Top Speed Testing the 2021 Yamaha Superjet: Finnegan's Garage Ep.111 

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Yamaha has finally given the world an all-new Superjet stand-up personal watercraft and it rips! After 30 years of creating my favorite two-stroke stand-up, Yamaha created a clean-sheet design boat powered by the epic three-cylinder, 100hp TR1 four-stroke engine. The new ride does everything well and in this video I weigh it and every other generation of Superjet to see how heavy each one is and then I go wide open throttle to see how fast they are.
For more info on the new SJ, go here: www.yamahawaverunners.com/waverunner/series/stand-up/superjet/
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13. aug.. 2020





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Tyler Bowers
Tyler Bowers 23 dager siden
I gotta stop watching these vids to remind me about summer.
KJ Outdoors
KJ Outdoors 25 dager siden
Pro watercraft makes these things called hull extensions. They will help with the porpoising on the square nose
nes999 25 dager siden
I am more amazed they have water you can get in and not get sick.
Jetlag 29 dager siden
Wow, they finally left off the sissy spout. Dude Finn, You need to delete the ones on your other two ski's looks like you were working that floating bidet!
Trevor Shields
Trevor Shields 2 måneder siden
Stick a top loader intake grate on your 94 and you will have a much better pick up even in the chop
Big Wrench Garage
Big Wrench Garage 2 måneder siden
Lucky! I want a ride! i have a collection of standups. LOve them!
cobrasvt347 2 måneder siden
I've ridden the 2020 SX-R, yes she's a big girl.
Joseph Wolfe
Joseph Wolfe 3 måneder siden
Finn, you should buy one and ruin it with a Turbo.
gonzchi 3 måneder siden
Mmmm I don't know if I'm convinced ... I love the Superjet ...but this new one.... it's too wide and too big...I would need to try one
Paul Revere
Paul Revere 4 måneder siden
Finnegan, you're a madman!
WeBe 4 måneder siden
I’m 70 and never rode a standup but it looks like a blast. From what you know can guys like me learn this, or do you have to be a yoga flexible athlete?
Gabe Chaconツ
Gabe Chaconツ 4 måneder siden
ah dude i would kill to have a stand up jet ski we only have older sit downs
TOXIC_ MAN 4 måneder siden
I’ve loved every water vehicle since I was 6
Classic Speed
Classic Speed 4 måneder siden
Be a speedy fast boi and ride the sxr
Tj Bleu
Tj Bleu 4 måneder siden
AND it comes stock with a bidet? dang...
majdi metwalli
majdi metwalli 5 måneder siden
You didn’t mention the price 😅, how much is it’s listing price?
Ryan Riel
Ryan Riel 5 måneder siden
What's this easy to ride nonsense?
Veikra 5 måneder siden
A 1996 polaris slt750 fell in my lap this summer. Cost me a 60$ puller and sandpaper to make it run. If anyone has the graphics for it I'd be interested. Thing is soooo 90s
N G 5 måneder siden
Ahh the TR 1 - same thing I have in my vx limited's
snowjammma 5 måneder siden
what about the difference in throttle response for the 2 stroke ca 4 stroke
Rusty Ray
Rusty Ray 5 måneder siden
I live on the other Atlanta lake. I need to try a standup at some point. I enjoy your show!!
9avedon 5 måneder siden
The 1994 Yamaha FX1, 52 mph, Stock 701cc, 267 lbs. dry weight., how do you like those specs ?
S G 5 måneder siden
... forget graphics. This clean model is what I have been waiting for. CONTEMPORARY MODERN lines, quiet 4 stroke motor and wider for better control handling... 👍 it just needs twin turbos with a Sport+ mode to use the full 400hp ...
justin baloh
justin baloh 5 måneder siden
need big bore!!
tyler tripp
tyler tripp 5 måneder siden
That's not Sinclair is it?
