How-To Build A Paint Booth in Your Driveway : Finnegan's Garage Ep.131 

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We have less than a week to get my 1967 Chevy C10 running and driving so that we can cruise it to MRC Fabrication in Kernersville, North Carolina. We are going to drive it there on Sunday March 7th to go check out the progress on my 1961 Cadillac Coupe DeVill. You guys are welcome to meet us there if you want. The address is 616 Indeneer Drive, Kernersville, NC 27284.

We are going to upload several videos to the channel this week and those videos have been made possible by the good folks at Wire Care. Wire Care distributes everything you need to wire and plumb your hot rod, muscle car, truck, drift car or tricycle and we are using everything from battery cable to heat shielding products during the thrash to finish my C10. Want to see more? Visit www.wirecare.com
There's also bonus daily content on Wirecare's Instagram account, which is @wirecare_inc

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2. mars. 2021





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Greg Garrot
Greg Garrot 7 dager siden
I do a bunch of painting in my 12 man Coleman tent it's easy to set up and take down I cover the bottom with a bunch of damp canvas tarps I pressure wash afterwards an I use a square House Fan with 2 AC filters 1 in the tent window and 1 on the fan. My last paint project was the restoration of a Ford tractor
Rasta Ming
Rasta Ming 3 måneder siden
You have all the tools.. But you don't have an hvlp primer gun..
Calvin Horch
Calvin Horch 3 måneder siden
Assmosphere is a technical term for the smell that emits from pushing up and down on the driver's seat of an old truck.
HawtZauce SmokeBauce
HawtZauce SmokeBauce 4 måneder siden
6:25 square peg round hole the APOLLO ASTRONAUTS would be proud 😅✌️
AUSTIN 4 måneder siden
$400 for an EZ-UP LMFAO you can buy a NICE steel tube frame 8x15 4 wall carport from costco for like $250. And it's strong enough to hang from, if you're a small frail boy like i am. I dont think newburn should be trying it
Wolf Party
Wolf Party 4 måneder siden
Love it!!! I’ve done the same thing!! 💪🏼💪🏼👍🏻🔥🔥🔥
Pissing Soft People Off
Pissing Soft People Off 4 måneder siden
Have you ever heard of, or used raptorliner bedliner? I'm thinking of doing my whole Bronco II in it. Its affordable and has good reviews. Any experience with bedliner paint jobs??
Wayne Stallard
Wayne Stallard 4 måneder siden
Why only paint fire wall but not the body?
whozurdadddy 4 måneder siden
Harbor Freight here I come!
bjo daddyo
bjo daddyo 4 måneder siden
Nice paint booth. A bit of overkill for spray cans but great idea.
Brendan Geraghty
Brendan Geraghty 4 måneder siden
There's a group called The Mike Cotton Sound! Cotton's secret life exposed! I love Cotton.
SucksTeamMx 4 måneder siden
that's what i call enthusiast, nice job!
Völl Däpp
Völl Däpp 4 måneder siden
For everybody who wants to do try using a makeshift paint booth like this: You want OVERpressure in the paintbooth to avoid dirt and dust beeing sucked into the booth. So it may be better to install a box fan that sucks the air out plus a bigger one (or two) to blow fresh air from the outside into the booth. Place the blowers opposite to the sucking fan. Those need filters too of course plus they should be installed some what higher off the ground. Use a table outside the booth to support them. This is of course not overly critical if you are just priming with rattle cans or the like, but if we are talking of painting the car e.g. with a paint gun: Do it! It's only an additional fan or two. Basically the walls of the paint booth always need to bulge out.
Jason Rackawack
Jason Rackawack 4 måneder siden
Me commenting before the video starts- "Gee I thought the hot c10 truck trend was to leave the body crappy looking, clear coat the rust and slap a gas monkey sticker on it......nice to see one getting a proper paint job" Me after the video- "oh.....never mind"
Huntimer Photography
Huntimer Photography 4 måneder siden
What? You guys don't have an air compressor and a HF $10.00 HVLP gun??
Adam Garon
Adam Garon 5 måneder siden
Let’s go
325xitgrocgetter 5 måneder siden
If I built that in my driveway....I'd get a letter from the city....
darrell mcdannnell
darrell mcdannnell 5 måneder siden
Nice temporary booth,, but after all that work to make a booth, why wouldn't you buy a good quality etching primer and put on a quality finish? Rattle can paint never holds up..
