Disaster! I Bought a Big Rig Semi and It's Already Broken! 

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On episode 150 of Finnegan's Garage, Mike Finnegan bids farewell to his giant ramp truck, Lincoln Hawk. After recent road trip he discovered that there wasn't enough room in the engine compartment to swap a bigger diesel engine into the truck, which meant he didn't have enough power to tow the trailer he had just bought. So, he sold the big red chevy kodiak square body ramp truck and bought a 2004 Freightliner FL112 semi converted into an RV by a company called Showhauler.
This video is about the purchase and first road trip in the truck, which ended in disaster when the onboard freshwater storage tank leaked 75 gallons of water into the interior of the Toterhome, ruining the carpet and wood floor. Don't worry, we are well on our way to repairing the truck in anticipation of a cross-country drag boat road trip!
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13. juni. 2021





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Chris Soderberg
Chris Soderberg 9 minutter siden
It's on the inside to try to keep the water from freezing in cold climates otherwise you have to put a heat blanket or some type of heat around it
Nota Rookee
Nota Rookee 2 dager siden
Just a free suggestion LOL just what you need I’m sure however I will say that if you can bring yourself to replacing that fiberglass or whatever it is water tank with an aluminum tank and use marine grade plumbing parts you’ll have less trouble in the future
Chris Savage
Chris Savage 2 dager siden
How much did this thing set you back?
big-lolo-505 3 dager siden
That's what usually happens to copycats lmfao wannabe cleetus McFarland 🤣😂
Buba A
Buba A 4 dager siden
So do? you have to get a class a license
zymmer4 4 dager siden
Water tank is inside to keep it from freezing in cold weather..DUH!
BSG1982 4 dager siden
I’m betting it’s gonna be way better than new one once you are finished… ✌️❤️🍊🌳
tcpnetworks 4 dager siden
I'd recommend a drip tray being installed - it will take the water, leaking from the tank, and dump it outside. That way you know there's a problem and the water isn't murdering the floor.
twitch.tv/cdrfox29 braden
i like how dave was allegedly not wearing a seat belt
Robert Scouler
Robert Scouler 6 dager siden
My uncle has a 1998 daybreak and its only got 53,500 miles on it we been here in north Carolina for 3 weeks we are leaving Sunday morning
Shaun McCoy
Shaun McCoy 6 dager siden
Looks like a FL chassis freightshaker, you picked an A+ turd. Should leave you stranded regularly. Make friends with an experienced tech and a banker for loans to keep it running.
michael sorrentino
michael sorrentino 6 dager siden
michael sorrentino
michael sorrentino 6 dager siden
michael sorrentino
michael sorrentino 6 dager siden
FINNY..LOOK FOR AN OVAL W/4 NUMBERS IN IT..1st 2 numbers will be the week the tires were made and 2nd 2 numbers will be the year!!
Gary Leibitzke
Gary Leibitzke 6 dager siden
In our Renegade there were 2 100gal plastic water tanks under the queen bed in the rear of the coach.
Gary Leibitzke
Gary Leibitzke 6 dager siden
We had a 2006 Renegade 2400CM for a lot of years. The Mercedes MBE4000 motor and the Meritor Freedom 12 automated manual. No clutch pedal. We ran appx. 1650 rpm at 70 mph in 12th gear.
someone somebody
someone somebody 7 dager siden
that lincoln hawk video clip-bouncing of the headliner must of been fun-it was funny watching the bounce
ZipKickGo 7 dager siden
Everyone's seeing ol Cleeter's toterhome getting ideas
Jack Ford
Jack Ford 7 dager siden
The same racing immunochemically bury because hot medicinally need past a anxious rugby. pretty, draconian ease
Jack Fielding
Jack Fielding 7 dager siden
The tank is inside so it dosen't freeze.
James Sullivan
James Sullivan 7 dager siden
Unfortunately, it has a Mercedes engine. One of the worse engines ever.
Tony Seefeldt
Tony Seefeldt 8 dager siden
Those square water tanks do nothing but eventually crack. I was looking at a horse trailer tank. Thicker and better built
Kentucky Ranger
Kentucky Ranger 8 dager siden
Even non truckers know about Swift, LOL! They were bad when I started driving, back in 1988, and weren't any better in 2007, when I had to retire due to health issues. And it doesn't surprise me, they're still the worst, LOL! What does make me wonder though, who is dumb enough to insure Swift??? And the Co that does, must charge a HUGE premium, LOL!
