Grudge Racing The Attempted Murder Nova Plus a New Contest! Finnegan's Garage Ep.123 

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About the contest:
On December 14th at 9pm Easter Standard Time we are going to have a trivia contest. For over an hour we are going to be giving you the opportunity to win a ton of stuff from Holley and it’s subsidiaries. To win, all you have to do is be the first person to correctly answer a question in the live-feed comment box. The questions will come from the last four episodes of Finnegan’s Garage. Some will be easy but the ones that win the big prizes may make ya think a bit. So go back and watch Episodes 122, 121, 120 and 119 of Finnegan’s Garage to prepare to win. Good luck!
We've never really done a good video about David Newbern's 1971 Chevy Nova, which we call The Attempted Murder Nova, but that all changes today. The car got the name as a joke because it's nowhere near as fast as Shawn Ellington's Murder Nova, nor does it have similar race parts. Recently, though, the car received some serious upgrades when we journeyed to Florida to buy Steve Shaw's Toyota Mini-Truck and LS race engine. You can see that video in Episode 115 of Finnegan's Garage.
Newbern took the mystery LS and swapped it into his Nova, replacing the old 454 that was under the hood. In this video we are going to dyno test the engine, hit it with nitrous oxide for the first time, and then head to Paradise Dragstrip in Calhoun, Georgia, for a grudge race with fellow NOsectionsr Emilie Reeves or Flying Sparks Garage. She has a really cool GTO with a supercharged LS engine and its a stickshift, which is super cool because we love stick cars and Newbern's Nova has a stick, too.
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Flying Sparks Garage
Flying Sparks Garage 4 måneder siden
We had SUCH A BLAST running Roxy GTO and cannot wait for next time! Our episode will be hitting the tubes SOON too!! Can’t wait for y’all to see Newbern’s car LIFT THE TIRES mid track!!! GoPro gold. Agh! So stoked!!!
Azarael Ballard
Azarael Ballard 4 måneder siden
@Brian Spalding someone oiled left lane so couldn't run side by side
Shawn Dickens
Shawn Dickens 4 måneder siden
Not bashing, don't want conflict ever, but want to be honest. I like both Emily and Aaron and have watched their channel some but, can't follow it for some reason. Wish I could say change some little thing, but I don't know what it is. Yet when these two are racing or riding together I have to see it. Cheers.
PooWaffle 4 måneder siden
Emily is such fine lady. True wife material.
Jeremy 4 måneder siden
You are doing great Emily, just you and Aaron in a shed vs a whole team of guys not fair but you kept at it. Go girl keep rocking the monaro!!
Joel 74
Joel 74 4 måneder siden
Monaro. 🇦🇺🦘🙃🦘🇦🇺
Rikk Englehart
Rikk Englehart 4 dager siden
Hey Finnegan your videos are so awesome I hope you have an awesome day
Luke Thorsen
Luke Thorsen 8 dager siden
what is the red wagon on the left above the old mustang
Jason Bailey
Jason Bailey 9 dager siden
Wish I had awesome friends like you guys.
Teegan O'Neill
Teegan O'Neill 26 dager siden
Who else saw the semi truck racing the mustang in the background
Jeff Jankiewicz
Jeff Jankiewicz Måned siden
Congrats to 12 volt Dave, Nova RIPS! Thanks for the worm Cotton and being a good sport about it. Thanks Emily for coming, you rock. Awesome toy drive for the kids.
FrosTWorX Pc Repair & Recycling
that is the best worm i have ever seen lol
Hack Job Garage
Hack Job Garage Måned siden
The toy drive was a nice touch! Warms my fukin cockles! You guys rock
John Becay
John Becay Måned siden
many years ago "doing the worm" meant eating the worm at the bottom of the tequila bottle.
Tony Taylor
Tony Taylor Måned siden
Procat Procat
Procat Procat Måned siden
That american stomach really helped !
STEEL FTW 2 måneder siden
Is there a way to g do figure out what Ls Dave newbern has
Greg Ballard
Greg Ballard 2 måneder siden
Nothing says I dont have an ounce of originality left in my soul like an ls swap does.
Benjamin Hutto
Benjamin Hutto 2 måneder siden
Best ending ever!
