My C10 is Bent! Let's Fix it with A Better Way to Bend and Notch Tubing! Finnegan's Garage Ep.129 

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For years Newbern and I have struggled to build rollcages without wasting a lot of time and tubing. Well, thanks to the recent purchase of some innovative tools and a few tips from a fellow NOsectionsr, we just leveled-up our cage game! In this video we'll demonstrate how to use the tool kit from
Centurial Tools www.centurialinc.com/tube-coping-tools
as we finish up the cage on my 1967 Chevrolet C10 sport truck. This is the truck with the 650hp supercharged Chevrolet Performance LT4 crate engine, the 6xdgearbox.com billet aluminum sequential manual transmission, the independent rear suspension, Forgeline 20-inch wheels and Mittler Bros hydraulically adjustable Hydroshox!
Want more tips from The Fabrication Series? Go here: nosections.info/mem/cxlBLmujrjTVSSUkzZ2Jlg
Here's where I got my JMR hydraulic bender dies from:
Need a new hoodie, hat or awesome Finnegan Speed and Marine shirt? Go here: www.fsmgarage.com
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Jarod Emahizer
Jarod Emahizer 5 timer siden
great work! a suggestion for next time: @23:39 when you are trying to calculate the height needed. Next time, try leaving the tube in place on top of the quick disconnect as it already was. You know the laser is in the center of the tube, take a measurement vertically from where the laser is to the center of your attachment panel on the truck, and that should be your distance needed in the tube to raise it high enough to connect the two properly. Since the tube is already at 90* (parallel to the chassis) and your quick disconnect was installed at 90* (perpendicular to the chassis) the only variable you have to solve for at that point is the needed height between the laser's dot and the center on your attachment pannel on the firewall. Seriously love, not trying to armchair engineering just thought it might save you some time in the future.
scott stanley
scott stanley 10 timer siden
Super video! I applauded for $2.00 👏
aXBlackDeathXa 10 timer siden
Mike I'd highly recommend looking into a universal electric steering rack. Not only can you adjust a setup like this to be more or less responsive with the turn of a knob but it also gives you power steering with just battery power - the vehicle doesn't have to be running! Check out a company called Turn One Steering or American Powertrain sells a kit now as well. Just throw a manual rack in there - add the power assist box - use any column you want BAM!
Robert Chaffee
Robert Chaffee 10 timer siden
I like all the new fab tools you got and used on this project. keep up the great work.
batbat1156 12 timer siden
Great video i learn a lot.
John Gray
John Gray 12 timer siden
Worm Man
Kris.Ivanovv 17 timer siden
Mike, you can use VOLVO 2004-2013 Volvo C70 C30 S40 electric power stearing pump. It is compact and work super.
KSR Performance & Fabrication
Hey Mike, when you are completing the last weld on a tube that "caps" the pipe, you now have expanding air rushing through the hole that you are welding up as the tube is heating up and the air inside of the tube is expanding and looking for a place to get out! To prevent this, drill a hole in your plate that will pass into the center of the tube. This is also good practice for roll cages. Drill a small hole in the tube that you are landing your next tube to, but do it so that the hole will be covered by the new tube that you are now welding to the project.
KSR Performance & Fabrication
Doh, just read the other commenters saying the same thing and you mentioning the vent hole. You are probably right about there being oil inside of the tube. Doesn't take much to make a nice weld turn ugly!
Vailos Quiet
Vailos Quiet 22 timer siden
use a late 2000s mr2 eletric pump from the mr2 spider
camaross92 Dag siden
Could do some sheet metal inner fenders off the bars to the frame rail, maybe with some zeus clips lol. or dimple die some trusses for the 90°s.
Jim Henline
Jim Henline Dag siden
Get yourself a lady that loves the smell of brakleen.
Centurial Inc
Centurial Inc Dag siden
Thanks for showing our tools. Good work gentlemen.
