The Ramp Truck Gets a Blower! Burnouts for Days! Finnegan's Garage Ep.107 

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It all began with a burnout and a dangling taillight. Back in Episode 95 we tried to do burnouts in a recent acquisition, this 1969 Chevy C50 ramp truck. It didn't go well. The truck ran horribly and wouldn't spin even one of the back tires unless we drove backwards at 10 mph and then slammed the Turbo 400 transmission into Reverse! While we don't recommend this sort of behavior, it was effective; the Ramp Truck smoked one rear tire right down to the cords. While awesome, it wasn't inspiring performance. We needed more power and we needed to fix that busted taillight. What was our solution? Installing a Weiand 6-71 blower and dual Holley 750cfm "double pumper" carbs atop the 454!
Is our engine built for boost? Nope. Are our brakes, suspension or chassis up to the task of harnessing the newfound power? No way! We did it anyway and now thanks to a lot of hours in the garage and some custom fabrication and wiring we now have a reliable, functional and badass looking hot rod hauler that smokes tires with ease.
In this video not only will you see how we fit the massive supercharger under the stub nose hood of Chevy's medium-duty truck, but we'll also give you tips on fabricating, ignition systems, and how to get your nasty chassis clean with a brand-new product from CRC Industries.
Want more info on the stuff in this video? Here's a few helpful links:
Holley Carbs: www.holley.com/products/fuel_systems/carburetors/specialty_carburetors/supercharger_carburetors/parts/0-80573S
MSD Ignition: www.holley.com/products/ignition/ignition_boxes/street_and_strip/parts/6462
MSD low-profile "crab cab" distributor:
CRC Pro Series Parts Cleaner and Degreaser:
CRC Product page:
CRC NOsections channel:

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30. juni. 2020





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Deacon Bird
Deacon Bird 9 dager siden
purists and part of me: NOOO!!! dont do that to a classic hot rodders and the other par of me: *giggles* mo powa baba!
James Merkel
James Merkel 12 dager siden
ouh side ways cap space saver distributer, v/nice solution.
ghost_ wolfmusic
ghost_ wolfmusic Måned siden
best excuse to fit a blower
Michael Benoit
Michael Benoit 2 måneder siden
That de-greaser is like carb cleaner, it’ll take off paint. Should’ve used brake cleaner cuz now all your paint is gone on the truck.
Dave Bernstien
Dave Bernstien 2 måneder siden
Gasser look on a ramp truck sounds AWESOME!
Fancy Shoes Vlogs
Fancy Shoes Vlogs 4 måneder siden
Ive got a 454 big block. I wanted a blower. But I dont think I could cut the hood on my beautiful clean truxk
Fancy Shoes Vlogs
Fancy Shoes Vlogs 4 måneder siden
Ive got a 454 big block. I wanted a blower. But I dont think I could cut the hood on my beautiful clean truxk
Michael Shafer
Michael Shafer 4 måneder siden
"Smiles per mile."
Earl P
Earl P 4 måneder siden
What happened to the fummins? I like HD stuff.
THE-ANT c 5 måneder siden
Dave Van Gemert
Dave Van Gemert 5 måneder siden
That's called a dirty hand rubbing, no tap tap tap. You guys are embarrassing me again. Don't you get your hands dirty in georgia???
TargaWheels 5 måneder siden
Too bad there there isn't a thick oversized copper intake gasket, that you could blend on both sides after milling some of the intake manifold down.
jason morales
jason morales 5 måneder siden
I'm surprised the truck does not have a hydrobost.
KittyBatSasha 5 måneder siden
I'd have reused the piece of the hood you cut out to keep the bodyline🤷‍♀️ But otherwise fantastic work.... You damn menace to society and security guards everywhere... 🤣
Frank James
Frank James 5 måneder siden
I loved this truck from the very start. Love it even more now! I think I'll go out and bust a tail light so I can install a blower on my Chevy pickup.
John Leduc
John Leduc 5 måneder siden
Awesome truck
Henry Smith
Henry Smith 5 måneder siden
Awsum job guys.
Grim RZR
Grim RZR 5 måneder siden
Seen this truck at Indian mountain and it is awesome.
ShortStroke 5 måneder siden
Many the small ke will hide you! How ya doing? Classy!
ShortStroke 5 måneder siden
Need so slow down on those energy drinks!
ShortStroke 5 måneder siden
I think the security knew the deal all along! Probably bragged to the other guards that he got pictures
evan1kx125 5 måneder siden
Shoulda left hood alone.
doubleq1223 5 måneder siden
That firewall came out incredible! That ignition setup is gorgeous! Also "Mexico" is looking very green this time of year!
