I Got A New Project Car! 200 mph Cadillac Revealed on Finnegan's Garage Ep.119 

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I've owned this car for several years now but building a really fast 1961 Cadillac Coupe De Ville is a project I've wanted to create for over 10 years. After watching several standing-mile racing events at airport runways I decided that someday I'd create a stock-appearing Caddy that could run 200 mph and 8 seconds in the 1/4 mile. The plan has always been to run a stock-appearing billet wheel with beadlock tire-retention rings. I ordered these wheels 9 months ago and they finally arrived so Newbern and I drug the car out of storage and put it into the garage to start measuring for tires and a new rear axle. Sadly, the wheels we dreamed about are not going to work on the Caddy but we are undeterred and will continue march forward with this awesome project.

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13. nov.. 2020





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baggd65 2 måneder siden
My 1965 Sedan Deville does not have that half moon cut out.
Michael Raabe
Michael Raabe 4 måneder siden
Don’t do it! Way to nice like it is!
Barry Carlisle
Barry Carlisle 5 måneder siden
Please don't butcher that beautiful car!!
Hojoz 5 måneder siden
The music is wayyy louder than the voice/talking. Could you work on that?
Gearboy Forge
Gearboy Forge 5 måneder siden
This will be cool, but I'll be sad to see this car chopped up.
popuptoaster 5 måneder siden
I am so European when I saw the title I thought the car was going to be built to drive at 200mph not finish a drag race at that speed, still an impressive goal but not quite what I was expecting! 😁
Press 6 måneder siden
The coupe Is my fav caddillac
Jacob Amelunke
Jacob Amelunke 6 måneder siden
Wish they would have worked, they looked awsome!
D.A.L. 6 måneder siden
I remember that Roadkill episode. That's an awesome car.
Car Guy daddyo
Car Guy daddyo 6 måneder siden
Thats a shame you ARE DESTROYING THAT CAR.
Travis A
Travis A 6 måneder siden
Finnegan must make like 300k a year lol
Casey Smyth
Casey Smyth 6 måneder siden
Shame about the wheel issues. Why cant the main part of wheel lip that is slightly bigger be turned down on a CNC? Seems like a simple solution
Ryan Dore
Ryan Dore 6 måneder siden
It’s a forward mounting tire not reverse mount like you were trying mount it on the front of the rim it will drop right on
billy bowbob
billy bowbob 6 måneder siden
A true piece of automotive art! Beautiful ride!
Ruben Torres
Ruben Torres 6 måneder siden
Please leave a 500 caddy in it!
Thomas Meade
Thomas Meade 6 måneder siden
every single time you post your story its an inspiration to so many people out here and I can't thank you enough for allowing us to be part of your journey through this life
Thomas Meade
Thomas Meade 6 måneder siden
This is such an amazing video thank you for sharing your experience i can never get enough ❤
Thomas Meade
Thomas Meade 6 måneder siden
This was such a cool video keep it up your crushing this NOsections thing in an amazing educational not click bate
Clyne Snowtail
Clyne Snowtail 6 måneder siden
Minor critique, the audio level when you were introducing us to the car was low, I had to turn up my headphones. Then you jumped to trying to mount the tires and the music was closer to a normal level. A bit jarring and had to flail for the volume control as it was then too loud.
Casey Smyth
Casey Smyth 6 måneder siden
The 63/64 are my favorite body style
Caleb Tellier
Caleb Tellier 6 måneder siden
what about just making it so you can bolt a stock hubcap to the beadlock ring
Guy F
Guy F 6 måneder siden
Sometime you gotta be different and bold, cut that baby up and let her fly. I got me 70 C-10 ima chop the top to make it detachable for summer time when I hit the beach or backroads. Do it brotha, be unique.
Cody Jones
Cody Jones 6 måneder siden
Finn, would you sell those 33s? If so hit me up please. Awesome project by the way.