Skubasteve21 Dag siden
Couldn't you measure from the laser point/dot to the center point of the fish plate? Instead of trying to hold the piece up and level and take a measurement.
lewis abbott
lewis abbott Dag siden
If your struggling for room or aftermarket options. You can get a electric power steering which goes on the steering column which maybe an idea for you.
Pana Giotis
Pana Giotis Dag siden
You boys need a Tapeboss!
Night Rider
Night Rider Dag siden
Look at Cooper Bugatti 240 hydraulic power steering set up don't know if it's something you would be interested in
ltseven Dag siden
You kids do nice work
Jwy2063 Dag siden
Gadget tools that actually work is awesome, good info 👍🏻,,, But with my 20 plus yrs of off-road cage, bumpers, rock sliders, etc fabing, another cool DIY tool is a 4'x3/8" break line, you can bend it to fit Many times over for exact angles and length (up to 4' , need longer get longer) ! Had to give my "2cents",,, AND YOU GUY ARE AWESOME 😎 LV THE CHANNEL !! AND at 12:03 GIT YA SAFETY GLASSES ON !!
Steven Paraone
Steven Paraone 2 dager siden
About time Letz Goo
Dead End Garage
Dead End Garage 2 dager siden
Check out electric power steering from a Prius. The motor is under dash out of sight.
B Doyle
B Doyle 2 dager siden
Look into late model mopar stuff for power steering, I worked on a 2012 challenger 5.7 that had an electric power steering pump, it still takes fluid but its electric over hydraulic
pgf202 2 dager siden
MR2's, Volvos, and possibly a newer Mini have power steering pumps that are driven with a motor so you can keep the rack the way it is and mount the pump where ever you want. My Race Shop LLC makes a programable controller for the MR2 pump if you go that route.
Dan L
Dan L 2 dager siden
Now take and scratch those marks permanently into that cheater pipe for when the marker rubs off.
Cody Thomforde
Cody Thomforde 2 dager siden
Toyota mr 2 has electric power steering that’s easy to modify
herculesrockafeller 2 dager siden
The Car Wizard did electric power steering from a Prius in Hoovie’s ‘GT 350’
JFK64 Kennedy
JFK64 Kennedy 2 dager siden
quick way to find tube centerline, take combination sq, set blade of square to oa pipe diameter, yes diameter...put cast part of sq on top of pipe, blade down side, get blade end flat against table, flat surface and pull square down pipe, pushing blade hard against pipe, the blade will scratch pipe in center, and if need, can also mark top, exactly perpendicular, 90 deg. from 1st line
BMC Turbo and Fab
BMC Turbo and Fab 2 dager siden
23:30 mark, just point the laser to the centerline on the firewall and measure the distance to your target. You won’t have to try and hold the tube level and measure and keep it on target with the laser all at the same time 👍🏻
Zack Loftis
Zack Loftis 2 dager siden
MR2 power steering pump
Deck Ape
Deck Ape 2 dager siden
When I turned 50 I realized that I didn't know as much as I did when I was 25. I enjoy your explanations, they are on the line of "You have brains but maybe didn't know this."
Tyler Lewis
Tyler Lewis 2 dager siden
This was the exact video I was looking for, without looking for it.
mason shipman
mason shipman 2 dager siden
also, just do prius/saturn electric steering assist.
mason shipman
mason shipman 2 dager siden
come drive my volvo swapped datsun bullet side and then sponsor me thanks
Manny S
Manny S 2 dager siden
I was all-in on the C10...but I think I'm loving (& wanting more of) the Cadillac content! #FSM
mindwreckRC 2 dager siden
look up ford/volvo electric steering pump. you can remote mount it anywhere. used in a lot of different hot rods and swaps.
Jack Hoff
Jack Hoff 3 dager siden
The weld on the tube didn't loose argon coverage, it blew out. You crated a sealed chamber and heated it up. when you seal up a tube like that you need to drill a small hole to relive the pressure.
Andy Yarnell
Andy Yarnell 3 dager siden
Nice tube work
callthemall 3 dager siden
Drinking game: drink every time Mike says bend.
