Finnegan’s Garage Ep.51: The Ramp Truck Cummins Swap Part 2…Burnouts! 

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The day we’ve all been waiting for is here; after busting our butts to remove the old 454ci Big-Block Chevy engine and three-speed automatic Turbo 400 transmission from my 1973 Chevrolet C30 ramp truck and replacing it with a hopped-up Cummins 12 Valve diesel engine and 47RH four-speed automatic transmission, we finally fired up the diesel and took it for a spin. So, how does the truck run?
Good question. Here is what I know after a brief test drive: it does hellacious four-wheel burnouts with minimal effort on the part of the Cummins. Thanks to the compound turbo kit from Powerdriven Diesel, the system is building 60-plus psi of boost and that translates into lots of torque. The boys are guesstimating about 650hp and 1,200 ft-lbs. At some point I’m going to have the truck weighed and tested on a local chassis dyno. If you haven’t seen episode 47 yet, take a few minutes to watch the swap happen and see how we fortified the top end of the Cummins by grooving the engine block for o-rings, installing new head gaskets, adding ARP head studs, replacing the valve springs, increasing the injector timing and fixing the dreaded death pin inside of the front cover. The engine is also backed by a modified 47RH transmission, which Powerdriven built in-house to withstand the punishment this behemoth tow rig will put it through.
Two awesome things are happening in this video; first off, I’m giving away $2,500 bucks worth of tools and supplies from Wirecare.com. The kit includes just about everything you need to wire and plumb your project car. Want a shot at winning? Leave a comment below. The contest ends at 12pm on August 24th. I’ll read through every comment and pick my favorite and then post a follow up video announcing the winner. This video will also show you the last few items we checked off the ‘ol To-Do List for the Ramp Truck, which included cutting and welding the longest stainless steel exhaust system ever. Using parts from StainlessHeaders.com, we constructed a free-flowing four-inch diameter stainless system that runs from the engine all the way over the axle and exits at the end of the 16ft long ramp. We also wrapped up the fuel system, built new battery cables and wrapped our down pipe in heat shield material. There’s still a lot of work to be done but we are getting closer to my goal of having a reliable and efficient towing machine.
If you’d like more info on any of the tools and products featured in this video then please subscribe to the following companies NOsections channels and visit their websites at:
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Ron Davis
Ron Davis 11 dager siden
Thanks I really like the fact that you put a Cummins in that and showed me how to hot rod it I would use the wiring get to rewire my brother's 40 Ford pickup that has been monkey screwing the wiring together for years that way you can take my 93 year old dad for a ride
Proto- Tyrant
Proto- Tyrant 17 dager siden
Fucking annoying ass diesiels!!
Jayden Scott
Jayden Scott Måned siden
hey I'm 2 years late any way I can still win with that sweet set of tools P.S. if any of the guys see this, keep it up you guys are amazing and make some killer rides
chad l
chad l Måned siden
OVER THER TOP 2 at 33:10
aaron mciver
aaron mciver 2 måneder siden
why didnt you side pipe it .It would of saved lots of time
strandvaskeren 3 måneder siden
They should turn the ramp trunk into a 10 second truck and then offer rides to people. "Want your rusty old Toyota Corolla to be a 10 second car? Well strap it onto the back of the ramp trunk and boya! You get the slip and everything."
Dave Champagne
Dave Champagne 4 måneder siden
I have a 2001 PT cruiser with 256000 miles
Dave Champagne
Dave Champagne 4 måneder siden
Clueless in walled lake Michigan, dchampagne938@gmail.com
Dave Champagne
Dave Champagne 4 måneder siden
I wonder why nobody's invented shrink wrap duct tape
Dave Champagne
Dave Champagne 4 måneder siden
The PT cruiser is a five-speed so what does do burnouts. In 3 gears. If I don't win the tools, I'll take a roll of duct tape
drowsytaco 5 måneder siden
Hey Finnegan, Been watching roadkill from the beginning, and as soon as I could get ahold of a project I did. I have a 2003 Golf GL that has been fully GTI swapped, engine,trans, suspension, brakes. You name it and it was swapped. It’s on its way to a show car, but I’ve been piecing it together with parts cars and Facebook marketplace every chance I get. Would definitely make a video just to show off the kit...
