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In Episode 152 of Finnegan's Garage, Mike Finnegan and David Newbern finally get the 1976 Rogers Bonneville TR fiberglass jet boat on the water. The last piece of the puzzle was to change a car oil pan for a marine-specific pan made by Dooley Enterprises.
The guys found it at shop.socaljetboats.com
Since the Rogers has a built 384ci LS engine with an aftermarket stroker crankshaft, the oil pump pickup that came with the Dooley pan had to be modified and the guys had to install a remote oil filter mounting system because the 10-quart capacity, full-length sump pan had no provision for a factory oil filter location. After a few more mods the pan went on and the boat hit the water for the first time in a long time. Shout out to Kevin Smith at KSR Performance for dropping by to lend a hand and for sticking around to watch the boat run during a rainstorm! lol

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27. juni. 2021





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Ken Cooper
Ken Cooper 14 timer siden
Allatoona? Yeah, I live in Hiram.
Paul Rivers "Red"
Paul Rivers "Red" 3 dager siden
Love the vid but would be hella lot better without the damn music in the background lol
Chuckles470 S
Chuckles470 S 3 dager siden
Helped a guy fix his jet boat on a lake camping trip (carbs)On the last day he took my friend and I for a ride. After a fast bumpy ride we entered the no wake zone. He lost steering.He looked back at me and said grab the vise grips and clamp the steering cable for me! I’ll never ride in one again. Nice seeing this one built correctly 👍
Dan 3 dager siden
Happy motor, happy boater... And yeah, you better turn that hat around. HOLY MACADOSHIS!
Oswaldo Castillo
Oswaldo Castillo 6 dager siden
So just a V8 in it 😂🤣 Ill be happy if my boat reaches 75mph with a 6 clinder 🙃
SHEEPDOG PLEB 8 dager siden
Why do jet boas trailers use small wheels is there a reason for it ???????????
Edward Scoble
Edward Scoble 10 dager siden
Can you make your content inclusive by formatting the auto captioning into closed captioning please? it is extremely hard to watch it relying only on the auto captioning sadly (I'm Profoundly Deaf), hence why I and others don't subscribed.
Moddage 23 dager siden
Yay Kevin! And wow... what stellar quality control on that pan 🤣
Brian LaFollette
Brian LaFollette 24 dager siden
Great information that I didn't know I needed but it sounded very much so.
Steve Mrozek Mrozek
Steve Mrozek Mrozek 26 dager siden
I pretty sure that used to be my father in laws boat. Would love to hear some history.!
Holzwurm _HD
Holzwurm _HD 26 dager siden
Now the only thing missing are two Turbos feeding that Supercharger.
HoodieBrothersAutoFab 27 dager siden
Gawwwwd damn brother 😳 hell yeah 🤙🏽😎
HoodieBrothersAutoFab 27 dager siden
JFK64 Kennedy
JFK64 Kennedy 29 dager siden
that not just rain, it pouring...i know that hurt at speed
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 29 dager siden
I bet the people who own houses on the lake just love you right about now.
Michael Brown
Michael Brown 29 dager siden
HMmm open the back of the bug catcher a little, & let the back carb dreath more & free , The air pump breaths faster cfms than the front ram opening let's air in , back carb suffers some ,see😊
Michael Brown
Michael Brown 29 dager siden
Yup ,01 is 🥴🥴 your boat looks fast 🏁 sitn still without 01 paint.😊
meteor545 29 dager siden
I wonder if this video was the subject of a meeting at the company that made the oil pan? Of all the people to get a wonky part.
Ke Kr
Ke Kr 29 dager siden
Recently sold my exact same model jet boat called "Thearpy". BBC 454 with same type headers. This boat had primitive type cooling though. Had to manually open and close water valve while driving to cool exhaust. Was nice to see Mike's shiny chome pipes, because mine had blued from overtemp. Enjoyed video!
Tim Rick
Tim Rick 29 dager siden
Stop the Musak....PLEASE
Frank Esposito
Frank Esposito Måned siden
Box of new Bomber Eyewear heading your way boys
Broc Luno
Broc Luno Måned siden
Water injected headers running dry ...