Evan Lesinski
Evan Lesinski 3 dager siden
Another great channel is Bad Obsession Motorsport. They shoe horned a 4wd Toyota into a classic mini. They ended up using a electric over hydraulic Mercedes power steering pump.
dopesquatch 3 dager siden
The laser cant just fit in the tube without the profile part?
Rob Roten
Rob Roten 3 dager siden
"Be really careful!" As he wipes down tubing with a rag soaked in acetone WITH HIS BARE HANDS!
steve goodwin
steve goodwin 3 dager siden
Friendly observation... Guys when Mike celebrated at the end of the video I noticed a much better stereo sound. Was that because the video was taken with a different device?
W J 3 dager siden
Well, gr8 work guys and totally informative and simplified technical training for people who also have OCD to some degree!!! Oh, what's going on with the Cadillac?
JimPeachley 3 dager siden
Could the struts be tilted out toward the fenders to create more clearance around the engine? Maybe you could loosely hose clamp a ruler to the mock-up bend so it could be slid out to measure the needed additional length.
CertifiedCarNut 3 dager siden
This truck is the US version of Binky...
DEATHSTROKE 3 dager siden
Newbern's a gem bro, look after that guy.
sas86toy 3 dager siden
Need a weep hole in tube to allow excess gases to escape that’s why it blows out where your trying to finish the weld..... I would of put on backside of that firewall plate where it’ll be covered 🤙🏼
sas86toy 3 dager siden
lol just seen that’s already been commented ... oops but drilling a #30 hole behind firewall plate would be a good spot.
CoRy35744 3 dager siden
Holley makes an Accessory Drive System and Power Steering Add-On Kits for GM Gen V LT4's www.holley.com/products/engine/accessory_drive_brackets_and_kits/gm_gen_v_lt/
Shayne Gadsden
Shayne Gadsden 3 dager siden
with the power steering there are electric hydraulic options, instead of an engine drive hydraulic pump or electric power steer it's an electric power steer pump so the steering is still a hydraulic rack but the pump can just be mounted on the firewall or anywhere really the car i was looking at for here Australia was a 1998-2006 Holden Astra so i imagine a similar year GM compact hatch would have a similar unit
hq632 3 dager siden
In Australia it’s pretty popular to use a 1998 - 2008 Holden astra (not sure if GM sold them in US or not) power steering pump for conversions. they are an electric pump that can be plumbed into a hydraulic rack. Can also be remote mounted out of engine bay.
mk2vrt 3 dager siden
Hey jackals you can weld a t I've completely closed without drilling a whole Also mr2 and valvo have electric power steering in the trunk
Shaun Hensley
Shaun Hensley 3 dager siden
Bro that's awesome watching you teach yourself tubing. I went through something similar with instrument tubing on my last major project and I know exactly your pain😂
Tim Johansson
Tim Johansson 3 dager siden
Hi Finnegan, Regarding your Power Steering trouble there are options. 1. Electric power steering. Use power steering rack and control unit from a Toyota Prius, easily installed and wired up. There's even a wire up on this at Hotrod Magazine website! Pros on using the Toyota electrical power steering is that they go in to failsafe mode with no CANBUS connected so they have a constant, fairly normal, power steering assist instead of variable with speed. GM units don't work AT ALL without CANBUS or a CANBUS simulator. 2. Electrical PS pump from a modern Volvo, like an S60 or similar. 12v supply and ground. That's it. Can be remote mounted.
Clayton Pereversoff
Clayton Pereversoff 3 dager siden
What is that orange lathe in the back round?
Rhys Sutherland
Rhys Sutherland 3 dager siden
12 volt Dave with the safety squint. Made my day
Zach Jenkins
Zach Jenkins 3 dager siden
hey guys. someone may have mentioned this already. It seems like instead of having Newbern hold that pipe up so that the laser shines on the crosshair for Finnegan to measure the base. Instead maybe you could just have left it in place then measured from the laser on the firewall up to the crosshair. just a thought in case next time you don't have any help around to assist. good video.
