The '61 Caddy Gets Parachutes and We Roadtrip the C10 Home! Finnegan's Garage Ep.139 

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This time we are giving you more of what you want: We've got the 1961 Cadillac Coupe DeVille build and the road trip home from MRC Fab in the 1967 Chevy C10. We'll show you how the rear wheel tubs were made in the Caddy, install a pair of Stroud parachutes and then load the Caddy onto a trailer and bring it home. When we'll road trip the C10 and break down twice! lol.
Check out some of the parts were use here:
Shout out to Motion Raceworks for the Stroud Parachute kit:www.motionraceworks.com/collections/parachute-systems
Weld Racing for the Alpha Pro Double Bead Loc Wheels:www.weldwheels.com/drag-racing-wheels/alpha-1.html
MRC Fabrication for the Chassis and Suspension: pBPlkWaVB9kO/?hl=en
Mickey Thompson for the tires: www.mickeythompsontires.com/drag-tires/et-street-radial-pro
Lajoie of Seating for the safety seat: thejoieofseating.com/

want some Finnegan Speed and Marine gear? Go here: www.fsmgarage.com
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28. mars. 2021





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Ed Syphan
Ed Syphan 2 timer siden
Damn, that metal man takes all the "Roadkill" out of this. He is waaay too smooth to be working on one of Finnz cars. But hot wiring the fans redeemed the segment.
P Kuudsk
P Kuudsk 6 timer siden
Caddy looks sooooo bad ass sitting like that . I am sure everyone want's to know roughly how much such fine work costs , my guess is at least 30k am I even close ?
Patrick Tait
Patrick Tait 12 timer siden
Oh what a beauty
Richard Shaffer
Richard Shaffer 2 dager siden
Hey brother... I don't mean to get all up in your business. I love the cars you build. Just curious how you fund them?
Chuck Fowler
Chuck Fowler 3 dager siden
Hey is fast as your planning to go dont you need to have a funny car cage.
John Wheeler
John Wheeler 5 dager siden
hey man i enjoy your show i think your c10 sounds so fuck good i want to build me a truck like that its my dream to anyway but i think you live pretty close to me i live in cartersville GAneer the airport i would like to come see your truck in person its so bad ass bro my name is john wheeler
Rob McCarthy
Rob McCarthy 5 dager siden
It seems like there should be easier ways to make a whole lot of noise than what they're going through
jaun Gonzalez
jaun Gonzalez 8 dager siden
I go 100 in my caddy
Dave B
Dave B 8 dager siden
C10 needs mufflers with Cutouts for road trips.
Thomas Lewis
Thomas Lewis 8 dager siden
Seam seal/gasket seal everything. Do not allow fluids, gases, and vaporized tire molecules to enter the driver passenger compartments. Safety, safety, and safety...
Rob Winder
Rob Winder 8 dager siden
Damn Mike I really miss Motor Trend to watch your Show I don't have Cable ?
broady howes
broady howes 8 dager siden
That caddy is so rad! can’t wait to see it do 200🤙🏻
Josh 8 dager siden
Billings mt plates ?
Marty Vener
Marty Vener 10 dager siden
I did not see a tag lite when you first got the fans running
dylan davis
dylan davis 11 dager siden
Literally they broke down 2 minutes from my freaking house man!!!!!!
Erick Nester
Erick Nester 11 dager siden
🤯🤯🤯 so much skill!!!!
Jack Severs
Jack Severs 12 dager siden
That's some metal work. Almost a shame to drop the body on it =p
Zane Blaire
Zane Blaire 14 dager siden
You painted the truck and ruined itm
DMAC Kustoms - Illustrate Create
Awesome video, Looking forward to more on the Caddy
Tintin 15 dager siden
What's the music at 10:50?
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 13 dager siden
Evert Z - Dustin's Dirtbike
NZ Salt Flats Racer
NZ Salt Flats Racer 15 dager siden
Road trips with issues are the spice of a gearhead's life.
Ronny Chavez
Ronny Chavez 15 dager siden
Man I wanna see this thing make a pass on the strip!!! Always thought about doing this style of build myself.
Nopsi 16 dager siden
Seeing this guy working with the metal w/o gloves 😱 i would have cut myself like a brazillion times after three times looking at the metal 🤣😉👍
John Stroud
John Stroud 17 dager siden
That is one good loo,looking caddy
Dirty Mule Racing
Dirty Mule Racing 17 dager siden
Thats some great fabrication, great video guys.
spinksrat 17 dager siden
More caddy content!