BeaterWRX 5 måneder siden
I forgot Roadkill was a show. Big shout out to Motortrend for taking that off NOsections. I like how the Google result still says "Network: NOsections".
derek goyette
derek goyette 5 måneder siden
Something about the sound of a 2-stroke I just can't get over. Kind of sad they're discontinuing it
Sam Alexanian
Sam Alexanian 5 måneder siden
standups = fun
ATIMATIK 5 måneder siden
I'm not a fan of "jetskiing" going in the big, heavy, non "JetSki" boat direction... Impossible to beat the power to weight ratio of a 2-stroke... physics.
lofistance on ig
lofistance on ig 5 måneder siden
My dad had a 94 sj too it beat the shit out of him
Paul Y
Paul Y 5 måneder siden
So here's my question... after years of an '92 sitting in the barn literally , we pulled in out this year. Back in the hayday, I was a couch rider, owned Yamaha LX, VXR , and The First Raider 800 to come out. I switched to a '96 Seadoo XP800 and it had some toys on it. Raced it in Expert Runabout 800 super stock and Mod classes. That was my ride for years before selling it because just didn't have time to use it. Well, in the covid world I now have time. So, my question. What are your specs? I.e. your height and weight. Looking to compare what I see with what it would be for me. Me being 250 lbs and 6'2....oh, and by the way 56 yrs young and admittedly a novice on a ski.
Ion Racer
Ion Racer 5 måneder siden
Remember eatin shit on those back in the day and goin back for more until i couldn't turn my head anymore
deejaytrizay 5 måneder siden
seashackf1 5 måneder siden
24:03. 4 stoke looks like a yacht compared to the 2 strokes. Styling also looks like it’s more for the super rich super yacht crowd.
W M 5 måneder siden
Glad it’s bigger. The older models were too small for 6’0” 250
MKeuilian 5 måneder siden
i think its interesting yamaha put the water shooting out the back on the 2020. i have a 95 FX1 that has it but my 01 superjet doesn't. weird
matix10104 5 måneder siden
You gotta take the courtesy of Yamaha enema giver off the 2020....lol
Peter Otto
Peter Otto 5 måneder siden
Welcome to Dolphin Park!
Max 5 måneder siden
The SXR goes 10 mph faster, and rides better
Finding Offensive
Finding Offensive 5 måneder siden
do a backflip...
Jeffrey Allen
Jeffrey Allen 5 måneder siden
50 State emissions legal! Mike, PWC are creeping up on the HP and speed your boat runs! nosections.info/green/lq6abHlqo4Kau5k/video.html
JohnFrumFromAmerica 5 måneder siden
Is it a fair bit bigger than the old one?
pelleper 6 måneder siden
Don't you measure with knots on water in the US? Mph says nothing unless converted.
bodywerks 6 måneder siden
"See? hackhackhack", LOL
James Robin
James Robin 6 måneder siden
Weres the music info?
James Robin
James Robin 6 måneder siden
WTF....I’ve always got a baggy on me?
Talasas 6 måneder siden
That Yamaha engine is a thing of beauty.
CrippledMerc 6 måneder siden
I remember going to the lake as a kid and there was a handful of people that had the kind of ski’s and I always thought they were the coolest looking things on the water. I wasn’t really big enough to ride one back then though. When I was around 12 or so my uncle got a big 3 seat jet ski that I got to drive around with my dad a little bit and I had a blast on it. It was so big and stable even if the water was a little choppy. I remember getting that thing up to 60mph on time and I felt like I was flying across the water. I haven’t really ridden any jet ski’s since then though as I’m not a huge fan of our local lakes and I don’t know anyone that owns a jet ski anymore. They still look cool as hell and fun to ride though.
nitrofreak67 6 måneder siden
Mike have you ever riden the Sea-Doo HX? The funnest ski ever.
Jonathan Gantt
Jonathan Gantt 6 måneder siden
Man I hate 2strokes r fading away!!! That 2021 doesn’t even sound like a ski to me
Skate Daily
Skate Daily 6 måneder siden
Are you jet skiing in JEAN shorts?