Farming - Firefighting and Fun with Big John
I've watched his videos! You can learn a bunch from him! Nice work guys! Thanks for sharing!
Brian Timothy
Brian Timothy 3 dager siden
So apparently the Toyota MR2 had an electric power steering pump, as in a electric pump that creates the hydraulic pressure for your hydraulic power steering. I guess drifters use them, at the 17 minute mark of this video they mount one and talk about it. nosections.info/green/tI1yg4SoeXmd0cw/video.html
Stonewall78 3 dager siden
12:01 Whole wall of safety devices... just closes his eyes... #facepalm
James Fowler
James Fowler 3 dager siden
Awesome video
Steven Simmons
Steven Simmons 3 dager siden
Can watch this all day , but jobs and such.
Emmett Morrison
Emmett Morrison 3 dager siden
Hey Mike quick tip about when you were welding the tube to the sandwich plate and the tube kinda blew out, this is due to pressure build up in the sealed tube, i learned about this from Joel from Overkill Racing Chassis, if you drill a small hole in the tube this allows pressure to vent and not blow out your weld. When you are done just spot weld the tube back and noone will know
William Lord
William Lord 3 dager siden
You guys really need them kinda tools. Wow must me the exhaust fumes making them slow or something!
Henry Gillow-Wiles
Henry Gillow-Wiles 3 dager siden
Instead of the cheater tube, get some bending software. Bend-Tech EZ is pretty good.
Matt : Adulting
Matt : Adulting 4 dager siden
Acetone straight on the skin absorbs in quickly and attacks your liver. Use gloves
Random GearHead
Random GearHead 4 dager siden
Electric power steering form a Saturn Vue. Epas on eBay has kits. Super easy and can control how much assist it gives with turn of a dial! They did it on fasterproms miata
tom moon
tom moon 4 dager siden
Cotton kills the worm man! Wish I could move like that lol
Wompie 4 dager siden
Congratulations on the weight loss Newburn. I noticed.
Stanley Zitello
Stanley Zitello 4 dager siden
Why did you place your end point for the front cage in the middle of nowhere on your frame? What is the primary load that the cage can support in that area of the frame? It is good for supporting a vertical load. What vertical load do you have in the front. Your springs. Why didn’t you brace the cage near the spring and damper mounting point of the front suspension?
Kyle Norman
Kyle Norman 4 dager siden
Toyota Prius Hoovie put one on hid 67 mustang restomod
Christopher Casale
Christopher Casale 4 dager siden
Volvo power steering pumps for the mid 2000s are electric hydraulic pumps, so you can use a hydraulic rack and put the pump wherever you want. Cooper Bogetti put one in his S13 drift car.
Dead Soul Walking
Dead Soul Walking 4 dager siden
Toyota MRS electric power steering pump
David Snow
David Snow 4 dager siden
Thanks for lesson on bending tube. Keep up the good work and stay safe out there.
Raphael Scully
Raphael Scully 4 dager siden
why dont you guys also watch tim mcamis for some welding tips on his channel at Tim McAmis Performance Parts and for alternator try a mechman alternator
Bebetek Racing
Bebetek Racing 4 dager siden
The weld blew out because u didn’t drill a hole in the flat metal..gas/ expansion needs a place to escape.always drill a small hole on all tubing intersecting each other..your roll cage must be vented.sounds dumb..and also.on your CHEATER TUBE.make a mark on the tube at the end of the die or wherever ur heart desires scribe it in so it’ll never disappear ,but ALWAYS go off of that mark..
Bebetek Racing
Bebetek Racing 4 dager siden
The tube is round lol.anywhere u draw the straight line is the center🤣..I look for the straight line by placing the tube in a c channel.run the sharpie across the line on c channel..usually dom mild steeltubing already has a line in it..really good info here .good job
Panhead49EL 4 dager siden
Re: Cheater bar. Are those inch marks still an inch apart after they bend is made? Or does the outside of the bend stretch and the inside compress? I gots to know.