N2O Video
N2O Video 17 dager siden
Make a video addressing the epa
Zach Loveless
Zach Loveless 17 dager siden
Can't wait to see the caddy get finished. Are we taking bets on how many years it takes? Haha
Rod Romes
Rod Romes 18 dager siden
I just can't wait to see the Cadillac go on drag week that's what it's about
Donald Kay
Donald Kay 18 dager siden
Love the hood prop. Don’t worry us construction guys don’t use those survey stakes anyway 🤣😎
Alan Heikkila
Alan Heikkila 18 dager siden
You're moving into millionaire car builds that most people watching your channel cannot afford. $100k builds like the big block boat, the C10 and now the 61 Caddy is fun but I think your audience is basically Roadkill. Blasphemy was okay but now your are way beyond the kid in the mini truck that you once were. I realize you can now afford to build the dream cars and am happy for you. I am an old guy that bought a 68 RR in 73 for $750 and sold it for $300 9 years later, damn. I currently own a 73 340 Challenger. Miss those days.
Texasknowhow 18 dager siden
“So... I was just hoping Sasquatch don’t jump out... “ You three guys are great together. The fun you have and just conversations are worth the watch. And then there’s cool car/truck stuff as well! Keep it up, Clay
Brendan Geraghty
Brendan Geraghty 18 dager siden
A party in a pandemic sounds like a bad idea, just like the Cleetus events. I have had relatives and friends die from Covid 19. Not cool.
Lou Cosentino
Lou Cosentino 18 dager siden
You guys interact well. Love the C10.
Lucille Henzig
Lucille Henzig 19 dager siden
next will be your wife 69 l and how you keep fucking it up
Lucille Henzig
Lucille Henzig 19 dager siden
this is him and not her ... time to oppose your governor or get boycotted now paper boy you and M,T.have stold anuff from us real wrenches we do not make these mistake you make to many!!! free for all is over DO THE RIGHT THING by the way the yellow fire chicken is not a barn find its a canopy car ...
Babbit Bearings
Babbit Bearings 19 dager siden
Does the C10 transmission shift better if you lift off the throttle completely, partially, or just pull it into the next gear?
willow Eley
willow Eley 19 dager siden
I'm from Truro Cornwall UK, in our village there is this guy who owns a pink cadalac soft top with white leather interior to hear this thing grumbling on Idle is awesome
james Bayliss
james Bayliss 19 dager siden
Loving your work man I know this is random but what happened to the 300 chrysler that you bought in that old episode with the super bee
Pat Trottier
Pat Trottier 19 dager siden
Worst part of the Caddy build... that Billings plate
Bigballmagrawl85 19 dager siden
You are a super chill dude im glad you do these videos outside motor trend
Bubba Ray
Bubba Ray 20 dager siden
Where can I get a Blasphemi shirt
Jaedon Haskins
Jaedon Haskins 20 dager siden
Yellowstone county MT plates? How did it not rust away out there?
Deborah Rose
Deborah Rose 20 dager siden
This is Cadi progress lol
WorldsBestWatcher 20 dager siden
NOsectionsrs apparently think we don't notice them deliberately saying "excited" or "super excited" in every. single. video. I cringe when I see them made a special short clip saying it when they realize they haven't said it yet. Don't get me started on their lame efforts to force "excitement". Ugh.
Andy Pate
Andy Pate 20 dager siden
Love your videos brother. I’ve watched all your roadkill. episodes . Super Fan👍
Eli Renigar
Eli Renigar 20 dager siden
Timmy is such a good guy and MRC is an incredible shop. Crazy to see y’all road tripping through my town
Jackson Telano
Jackson Telano 20 dager siden
Roadkill vibes. Working on the truck in the street and running out of fuel
immrnoidall 20 dager siden
Not your average dad's Cadillac
steve shoemaker
steve shoemaker 21 dag siden
Great video....Thanks
Ole Jacob Stålesen
Ole Jacob Stålesen 21 dag siden
Now that, Sir, is art!
con fuse
con fuse 21 dag siden
Love how your builds are 'real' Murphy's law and all. BTW, if you have a relay controlling the fans, pull the relay and jump it. Fix it for real later.
LockonNick 21 dag siden
Time to make it a 4 second car!
Not here Still nothing
Fixed mechanical fans never fail, just sayn. Come at me bro
John P
John P 21 dag siden
@Not here Still nothing Ha! Yup, also those stickers may even add 10-15hp due to aerodynamics.
Not here Still nothing
@John P if you put jegs and various other stickers on the fan it can offset that HP loss, now you know.
John P
John P 21 dag siden
Fixed mechanical fans kill +30 hp, mechanical fans don't move much air at idle when you really need them and there's no mechanical fan option for the LT4.
Grant Roman
Grant Roman 21 dag siden
Those fabricators at MSC don’t fuck around huh? Great show
Asad Marji
Asad Marji 21 dag siden
The important weed optically strengthen because oboe cephalometrically pull versus a responsible print. chilly, anxious request
Jack Frost
Jack Frost 21 dag siden
I live vicariously through your builds.
Chris McBurney
Chris McBurney 21 dag siden
You should’ve used one of your box trucks to pick up the caddy.
gfhft fger
gfhft fger 21 dag siden
The closed hemp bareilly inject because cornet concurringly preach concerning a sharp hardcover. disastrous, elderly hyena
Deo Persad
Deo Persad 21 dag siden
L.E. Batte
L.E. Batte 21 dag siden
Blue and red make purple
Shawn Szymczak
Shawn Szymczak 21 dag siden
Why it look like a montana plate on the caddy?
steve s
steve s 21 dag siden
Wtf is up with all the ads. Fuck!