Dwayne Miller
Dwayne Miller 5 måneder siden
All right I'm oil change technician we're building race cars at Kwik Kar also imagine the brownie points I can get the pit man supplies useful stuff my tail is wagging I want so badly to use that on our cars yes simple battery terminals damn new technology thank you kindly for your Channel love the TV shows too keep rocking on
dirtdude 6 måneder siden
test comment
Zackary McKenzie
Zackary McKenzie 6 måneder siden
Hi my name is Zachary Mackenzie what I have is two pickup trucks that belonged to my grandfather they were Farm trucks that I grew up around all my life they are 1984 and 1985 originally Chevy 305 when he passed away I acquired them and they meant too much to me because I remembered hauling hay and pulling horse trailers in them the 84 was the one that I learned how to drive in so naturally I took that one and put a built blueprint 383 with a Paxton ProCharger and a Ford 9 end powered by a turbo 400 with a reverse valve body and it's been sitting inside of my garage for the last 3 years it's a project and I can't wait till it's done I even kept the original paint which is actually house paint gray in color because it was a farm truck and my grandpa was cheap no offense love you grandpa hope you don't read this and get offended
Sandy Rhyno
Sandy Rhyno 6 måneder siden
im a car builder from NovaScotia Canada building a coe with cummings plus a 63 nova gasser that kit would be more than useful nice easy to use. thanks i enjoy all this keep it coming or should i say keep it cummings lol.
John Kostal
John Kostal 6 måneder siden
My name is John I have 1947 vw bug I'm rebuilding I have been watching you for years
Rusty Rhyne
Rusty Rhyne 6 måneder siden
When are you adding a radio? An idea add a air conditioner for an camper or rv into roof.
Mama Leigh Case
Mama Leigh Case 6 måneder siden
Are you having BBQ'd tires for lunch??? BBQ tires & Beer!!!!!
Mama Leigh Case
Mama Leigh Case 6 måneder siden
I try not to enter these kind of contests, due to timing #1 & because I don't normally win ANYTHING...except the 2012 Falsetto & Storytelling Contest here in Hawai`i. But, I wish every contestant well, because I'm just that way. Finnegan, I love ALL your projects. How about dropping a 7.3L PSD in that ramp truck with the Wing??? Or maybe a Detroit 6V-53T from the Seagrave fire trucks along with the 5spd it comes with...plus Jake Brakes!!!! Nothing but Aloha to you & your crew & friends!!!! Aloha Every Minute, Mama Leigh
shawn cell
shawn cell 6 måneder siden
say no to rolling coal , yuck i can't breathe
Clayton Otto
Clayton Otto 7 måneder siden
What are u using as trans controler four 47rh I am building same truck?
Rusty Ray
Rusty Ray 7 måneder siden
We called those swamp coolers in the Army.
ngjfjvnf kabottifbrnv
ngjfjvnf kabottifbrnv 7 måneder siden
The fucking ads man keep losing subs fucking morons yo its youtube not tv get there when ya get there stop wasting our time for your person need dumb bitch its annoying like I'm done watching your shit n I'm sure I'm not the only one noticing this shit
DAVID NACCARATO II 7 måneder siden
Sparky Mac
Sparky Mac 7 måneder siden
Damn two years late for the give away, son of birch tree. I need this set too
Calvin Evans
Calvin Evans 7 måneder siden
Good vband fab advise, thank you.
Calvin Evans
Calvin Evans 7 måneder siden
I don't need a box of tools and equipment, I need a garage with a lift in it, that's a pretty tall order that I hope to fullfil some day.