Lyle Bartels
Lyle Bartels 5 måneder siden
Keith Waggoner
Keith Waggoner 5 måneder siden
Dude! That pop up spray booth is legit!
ClappedOutClassics 5 måneder siden
Looking good
Valley Tractor Services
Valley Tractor Services 5 måneder siden
Seems a little backwards, should be filtering the air coming in, not going out lol
David Sawyer
David Sawyer 5 måneder siden
Negative pressure booth.
Chad Hester
Chad Hester 5 måneder siden
I’m just saying, they make inflatable paint booths. Maybe next time 😜
Bobulele Music
Bobulele Music 5 måneder siden
Tries this in Kansas. Goes in garage to get mix paint. Comes back and sees the paint booth in neighbor's yard.
Michael Hughes
Michael Hughes 5 måneder siden
The structure of the popup looks to work really well for hanging parts... neato
Layne Douglas
Layne Douglas 5 måneder siden
Rattle can paint??????
WOLF MEAT 5 måneder siden
one day I might be able to meet you thanks for your video work
brian murphy
brian murphy 5 måneder siden
A friend of mine did the very same thing but he used boat shrink wrap for the sides
Mike 5 måneder siden
Rattle cans, why? It cost so much more that way!
907bear 5 måneder siden
why didn't you boneheads topcoat it? that primer will hold moisture in.
scott harris
scott harris 5 måneder siden
I'm all for the paint booth, but is it really necessary for just rattle can priming a few parts? Id imagine most of that primer is going to be sanded off anyways come paint time.
kyle budd
kyle budd 5 måneder siden
Next time you build a paint booth do a whole wall of box fans and the opposite side do all filters. Then also do filters on the outside of the fans to catch the over spray
John Doe
John Doe 5 måneder siden
All that for rattle can primer. First of all,you should have used a catalyzed epoxy primer or DTM. Second it was way overkill for what you did. I could see if you were trying to make a clean paint job
JD Sherman
JD Sherman 5 måneder siden
All that for a rattle can job??!!
Dave Gaudet
Dave Gaudet 5 måneder siden
My God ! an hr I won't get back !
Dave Gaudet
Dave Gaudet 5 måneder siden
Do these fools have shares in the Company !
Dave Gaudet
Dave Gaudet 5 måneder siden
Waist of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Poor Touring Hot Wire Garage
Try 2 part epoxy primer out next time. Geez
mopedmarathon 5 måneder siden
You should blow the air IN through the filter and let it escape through the natural gaps. With the fan sucking clean air out through the filter you’ll be drawing dirty dusty air in through the natural gaps in the booth.
justinfisher36 5 måneder siden
I built my paint booth out of a 150 dollar tarpbarn from harbor freight. Its a 12x20 but works good and cheap.
peep39 5 måneder siden
This time on roadkill. sorry, sorry, I got carried away
towboatjeff 5 måneder siden
I woulda dont that little bit of priming in the garage.
Stephen Meade
Stephen Meade 5 måneder siden
a lot of work for a rattle can paint job. You should use a iwata gun or a gun like that one
robb b
robb b 5 måneder siden
Nice work on the booth guys for real ! If I could make a suggestion for the next time go to harbor freight and get a cheap spray gun you will save the money on paint and have a gun for future projects...but nice work I love seeing people paint there own projects
Michel te Braake
Michel te Braake 5 måneder siden
Hey, progress!
Ryan Bland
Ryan Bland 5 måneder siden
Sweet paint booth, however I feel like you could have just grabbed a gallon urethane primer and a harbor frieght throwaway gun and saved your self 400 bucks. Nice work anyway!
Michael Horn
Michael Horn 5 måneder siden
I painted a Suburban in my driveway, under a tent, with the finest enamel Tractor Supply carries. You do what you have to do.........
John Z
John Z 5 måneder siden
Get yerself a couple of those pistol grip attachments for painting with rattle cans, saves wear n tear on the index finger as well as that color finger.
Howard Nielsen
Howard Nielsen 5 måneder siden
Nice we painted our 50 3100 in gravel covered carport wrapped in Visqueen. The carport cost $400.00 plus the Readycreat from Home Dump.
Threesixty31 5 måneder siden
Great! Please give us the exact fan brand and model or size+CFM. Thank you.
