Finnegan's Garage Ep.54: Surprise Paintjob and Six-Speed for My Wife's El Camino 

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In 2009 my wife and I inherited her grandfather's 1969 Chevy El Camino. It was a dilapidated version of the Malibu with a 350 small-block engine, a factory two-barrel carburetor, a Turbo-350 three-speed transmission, drum brakes and power nothing. There were zero creature comforts including air conditioning. Still, structurally speaking the car was in quite good shape and it held a ton of sentimental value because its been in our family since it was new.
Grandpa Joe's Elco quickly appeared on episodes of Roadkill, first as the car we swapped a new engine into during a snowfall at a Summit Racing store parking lot in Reno, Nevada. Later we raced it against other Roadkill project cars during an autocross shootout involving Jonny Lieberman and Carlos Lago and a Kia. After it was done being Roadkilled, I really got to work on improving all aspects of it.
My friends and I set about the task of making it reliable; My stint on the web show Hot Rod Garage allowed me the time to swap a Chevrolet Performance LS3 and a Gearstar 4L70-E overdrive transmission into the car as well as a new coilover suspension and disc brakes from Ridetech and Wilwood. It took less than a year for this car to morph from being Grandpa's grocery getter into a legitimate autocross terror.
All along, my wife yearned for the car to remind her of her youth, when her Grandpa would pick her up from school in the shiny blue El Camino. She repeatedly asked me to have the car repainted and I refused because I didn't want the car to become so nice that we'd be afraid to drive it anywhere. Over the last 10 years she watched my own project cars progress even staying mum when I went ahead and painted Blasphemi, my '55 Chevy Bel Air. I tell ya, the woman is a saint. Finally, during our last outing in the Elco during the summer of 2017 the transmission died and the car was parked. She was sad but I had a plan; I used the broken transmission as an excuse to hide the car while it was being restored by my friends. The original bumper were straightened and rechromed. The stock body panels were pounded, patched, primed and painted. The interior was dyed and the dash repainted and after 20 years of wearing the wrong color of Earl Schieb paint, it was brought back to its original Glacier Blue glory.
On our wedding anniversary in 2018 we revealed the car to my wife as the ultimate gift and my way of letting her know that what she values matters deeply to me.
This is the video of not only the big reveal of the car but also tips on how to switch over from an automatic transmission to a Tremec manual gearbox using a Silversport Transmissions kit. I think you'll like it.
For more information on the parts used here, visit Silversport Transmissions' website or NOsections channel. The links are here:
and to grab any of the cool Finnegan Speed and Marine swag you spot in the video, visit: www.fsmgarage.com/
As always there are lots of behind the scenes clips and photos on my various social media outlets. Find me on:
Instagram: @finnegan999
twitter: @mike.finnegan999
Facebook: MikeFinneganNews/




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Sic Creations
Sic Creations 21 time siden
I am about to get a 68', nice ride!
Big bear 00
Big bear 00 7 dager siden
That was epic! Even Mrs Finnegan! You rock!
Richard Enright
Richard Enright 9 dager siden
John Stroud
John Stroud 11 dager siden
So awesome
John Stroud
John Stroud 13 dager siden
Bonilla7 Måned siden
What a blessing it must be to have a wife who likes cool old cars. Hey, let me build you another muscle car (which I can drive all the time wink wink). Haha
what a machine,wish we had them in the uk,finnegan respect fella,
banshee01ful 2 måneder siden
Still my favorite video on your channel Mike . That's my favourite Elcamino on the planet. You did it for your Mrs.Amazing
Far From Home
Far From Home 2 måneder siden
OOaaooo, She is one happy car enthusiast.
sean peters
sean peters 3 måneder siden
I love your videos but is it possible to get the sound louder I almost always have to watch your videos with my with my sound but it could be my phone but usually other videos play louder so if you can if you can make the sound louder that'd be awesome
RV FORESTRIVERFUN 3 måneder siden
Awesome.. love it bro .. great stuff.. !!!
GearheadJoe 4 måneder siden
I had to watch this again tonight...awesome car resto and awesome reaction for the wifey ...
LPC Drop The Bass
LPC Drop The Bass 4 måneder siden
If you got a wife they can drive a stick shift car you have the best wife ever
Danyel Berger
Danyel Berger 4 måneder siden
As a female veteran car and motorcycle enthusiast, i would be totally stoked. My man would have a before work smile on his face for months, way to go Finn! Love the show, and yes keep the lady wife happy, VERY IMPORTANT!
stephane farnes
stephane farnes 5 måneder siden
Oh yeah!
R.E. Mellick
R.E. Mellick 5 måneder siden
Having not read past comments I'm not sure if I'm the only one who noticed the ladder across the street that was obviously used to drape the cover over the street sign. A wise security precaution no doubt Mr. Finnegan!