Tuchodi Carlson
Tuchodi Carlson 6 måneder siden
Epic episode!!! That settles it , I need a blown 454
Hot Rod Dave
Hot Rod Dave 6 måneder siden
That truck is very cool guys
Hot Rod Dave
Hot Rod Dave 6 måneder siden
Is that just a giant can of brake clean? Has a good stream and I will give It a try
Hot Rod Dave
Hot Rod Dave 6 måneder siden
Been a good time for a head upgrade
J.T. Blair
J.T. Blair 6 måneder siden
deegan727 6 måneder siden
I’m sure I didn’t think of this first but oven cleaner is a great degreaser. I’ve been using it for years cleaning up old engines, parts, chassis, etc. but like the CRC stuff be careful around surfaces you care about. Most of the time I use it it doesn’t matter. The parts are getting rebuilt,painted polished whatever. This is where name brand does matter though I’ve tried cheap dollar store oven cleaners and they don’t work nearly as good and don’t use the “fume free” stuff, it’s weaker. Then pressure wash off.
Eddie Gregory
Eddie Gregory 6 måneder siden
I always saw this truck on the the way to the beach in MD on rt 50 and its good to see it getting all this love now.
Redlock 6 måneder siden
It's been a long time since I did anything funny enough to cackle about :)
Josh Wynn
Josh Wynn 6 måneder siden
Damn, that thing sits perfect! Only thing that'd make it better is a Cummins diesel and a big turbo
My Name
My Name 6 måneder siden
Why not lock out the timing at 30-32 degrees? Why not just tune the boost to what the engine can handle, opposed to pulling out timing with boost? Roots blowers love cold starts. Its lots of oxygen. I'd mill the choke horns off. You dont need them.
jatorrie martin
jatorrie martin 6 måneder siden
Hope you get and rectangle port style aftermarket cylinder heads for that thing ?
Hazardous_HD_CW 6 måneder siden
info those fuel lines?? I’m building a nova and I can’t seem to find the right setup but that is perfect for what I’m needing lol. Thanks!
Eddie Rebel
Eddie Rebel 6 måneder siden
Heck of a 12 foot school bus set up?
Casey Juntunen
Casey Juntunen 6 måneder siden
Perfect nickname "Project Snowball"
Matt Drone
Matt Drone 6 måneder siden
Your guys fab work is always on point 👌
Jeffrey Daniels
Jeffrey Daniels 6 måneder siden
Copper brake lines are used in the rust belt, they don't rott
Curtis Thornton
Curtis Thornton 6 måneder siden
You guys didn't go far enough into mexico
Todd Clark
Todd Clark 6 måneder siden
I gotta quit watching these videos I keep falling in love
Allen Messmer
Allen Messmer 7 måneder siden
you should have put some good HEADS ONIT
Smenny 7 måneder siden
What's wrong with copper brake lines? I have always used it to replace rusted steel lines. They basically last forever, and very easy to work with
Jimmy Lowe jr
Jimmy Lowe jr 7 måneder siden
Dumb nasty I want one
Capt. Desmo
Capt. Desmo 7 måneder siden
act normal..... i'm duckin' out
Joshua Coulton
Joshua Coulton 7 måneder siden
Waves to security 😄 amazing I couldn't stop laughing
Jason Haaksma
Jason Haaksma 7 måneder siden
Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.
Heavy hauling Idaho
Heavy hauling Idaho 7 måneder siden
-Finnegan: ran over Black spay can and splattered walls and driveway on garage: check -Me: ran over Black spay can and splattered walls and floors in garage: check ARE WE BROTHERS?
Greg Rogers
Greg Rogers 7 måneder siden
Hell yea brother!!!!!🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘 that was epic and the security guards just waved, lmao that was so awesome
M Whitelaw
M Whitelaw 7 måneder siden
Typically a snowball affect is best for electrical issues. It's best to add LOTS of horsepower to resolve said issues.
M 7 måneder siden
Awesome episode
william yurick
william yurick 7 måneder siden
as every good tail light fix starts you have to go and put a blower on.
Gods Squad
Gods Squad 7 måneder siden
Firewall looks great 👍!
Gods Squad
Gods Squad 7 måneder siden
Who else thought the clip of the cutting of the firewall was from before the engine was installed?
Gods Squad
Gods Squad 7 måneder siden
The gap between the front tires and fenders isn’t nothing compared the gaps this truck will put on other Rigs!
chapmanmerchant 7 måneder siden
YOu just killed the brick mortor.. LOL
michael blacktree
michael blacktree 7 måneder siden
My project car has a broken tail light. And I have a blower sitting on a shelf. BRB AFK 😉
Noah E
Noah E 7 måneder siden
Why would you replaced copper brake lines? Copper lines last significantly longer than steel lines in areas that salt their roads. You took a step backwards.
Danny Dorito 101
Danny Dorito 101 7 måneder siden
You should do a Cowle induckson hood
mcspikesky 7 måneder siden
The not stamped bit o sheet metal won't be particularly rigid, although on this body on frame turd it don't matter
Aarron Reed
Aarron Reed 7 måneder siden
Take it to race week
Joel Lyons
Joel Lyons 7 måneder siden
Headlight lord forbid falla out twin turbo it lpl
Kenton F
Kenton F 7 måneder siden
An ad came up on this video with u in it
S Ock
S Ock 7 måneder siden
why do all those old school blowers have the belt tensioner pushing the belt out instead of in wouldn't you want to point it in to get more belt wrap That's how it is on every other supercharger I see except these old ones although I did see one video where they did it the other way but no one else. is it one of those things where no one's ever done it the other way so no one does or what does the tension not work with those cog belts unless it's pulled out instead of in
Jay Johnston
Jay Johnston 7 måneder siden
at 15:54 he says it works great just dont spray on plastics and rubber... I am staring at the tire and the rubber bushings as he says we do not have any of that here hahahahahhaha i love these guys :)
azza 7 måneder siden
you say 1 can yet you have a carton lol
Iam106racing 7 måneder siden
Waving at security is priceless!