Rob Burk
Rob Burk 5 måneder siden
5 "friends"
Rhnstjegilrhk Scvn1djhrj
Rhnstjegilrhk Scvn1djhrj 5 måneder siden
musta used 28 cans of paint (could of bought a quart of primer at that price) and sprayed it with a gun that you probably have in your garage
carol kumdungeon
carol kumdungeon 5 måneder siden
Plz fix your adio
JD Hazelip
JD Hazelip 5 måneder siden
Why You heading to NC?
Chad Johnson
Chad Johnson 5 måneder siden
I did a similar thing when I bought back my totaled car from an insurance company. I bought a $40 foldable shelter from Walmart, wrapped it in cling-wrap, put two box-fans on one side, and painted my body panels w/ Harbor Freight painting hardware. Even returned the shelter when I was done! But to be fair, some of the fabric was ripping apart during the initial setup, so it was going back anyways. P.S. That primer you're using, DO NOT USE DEGREASER TO CLEAN IT!!! I used the same stuff with my front fender, and it literally turned the primer into a syrup-like substance. Took two hours to clean off.
robopup 5 måneder siden
Using skills developed from a misspent youth
vettenut 5 måneder siden
Blow up 20 by 10 by 8 paint booths on Amazon for $600 with fans and everything
OtisENGINEuity 5 måneder siden
I've been drooling over a 71 Suburban that's for sale close by for $2200 that's been sitting 20 years.. I just don't know if it's tall enough for my 6'10 all torso body. I know when my brother in law had a C20 pickup I couldn't fit in it even with a really broken down seat. I guess custom seats with adjustable backs would help but.. I dunno. Plus I don't know if I really want a Chevy to be my first non-Ford :P I'd be more open to an old Dodge, Packard, Olds or Pontiac.
Kenton Baize
Kenton Baize 5 måneder siden
How to get a violation and fine from the environmental regulators. Save ALL your paint receipts or don't get caught.
LowKey ID
LowKey ID 5 måneder siden
Is that just a plain furnace filter?
Gary Hayball
Gary Hayball 5 måneder siden
Very smart paint booth idea
E Zacher
E Zacher 5 måneder siden
You spent $200 to rattle can your truck.... WTF!? My brain hurts now.
hdoglesby 5 måneder siden
Jeff Lemieux
Jeff Lemieux 5 måneder siden
What an awesome cheap idea
Derek Harper
Derek Harper 5 måneder siden
I did this a few months ago, except with a 10x30 car enclosure from pepboys. It was 200 bucks instead of your 400, but its no ez up for sure. Its a bunch of slip together pipes but has 3 walls and a zip up door if you don't want to build the walls around an ez up.
Thump Er the Sweaty Fat Guy
My 76 C10 is soaking up room in my shop, waiting for me to do the metal work, finish the 6.0 install, notch the frame a little bit, change the leafs, flip the axle and make it a driver again. I could do it in five days.. but I am old and its cold out there in the shop, part of the problem with living in the north. Yes I own my shop now... and is glorious. After the second wife got the second house and garage in the second divorce, I bought some land full of trees in the middle of nowhere for dirt cheap. Then I cleared some of the trees and used them as the poles to hold the roof trusses up, poured some concrete and built a 32x48x12 shop for less than $18k.. and its overbuilt with 8" to 14" diameter logs holding the roof up. Sheeted with 5/8 OSB and then roofing steel, some foam board insulation on the bottom of the trusses, and boom I had a place to work on my junk. Started in July put the sliding door up the second week of November. Thats a lot of work for one guy who hired three guys to help with the slab, and two guys to help with the roof, but did everything else. Then I put three shipping containers together and lived in that for 5 years. Priorities.. Two years ago I reconfigured the containers from a 460sqft room to a 1050 sqft two story with a loft slightly bigger room on a concrete pillar foundation sitting on bedrock. I can paint my cars and truck easily, along with doing everything else I need to do while rebuilding them, and I splurged on a lift for the shop. Perhaps this year I can get running water in the house for the first time since 2013. Priorities.. and I am off to the gym to take a shower, do some laundry and buy more wood pellets to heat this place. I rattle can painted my 70 GTO in the parking lot of my apartment building in Charleston SC when I was stationed down there in the early 2000s.
Brett marcus
Brett marcus 5 måneder siden
Yall probably would have saved both time and money with a HVLP gun and a gallon of epoxy primer
David Szakacs
David Szakacs 5 måneder siden
Did practically the same thing 25 years ago in my garage, except with only clear plastic and for less than $10, to paint my friends S10. It came out really well
Arnoud Jan Schut
Arnoud Jan Schut 5 måneder siden
Please everybody push like, so Mike can get more often sponsors so we all have more content!
