siden
Finnigan not so speed but marine
Paulman50 2 måneder siden
I had one of those about 5 years ago for hunting pigs and trail riding. They really are a piece of shit, the transmition screens at you All day long and the exhaust covers the passenger with noise and smoke, that's why your one is up high. Well see how long you keep it.
Jordan Wiley
Jordan Wiley 2 måneder siden
End up naked for some reason? who says there needs to be a reason
Tzorb 2 måneder siden
Did that trailer come from pa too? Looks just like my old one.
Richard Hatt
Richard Hatt 2 måneder siden
Get a trolling motor for it.
Daniel Petersen
Daniel Petersen 2 måneder siden
You need to check out Mr goodpilers
Donald Duck
Donald Duck 2 måneder siden
My Dad had a Argo dealership in the 1970's, us boys would load the demonstrator on the back of his pickup and take to the lake. It was the high powered 6 wheeled one and could do around 50 mph top speed. We had a blast except in mud it would sink and sit on the bottom, wheels just spinning. Got kicked out after tearing around the campgrounds too fast. Good memories with it.
Jennifer Miller
Jennifer Miller 2 måneder siden
SMH mike because of the 360’s on cleetus’s hovercraft. He’s gonna flip or Sink his little mini jet boat doing them lol much love keep the content coming
winston cryer
winston cryer 2 måneder siden
That is such a good idea and you got to film it with the kids 😂😂
David Fisher
David Fisher 2 måneder siden
It about time you got a AGO mate.
Michigan Moose
Michigan Moose 2 måneder siden
I bought a 6x Argo off of a old dude for $100.00. Had it running in 3 hours,beat the hell out of it for years and sold it for 2g
Brady Godwin
Brady Godwin 2 måneder siden
You guys should get a coot next and race them nosections.info/green/0WJ1iWeMY4mx19g/video.html
k1ng z4pp4
k1ng z4pp4 2 måneder siden
Would love to see you deck this thing out a bit.
MMORPG87 2 måneder siden
Finn trip 2 leave skies attached... tow them across thewater and if the argo break hop on the ski and push the argo home lol
Chris Archer
Chris Archer 2 måneder siden
I wanna see Game Over drag race Cleetus in the Jet Boat, I know it's a little lop sided but would make great content!
endall39 2 måneder siden
Great trade for a vehicle you basically forgot you even owned. Maybe I missed it, but would love to see you do an episode that explains everything about how this vehicle works.
The Nomadic Wrencher
The Nomadic Wrencher 2 måneder siden
i had one years ago., just mount a johnson 5hp to the back of it. and make it have cable steer. easy upgrade and makes on water easy. :) when travel off road take the motor off if gonna bounce a lot.
Ryan Farnsworth
Ryan Farnsworth 2 måneder siden
I just watched a guy that builds and drives the fastest boats on the planet giggle with delight about driving a tractor in the water. The internet is amazing.
ipeedinyourpool666 2 måneder siden
" Seems legit " lmfao.
Collin Martin
Collin Martin 2 måneder siden
Def outboard
sinjin90ful 2 måneder siden
the drive system reminds me of a old Dixon zero turn mower i had, transaxle system with friction cones. Very interesting system
tony66au 2 måneder siden
Damn..... I think it needs ballast, autobilge and yep a trolling motor. Or....... Stay with me here, a bit more Bow and a jetski engine.
Chad DeSantis
Chad DeSantis 2 måneder siden
Trolling motor with foot controls would be neat on that.
Chad DeSantis
Chad DeSantis 2 måneder siden
If you could get those PVC bunks to float the trailer, you could pull forward into the lake, jet skis and all.
Chad DeSantis
Chad DeSantis 2 måneder siden
Reference Chud327 videos for more on barrel boats, pvc kayaks, and some pretty cool old lawnmower stuff.
Old men rule racing
Old men rule racing 2 måneder siden
Eight wheels,,, looks fun but extremely slow... Lol
Danae Kemp
Danae Kemp 2 måneder siden
I’ve seen where they put tracks on the back
Taylor C4
Taylor C4 2 måneder siden
Are those real simulated alligator skin seats? Fancy.
MrDavidelliottjr 2 måneder siden
Things a beast
mitchamus 2 måneder siden
Hi Finnegan - I have one of these couple of tips - if you're going to be messing around on the concrete - over inflate the two centre rows of tyres and it will turn much much better. Also - if you flip the wheels in the second to back row of wheel so that the tread pattern is reversed - it will steer in the watter much better in reverse. Also (you probably noticed this by now) there are two bungs under the rear floor to stop it from flooding and sinking. If you get water on the drive belt - you will get stuck till it dries out. hope this helps - cheers .
marcoallin 2 måneder siden
love those thing , we used to drive this from island to island in a big lake
Brian Hickerson
Brian Hickerson 2 måneder siden
Balls of steel
Edward's Sisters'Hands
Edward's Sisters'Hands 2 måneder siden
Doing better than Cleetus.
Dave Mclaughlin
Dave Mclaughlin 2 måneder siden
G'DAY Mike & Dave,that Argo & Skits, bought back memories of during the summer holidays,1974-1978 for 6 weeks from beginning of December to the beginning of February,the local television RTQ7( Regional Television Queensland channel 7), ran cartoon characters driving around ARGOS, called "BANANASPLITS", dressed in primary colours,RED, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW, you pair could be sta.rting a Retro cartoon thing,as always, Kindest Regards, Dave McLaughlin Queensland Australia
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