Reviving An Old Drag Boat With An LS Swap! 

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This week on Finnegan's Garage Ep. 147, you get to see my Cousin Randy's 1976 Rogers Bonnevill TR jet boat. You may have seen in on an episode of Roadkill where Freiburger and I towed it to Lake Elsinore, California, then swapped the engine out of a Square Body Chevy and put it into the jet boat. We went boating for a few hours and then took the engine out of the boat, put it back into the truck, then towed the boat back home. The boat sat around for nearly 8 years until recently, when it was used for another episode of Roadkill. Roadkill wasnt too kind to the boat and so it came back to Georgia with a dead engine. In this episode we clean up the mess and swap in a new-to-us LS engine that we robbed from Newbern's Attempted Murder Nova, which he has also sold. As usual, things didnt go as planned but we still had fun and got this boat running again. Briefly. lol

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-Mike Finnegan



24. mai. 2021





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Landlock beachbum
Landlock beachbum 8 dager siden
Which NASCAR team shop did the bandsaw come from?
Donald Fuller
Donald Fuller 10 dager siden
I think I'd rather have attempted murder Nova running than a boat.
Jim Anglin
Jim Anglin 11 dager siden
You need to add LEDs lighting to your shop
J just J
J just J 29 dager siden
I'm really bummed I can't watch roadkill anymore due to being in Australia
top hand
top hand Måned siden
What happened to the attempted murder nova??
Raymond Farwell
Raymond Farwell Måned siden
Just a thought if you used play dough on the boottom of the oil pick up and uou pushed the oil pan up in place. With you pressing the pan up agaisnt oil pan and squeezing the play dough would be a wise way to gauge the space you have after drop the pan down. I saw this used gauge the hood clearance on motor. What do you thing of that idea?
kevin cresswell
kevin cresswell Måned siden
My friend in Decatur Tennessee Ross Aikman Big A’s is old school drag boat builders they still have some of the record boats they built. He is a good source of knowledge if interested I will get you his information he is close to Watts Bar Dam
Jacob Sobania
Jacob Sobania Måned siden
What happend to the attempted murder nova
Jeff H
Jeff H Måned siden
"Good eyesight and quality tools" is a killer shop slogan.
John Dillermand
John Dillermand Måned siden
It needs a nice roots blower.
HawtZauce SmokeBauce
@9:36 I appreciate the clearance joke because my grandfather's name is Clarence an its been used more than once lol
Ants Kets
Ants Kets Måned siden
did u just hail hitler? lol
raidersrideordie Måned siden
Mike F. I have the twin to this boat. Mine is a 79 18ft jetboat w/ Berkley jet drive. Owned it 25 yrs. Hit me up.
badad0166 Måned siden
8:19 "Not going to judge you..."
thesuspenceful Måned siden
melaleuca gold bar
Titan Rutse
Titan Rutse Måned siden
I'll take that oil pan bell housing flywheel and clutch
Daniel Lee
Daniel Lee Måned siden
Hey guys, jet boats don't have transmissions. fyi
Kyle Langer
Kyle Langer Måned siden
Boost it!!!!
Harry Kelly
Harry Kelly Måned siden
I'm gonna make a jet boat with a 2sp power glide just so I can have a trans
CURTIS THE CAR GUY 2 måneder siden
kjax76 2 måneder siden
Need to build a water skipping sled. Cheaper, faster, crazy thrills. No dis on the boats. Give it a try.
Wes H.
Wes H. 2 måneder siden
Mike is a phenomenal teacher
Dakota Stewart
Dakota Stewart 2 måneder siden
If you don't understand the pain of using a 60s Lincoln Electric "tombstone" arc welder to build a mud truck, Can you even call yourself a fabricator?!
Launce Herron
Launce Herron 2 måneder siden
Loved the history lesson 👏
Bad Donkey
Bad Donkey 2 måneder siden
Just seen the roadkill episode, had to come see you fix her back up
Robert smee
Robert smee 2 måneder siden
Even with a splash guard around the rear and sides of the engine bay, these boats can get swamped and sink easily. Almost drowned in one of these in the middle of a lake.
M M 2 måneder siden
Being Old School..... Roots Blower and a pair of Holleys....on the LS
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 2 måneder siden
25:44 seeing an engine that tall just makes your inner kid emotions come out lol 😂
Nebuchadnezzar 2 måneder siden
That is THE best sounding LS I have ever heard.
chickenfishhybrid44 2 måneder siden
That's a gen 4 style knock sensor bolted to the driver wide of the block too isn't it?
James296 2 måneder siden
....I foresee a dry sump system in this boats future....
Jon Brockman
Jon Brockman 2 måneder siden
Mike Finnegan... what do you know about biesemeyer jets? I have a 19' jet drag built by biesemeyer. It rides so nice and moves damn fast for being powered by one of the worst olds v8 engines made. It will push 70 right now and it only has a 307 on a jc12 Berkley that I went thru and put a stainless "A" impeller into it.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 2 måneder siden
It’s in the shop getting a footprint gas pedal installed..