John R
John R Måned siden
Okay I don't understand I have a heavy bass boat with a built 175 Yamaha she'll run in the low '80s no sweat at all to me this boat should be double the speed at least 150 is there that big a difference between a prop and a jet or what is it that makes this boat only run that fast . That's a badass ride and in no way am I knocking your boat I'm just confused man hahaha
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Måned siden
My father was one of the first people to own a jet boat in the US, back then the only one available was a 3 stage ( I still have the pump). I would love to see a comparison of "pu
2rueblue Måned siden
You guys are absolutely nuts, you are going down a drag strip without any protection, shades and a backwards cap does not count, not even a seat belt. When you make an arse of a dive from a springboard and you hit the water wrong it hurts like hell and you are expecting to get this outstanding build to go 100mph in frickin flip flops and a t-shirt I'm sorry but that seat needs a cut out for those balls of steel. Sorry for the harsh language but some shit just needs saying. I usually say take care and stay safe and all the best from Soctland, as I know you won't be doing that so all the best from Scotland. Love this channel guys thank you
Brad McManis
Brad McManis Måned siden
Future spreading U-bolts/square U-Bolts bang them on a hard surface concrete/steel hang-on to 1 side bang it on the ground it will expand out no pulling to spread them required 👍
jeepsuc99 Måned siden
What a piece of shit oil pan
Jim Wills
Jim Wills Måned siden
The Lord has good things to say about you, Finnegan.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Måned siden
I extended my headers a little so the exhaust water didn’t drip in my bilge
Brian Saenz
Brian Saenz Måned siden
I miss the 80s on Puddingstone
Chris Loving
Chris Loving Måned siden
A thing of beauty!
David Windsor
David Windsor Måned siden
Nice to see Kevin checking it out.
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Måned siden
Kevin sounded like Boomhauer for a second 😂
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Måned siden
How many Kevins are there . Just watched 4 different channels and he' been on all of em. some real crapsmanship on that oil pan
blown1973 Måned siden
I love the jet boat and LS stuff, but I just can’t give up my BBC in my jet boat
Matt Mead
Matt Mead Måned siden
I love how FInnegan knows exactly how a jet pump absorbs horsepower. Thank you for being a good source of information. Including clearances, curves, etc.
Ryan Laskowski
Ryan Laskowski Måned siden
when it shows dave driving the boat he looks like doug from king of queens
That guy Joe
That guy Joe Måned siden
do you have a video on what to look for and what to look out for when buying your first jet boat I'm interested in buying one but more of a project unfortunately my only knowledge is in tanks that can drive in water
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Måned siden
I wish I could see better aftermarket part than oem.
Mason Holding
Mason Holding Måned siden
Just like the boat, this video started out slow but picked up in the end
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Måned siden
How many Kevins are there . Just watched 4 different channels and he' been on all of em. some real crapsmanship on that oil pan
Rem1061 Måned siden
My father was one of the first people to own a jet boat in the US, back then the only one available was a 3 stage ( I still have the pump). I would love to see a comparison of "pull power" between 1,2 and 3 stage pumps. I know the speed of a single totally blows away a 3 stage, but would like to see a "power" comparison, Great video, great work on the boat.
jachtha rippa
jachtha rippa Måned siden
Just convinced me to NEVER think about paying good coin for a Dooley pan, what an absolute nugget that was.
tim ford
tim ford Måned siden
Hey Finn, that's how you breathe new life into a 45 year old Rogers Hot Rod Jet Drive. Way to go Mike. I love seeing these Hot Boats out on the rivers and lakes! Too Cool!
Jayme Goss
Jayme Goss Måned siden
C'mon Mike you don't have hair on your peaches if you don't throw a diverter on that thing! Rogers + place diverter +LS = huge rooster tail fun!
Pope Antichrist
Pope Antichrist Måned siden
Do you still do the RoadKill show?
S and D Driveways
S and D Driveways Måned siden
Nice Job Finny Boy! Way to Grind and Massage!
Krazy J The Mechanic
I'm with Finn the Crusher Impala not supposed to be fast
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Måned siden
How many Kevins are there . Just watched 4 different channels and he' been on all of em. some real crapsmanship on that oil pan
naybreed Måned siden
I feel for the wrencher. I probably would of gotten rid of mr know it all. I'm just irritated.
Tom Brooks
Tom Brooks Måned siden
I had the privilege of skiing behind a boat similar to this back in the early seventies. The owner's son was a national speed skiing champion. I was a lifeguard at Lake Barkley State Park and there is great water to ski nearby. Enjoy!
RC Boat
RC Boat Måned siden
Why not dump the jet and put a prop on it for real speed?
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Måned siden
Carbs need a lot of work as its sucking in cupfulls of rain thru the intake lol!