Plague Bones
Plague Bones 2 måneder siden
Your car is 12 volts of awesome Dave!
zymmer4 2 måneder siden
emliy wins on vigor and fairness!!!
zymmer4 2 måneder siden
WTF?? you hit the starting line..trip the trees and leave..NOT..bring a crew out to open the trunk, turn valves and shit.., stand behind the car and hold it on the line..dave sucks peanutbutter..
Don Sharp
Don Sharp 2 måneder siden
Dude I know this is an old video but I've got to watch the build of that nova. I've been a manual trans guy since I was six years old 44 years ago. I just watched you leave the line in that thing! I want my truck to leave like that ... Of course Newburg would have to be behind the wheel but wow what a setup! I just have to convince Mama it will give us better gas mileage and pay itself off in a year. Wish me luck.
Littleblockfox 90
Littleblockfox 90 2 måneder siden
🤔I liked the backwards worm the best
kevin auman
kevin auman 2 måneder siden
Wish this video had a love button rather than a like/thumbs-up button lol-ol-ol
Roy Martin
Roy Martin 2 måneder siden
Oh my god, the worm in slow motion... thank you, lol.
Sara Barnes
Sara Barnes 3 måneder siden
The kindly gram gergely fry because oval essentially improve worth a woebegone insect. ratty, deeply finger
Jon Newton
Jon Newton 3 måneder siden
The racing was awesome but, cotton doing the worm was and always has to be the BOMB!! Freaking great guys. Cheers from Australia.
Ron Burgundy
Ron Burgundy 3 måneder siden
Im calling out the nova 😝
manuel86 manuel86
manuel86 manuel86 3 måneder siden
Why Call the Guy Guy his fucking Car Murda Nova thats Fake ass Shit Name You Car Killer Nova but mura Nova that is shit...
batch 3 måneder siden
Next time do the slug
Real Deal
Real Deal 3 måneder siden
better name would be pick pocket nova
J D 4 måneder siden
Need a shirt that says "hide the hyundais" with a supercharger.
Smoked Tirez
Smoked Tirez 4 måneder siden
I believe this is the guy who you refer to as the old owner of the engine in the Attempted Murder Nova also to mention Im sure I saw a pic of you and the guy who owns the Nova together standing next to a red pickup with hotrod stickers next to it...... RIP [url=postimages.org/][img]i.postimg.cc/nh4k1TG8/steven-shaw-jacksonville-fl-photos123.jpg[/img][/url] i.postimg.cc/nh4k1TG8/steven-shaw-jacksonville-fl-photos123.jpg
Danny Gardner
Danny Gardner 4 måneder siden
Are we just going to ignore what looks like a semi truck lining up next to a mustang at 21:26
Travis Davis
Travis Davis 4 måneder siden
This is bad ass..... I only wish I had a team like you all. This is what drag racing is all about. I love the name.. I have a flat blk nova with Turbo Ls and maybe one day I will have mine all worked out and hauling ass. Congrats guys. Keep it up.
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson 4 måneder siden
The look on David's face when he realized how much it made on n2o made me laugh... then when I seen attempted murder nova had a personal best on my bday... priceless
Jeff Ratliff
Jeff Ratliff 4 måneder siden
Sad we didn't get the time for the second run. But good work. That's one fast Nova.
M C R 4 måneder siden
Is it just me or is everyone else notice the lack of audio quality when Finnegan is talking half the time.
zach willson
zach willson 4 måneder siden
awesome vid
Bigballmagrawl85 4 måneder siden
zee best
bigpigslapper Oink
bigpigslapper Oink 4 måneder siden
The back'rds worm was more graceful than the frontward worm. Have him do it back'rds next time. LOL
RecoilFreak 4 måneder siden
Cotten’s birthday I’d Dec 3rd? Mine too... *fist bump* He’s 5 yrs older, though.
dropping Hertz
dropping Hertz 4 måneder siden
All I can say is that WORM was SICKK But in all Honesty it was Super SICKKK Backwards Bro im 37 & I would not of even come Close 2 killin it like u My"G STRIGHT UP 🤘🏻
79tazman 4 måneder siden
Why not a turbo on that nova it will make more ponies and you won't burn up as much as a nitro car will
Romullus 4 måneder siden
Who knew the slow motion worm, forward and reverse, would be the best part of the video.