JZ burnouts
JZ burnouts 5 måneder siden
With all the effort to making a booth, why didnt you buy a china spray gun and instead of rattle can?
olivia ava
olivia ava 5 måneder siden
The permissible blade pharmacodynamically sprout because rock extragingivally dam absent a chubby indonesia. magenta, dirty lute
david leckenby
david leckenby 5 måneder siden
Love the outtakes
Jon Ferron
Jon Ferron 5 måneder siden
Are you using a self etching primer
TheANGRIERonE 5 måneder siden
Lovin' the outtakes! You guys have the life! :)
Thomas McCrary
Thomas McCrary 5 måneder siden
That new intro is pretty rad
SuperLitherland 5 måneder siden
rattle can primer is poop
brave mcgarnagle
brave mcgarnagle 5 måneder siden
Ew. Wet spot on driveway at the end was their sweat
Scott McIntyre
Scott McIntyre 5 måneder siden
Nice.... The fans and filters are the way everyone does it. Told ya you on IG should have called. 10X20 full sides with windows. $99 bucks last year from Wally World delivered to my front door. Mines is not so white anymore. Painted the Hardbody Nissan.
HitTheWallAgain 5 måneder siden
all of that for two cans of rattle can primer. nothing but wasted money. not even yer mom likes your rich smile and constant laughing at poor people
Trekker 5 måneder siden
if you are going through setting up a paint booth... Why not just buy a cheap HVLP gun?
L Davis
L Davis 5 måneder siden
You did all that to paint it by spray cans. LMFAO
acdii 5 måneder siden
I have painted the topper for my trucks to match, Base coat, clear coat, in my garage. Came out looking like it was done at a body shop, but the overspray!!! OY, wont do that again. Been considering doing something like this in my garage to contain the overspray. The base is dust, but the clear is the real bugger as it doesn't dry while airborne. LOL I need to respray a Grand Marquis as the clear used on it is way too soft and scratches with just wiping a hand over it.
m60hein 5 måneder siden
Save the assmousphere from harmful farts.
Plez Bon
Plez Bon 5 måneder siden
I was waiting for a fire ball. Explosion proof fans are a thing. Probably for the best you didn’t have a Gallon of single stage and a HVLP gun.
Karl X
Karl X 5 måneder siden
Hey, try out the roll-on primer method from Eastwood. Curious how that stuff works.
ThatS10 Guy
ThatS10 Guy 5 måneder siden
Alternative video title "How to piss off your HOA" LOL
tim psensky
tim psensky 5 måneder siden
I ended up buying one of the garage tents from harbor freight to do this. I have also seen the large white tents (with walls!) often used for weddings and such on sale for pretty reasonable prices.
Van's Tech Corral
Van's Tech Corral 5 måneder siden
You da spray bomb !
Richard Erickson
Richard Erickson 5 måneder siden
I had an idea like this 20 years ago but the wind in Okla will humble you quickly.
Joseph 5 måneder siden
Should put a small upper top tent bed but u can still use ur bed it be sweet with it lower
Predatory Sith
Predatory Sith 5 måneder siden
First step, be rich. Then everything is easy and everyone can do it. Thanks for this educational how to video
Tom Hartridge
Tom Hartridge 5 måneder siden
In the UK, we have "tent" garages. Which you can use to do this without all the plastic sides
The real Q fam
The real Q fam 5 måneder siden
Always great work! Truck is comin out great man
Tom Truesdale
Tom Truesdale 5 måneder siden
Pretty slick spray booth setup. Looks like it worked out well for you
drifting1O1 5 måneder siden
step one don't try this in OR the weather ruin your paint job
Heero yuy
Heero yuy 5 måneder siden
if you ever need content for the channel iv got a 73 elco you can use she needs everything that said she's not for sell but you welcome to make videos and fix stuff
Craig Briggs
Craig Briggs 5 måneder siden
I thought u were gunna paint the truck 🤣🤣
Tortuga speed shop
Tortuga speed shop 5 måneder siden
I have been thinking the last year “I wonder if Finnegenn is ever going to finish the c10” and now her we go. 👍🏁
Nigel Fox
Nigel Fox 5 måneder siden
Awesome work guys... Loving the outtakes, never lose those
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