TheReinoPaasonen Måned siden
I wish I could see better aftermarket part than oem.
Isaac Carlson
Isaac Carlson Måned siden
I have learned that ultra black will seal just about anything....
rightthatwrong Måned siden
What was that that popped at the end??
Wit Master
Wit Master Måned siden
Way Too Much Music . . . Came Here To Hear That LS.
Hunter Hovland
Hunter Hovland Måned siden
All those horses, and big turbos on your other boat only to get walked by two 200lb guys loaded with fishing tackle, and beer in a allison... Jet boats are literally the harley Davidson of the boating world, all noise and thats it... why dont you take those engines out of those pieces of shit and build a real boat aka a v drive, so we can actually see what those motors are capable of.. Sad when a bullet, allison or stroker with 300 horsepower will blow your doors off, when you have close to a 1000... Such a waste of motors.
Chris Edge
Chris Edge Måned siden
I have been waiting almost 2 months for the parts to come in for my boat. Here in Idaho we are currently going on a week and a half of plus 95 degrees and the last three days its been hanging around 105 to 112 degrees. Way way to hot for our area especially this early in the year we mabe have 4 or 5 days above 95 degrees in August. Now Lewiston Id they are used to 100 degree days and the river is great if only i could get the rest of my parts. Sigh 😕
Pos dooley their they suck ive ordered a scoop from them it was all scratches and dented
goget'em188 Måned siden
yer its NOT A BOLT ON HAAAAAA thats why we have engineers oooo yes thats you haaaa lol well merica is so back in the ice-age with the old 5'' 7/15 ths wat a mess mm cant go wrong ??? i would off takin the pan to a crash repair get there metal guy to straiten it up big gasket and bam just a thought
Kenneth Plunkett
Kenneth Plunkett Måned siden
please mute the load music so we can hear the boat
autopartsnw Måned siden
I'm not a boat guy (yet)... learned a lot from this channel though. Are the wide tires on the trailer just for style or is there a performance benefit?
CGT80 Måned siden
Finnegan said they allow the boat trailer to go into an enclosed trailer or ramp truck and they are also rated high enough for highway use. These boats go inside other trailers for long hauls and are towed on the road for the short hauls, but they did tow this boat back from Arizona to Georgia on those tires. It was all in one of his somewhat recent videos.
Will King
Will King Måned siden
It has a oil return on the pan, just put some Nagasaki noisey boiz on it and call it good.
stefan w
stefan w Måned siden
@18:27 he turned into a barking dog?!
fooman2108 Måned siden
Getting there, getting there. There are projects that everything just seems to drop in, then there are.... and you have to wrestle EVERY part and 10th to get it together and you have to sneak up on it, getting there!
Cerakote Lyfe
Cerakote Lyfe Måned siden
Love to see Kevin getting more popular. Super professional guy like finn and Dave. Good fit.
Larry W
Larry W Måned siden
Carbs need a lot of work as its sucking in cupfulls of rain thru the intake lol!
cinch a gasket will take up the difference once it is flattened out.
STRAY LGK Måned siden
Wtf swear I was subscribed but apparently I wasn't.. hmm..
heydonray Måned siden
Sounds great looks great. Congrats. Look up definition of “infamous” though…
Dude can I come work on stuff with you guys? Jealous of all the fun! Bartow Co.? Allatoona?
Eric Måned siden
It's funny how everyone is out of everything yet the government printed or electronically created $7 TRILLION DOLLARS to help keep supply chains moving. So now all of this money is out there floating around yet NOTHING is being produced. I'm tempted to open on my own damn specialty machine shop without cash, find the most common automotive products in demand that can't be found, and make them myself. Didn't mean to make it political but for anyone who thinks things are "returning to normal" (or a new normal as it was put to the people), think again. Shortages and inflation are coming. Anyway, carry on. $7 Trillion Dollars...
Eric Måned siden
@A M I'm aware of the issues and why they occurred. My current frustration lies in the fact that our government spent this much cash to keep things afloat and moving for what appears to be little or no gain. Much of the stimulus money is now in savings, the additional unemployment paid by government has resulted in people refusing to work which means private industry is now competing with the unemployment office for labor. There is labor in the market but the shortage is artificial, driving up the cost of goods due to supply on top of the inflation caused by the cash in circulation. Now there are shortages, a pipeline hack which, if you believe the gas station near my house, still has supply issues, and I'll be spending my stimulus check just on increased fuel prices to go to work over the next 12 months. So what bothers me is that, as many people said, increased spending into December and March just wasn't necessary. If those two bills hadn't passed production of manufactured products would have returned by now. At any rate, it's good that Finn and his buds are mechanically inclined so we get this content!