Llama Cebu
Llama Cebu 4 måneder siden
You know you're old when you say it's "real late" and it's 10 pm
Button Puncher
Button Puncher 4 måneder siden
That last launch was awesome. Someone needs to make a GIF of that launch leaving with their arms. It's only a flesh wound!
Old Grump's Garage
Old Grump's Garage 4 måneder siden
"I've never seen one purge like that" 😆 🤣 😂
Properly Twisted
Properly Twisted 4 måneder siden
Enough horsepower around to drag a small moon, but Cotton's worm "snail's it"!..;)
Robert Bradford
Robert Bradford 4 måneder siden
That worm was Epic... LMFAO😅 he's a great sport!✌
dragin79 4 måneder siden
One of the best videos ever!! Can you give me a run down on the history of the Nova and maybe an episode where you go over Newberns and Mr. Worms personal collections. Also please more from Mo's maybe an episode going and seeing whats at their shop but def more videos there! Love what you do for the car community not just on here but on motortrend, keep up the great work. You are keeping the hot rod lifestyle alive.
Nobody Nothing
Nobody Nothing 4 måneder siden
Please post on Rumble also
brdnsky64 4 måneder siden
What is that back half for Mike, that is behind you? Also 10:00 is late for you. Do you go to bed with the chickens? HAHAHA! Don't take that the wrong way. Ronnie.
James Kiesinger
James Kiesinger 4 måneder siden
Obviously it was 4:20 at the shop this day........Good times boys!!
Sean 4 måneder siden
Hell yeah! Blues brothers reference!
Rick Bledsoe
Rick Bledsoe 4 måneder siden
That was so funny when you guys first tested the nos
Jim C
Jim C 4 måneder siden
Could you please buy a mic so we can everyone talking that's not holding the camera?
Jacob Gravitt
Jacob Gravitt 4 måneder siden
At paradise those hoodies were $60
Joe Rogers
Joe Rogers 4 måneder siden
Watching the worm slow-mo makes my knees hurt. Ouch.
vxpenfold 4 måneder siden
love the Staind referances haha
Austin Sloane
Austin Sloane 4 måneder siden
The opposite peony anaerobically boil because schedule chemically launch circa a jumpy ping. disastrous, windy toast
Johnny Jayy
Johnny Jayy 4 måneder siden
Imagine the Attempted Murder Nova vs the Murder Nova 😱😈
Johnny Jayy
Johnny Jayy 4 måneder siden
Guy almost Kinda reminds me of Kevin Van Voris 🤣
Roger Pich
Roger Pich 4 måneder siden
Backwards is the best.....
Nathaniel Mathies
Nathaniel Mathies 4 måneder siden
Why is Dave running a new motor? Surely its not as good as the old engine he was GIFTED
Marc Martin
Marc Martin 4 måneder siden
You guys put on a hell of a show. Thank you so much you make my day a lot of the times all of you. Beat the hell out of trying to watch television
goget'em188 4 måneder siden
Ddd Kkk
Ddd Kkk 4 måneder siden
This was so cool, Emily is so sweet, what a spirit in her, just shines
Ddd Kkk
Ddd Kkk 4 måneder siden
Where are your masks? You guys don't believe them little weasels that claim every one is dying from the evil Covid that doesn't attack in Walmart and you need a test to see if you are dying from it? It is so bad that masks thrown on the ground chase you around except in big corporate stores?
D2 WrenchWorks & DIY
D2 WrenchWorks & DIY 4 måneder siden
Damnit boy that nova left mean as hell!! That's nuts Dave drove the wheels off it too, no ring rust for my mans! You and team continue to put out GREAT quality videos Mike, please keep it coming!
Shit Box
Shit Box 4 måneder siden
Ol attempted murder is a serious ride now, brutal on nitrous. 🤘
BossII AKA HackoDis
BossII AKA HackoDis 4 måneder siden
I love what you guys do, it gives me inspiration to go and work on my car. It's a 92 Grand Marquis and i love it. It's not fast, it doesn't handle great and is kinda sketchy. I love the car and having fun with it. Thanks to you guys i have gottent he attitude of "who cares, it runs it drives and i'm having fun" Thanks again for the great content over the years
Earl Arthur
Earl Arthur 4 måneder siden
Country AND Western HAHAHAHA. How many people actually got that reference???