Dale Martinez
Dale Martinez 5 måneder siden
........and now we’re going to have steak dinner
Jason Sparshott
Jason Sparshott 6 måneder siden
Good job !!!!!
Crappy64galaxie 7 måneder siden
Don't let tony drive it😂😂
Sto1as Goetia
Sto1as Goetia 7 måneder siden
Awww Finn is a good husband
Austin Jones
Austin Jones 7 måneder siden
Thats Rad!!!
Donald Swink
Donald Swink 7 måneder siden
I love elcamino’s and hope someday to own one.
Car Mo
Car Mo 7 måneder siden
Finn: I'm gonna score tonight, aren't ? WIfey mouth; Get outta here ... Wifey eyes: Like you won't know what hit ya!
m johnston
m johnston 8 måneder siden
Very Cool !
brian kleinkopf
brian kleinkopf 8 måneder siden
yut gittin laid to nites 4 sures!! ^5 bro..... well done!!!!!!
s gan
s gan 8 måneder siden
Man I love this.. update on the ute please love from Australia 👌
Frank James
Frank James 8 måneder siden
Nice job, Mike. Beautiful car and a true romantic.
Adrian Andrews
Adrian Andrews 8 måneder siden
Loved it
Cameron 8 måneder siden
I’d take that old 65 or 66 Galaxy at 28:09 could be wrong but my gut tells me it’s prolly rocking the 390 so laying down some rubber wouldn’t be an issue lol and o yeah I dig the elcy too ✌️
Jamie Cracknell
Jamie Cracknell 8 måneder siden
Mick U also can use bread to O force out the bush in crankshaft
Keith Stewart
Keith Stewart 8 måneder siden
she pulls up at 26:37
BLACK Manone
BLACK Manone 8 måneder siden
I'm happy for his wife....and I'm divorce!
shawn phelps
shawn phelps 8 måneder siden
That was freaking awesome!
dJ Trainman
dJ Trainman 8 måneder siden
Hey mike when is the next faster with finnagin coming out?
Robb Presnell
Robb Presnell 8 måneder siden
i bet that glass of wine didnt last long while he waited
discusdog 8 måneder siden
It's not just a nice car...it was her grandfathers car.Big difference. Best part is she can drive it like its meant to be driven
Maurice Andrews
Maurice Andrews 8 måneder siden
Was in China with my girlfriend, I saw a Nissan GTR black spotless, I said look babe, she scoffed and walked away....
Brian Hanel
Brian Hanel 8 måneder siden
So you're stealing your wife's truck
Dale Martinez
Dale Martinez 8 måneder siden
I love the muffler sound...type they are ? What cam ? ECU controller? You need to show some detail for us amateurs
David Brown
David Brown 8 måneder siden
The Ren and Stimpy theme music on the outro was Brilliant! Best ending to one of your finer videos... Legend!
Predatory Sith
Predatory Sith 8 måneder siden
Must be rough being fuckin rich! Flowers or car? Rich people suck
john dodd
john dodd 8 måneder siden
Touchdown!!! Great job!
Hunt Nut
Hunt Nut 8 måneder siden
Your neighbor seems like a great old dude👍🏼
ERacing 94
ERacing 94 9 måneder siden
I dont think it's a wagon. I was told the el camino was a chevelle with a truck bed
specialkschannel 9 måneder siden
Beautiful car! When you're going out for dinner in it, was waiting for your wife to open it up and make it scream! Kudos Mike!
Jack Casey
Jack Casey 9 måneder siden
Ah yes, even on a perfect day, you still get Roadkill’d. Will the Roadkill Curse ever stop biting?
J H 9 måneder siden
Husband points awarded to inventory, hold X to view.
Tanner88 9 måneder siden
She’s bad! 👍
Richard Tisdale
Richard Tisdale 9 måneder siden
Instead of bar soap I use bearing grease
afzel abdoel
afzel abdoel 9 måneder siden
She can drive a stick el camino 💪💪💪💪💪
Junk works DIY Garage
Junk works DIY Garage 10 måneder siden
how do you spend that much money without your wife knowing
Ben Flikeid
Ben Flikeid 10 måneder siden
That thing looks good
Jeancharles Rabaux
Jeancharles Rabaux 10 måneder siden
Yooo finegans garage tes plus avec ton pote de road kill tu fait quoi tout seule remarque si tu refais le el camino super kool je prend
Matt Brisebois
Matt Brisebois 10 måneder siden
your audio is too low!
Kyle McAvoy
Kyle McAvoy 10 måneder siden
Beautiful elco
Bill Bayless
Bill Bayless 10 måneder siden
Bahahaha! Rad man!
foxtrot789 11 måneder siden
You got one cool wife Mr. Finnegan.