Austyn Northcutt
Austyn Northcutt 4 dager siden
What if you used a 15+ Silverado electric steering
George Tinc
George Tinc 4 dager siden
Just a thought, we need to have Cotton kick you in the balls for what you did to that truck to start with.
aSinisterKiid 4 dager siden
Lasers !!
T Nels
T Nels 4 dager siden
Mike, I have a K frame off a 12 Mustang GT/CS with an electric power steering rack you can have. I'm in Minnesota, figure out shipping and its yours!
Ryan Rich
Ryan Rich 4 dager siden
Irony: Using a chop saw while squinting, and there are safety glasses hanging on the wall 2 feet from your face or 2 inches from your hand when you grab the saw handle. Genious. Nah just kidding, I do the same shit. Hahahaha.
guido heeling
guido heeling 4 dager siden
volvo also makes electric power steering pumps, a lot of youtubers use them, pumps seem to be reliable and all, but is is for shure something different than mechanical pumps!
guido heeling
guido heeling 4 dager siden
The Fabrication Series is an awsome channel, he is like a freaking teacher!
Derek MacKenzie
Derek MacKenzie 4 dager siden
DOM tube does have a seam. look from the inside. its hard to see but its there
Ron Peters
Ron Peters 4 dager siden
Instead of holding the tube up so the laser points at the right spot on the firewall while making sure the angle is right, couldn't you have set the tube on the mount and measured from the laser dot on the firewall straight up to the target? It would seem more stable.
Taylor Peterson
Taylor Peterson 4 dager siden
Finnegan, i didnt read through the comments, but in case you did not know, us swapped Datsun guys have ran the electric power steering setup out of a pontiac G6. I believe someone even makes a kit. I dont know if it will work for you, but its definetly worth a look. The electric motor mounts on the column typically under the dashboard, so no space taken in your engine bay
Richard Harvey
Richard Harvey 4 dager siden
Love the videos . Hope your around for a long time.great job delubing your tube. 🤣
Jerry Inman
Jerry Inman 4 dager siden
Get in touch with stangkilr productions here on NOsections or call killer performance in grain valley, mo for getting the steering working, he just put that engine in his teal truck series.
Keith Adams
Keith Adams 4 dager siden
Kinda want to like the truck...but can't. Only flat bill, knee socks wearing bro's would
Jon Hill
Jon Hill 4 dager siden
Support 👍
JD Ray
JD Ray 4 dager siden
Check out the Volvo s40 electric power steering kit if you don't want to go hydraulic
TheOystei 4 dager siden
Over in drifting a lot of guys use ps pump from mercedes A class, Opel Astra (think you got it as a Saturn) or mr2's. PSA 1.6 diesels also came with a electric pump some have started using due to availability over here.
Peter Spozetta
Peter Spozetta 4 dager siden
Cleatus mate Jeremy from fasterproms put electric power steering on his s10 awd
T Nels
T Nels 4 dager siden
If you have a flat steel workbench you can just drag a square along the side to mark the tangent.
John Grayson
John Grayson 4 dager siden
You may can talk with Hert from Hoonigan. I believe there was a video where he says his rx has an electric hydraulic steering system. Just a thought.
Jonathan Buck
Jonathan Buck 4 dager siden
Mr2 Electric power steering works very well they use them in other applications like sand rails and other drag there’s a person that makes a kid I can’t remember the name off the top of my head where are you and gives you a dial indicator on the stiffness in hardness of the turn
the other finnegan
the other finnegan 4 dager siden
great stuff
Martin Smith
Martin Smith 4 dager siden
Why did you have to measure the other side, shouldn't it just mirror the first tube, which makes them identical with the exception of the firewall angle???
Gaute Antonsen
Gaute Antonsen 4 dager siden
Try to find electric power steering from an opel corsa. It mounts on the steering column under the dash.
TheHilander 4 dager siden
Look into a Volvo electric power steering pump.
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