FORD MAN 8 dager siden
Just went on a celeetus marathon with his new rig….. had to watch
Eliot Mansfield
Eliot Mansfield 9 dager siden
suprised that water tank wasn’t baffled to prevent slosh
Tony Seefeldt
Tony Seefeldt 8 dager siden
Not enough water to matter. Even in smaller RVs it's hardly ever felt
tbugher62 9 dager siden
More money than brains.
Derek Peveto
Derek Peveto 10 dager siden
You should have a catch pan made for the tank. Just in case.
Matthew Bolt
Matthew Bolt 10 dager siden
They make a European adapter box for the trailer wiring.
Michael Downs
Michael Downs 10 dager siden
Sure Wish I'ld Finished Training.
Roberta Christeen
Roberta Christeen 10 dager siden
quit talking on with the road trip
Gregory Bowen
Gregory Bowen 11 dager siden
It’s sad cause that dude you bought it from knew
Absolution Armament
Absolution Armament 11 dager siden
Freezing is why they keep water tanks inside the RVs
Inviticus 11 dager siden
Its inside to protect from the cold weather. it stays in the heated compartment of the living quarter. otherwise you will have to put a tank heater in to keep it from freezing if your traveling in those environments.
Avikesh Prasad
Avikesh Prasad 13 dager siden
More of this please😛
Tyrone Thompson
Tyrone Thompson 14 dager siden
Where’s j low
TOM SANDERS 14 dager siden
Those Freightliner Sport Chassis are really nice trucks when everything works properly
sciblades 14 dager siden
So I ride horses for a living so I live in my toted for 6 months of the year. 1st thing check your roof, make sure you seal it up tight, dicore is your friend don't be shy. 2 water heater, check your diode and flush it, btw the switch you asked about is for your water heater, check your electric heating element while you are in there. Most water tanks are in the cab so they don't freeze when it gets cold. I suggest trying to fit the largest fresh tank you can mine has 150 gallons under our bed. The tech refresh is really easy to do in these, I put a 42 inch oled in the main area, I also put in a traveller sat dish, I chose the dish one since you can pay month to month. While refreshing I would replace your microwave with an convection oven/microwave. If you don't have it already I would highly recommend putting a grill in the lower compartment so you can make stuff when at the track. We Also have an outdoor fridge in ours that we use alot aswell but is not as needed as the grille. Replace all the lighting for led, Casper sells a good bed topper for the cab over that makes it much nicer to sleep on. Your tank read outs will read accurately if you flush and clean them out, aka grey and black. Depending on your budget you should really look into a lithium/solar setup or at least go agm on your house batteries. Last but not least service service your AC the colemans are the best but make sure to lubricate your fan motors ect. Also buy a cheap dehumidifier to run when the toter is not in use, try to tender it as much as possible to help the batteries last as long as they can. If there isn't already a whole coach shutoff you should add one so the batteries don't drain when it is parked and you forget to turn something off.
Stacy Collier
Stacy Collier 14 dager siden
Its about time now you can tow every thing you find on the road make more video on new projects cool great video
Radionut R
Radionut R 15 dager siden
This is fun to watch for sure I will continue watching. Do me a favor wear your seatbelt!
Steven Johannesen
Steven Johannesen 15 dager siden
Seat belts ?, like is it legal not to wear them in the USA?
John PM
John PM 15 dager siden
The tank is inside to help stop it freezing in v cold weather....
john michaels
john michaels 16 dager siden
The water tank is inside due to climate control. Need insulated if putting outside.
Big Steve
Big Steve 16 dager siden
Swift is the worst for two reasons.1, the have a lot of trucks on the road.2, they hire right out of CDL schools. So they have inexperienced drivers. And they don't pay well.
dhaehn 16 dager siden
All RV's should have a drain to empty the water tank.
Jay People
Jay People 16 dager siden
Water tank under is a freeze risk inside its less likely to freeze
Tom Harvey
Tom Harvey 16 dager siden
I just went through the same type of trailer plug debacle good times! Never let them see you sweat!! 😬
Lewis turner
Lewis turner 16 dager siden
Two brains yet no one thought to purchase a wet dry vac and or empty out the water tank . I guess that's another benefit of having a lot of money and not knowing what to do with it. Must be nice.