Jeremiah Shields
Jeremiah Shields 6 måneder siden
Could just put the phone in a I dunno ....plastic bag.
Growmie Greenthumb
Growmie Greenthumb 6 måneder siden
Yo I wanna buy a starter now. Looks fun. Craigslist
Dean Robert
Dean Robert 6 måneder siden
Glam-rock white/horse /snake And jet skis ;-) sorry couldn't help myself #stillinthe80's
Rascal8502 6 måneder siden
please, what is the outro song?
AMLagonda 6 måneder siden
What a workout :o
Rob Shef
Rob Shef 6 måneder siden
@ 14:39 imagine having no shorts on you'd have yourself a high powered 2 stroke bidet
Trueman rep
Trueman rep 6 måneder siden
now just put a little IHI RHB31 Turbo on the 94
David Nikulka
David Nikulka 6 måneder siden
I`d rather have the sit down on a padded seat type especially for long distance and less wind drag.
soulcatcher668 6 måneder siden
You totally miss the point of these skis. It actually takes skill to ride these. They are not a touring ski. Think of your sit down as a Harley.... good in a straight line and munches miles. These are dirt bikes.
Seedless Grapes
Seedless Grapes 6 måneder siden
Needs A TURBO and NOS
Mall Crawler
Mall Crawler 6 måneder siden
At least if you shit your pants on the 20202, it'll spray water up your ass and clean it off lol
Joe Neubauer
Joe Neubauer 6 måneder siden
There is nothing “Top Secret” about an inventory warehouse
localcrew 6 måneder siden
Joseph Neubauer I didn’t know about it.
Marek Dominikowski
Marek Dominikowski 6 måneder siden
I can stand up on my Waverunner and go 70mph. Boo Hoo.
Harry Johnson
Harry Johnson 6 måneder siden
the 2020 looks so much more nimble and fun than that tank.
Adam Darbro
Adam Darbro 6 måneder siden
If you want real 80s nostalgia find a wetbike. 😊
rjbtoo 6 måneder siden
I think I’m going to spend $10k just to be 16 again for a little bit.
Fool Of a Took
Fool Of a Took 6 måneder siden
If you're ever in Vegas, I'd love to gift you a battleaxe that I have. I think it'd look killer decorating the Lucky's ramp truck.
Jaren Taylor
Jaren Taylor 6 måneder siden
Try that balancing trick on the old 1988 js550
Sea Stacker
Sea Stacker 6 måneder siden
Modern 4 strokes are amazing, but I will always be a 2 stroke guy. Braaaap.
Robert G
Robert G 6 måneder siden
19:43 "The three-cylinder, four-banger rips!" LOL! P.S. We know what you meant Mike, but that was kinda funny.
Motors And Mayhem
Motors And Mayhem 6 måneder siden
facebook.com/marketplace/item/607199553323751/ Not quite the same but maybe you could start over and make a better one?
Eat Sleep Play Repeat
Eat Sleep Play Repeat 6 måneder siden
We have a js300 stock and it still runs from 1986
shize9ine 6 måneder siden
Its weird seeing Finnegan without sunglasses on.
Kevin Morrison
Kevin Morrison 6 måneder siden
I thought that style was gone decades ago.
Olesya&Barrie Gunn
Olesya&Barrie Gunn 6 måneder siden
Its not a race ski its not a freestyle ski, no illl keep my Rickter
Ty Martin
Ty Martin 6 måneder siden
bansheemania 6 måneder siden
I have a 92 Yamaha wave Runner 550cc twin.. if the Engine isn't on. You are Tipping over ...
Jumbo 2
Jumbo 2 6 måneder siden
No top secret facility , your at the South East shipping facility / Yamaha University and they have some good guys there
Finnegan's Garage
Finnegan's Garage 6 måneder siden
sshh! lol
David Evans
David Evans 6 måneder siden
this is what it reminds me of nosections.info/green/1ZSlnXd2q5mqpaY/video.html
NPSflattrack71u 6 måneder siden
You should contact Kommander Industries, they have some goodies already, and that motor is an ecu flash away from 30hp more.