Anthony Moore
Anthony Moore 21 dag siden
The c10 looks like something out of fast and furious and it is INSANE
Jacob Herron
Jacob Herron 21 dag siden
I haven't seen fabb work like that since my dad was alive thank you so very much old school I think everything should be tubbed
Jacob Herron
Jacob Herron 21 dag siden
You should have your own motor trend show and get paid million's
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 21 dag siden
He does have his own Motor Trend show. (Faster With Finnegan)
gsxr7501099 21 dag siden
What about a licence plate light at night i got stoped in arkansas for that ...just asking
Brad Taylor
Brad Taylor 21 dag siden
That truck is so sick! Love it just running through the gears is live a musical masterpiece!
bill barry
bill barry 21 dag siden
How do you attach the body to the chassis after the floor pan has come out of it?
jim martin
jim martin 22 dager siden
Dude must be great at writing checks.
Jay Raybourn
Jay Raybourn 22 dager siden
Do we have any zip ties??? How many do you need??? 3? Minimum of have should be handed if asked for zip ties. Thought everyone knew that
herb tender
herb tender 22 dager siden
well 8k and 10 mph will do it bro
Derek Fox
Derek Fox 22 dager siden
Cotton's asking about colors like he's not a painter
Nicholas Haynes
Nicholas Haynes 22 dager siden
So sorry the fans failed...any update on that. Just converted my boat from mpi to carb due to ECM failure and our TR7 is non electronic as is the Range Rover Classic. Awesome truck and OMG the Caddy. What a work of Art.
dsrtrcr01 22 dager siden
Honest question... Are dead tubes not a concern on a drag style cage? I see a LOT of dead tubes in that cage. I am nothing near the level of fab as the shop (Garage builder) but in offroad we try to avoid dead tubes. Even his C10 the down tubes don't line up with the halo inside. Close but still off.
Jeffy Stocker
Jeffy Stocker 22 dager siden
What ever happened to the ramp truck from roadkill
HammerTime racing
HammerTime racing 22 dager siden
That caddy has to easily be 200k to build
Tommy Huffman
Tommy Huffman 22 dager siden
it DOES sound like the OG muscle truck, but ballsier. i dig it!
Michael Gallagher
Michael Gallagher 22 dager siden
you didn't program the fans to comon at 217C did you
Michael Bare
Michael Bare 22 dager siden
Cotton must have wired the fan.
Jeffrey Bamford
Jeffrey Bamford 22 dager siden
Who thinks that the roll cage will never get painted like he said it will in a year .I say he won't bother at all 😂😂😂
Stangman1969 22 dager siden
need a license plate bracket the slides into the rear chute hitch.
Mando Castanon
Mando Castanon 22 dager siden
I wonder how many people are going to hairspray their radiators, condensers, now
youzrnaim 22 dager siden
About the truck overheating... if they can program it to turn on at 217F, shouldn't there be logs they can check to see what's going on rather than poking around with a multimeter?
Noah Jensen
Noah Jensen 22 dager siden
You should take a bead roller and a fake finger made of ballistic gel and bone and run it through
Joshua Mendoza
Joshua Mendoza 22 dager siden
The fans going out don't make for a very good WireCare commercial.
David Drescher
David Drescher 22 dager siden
Will ya be at Speed week or world of speed with the cady?
David Drescher
David Drescher 22 dager siden
15:10 Finnegan's voice says this is not a road kill episode this is my baby i know the spot.
lexustech48 22 dager siden
60 year old design... and those Caddy fins will NEVER get old. Why did they ever take them away Ill never know.
will dobbert
will dobbert 22 dager siden
Another awesome video
Jon Hill
Jon Hill 22 dager siden
Support 🇺🇲👍
Troy Dawson
Troy Dawson 22 dager siden
Yeah nar, let's be honest, you know that body is not coming off again, that chassis is not getting powder coated this year, or even the next 10 years after it and I doubt the C10 will ever see a lick of paint in the next few years either. :D
guitartec 22 dager siden
How come I alway gotta take a dookie when I click play for FG?
Dusty Hunter
Dusty Hunter 22 dager siden
what gauge metal are you using for the wheel tubs?
Pastel Storms
Pastel Storms 22 dager siden
Wow welding without a welding helmet doesnt that hurt your eyes
Jeff Adams
Jeff Adams 22 dager siden
@4:54 Is that Boomhauer?
7DOIS Vídeo
7DOIS Vídeo 22 dager siden
craziest caddy ever. OMG
ngh 22 dager siden
This stuff is waaaaay too nice for you guys to own! Lol
Michael Porter
Michael Porter 22 dager siden
Put a steering wheel with a shallower dish.
Daddy likes to go fast!