A M Måned siden
It's complex. It's not just the USA that has supply problems. It's all over the World. Raw materials weren't being produced for a while and then when they started those operations up again demand was massively more than anyone expected in pretty much every sector. Many manufacturing businesses work on "just in time" principles so even a half days disruption to their supply lines can cause massive problems let alone one lasting months. It will get better but it's not an instant fix.
William Saxon Build's
Hey Mike i need your help ok me and my dad over the last 15 years has been building an 1988 Monte Carlo SS and it needs so much help i know this is a big ask but he is 85 with failing kidney's i know he has not got much time left and i am 48 and not able to get get down and up like i use to so with that said we just would love it if you could help us finish this car before he leaves us so if you can help PLEASE let me know ok man Thankx
Scott Måned siden
I would rather just hear the sound of the LS wound up rather than have the music over it. Just sayin.
John Lull
John Lull Måned siden
why is there 142 people saying they dis like your video? OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH MAJOR AAAAAAHHHHOOOLEEES
dale jacobson
dale jacobson Måned siden
The only reason any man should ever wear his hat backward
Nathan Bishop Rebuild Anything
Lets gooo, this is awesome
Tedacules Måned siden
thick bead of RTV black will seal any oil and make it a bitch to get off when its time to take it off.....
Oliver Cole
Oliver Cole Måned siden
Isn’t that the one you threw the muscle truck motor in?
CGT80 Måned siden
yes it is........that episode was at lake Elsinore, which is a half hour or so from where I live. It seems the video of the twin turbo ls being blown apart in this boat must be a roadkill episode, so unfortunately I haven't seen anything on how that happened.
Very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
David 171!
David 171! Måned siden
Favorite thing about you is that you always seem to be very selfless with your friends!! Awesome! Ready for another road trip video!
Farmer Fpv
Farmer Fpv Måned siden
Man seeing your boats reminds me of going to Campfire West 1/4 Mile Cove almost every weekend in the mid-90s. There were fewer restrictions back then still not too bad and the Game Wardens would come party with you when they clock out. That thing looks sleek in the water Finny. You need to take a trip to NorCal CampFire West 1/4 Cove someday. It's just owner vs owner nothing sanctioned. It's cool cause they allow it there.
Rebeldryver's Garage
Happy to see Dave having a blast with his new boat.
Chad Geary
Chad Geary Måned siden
So much dad energy in one video.
mario duran
mario duran Måned siden
This video doesn’t give the boat justice that’s a fast boat
Stormer1092 Måned siden
Just thinking. Would strait RTV like 3bond hold that oil pan good?
rout9291 Måned siden
Looks like my old DD Marine flat bottom, but mine was V-drive! Bet those raindrops fell like bee stings!
Rick T
Rick T Måned siden
you need to bring this to the Colombia river when they have the races here in Kennewick Washington
Rick T
Rick T Måned siden
its like a 3 day even t
Paul Wilkerson
Paul Wilkerson Måned siden
How about it Dave Are you ready for Havasu? Havasu is ready for you!!!!!!
Put turbo on it.
So what was that that popped?
Darren Natman
Darren Natman Måned siden
At work they refer to what is happening here "cross training" and it is beautiful to see.
Brad Morrin
Brad Morrin Måned siden
Damn I want one of those welding tables!
JonH3234 Måned siden
You guys are having way too much fun🤪 Now that you have the boat pretty much under control, how about some video on the Caddy 😁
Greg Richardson
Greg Richardson Måned siden
Sounds bad a**
buttonmasher 94
buttonmasher 94 Måned siden
Places that make stuff like that should always make sure the welder they hire are not cross eyed lmao 😂
David Katz
David Katz Måned siden
the boats are great!
Sutliff01 Måned siden
Was only paying half attention for a minute and thought I might have seen Kevin and a minute or two later I was pleasantly surprised to see him
PhalanxFire smalling
my boy Kevbo . :P
Paul rm _
Paul rm _ Måned siden
Christopher Snyder
Christopher Snyder Måned siden
waiting for Finnegan's version of a house boat
Naomi Sharpe
Naomi Sharpe Måned siden
Time to do a remake of Clam Bake.
bill bobaggins
bill bobaggins Måned siden
Just have the new guy weld up the pan..its only for Finnegan
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Deleting My Youtube Channel
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