Kyle Mohan Racing
Kyle Mohan Racing 17 dager siden
I'm looking at similar good bad decisions. how much did this end up running you.
Dewayne Miguel
Dewayne Miguel 17 dager siden
The Mercedes Benz diesel engine is garbage there made cheap you should have bought a Cummins my last one over 600k before it got traded never broke down and I averaged for the entire year 6.1 mpg pulling a 53' Van.
Captain R.
Captain R. 17 dager siden
GET UP ON THAT ROOF MIKE! SEAL IT ALL UP! Leaks suck moose ass in those trucks!
Hung Lo
Hung Lo 19 dager siden
Pro tip, flat bill hats are stupid and that one is 5 sizes too big..............
coco Boo
coco Boo 20 dager siden
If I ever change out my bench seat in my pontiac I want a captain's chair like that in it
Richard Thomas
Richard Thomas 20 dager siden
Extremely RED FLAG when a guy runs out buys 5 news batteries to get rid of his rig.
Richard Thomas
Richard Thomas 20 dager siden
Why I rent hotels
scott offord
scott offord 20 dager siden
One word: dehumidifier
Mountains & Moore
Mountains & Moore 20 dager siden
At 13:47, you were crossing the Tennessee River near Scottsboro, AL. on Highway 35. When you panned to the left, you were looking at Jones Cove and Sand Mountain behind it. I live on top of Sand Mountain, right above Jones Cove. Cool to see the area on here, but unexpected. not exactly a direct route from Atlanta to Bristol. :-/ I have just started watching some of your videos, after being prompted by several friends. Pretty cool stuff. Keep 'em coming!
Uncle Quack
Uncle Quack 20 dager siden
Help you out? You serious? You the one buying big rigs hot rods boats and high dollar parts out the ass I always see you helping yourself out I'm retired Army I volunteer many hours weekly doing VA claims for other veterans. Big money Finnegan you buy a new vehicle every week all you do is ride your buddies around buying stuff but Yeah I'll still help you.
misha frog
misha frog 21 dag siden
The thought of the makers is to place under the couch to save it being frozen in the cold climates of the world to which is good practice , the pre owner did a patch job and kept shush ! Replace with best quality tank mount on rubber to protect from vibration also make sure it has a drain valve for future problems, replace floor with wood products then loose carpets that can be taken out to clean makes life for the ladys easier.Dont understand after spotting the leak you did not drain off fast. DUMBO S
Benton x
Benton x 21 dag siden
what a huge design flaw, like you left the light on and it cant move, seems easy to fix just give the light a power source that isn't also used to start up and also time delay lights and push button disconnect of all battery drains.
Buggerlugz 23 dager siden
Full Camo wrap required!!!
kmi187 23 dager siden
Anyone know what that hip hop song is that's playing about halfway?
Yah Yeet
Yah Yeet 23 dager siden
I’m gonna say now. That Mercedes diesel is not a good one. They are notorious for computer issues and frequently need to go to a dealer to even have a hope of fixing them
thom wessels
thom wessels 23 dager siden
Welcome to the wonderful adventure of RVING!!!!! Yeah, it will always be like this in some way.
Beef Malone
Beef Malone 24 dager siden
They put the water tank inside so it won't freeze up and bust. Jeez
Dustin Owens
Dustin Owens 24 dager siden
SWIFT See What I F***** up Today. or Two f*** in a white semi. CRST cant remember shit today. I used to have one for werner as well but I have forgotten it.
Cory Richter
Cory Richter 24 dager siden
Well as soon as you said Mercedes power I knew you were screwed. Shift a Eaton automated trans dam. Ok well you can convert the trans to a manual very cheaply as for the engine, I'm sorry to say 🍋.
Mark Poncho
Mark Poncho 24 dager siden
You're loaded just fix it Stop complaining.