JimPeachley 4 måneder siden
HEY MIKE! Most of the channels I subscribe to keep telling their viewers to "click the bell" so they'll get notifications of new episodes. Thing is, I subscribe to nearly 40 channels and I haven't seen a single notification in months. I read somewhere that NOsections stopped sending out notifications. Period. Does anyone know what's what?
Hugo Quiroz
Hugo Quiroz 4 måneder siden
The car kicks ass but the worm was the best
F&A Sixty
F&A Sixty 4 måneder siden
This was the best episode yet, thoroughly enjoyed it!
KBtube 4 måneder siden
17:25 sec looks like bidens big steal. dominion?
Racin Jayson
Racin Jayson 4 måneder siden
Man Cotten killed that worm
Scottie Johnson
Scottie Johnson 4 måneder siden
This was awesome in every way!
bobby lee
bobby lee 4 måneder siden
Nice worm lol
D.A.L. 4 måneder siden
My 96 Buick Roadmaster sedan is pretty much stock and extremely heavy and slow. But after seeing this, I really want to drag race it. I know it would get beat by a stock Honda Civic. But it looks like so much fun. I've never done any kind of racing before but I really want to try it out.
E C 4 måneder siden
The worm is a victory enough. On MT it was only in slo mo and not real time. So dope!
Camaro Across America
Camaro Across America 4 måneder siden
More great tips. I liked the rivet one ALOT. Ive done the chevy starter tip more than id like to say. I used a long screwdriver. Thx for the hidden park switch tip too.
Rick Howd
Rick Howd 4 måneder siden
Best show ever had to keep it up Rick from Michigan
Eric Larkin
Eric Larkin 4 måneder siden
Great episode!
Michael Abell
Michael Abell 4 måneder siden
Love the show
Fast Fozzy
Fast Fozzy 4 måneder siden
One day if I ever meet you guys I am challenging Cotton to a worm race
rcadd1ct 4 måneder siden
FATBACK JACOB 4 måneder siden
Country and western. Blues brothers bobs country bunker
64tbolt64 4 måneder siden
Anyone else have flashbacks of The Chief And Shawn Show Podcast with Mcdoogle. “2 cheater plates stacked on top of eachother. 1 upside down spraying out of the carburetor”.
Paul James
Paul James 4 måneder siden
Cotten you are amazing
graham Birt
graham Birt 4 måneder siden
merry xmas to you and your family
Mista 808
Mista 808 4 måneder siden
I can't even pay attention to what you're saying in the beginning and it's all because of that messy looking blanket on the floor. I wish I were kidding. Aesthetic is EVERYTHING to me and if anything seems out of place or messy it disrupts my entire life.
Matt Crick
Matt Crick 4 måneder siden
Well done David Newburn
Goodfellas Inc.
Goodfellas Inc. 4 måneder siden
This has been better then 99% of any shows out there good job Finn again get it you did it again lol can't wait till you bring back faster than Finnegan
Kyle Large
Kyle Large 4 måneder siden
He grabbed 2nd sooooooo harddddddd!!!!
MrJhara 4 måneder siden
Awesome vid!
Dan Argo
Dan Argo 4 måneder siden
Love you buddy, but we got the data back on that 2nd race and we the ppl call bs on that .4 to your .5 rt.
SoFLUFFY WULF 4 måneder siden
That thing is a straight animal! I love it
brian siler
brian siler 4 måneder siden
Cotton, your form was perfect. You owned that, reminds me of 1986 when I last did that
themaddguy 4 måneder siden
He drove that car!!
Group Anonymous
Group Anonymous 4 måneder siden
I was more impressed with that worm
Michael Simoneau
Michael Simoneau 4 måneder siden
78 people are butthurt XD damn i love these thumbs up ratio XD
sterling Wilkey
sterling Wilkey 4 måneder siden
Hell mike I'd love to have you 3 come to my place and help me get my old dodge running better
Pepsi-prank og snigurk
Pepsi-prank og snigurk