Adrian Jimenez
Adrian Jimenez 11 måneder siden
This was my favorite your the man finnegan your the MF man🤘.... P.s Finnegan can u please contact me if you ever read this@ dude909duhhh@gmail.com i would really like to talk to u about a project i need help with brother please and thank u
MICHAEL MURPHY 11 måneder siden
Mr. Romance
Travis Brown
Travis Brown 11 måneder siden
Your wife is so beautiful
Paul Lo Pinto
Paul Lo Pinto 11 måneder siden
You make the rest of us look bad. Good work.
Mats Granqvist
Mats Granqvist 11 måneder siden
You're an awesome guy Mr. Finnegan, and you have an amazing wife.
Jared Lumbert
Jared Lumbert 11 måneder siden
The brake clean after installing the flywheel gave me the warm and fuzzies. I love NOsections channels that aren’t run by hacks.
Brandon Sutton
Brandon Sutton 11 måneder siden
Georgia people are good, ain't they Fin?
JOHN'S WICK 11 måneder siden
Sounds SWEET
Ken Bell
Ken Bell 11 måneder siden
locktite that presherplate l.o.l
Hank Hill
Hank Hill 11 måneder siden
That Elco sounds so badass!
Jay H
Jay H År siden
My wife is the same way! I need to restore her grandpa's vw bug once I'm done with my 71 coupe deville! Thanks for the idea!
John McAdaragh
John McAdaragh År siden
This vid is old, but if you do the trick @13:10 on LS based engines, you will knock the freeze plug in the back of the crank into the oil pan. The trick doesn't work on LS cranks.
Scotty Fisher
Scotty Fisher År siden
This is worth a whole year worth of butt!!!!!!!!
teknoäijä År siden
or,the paint shop guys finally gave up and painted the car in exchange for so called advertisement in finnegans garage.
russell bennington
Jim Hughart
Jim Hughart År siden
You can also remove a brass pilot bushing with a thread tap.
Dave Hill
Dave Hill År siden
Im just a Canadian guy. question is , how do you get away with lights in the booth without blow proof coverings? That legal in the US?
Jr Boost
Jr Boost År siden
No cuchi tonight lol take the paint back or keep the wine comming
Raymond VanLaningham
Cool! Love the car and you have a great wife!
David Wilson
David Wilson År siden
Hey bro great job man and the car is looking great and I am a old school man and love the older care then new cars..the old cars have a much stronger engine and body last longer..bro when we on we on man..it happen to me as well..I take a long time to do things for my lady because I want the best for her..all the best to you and your family..God blessing always 👍👌❤
Carson Hill
Carson Hill År siden
Wait,,,,,,,,, we never found out if you scored??!😂
Pub60 År siden
You are the man Mr Finnegan! That effort should allow you to do no wrong for at least six months, unfortunately as we all know....that can change in a heartbeat! That’s why we love our women, there’s no fun left when it all gets predictable! I like your style Sir, enlist the family and neighbour to get it sorted....well done!
wolf emeraldblood
Can someone shoot me please
Eric W
Eric W År siden
Okay so it's her car but you didn't want it painted due to whatever reason/s you gave her... so basically you're admitting to being a jerk because you're selfish... well they say admitting it is the first step! Good man!
Ethan Slape
Ethan Slape År siden
change out that gauge thing to Dakota digital gauges and get rid of the chambered mufflers then it'll be perfect
keith barry
keith barry År siden
I love this! 13 years. You are a wealthy man, mr Finnegan.
cvpuga År siden
Coolest video ever posted!
No Name
No Name År siden
Was that your wife that did that last take off
ICUSteal År siden
That was awesome!
Nunzi År siden
What did he call it, the ELCO?... It's an ELCEE.
Mike Hileman
Mike Hileman År siden
I got my wife a Corvette. She loved the car but decided I could not drive it occasionally. Hence , she is now my ex wife..
sir År siden
OK .. That was a good video!
JOHN'S WICK År siden
I'm a year late watching this. I enjoy watching people's sentimental rides restored. You are a good man for doing this for your wife. Nice Elk! Congrats.
David Donaghy
David Donaghy År siden
It sounds great also.
Roger Fleury
Roger Fleury År siden
Alexpmgr8 K3
Alexpmgr8 K3 År siden
kevin År siden
I'm no expert so that means I have an opinion wouldn't have it been better to install the transmission after you painted it
port nut
port nut År siden
good job
Greg Ballard
Greg Ballard År siden
Nice. Paint for your wife's car 5 k Transmission swap 7 k Night of scoring with the wife.. PRICELESS. If you can call $12000 priceless
Scott Hall
Scott Hall År siden
She is pretty
Thomas Protzman
Thomas Protzman År siden
mike is getting some hot loving tonigth your man is waitting for you .great looking car tom.
gary Schreifels
gary Schreifels År siden
Wow the car looks great I had a 69 bought it new same color . Brought back memories
Lance Steele
Lance Steele År siden
My bday was one day before