Timothy Cote
Timothy Cote 24 dager siden
Finnegan I LOVE the Ashley Shaffer WHOOO you put in while describing the power of the toterhome.... EAST BOUND AND DOWN ROCKS
Lightning strikes twice
Don't know if that really qualifies as a semi! Sort of a long bobtail! What you bought is a converted motorhome! Good luck with the repairs! Everything on the truck OEM is probably okay. First thing you got to do is convert your wiring to the seven way ICC protocol get rid of the motorhome style plugs. Then on the road you'll be able to get parts anywhere for the seven way ICC. Then get yourself the Power probe and learn how to use it. Also thanks for the physics lesson on your converted Rider truck. Excessive overhang is never a good idea! It's called leverage. It's funny to see guys that have enough money to buy this stuff make bonehead mistakes. And then put it on youtube. What's dumber is I'm watching it. Oh well! I've never claimed to be smart! Man's got to know his limitations!
T51B1 25 dager siden
Quite a difference compared to the ramp truck and now
Adam Robertson
Adam Robertson 26 dager siden
lol i see a guy having a ball . An the rest of ya bitching coz its not you ,who the hell would watch if it was easy
Sai puneeth
Sai puneeth 26 dager siden
Somone give this man a mic!!
Anthony Humbert
Anthony Humbert 27 dager siden
That is not a semi. That is a medium duty truck.
Geoff Molyneux
Geoff Molyneux 27 dager siden
Put a catch tray under water tank and drain it to outside. No more floods inside.
william miller
william miller 27 dager siden
the reason that tank is uinside the truck is to keep it from freezing in winter
xbgtfella 27 dager siden
Hey Finny, might wanna stick to the four stroke stuff and leave Shaq power for the big boys!!!
Zeek M
Zeek M 27 dager siden
It's pretty useless for off road.
rhino power
rhino power 27 dager siden
Who cares
David Leppek
David Leppek 28 dager siden
If you have an outside shower that water pump or fixture might be leaking it might be turned on
David Leppek
David Leppek 28 dager siden
It smells likely your water pump if you turn it off shut the valve it will stop leaking
Brodaya 28 dager siden
Should’ve got a kenworth
Carbon Fiber Creations Washington
JB Hunt ( worst drivers)
TK 29 dager siden
I believe that the tank is located inside because in the northern climates it could freeze if located below.
Greenbelt7 29 dager siden
Blame it on Cleet dog!
Greenbelt7 29 dager siden
You know the guy that sold the toter is reading this. C'mon man, that was a clown move not even giving Mike a heads up. You KNEW there was an issue, but played dumb.
Captain Flatbed.
Captain Flatbed. Måned siden
Welcome to trucking lol
rick galla
rick galla Måned siden
Have an overflow drain pan made to put under new tank Any metal shop can make one for u Similar to what u put under home a/ c unit
D Måned siden
its called how not to freeze and crack your water tank..
oh damn its that guy
you bought a broken mercedes benz diesel instead of a detroit or cat diesel .....??? way to go.
Fred Mertz
Fred Mertz Måned siden
It's getting about time for a new video..
Sebastian K
Sebastian K Måned siden
That's a lot of damage - try FlexSeal!
Phil McDonell
Phil McDonell Måned siden
The reason why the water tank is inside rather than underneath, is that it won't freeze in winter. Provided you keep the heat on.
Terry H
Terry H Måned siden
Not quite ready to ask the wife if she likes this one yet, eh?
Victor Coots
Victor Coots Måned siden
Is it possible to put a 2nd containment around the tank and a drain hose to the exterior of the toter? That way future leaks show up as an external leak?
Eric Fox
Eric Fox Måned siden
A dehumidifier will help enormously! I like it loads n loads
Stephanie Wilson
Stephanie Wilson Måned siden
The water tank is inside to avoid it freezing in the cold of winter.
212caboose Måned siden
You've got a TON of storage space... Upsize all your water tanks, and get that main water tank out of the inside of the camper section...
ted coffman
ted coffman Måned siden
There's the real mistake...Mercedes diesel in a class 8 truck is a joke. They never stay together and are a constant drag on your bank account. Good Luck!
Nestor Mamarian
Nestor Mamarian Måned siden
I owned a freightliner with a Cummins and one with a Detroit diesel... a friend of mine bought one with a Mercedes engine... biggest piece of crap engine.... very expensive to fix... good luck on the purchase of a money pit Mercedes engine.... by the way... the Detroit and the Cummins, those trucks are still on the road... the Mercedes was sold with a huge loss of $$$$$ P.S. THAT'S A BADD ASS TRUCK/RV...
Mitch Dasovich
Mitch Dasovich Måned siden
You need an og peterbilt