Max Burton
Max Burton 8 måneder siden
Sense roadkill is not on NOsections and I’m not paying seven dollars a month for one episode of roadkill before you say all there are all those other shows I’m not gonna watch any of them I just want roadkill I’m just gonna have to enjoy this
Benjamin Flood
Benjamin Flood 9 måneder siden
If the Best of Both Worlds the Chevy and a Cummins
Jeancharles Rabaux
Jeancharles Rabaux 10 måneder siden
Est le drift pourquoi pas en faire un reportage je drift aussi enfin pas en ce moment mais j aime sa moi
steven frith
steven frith 10 måneder siden
i would love to use each and every one of those fine products you have,on all my toys in the garage. #1 is my pride and joy of40 years,a1970 chevelle SS 396,4spd car,#2 is an all original 1983 targa 18ft.speed boat,454BBC,berkely jet drive,i love this boat ,bone stock no place deverter it will do 65mph,its a blast to drive. last but not least, my 2009 Harley Davidson super glide custom 96cid,6spd ,this bike loves the freeway! well thats what is going here at the homested,thanks for everything. Steve Frith, Fresno Cal.
jimmy moore
jimmy moore 11 måneder siden
Love watching y’all doing things I cannot get to do
matthew majcher
matthew majcher 11 måneder siden
I never knew Todd was into arm wrestling. What level has he competed at?? I'm sure he knows of Devon Larratt and Matt Mask, etc.
Kelly Blevins
Kelly Blevins 11 måneder siden
Pick me.... so I can burn myself every time I say "we're not gonna tear this engine down... all bolt on"
fchapp 11 måneder siden
I didn’t see him purging the air with argon before welding the exhaust....
pzkpfwiv freak
pzkpfwiv freak År siden
your steering wheel is upside down
Biking with Mayhan
I would have put a six inch stack paint it black and roll coal then make a adapter that puts a cloud of black smoke on the Prius behind you
Biking with Mayhan
I have a drill a couple handles and I’m getting my first truck in three years but I have other vehicles a lot
Roger Fleury
Roger Fleury År siden
OpTiC memeuana420
as a cable guy, try to shove that crimper under the dash and terminate a wire. good luck.
Cody Sample
Cody Sample År siden
52 chevy deuce and a half drag car.
Boosted Third Gen
Love your show I have 1984 z28 Camaro in my garage that I got for 300 dollars that I’m going to put a ls in with th400 i live the 49 state so it take a lot more to build a car here because there ain’t no free shipping to Alaska Any help I can get with my hot rod all take and all even pay for shipping he he
1962 impaula
1962 impaula År siden
I have a 1962 Chevrolet Impala 2 door hardtop. The reason why I need this stuff to complete my project (2 years after you have given it away) is because I purchased my first house, found my first wife, and had my first kid all in 1 year. I'll never have another dollar in my pocket to finish this car. :-) Thanks for the hours of entertainment! If you ever have any extra speed parts and you can help a brother out in Minnesota. Let me know :-)
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber År siden
So how's that AC workin'??? What? I can't hear you over that diesel noise!
mike engler
mike engler År siden
got an 81 ford 1/2 ton shortbed,with 57000 orignal miles and as we know wiring does not like age. help
Chandler Krueger
I lost my dad a few years ago and all the tools he had went back to where he used to work will you build race cars together and right now I'm working on a Mustang and it would really be nice to have all of that stuff
harold lindon
harold lindon År siden
Oh yeah
member369240sx År siden
Holy Batman....Mike without his Hat!!!!!
Leroy År siden
That’s a cool build
DormantIdeas NIQ
I think the transmission cross-member was/is too weak. I am curious, after a year and a half, how it has held/sagged/survived and not caused a U-Joints disaster!?
Pacero År siden
Hi, Finnegan! You`ve got some heavy duty professionals in this video. Where do they come from? Give us their website.