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 2 måneder siden
22:35 sounds like my kinda boat. Toss a trolling motor on a jet boat haha
Bigballmagrawl85 2 måneder siden
I use ivory buttcheese i can't use anything else or i break out and that shit got aloe
Craig Heinrich
Craig Heinrich 2 måneder siden
Thanks for the inspiration as i'm a jack of all trades and love old school, currently working on my own jet boat 77 Witchcraft, also working on a road course car 1986 Dodge Shelby turbo Charger. Will keep watching been a fan since Roadkill started and you moved from CA. Can't wait to see the new boat.
mr rowboato
mr rowboato 2 måneder siden
Mr Finn,where did you get the flywheel cover??
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 2 måneder siden
Wait... does a jet boat have a transmission? Does that mean it runs high rpms? And can suffer from oil depravation if you step on it? Maybe Finn can explain this. AGAIN.
JimmyInKona 2 måneder siden
ok, I wanna build a jet boat now
Michael Koepp
Michael Koepp 2 måneder siden
I really like the stance of the trailer!
Pugliese's Speed Shop
Pugliese's Speed Shop 2 måneder siden
Wait a minute... Did Newburn get rid of the Attempted Murder Nova?
James Runyon
James Runyon 2 måneder siden
Dude! It needs the tunnel-cram!
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 2 måneder siden
Watching him trim the rear plate looked familiar from roadkill 😂
offthebeatenpath 2 måneder siden
o does newbrn now own it or did he just sell you cousin the motor
Matt Constantino
Matt Constantino 2 måneder siden
This cleetus gift for gifting you a hover boat?
Tom Kennedy
Tom Kennedy 2 måneder siden
Come back to MN and race Blasphemi at BIR!
Boldr Bangr
Boldr Bangr 2 måneder siden
Killer 😜
David KC
David KC 2 måneder siden
It’s in the shop getting a footprint gas pedal installed..
David KC
David KC 2 måneder siden
@dcoog anml no. Is this some kind of test?
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 2 måneder siden
OK, but can you tell me if a jet boat has a transmission? ;-p
tayler pride
tayler pride 2 måneder siden
u seem like such a good guy god bless be safe on them speed demons
ICEngine 2 måneder siden
I subbed! Love the content, help keep the gas engine alive!
Just Boden
Just Boden 2 måneder siden
Proper resto-mod, I like it.
EFormance Engineering
EFormance Engineering 2 måneder siden
It just dawned on me that you and Cleetus built competing dragweek cars. His Elco and your Caddi are pretty similar in a lot of ways.
Darryl Yoes
Darryl Yoes 2 måneder siden
Wait... does a jet boat have a transmission? Does that mean it runs high rpms? And can suffer from oil depravation if you step on it? Maybe Finn can explain this. AGAIN.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 2 måneder siden
Me, a Boat detailer: waddles over with the bleach
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 2 måneder siden
Involuntary manslaughter Nova
James Wilde
James Wilde 2 måneder siden
Why not fuel inject it? I don’t get the fascination with 100 year old carb tech.
kshepthedrummer 2 måneder siden
25:44 seeing an engine that tall just makes your inner kid emotions come out lol 😂
stevehislop 2 måneder siden
Fuck Roadkill. Let them die behind their pay-wall.
mynameisray 2 måneder siden
Would love to see it, but I'm not subbing to motor trend to watch it.. Fuck that, waste of fuckin money
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 2 måneder siden
Trying to reach you guys with roadkill. Are you still with them. It's really important that I speak with someone.
Peter 2 måneder siden
Here's a tip from Summit on identifying your ls block. nosections.info/green/laSDnoF0aXqt16o/video.html
bert 2 måneder siden
so, now i want to see an om606 or om648 diesel jetboat....
Beard Man
Beard Man 2 måneder siden
I legit thought the title said Old Drug boat.
Mee Hung Lowe
Mee Hung Lowe 2 måneder siden
OK, but can you tell me if a jet boat has a transmission? ;-p
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 2 måneder siden
Involuntary manslaughter Nova
Steve Rone
Steve Rone 2 måneder siden
Stronghand tools makes really great stuff
James Marze
James Marze 2 måneder siden
Eventually it would be nice to see finnigan as a professional drift racer, he's done pretty much everything else lol
Mad Sexy
Mad Sexy 2 måneder siden
More c10 update
Nathan Rupert
Nathan Rupert 2 måneder siden
Why isnt this on freakin mtod?!
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 2 måneder siden
I knew Finnegan was into jet boats but I did not know he was that big into it! He's an officianato!
DJ Statyk
DJ Statyk 2 måneder siden
Me, a Boat detailer: *waddles over with the bleach*
foxrace0985 2 måneder siden
You and cleetus with your jet boats makes me want one..
Rare Form
Rare Form 2 måneder siden
Love that little shop & jet boat ...
Hiway's Trailing Adventures
P.s. it involves thing in copyright process. So I can't say anything in public forum until a later date.
Hiway's Trailing Adventures
Trying to reach you guys with roadkill. Are you still with them. It's really important that I speak with someone.