Arizona Southbound
Arizona Southbound 6 måneder siden
This car is too nice to cut up..in walks whistling diesel.
123delorean123 6 måneder siden
why on earth would you cut this up??
TheDutchPathFinder1 6 måneder siden
Cutting up a classic? Be damned............
Peter Farries
Peter Farries 6 måneder siden
When I fit bead lock I put the wheel on the floor bead lock side up and put the tire on the wheel. Never had any success doing it the way fin showed. Just saying
Life behind the bars
Life behind the bars 6 måneder siden
Get rid of the rear seat and go with the steam rollers..
Paul Armes
Paul Armes 6 måneder siden
Just use a super single truck tire😝
Steve Phillips
Steve Phillips 6 måneder siden
Mike, any old Halibrands in the stash from the barn?
HPSFRoadrunner 6 måneder siden
Yer a dreamer Finn. That's what I appreciates about you.
motscrap 6 måneder siden
Leave this classic Cadillac stock!!!
Slam Adams
Slam Adams 6 måneder siden
Stop it. Get some help.
stephane farnes
stephane farnes 6 måneder siden
Check out citroen DS 19 no jack in the tool kit to change a tyre, you use the suspension settings! And they have the same style arch covers
Roger Jackson
Roger Jackson 6 måneder siden
What is sacrilege to cut up a pretty car like that with only 48,000 miles on it. 51 years old and it was a mint shame on you. I will never watch the channel again after that
Sélène Lacaze
Sélène Lacaze 6 måneder siden
But this car is perfect. why not modifing a beat up one?
Allan Francis
Allan Francis 6 måneder siden
sub96vortec 6 måneder siden
What episode of Roadkill is being referred to in regards to this caddy?
Sambone Life74!
Sambone Life74! 6 måneder siden
I can't wait to see Unc Fin's magic happen on this beast!
RyaN Poe
RyaN Poe 6 måneder siden
Elvis will be coming out of his grave singing for joy Got a Cadillac, That would give Mama a heart attack, 😁🤙TCB⚡
Thomas Vittetoe
Thomas Vittetoe 6 måneder siden
Sorry about your dad
aus71383 6 måneder siden
Mickey Thompson ET Street S/S 29x18.0x15LT
sokin jon
sokin jon 6 måneder siden
the wheel wells in high speeds just before crashing it.
Aj Lauzon
Aj Lauzon 7 måneder siden
So crazy i swear to god ive thought about doing this since i was like 10 years old. Right on Fin, youre the man dude.
Ryan Littrell
Ryan Littrell 7 måneder siden
Do a canilever suspension that would be sick
87fubar 7 måneder siden
should have just found a roller to cut up
sokin jon
sokin jon 6 måneder siden
Flip the rim and mount them upside down so you can get the tire bead under the second lip which should be the skinniest part of the rim
Connor C. Jones
Connor C. Jones 7 måneder siden
I'd say do it man yeah the bodies clean but after building rusty midwestern cars your more a head than most
Eduard Pey
Eduard Pey 7 måneder siden
What is the purpose of beadlocks on a drag car? Keeps the tire from spinning around the wheel?
Roy Cash
Roy Cash 7 måneder siden
I would love to have that car before it gets destroyed in this build.
VariousVices 7 måneder siden
maybe cut a groove in the barrel where the opposite side of the tire bead contacts it and you can still use the caddy rims ....look at the steel rim without a tire and youll see what im talking about....the barrel is stepped, not a straight line, and when i install a tire i line it up in the groove to slip it over...
Sheldon Kilpack
Sheldon Kilpack 7 måneder siden
just run the links backwards, you have tonsss of room
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 7 måneder siden
The c10- "am i a joke to you?"
Paul Lacey
Paul Lacey 7 måneder siden
Johnny Cash built a Caddy once I'm sure.A bit at a time.....
Cameron Horton 506
Cameron Horton 506 7 måneder siden
Just move the seat forward like 4 inches
Tony Ozimek
Tony Ozimek 7 måneder siden
Chop that junk up, it's your car, do what you want!!!