HempthanolUSA KewlFuel
I am building both diesel and gas powered trucks to convert to alcohol which I make from industrial hemp I have a project for veterans to build industrial hemp farms and extract medicine for their brothers composite plastics which are stronger than Kevlar and when I'm done with the biomass I extract the alcohol and make a racing 112 octane E85 or hempthanol hempthanolusa@gmail.com
Carlos Chavez
Carlos Chavez År siden
Best thing that happened to a chevy - CUMMINS makes it roll
Glenn Courtney
Glenn Courtney År siden
I've used those big fancy hair dryers to start trucks in sub zero temperatures, works surprisingly well.
james Junior
james Junior År siden
It's December,22, 2019,,,,, love your ramp truck, ,,the fact that you put a Cummins deisal in it makes it worth more,,..I have a 98 S10 step side,ex cab pickup,, it's been in the family for +10 years now and it went to my brother,to my dad repo ing. It to m we ...but I'm broker then roadkill, is on the street dead,,,4 legged roadkill that iss.. Merry Christmas to you and your family,,,, 2019
Angie Waters
Angie Waters År siden
88 Chevy Silverado short bed in the garage I need to get it fixed new transmission an engine like you have everything new everything
LRL Official
LRL Official År siden
I just want that awesome 🧰 toolbox organizer that all the wiring supplies are in! Anybody know where to find those?? (Without breaking the bank💰)
Maurice Peters
Maurice Peters 2 måneder siden
ive been searching for it aswell... no luck yet
RV CRUZA År siden
Finn I want to arm wrestle Todd, and if I win he has to put a Diesel engine in my RV 💪🏻😉
RV CRUZA År siden
Oh and this video was published on my birthday so this match is ment to happen 😁
Keto Trucker
Keto Trucker År siden
Love when you’re going over the tools and supplies for the giveaway you mention for “hot rod or mini truck”. I remember seeing your 97 Taco circa 2001 SEMA when you first started working at MiniTruckin. Glad to e see the nod to your roots brother.
tiny 1
tiny 1 År siden
Hey here I am hoping to see you gauge cluster up close to see your name but your dam camera man sucks he didn't even zoom lol
tiny 1
tiny 1 År siden
I know this is old but that whole kit your giving away would help me so much i want to surprise my dad he's had his car since high school it's a 33 Vicky it's been sitting for over 30 years and it's my goal to get it all fixed up and hot rod it for him and I can't get away with it because he thinks I'm fixing up my car lol he has no clue and my mom just past away and he's taking it hard hasn't left the house since so I know if I get this done for him he has lots of friends in car clubs it will get him his life back I know it but I guess I'm to late grate vid bud I love the build great job
Randy Schartiger
damn Finnegan I missed out on this more than a year lol gonna go out and do a couple burn outs anyhow :p
ThorneX Farm
ThorneX Farm År siden
I lost my left leg in a semi truck accident and broke a ton of bones. I am just getting back into working on cars. it been 3yrs and I'm able to walk again now and work on stuff again. I have a 92 doge Dakota I've been working on again now, some fresh tools would really help with getting me back in the rhythm of things. my plan is to put a 2Jz-Gte motor and trans in it. the 92 Dakota is in amazing condition and it a perfect project for me to get going on an sell since I haven't worked in a while and could use the cash . love all your videos. you really have taught me a lot. thank you.
eddie bowens
eddie bowens År siden
it just push though them brakes like nothing lol
adumbbmxer År siden
Recently I spent all winter doing a bit of bodywork, re wiring my entire truck and rebuilding the motor. Had her out for 5 days before my little mazda pickup got written off. I used the insurance money to buy another 1990 mazda b2200 and recently picked up a donor car. A 1992 ford thunderbird supercoupe with a 3.8L V6 with the supercharger! I dont know how excited I should or shouldn't be. Bit I'm excited for a supercharger haha!
John Sheppard
John Sheppard År siden
Dang Finnegan is 6’1” !how tall is the guy in the red shirt?
ONExEYE År siden
you wouldn't want to sell the original gauges out of the ramp truck if you still have it, would you?