Finnegan's Garage
Finnegan's Garage 6 måneder siden
I gave this particular 2021 SJ back. I'd like to get my hands on another one and mod it.
Fat Broads Horse Faced Lesbian
Why does Georgia ski have California registration?
michael pullin
michael pullin 6 måneder siden
Talk about a sled
Mike Me
Mike Me 6 måneder siden
My parents had a 1976 440 jet ski that I grew up with. Upgraded to a modified 1977 440 in high school. After college bought a 1992 750sx and have been looking at the new 4 bangers. Might switch to super jet, the jet ski is just so big.
Sam Dessureault
Sam Dessureault 6 måneder siden
hey finn, you should try a yamaha fx1 with a newer superjet engine in it, it drives amazing and is super tippy
Finnegan's Garage
Finnegan's Garage 6 måneder siden
someday I'll try the fx1. heard lots about it. never been on one.
Mike Reid
Mike Reid 6 måneder siden
Fuckin' $10k really!?
Mike Reid
Mike Reid 6 måneder siden
Its not an R1!
ivs 6 måneder siden
Jesus, that new superjet looks hardly any different than the current era of couches being huge. Would still take it over a couch, but so much for being lightweight and agile.
Bo Gelinas
Bo Gelinas 6 måneder siden
Turbo? Supercharger????
Nathan Ragner
Nathan Ragner 6 måneder siden
I think Finnegan should take the boat jet ski's to Lake of the Ozarks Shootout 2020 in a couple of weeks
Davis Taikoko
Davis Taikoko 6 måneder siden
Is that Fri burgers Camaro in the background
Absolute Rebuilds
Absolute Rebuilds 6 måneder siden
They should've used the old school decals on the new 4 stroke ! 👌
Dane Duda
Dane Duda 6 måneder siden
I get 54 with 760 heads on my superjet!🚀
White Lightning S197
White Lightning S197 6 måneder siden
Why the Toyota truck? I'm disappointed!
Josh Bailey
Josh Bailey 6 måneder siden
Bruh this reminds me of being a kid back in the 90s and riding my buddies standups. You would get lazy and be dragging behind it going slow then you’d hammer down and one of two things be happen. A jet of water would kick you in the nuts or your shorts would f right off. Lol
Finnegan's Garage
Finnegan's Garage 6 måneder siden
yup. it happens. lol
Allen Potzer
Allen Potzer 6 måneder siden
Just here for respect for Finnegan. I dont care about jet skis at all.
Finnegan's Garage
Finnegan's Garage 6 måneder siden
thanks, Allen!
Gunther Flume
Gunther Flume 6 måneder siden
Have a 94 SJ full mod, have a sxr1500 totally different ride (not in a bad way ) also have my 1990 js550 race ski from Havasu days al I can say is I’m 55 and all the sit down guys have no idea what the are missing, also have 2 , 1996 gsx and a 1996 xp ,it’s addictive
Pop Rivet
Pop Rivet 6 måneder siden
I’m a 50 year old floor installer why am I watching this
Pop Rivet
Pop Rivet 6 måneder siden
Daniel Nelson I have a fzs sho I for a second was considering a superjet but reality kicked in I like your reason better
Daniel Nelson
Daniel Nelson 6 måneder siden
Because Finnegan is the man and you love speed and internal combustion? Maybe... I don't know.
therealBlaketkirkham 6 måneder siden
Cycle springs is the dealership you get the 2020 from
Finnegan's Garage
Finnegan's Garage 6 måneder siden
yup. good dudes there.
Wellington Cifuentes
Wellington Cifuentes 6 måneder siden
You do need a forklift in your life.
Barry Bedrossian
Barry Bedrossian 6 måneder siden
u guys missed the shot! We never got to see it go 60' All we saw is the phone which blocked everything
Bradley Clark
Bradley Clark 6 måneder siden
15 Fastest Boats In The World!
Polaris Sent us a Gift!!