ThePeopleVerse 7 måneder siden
OOOH! Finns got a squirter! You go boy.
546 cowboy
546 cowboy 7 måneder siden
From the opening burn out it seems dumb for that truck to have a rear end that isn't a locker or a posi.
Anthony Frederick
Anthony Frederick 7 måneder siden
Ha ha cause the tail light is out mine as well super charge it switching the bulb lol
Talasas 7 måneder siden
13:32 - That is such a satisfying sound.
Jamie Perna
Jamie Perna 7 måneder siden
should have thrown on a set of headers while you guys were at it! dahhh spoke too soon. satisfaction!
Dan v
Dan v 7 måneder siden
Must have mod list for the Superjet you bought. Factory b pipe Ada head Msd cdi Ada griddled head Impros 9/15 Hooker impeller Pro watercraft ride plate Worx intake grate Jet trim mat kit Blowsion straight bars Nozzle bored to 85mm You’re welcome! Be sure to make a video on it.
Robert Choate
Robert Choate 7 måneder siden
Got everything cleaned up now you gotta clean up the bed
Anthony 7 måneder siden
That's awesome👍
Edward Hart
Edward Hart 7 måneder siden
Love the tribute music to the Hagerty channel time lapse redline rebuilds!
Corey Pruka
Corey Pruka 7 måneder siden
Shit. It's a Barney Fife wannabe. Be cool. Be cool.
Emil Hanning
Emil Hanning 7 måneder siden
copper brake lines will never rust and have better movement under pressure and will break less often cause of metal fatigue if they where to get hit unlike steel that will rust and will break more cause of metal fatigue so you should have kept the copper lines to bad u switched those
Chris Wilhelm
Chris Wilhelm 7 måneder siden
All this and y’all still didn’t fix the tail light 😂🤣.
FRC Custom Guns
FRC Custom Guns 7 måneder siden
The front end reminds of the Wagon Queen Family Truckster.
Daniel Rub
Daniel Rub 7 måneder siden
Hovering smoke ! I love it!
Paul Tomlin
Paul Tomlin 7 måneder siden
Just smile and wave boys!
Gizmo 7 måneder siden
Love it, I would Daily it
Wild Card
Wild Card 7 måneder siden
You should make more road kill with mike plssss I love road kill you should keep doing those episode’s plss
Prototheria 7 måneder siden
I appreciate that I'm not the only grown ass adult here that hasn't actually grown up yet and still goes out to do silly shenanigan shit. Great work, guys.
Kyle Mecham
Kyle Mecham 7 måneder siden
When are we gonna see something on that m57 c10 from the tune my euro guys
SocMunky 7 måneder siden
Hey is that one of the Forever Sharp steering wheels? I've been thinking about getting one for my 89 Sierra, was wondering how ya liked it?
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 7 måneder siden
love it.
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 7 måneder siden
Turn signal light on my Bronco is out, does that mean I need EFI?
Daniel Ingebritson
Daniel Ingebritson 7 måneder siden
Makes total sense to me Head light out? Big block swap?
TheJagjr4450 7 måneder siden
We ran an oval port intake on rectangle port heads and ran low 7 sec 1/8's in a street 69 Nova.
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 7 måneder siden
Fucking sweet! Just do better with your schill bits.
Slayo710 7 måneder siden
😂😂😂😂 the paint can had me rolling! Love it Finnegan hahahah that shit was hilarious
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 7 måneder siden
Damn, ALMOST got the paint match between the front group and the door. Didn't this truck come from a body & paint guy? LOL
Shabalabawigman1 7 måneder siden
Cleeter called you out
Chevguy85 7 måneder siden
You have been challenged by Cletus
Frank Miller
Frank Miller 7 måneder siden
Nothing to do with this video but Cletus McFarland called you out to a race Finnegan, jet boat vs hovercraft
kolim jone
kolim jone 7 måneder siden
caleb h
caleb h 7 måneder siden
Damn dude cleeter just called out the drag boat!
kolim jone
kolim jone 7 måneder siden
you get around to fixing the taillights lol 😂
tacoma225 7 måneder siden
@ 737 Bad tail light!!! Better check the dome light!!
Killin Time Racing
Killin Time Racing 7 måneder siden
Steven Plaskett
Steven Plaskett 7 måneder siden
Blasphemi vs leroy will be so awesome missed u at drag week in Colorado finn
Kendall thompson
Kendall thompson 7 måneder siden
Is gas free in Georgia or what lol
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