Tob Ias
Tob Ias År siden
240 mm??? Thats 9in.!!! I don’t think that cable is 9in
Jacob Moses
Jacob Moses År siden
Mike did you do the burnout near your house? If so, when the neighbours see it on youtube they will say "Oh that's what happened". Sign erected which says "Black rubber marks kindly supplied by Finnegan's Garage" :)
Darin Hotvedt
Darin Hotvedt År siden
My philosophy is if you drive junk, have a lot of it! And I do. More out of not wanting car payments more than anything. Plus my wife gets attached to her cars. She’s currently in an 04 Envoy XL. It’s built on a truck frame, real transfer case, and none of this transverse motor crap. I drive escorts, civics, 6’s and a 1 ton duramax crewcab. All over 200k miles. Wiring for me is a necessity, therapeutic and rewarding. Love to have that kit!
electrontube År siden
45:51 and read the close captioning, best part
Harold Hinson
Harold Hinson År siden
I. Caught the video of you talking about your stolen mauzaratie pickup and I laughter when you said how you felt
Harold Hinson
Harold Hinson År siden
I know how it felt to have my 68 Chev, C-10 stolen in Nashville,I walked all around looking for it,Found it 3 yrs later in Alabama it’s a no title state,It was junk,
Eric Lakota
Eric Lakota År siden
Darn wish i won that kit could so use that
If dude in the hat had his arm less stretched out like the other dude he woulda won
Michael Cuff
Michael Cuff År siden
I have a 3rd gen Ram crewcab dually with a Cummins. And Itll smoke em for blocks. All 4.
PJgearhead År siden
Have also used a heat gun to start a big diesel. Compression was so bad it wouldn't even light off on brake clean. So, 10min with the heatgun down the intake until I couldn't touch the intake manifold, then crank crank crank crank crank poourgh crank crank poourghagh crank plop crank plop plop SMOOOOOKE
Kohala Iron Works
My Wife & I been following you & Frieburger for a very long time...I'm in Hawai`i..."Kanaka Maoli." & I grew up in the World of Ranching & building a car from whatever we could find...be amazed. I did a "Shoutout to you & ALL your Crew & Friends. Looking to upgrade my Mom's E350 & turn it into a Tire Smoking Animal!!! I watch & seriously observe you & EVERYONE who work with you...I dig "Tony" & "Lucky" & the Finnegan's Garage Crew. I'd love it if you came to the Island's..."Big Island.' Got Coal Roller's here. Maybe help me make "Bessie" a Tire Smoking "Animal!!!" Take you guys on a Tour then out to the track in Hilo...drop in on a couple shop's here & there...maybe talk to my good friend : "Leslie DeRego" father of the owner of "CTK" in my hometown...might let us use his daughter's shop...put CTK on the map. I friend's @ Napa & Car Quest. My Mom would be stoked to have all that power in her son's control... I'm crazy, but not stupid. But even Disabled, 61 (be 62 in Dec) but a true blue Diesel Freak. Could shift the Dana Spicer 5X4 twin sticks by the age of 12...by 14 I could jam with a 13spd RTO 9513 & up. Diesel is giving me back my Life!!!! My Mom finally listened to my advice because I told her Bessie had the "Million Mile Motor.' She had cars breakdown...she's watched me try everything I could & be stuck no way to get anywhere...renting... My Life has been like Roadkill...get a car out of my Uncle's junkyard...all the parts in my reach...racing Saturday Nights. What I saw in the years of watching you guy's making shit happen...is Friends...people want to Be-friend you... This is the "Spirit of Aloha..." this is what it is inside of You Mike!!!! Keep up with the "Best Day @ Work...EVER!!! Aloha, Chief
Michael Arm
Michael Arm År siden
Mike i am so glad to see you have stayed on NOsections for all of us to able to see you and your show. I was devo when i read that Roadkill was going on a subscription especially after so many talks that it would stay on youtube. Love you show and your channel keep the great work up man. Ps. Love the truck wish i could have something like that down here is Aus, From the land down under Cheers Mate
George Smith
George Smith År siden
I want one
Ronnie Hinton
Ronnie Hinton År siden
It's so clapped out everything is falling off of it
Ronnie Hinton
Ronnie Hinton År siden
I want a 72 cuda that needs a lot of work and I need little tools to get it done
BL År siden
That thing is a beast
Richard Williams
Well im working on my 1966 fiborform boat and dont have all the wiering stuff that whould help out alot but i dont have the 2500 to get it ...and i have a 1986 chevy suburbun thats fast as hell
pilots05 År siden
I drive a Ford and need all the help I can get Finnegan!