Don D
Don D 2 måneder siden
Bored to death with the "How to bastardize an LS in to anything" programs. Yaaawwwwwwwn.
Tommy Cook
Tommy Cook 2 måneder siden
Iam lost what happened to the nova
John Wheels
John Wheels 2 måneder siden
Hell yea
Tommy Huffman
Tommy Huffman 2 måneder siden
It's sad when you can shoot your episodes and publish faster than a tv crew.
POGI DONUT 2 måneder siden
Hey Mike, would a gear vendor help to lower the engine RPM and maintain prop speed?
Erik Larson
Erik Larson 2 måneder siden
I'm sure you are sick of hearing it, but i was a giant fan of Roadkill back when you guys said it would never leave NOsections. You left for money. But um... I think Cleet proves you can make money here. You guys would be twice his size if you would have stayed. No argument about that. So, are you making twice as much as Cleetus? ;) Come back you YT dude.
A M 2 måneder siden
Look at the end credits of an episode of Roadkill. There are a lot of people involved all who have bills to pay. Income on YT has dropped over 50% for many content providers in the last year alone. Running a business where someone else is taking 45% of what you earn and they totally control what that amount is in the first place is not good compared to having your own platform that you totally control in my book. I'd rather have a solid $2m a year (as an example) than an income that could be $500k or $4m on the whim of a 3rd party.
stykyun 2 måneder siden
"can't wait for you to see that" ... can we watch it outside the US yet, or is it still just a pay to watch advertising vehicle for sponsors that don't care about the international fans because their products aren't sold outside the continental US? I'll support you Finn, I've got two t-shirts, a hat and a hoodie I'm proud to wear, I've bought Wirecare stuff too, but I could not care any less about motor trend, and it really leaves a bad taste when you bring it up like it's something we can just go and watch.
Keunt 2 måneder siden
I feel like there might be a certain florida baby giraffe that might be interested in a drag boat
Kenny Allison
Kenny Allison 2 måneder siden
I knew Finnegan was into jet boats but I did not know he was that big into it! He's an officianato!
Joe cook
Joe cook 2 måneder siden
Are you sure you just didn't put the mid plate on the wrong way around again haha? Remember boatkill
nightstryke 1
nightstryke 1 2 måneder siden
@Finnegan's Garage We need to know how many Knots it'll do not RPMs!
ckl8a 2 måneder siden
i also grew up with a jet boat like 35 yrs ago, parents still have it. 76 charger ~18ft, 460 ford. anyone ever heard of them? I'm curious how they compared to other boats from the era, I don't think I've ever seen another one
caden evans
caden evans 2 måneder siden
We love jet boats
IBWatchinUrVids 2 måneder siden
Must be tough to sell a house in this neighborhood ;)
Jo Momma
Jo Momma 2 måneder siden
Why don't you dry sump the motor???
Maier Racing Photography
Maier Racing Photography 2 måneder siden
As a Montana native I love seeing MT plates in other states
Scott Thompson
Scott Thompson 2 måneder siden
Soooo what happened to the attempted murder nova?
WR ZL1 2 måneder siden
That’s a testament to how inefficient jet drives are. A Vdrive with that HP would be a 120-130 MPH boat.
geoffrey nilson
geoffrey nilson 2 måneder siden
I had a 16' Baja with a rebuilt Evinrude 150 that was radared at 74 mph with no jacking plates, just a well dialed SS prop , but the tach was bouncing off 9K . All for under $7k. In 1990. Those were the days.
Laurence Coots
Laurence Coots 2 måneder siden
Randy Nahorney
Randy Nahorney 2 måneder siden
Maybe might have to add some other go fast goodies to the pump end. Check the guys out over in New Zealand at SSS engineering for some of their trick parts. They are proven and look damn nice!
Zachary Roberts
Zachary Roberts 2 måneder siden
My dad has a ‘79 firebird 400 small block for his ‘81 Trans Am. He told me when It idles it sounds amazing. I really want to drive it when we rebuild it. I want to buy it from him.
ReloadingRADIO 2 måneder siden
Dude you must have the best neighbors ever.
kh40yr 2 måneder siden
Cheap Wal-Mart / Dollar General house candle for the band blade lube. The wax grabs the chips better. Once the wax gets just a bit dirty from cutting ,,it flings off,,taking the stuck chips with it. Tried the Lenox stuff and others. Cheap candle wax for the win. Apply carefully. I remember the Elsinore trip. The good ole days.
Marcus Keeler
Marcus Keeler 2 måneder siden
I hope roadkill is working out for you guys. I don't watch it anymore since you started charging money for it. Why would I, there are a hundred shows the same
My favorite Martian
My favorite Martian 2 måneder siden
If it lived through a 200 shot of nitrous, the rings are gapped just fine.
David Der
David Der 2 måneder siden
That's a pretty good LS engine and should probably have one big single turbski .
Angel Anela July
Angel Anela July 2 måneder siden
I gotta see the rod holders on this
Bobby Sanders
Bobby Sanders 2 måneder siden
So what happened to the attempted Murder Nova? Last I saw it had the free big block in it. Did I miss something?
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