A. Howard
A. Howard 7 måneder siden
Why not just sell it and move on to another project? That care IS too nice to get modded or molested. (your pick on which term to use) How about another famous Finnegan horse-trading session?
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 7 måneder siden
Horn works, how 'bout the light in the backseat bar?
Job91 7 måneder siden
Unsubbed its disgusting how you treat automotive history like this.
joojoo 7 måneder siden
Forget about the comfort. Put the steamrollers in and pull the engine out of game over and throw that in there. It's gonna be mint
Shane McLaughlin
Shane McLaughlin 7 måneder siden
Flip the rim and mount them upside down so you can get the tire bead under the second lip which should be the skinniest part of the rim
Emilio Wal
Emilio Wal 7 måneder siden
Wow great project, I drive a 1970 coupe deville. Big balls if you will make this car in the 200 mph club and also street drivable . Greets from the Netherlands 🇳🇱
Michael STRANGE Franke
Michael STRANGE Franke 7 måneder siden
Hell with it moved back seat forward and put them monster tires on
Jared 7 måneder siden
I’m trying to decide if I should just unfollow since you’re going to be cutting up this clean classic. Isn’t this illegal? lol
Falcon Eye
Falcon Eye 7 måneder siden
ok, go 33 and leave the seat change the mounting points of the rear end back 9 in and lose the removable wheel panel, fill it seamless If you don't want it I would be glad to have the car
studdaman420 7 måneder siden
Those are some sick looking wheels Mike! Sucks they are giving you shit.
Colin Grover
Colin Grover 7 måneder siden
You were mounting the tire from the wrong side of the rim,
Bailey Brewer
Bailey Brewer 7 måneder siden
Hey Fin, real sorry about your Dad. Love the new project 👍🏻
J Blanford
J Blanford 7 måneder siden
Please don’t ruin that nice caddy I had a 62 and regret getting rid of it but I was young and dumb
P-M 7 måneder siden
This is the first Finnegans Garage I have watched...don't cut a pristine car up..find a shitbox and cut it up
Daniel Nelson
Daniel Nelson 7 måneder siden
Don't listen to any of these people whining like it makes a lick of a difference what you do to this car... It was sitting in a damn motor trend warehouse somewhere for God knows how long, 8 years did you say? This crap happens all the time... At least you'll be using it and building a badass whip that will be enjoyed by many. Instead of taking it to showroom spec, then garaging it for its entire life to be enjoyed by who? Your neighbors the couple dozen times a year you open that garage bay door to get out the motorcycle you have parked behind it? The one you hardly ever ride? Lol. I never understood people's aversion to modifying older cars... You're going to love it, you're going to actually USE it... That's already better than what would happen if you sold that one to someone so you could cut up a different example... An example which could easily be made into whatever it is the commenters seem to think it should be, just as easily I'm sure because you're not going to go 200 mph in a junked out rusty death trap surely. So to hell with all these guys. Likely just saying it bugs them because they think it makes them sound like "true car guys" which makes me laugh... Glad you're doing this instead of selling it to some guy who will "get to it next year for sure" for the next two decades. Get it Finn!
bfmcarparts Last
bfmcarparts Last 7 måneder siden
Horn works, how 'bout the light in the backseat bar?
The Alignment Guy (R)
The Alignment Guy (R) 7 måneder siden
I'm sure this has been said, but "custom" wheels are not necessarily "race" wheels. Get a bead-lock wheel that works, and make the lock ring to look like the Caddy wheel cover. JMF TAG
1st World Problems SOLVED
1st World Problems SOLVED 7 måneder siden
AWD solves all those problems...and you can keep it Cadillac. CTS-V AWD AUTO.