justin credible
justin credible År siden
Damn I just paid 50$ just for the duetsh crimper lol
drumboarder1 År siden
has he done a burnout with a car doing a burnout on the back?
The Cooking Trucker
Go race McFarland
Simon Henriksen
Simon Henriksen År siden
I have nothing and want to fix my moped
Michael Mackaman
Like the crimper, I put flux in the terminal, crimp it, then heat and solder it. That way it is mechanically and solder joined and there is no way for water to get in. Probably overkill, but I have cables that are 20+ years old on my race car
Antonio Gonzales
Hey homie Nice builds watch your $h1t all the time. I have a 96 chevy Cheyenne as a daily whit a 4.3 v6. Would mind a square body to replace the 71 olds cut i lost
Bradley Arnett
Bradley Arnett År siden
My son's 91 S10 he bought his own truck when he graduated high school repainting bodywork rewiring and all.... graduated two months ago me and him he's trying to learn to be a mechanic
Jeff Rigney
Jeff Rigney År siden
I have a 71 Plymouth Duster with a 440. I got it originally $/!/1985. I got a loan for 750 bucks. My Mother's thought that was very appropriate; as, she never appreciated my love for the hotrods and race cars. It just happens to need to be rewired. I have a brand new K&R harness; and no idea where to start. Its sitting next to my BBC rear engine dragster that I bracket race, and she's always needing something as well. Love the shows Mike; keep up the great work.
Over the top
I’m like 2 months late but I would’ve used them for my 1971 stepside c10 because the only thing I have no clue on what wires I need would we in the box 😂
1001 usos
1001 usos År siden
So I could really use them...I'm a fOrd man and we are always working on vacuum lines and rodent issues..we are currently building a 79 4x4 f250 ranger camper special extended cab..with a 6.0 turbo diesel.. I dig your channel and love to content. Keep up the hard work your a blessed man and a book of knowledge... Thanks
Spanish b3ast
Spanish b3ast År siden
I want to build a cumming diesel Chevy chevette
Michael Fuessel
Michael Fuessel År siden
Holy crap that burnout! It went from revving up dirty smoke to instant white lightning! Wow!!! So cool
East Coast Rules
What’s the best air ride I can replace my OEM system on my LTZ , I’m looking for a long term system that can tow well and drives nice..(on a budget)
Abe År siden
240mm is the equivalent to 24cm, which is the equivalent to 0,24m
Obs or No bs
Obs or No bs År siden
Hey Finnegan is the swap and all the parts you put on the ramp truck with it ? Cause I want to do a 12 valve swap in my 97 Ford F-350 and is it something I can do by myself cause I’m going to school to be a diesel mechanic and I would prefer to do this by my self if possible?
Shayne Dumas
Shayne Dumas År siden
XC År siden
I highly recommend Thermal Zero exhaust manifold and turbo blankets. Very affordable and huge decrease in underhood temps.
Brighter Days
Brighter Days År siden
I'm currently sitting on a 85 Chevy Scottsdale shortbed. I got complete 5.9 Cummins to transplant but I can't find a shop that'll take on the task. My girlfriend said we should do the 6in our garage. She's been watching All Girls Garage and thinks she can fix anything.
Daddy likes to go fast!
Daddy likes to go fast!