M Son
M Son 7 måneder siden
This really makes me sad. Hope in some way you not will ruin this Cadillac, are so many in bad shape that you could bring to life. This car deserves so much better then your plans. Please don't. ☺
Charles Willis
Charles Willis 7 måneder siden
cody swartz
cody swartz 7 måneder siden
You will end up moving the wheel base to keep the rear seat i am guessing,
ltseven 7 måneder siden
Anybody can restore one takes a real man to cut one up
Nishant Verma
Nishant Verma 7 måneder siden
In case if this car belongs to me I gonna keep this baby stock 😬
F1 #44
F1 #44 7 måneder siden
I think you will need to drop down to a drag radial tyre or you won't have any space to do the 4 link and new rear axle and brakes. I will say it is a combo that I would never have seen with twin turbo's
Solomon Taylor
Solomon Taylor 7 måneder siden
as soon as I saw that big tire I thought you were actually gonna install that but I knew it was gonna be difficult I don't know how you didn't see that coming
smokeydbob 7 måneder siden
Go full 4 link and big tires it's worth more then a back seat!😉
The Man
The Man 7 måneder siden
ICE crap. Tesla is better.
Jake Kaywell
Jake Kaywell 7 måneder siden
Irrelevant. ICE cars are still cool.
miko foin
miko foin 7 måneder siden
I actually got sick to my stomach at the thought of cutting up that low mile unmolested classic Caddy.
Sam Buck
Sam Buck 7 måneder siden
Please please please sort the sound in your videos.... invest a small amount in some mics, even average ones would be an improvement!! Love your work but the audio makes them so hard to watch.
Bill Levassiur
Bill Levassiur 7 måneder siden
Great project. Can't wait to see the build.
Bill Levassiur
Bill Levassiur 7 måneder siden
Would be a great led sled.
miko foin
miko foin 7 måneder siden
I know it can't stay totally stock looking but try please try to make it as stock looking as possible
Zach Coldwell
Zach Coldwell 7 måneder siden
You should call that guy that mounted the tires on stubby bob.
Sailing Mariposa
Sailing Mariposa 7 måneder siden
Look at that sweet front/rear weight distribution!
NEEDbacon 7 måneder siden
On one hand that is one minty 61 and seems excessively nice to turn into a full on Drag Car. That said I fully support the idea of turning a land yacht into some quarter mile ripper. Ever since I played Ridge Racer V and got my hands on the Danver Spectra a stupid fast land yacht has been a dream for me as well (thought technically it was a drift car).
Slade Mangrum
Slade Mangrum 7 måneder siden
That poor Caddy :-(
Philo Beddoe
Philo Beddoe 7 måneder siden
Kind of a shame to Frankenstein that beautiful car.
Riz3n FPV
Riz3n FPV 7 måneder siden
So are we saying.... this vs that , for beards... against the hoonigan DONK ?
mobilemowers 7 måneder siden
Only orginal once. Thats why you liked it. :(
「ZED」 7 måneder siden
Those wheels looked so sick tho.
John C Cargill
John C Cargill 7 måneder siden
Shame on you
John C Cargill
John C Cargill 7 måneder siden
F;d up another great old car.
Rick S
Rick S 7 måneder siden
I know this is completely off topic for this video but I’m not a social media person. NOsections is as close as I get. I want to say my heart goes out to you and your family. I have made that exact walk onto the airplane trying to get to FL when my father pass away.
techs 1smh
techs 1smh 7 måneder siden
Like to see 200 at lake bed.👍
Glen Garrity
Glen Garrity 7 måneder siden
This is gonna be amazing....But the normal guy will not have the bank roll to do this....but I'm glad that you're doing it....cuz it gives us hope. And this ride will be Dope. Hope'n Dope. Yer next T-shirt design...You're welcome......And thanks for sharing...Can't wait to see the progress!!!!!!
Frank Huggins
Frank Huggins 7 måneder siden
That is a great car they don’t make them that way no more
CUDA519 7 måneder siden
I know it can't stay totally stock looking but try please try to make it as stock looking as possible
I built a secret door
I built a secret door