Free Stuff Friday - Win a SilverSport Magnum 6 speed Manual Transmission 

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Lets play some trivia and get a chance to win some Finnegan's Garage swag. Our friends at Silver Sport Transmissions also want to join in to give you a chance to win sa Magnum Tremec 6 speed transmission, On Friday, February 19th, 20201 at 9pm Eastern Standard Time/6pm Pacific Standard Time we’ll turn on the livestream with a question and answer session and trivia. Be the first person in our Live Chat feed with the correct answer to our questions and you will win some cool stuff. For trivia night, you have to be over 18 and live in North America to win.
The trivia questions you need to get right to win come directly from the following episodes of Finnegan’s Garage: 127, 126, 125 and 124.
Good Luck



19. feb.. 2021





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Jimmy Forshee
Jimmy Forshee 2 dager siden
I wish I could meet you
Steve Morrow
Steve Morrow 2 dager siden
guy walks into the waiting room only to be met by the family GP who says, "As you know, your wife has been in a coma for 24 hrs. We cannot determine why. However we have a suggestion." Guy says, "What can I do?" Dr. says, "Well, we have seen instances like this where oral sex will wke the victim." Guys says, "Really? Ok, I will try." Comes back out later and the Dr. says, "Did she awaken?" Guys says, "Well, she keeps choking..."
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford 2 dager siden
There all b.s they claim to say firat 1 that pops on there screen but the cherry pic winners who donate money during this junk
Norse77 5 dager siden
Tyler Kurek
Tyler Kurek 5 dager siden
Holy cow, that piston got shreked
Peter Pavlidakey
Peter Pavlidakey 5 dager siden
All proceeds will go directly to the crank case. That is just the most epic line ever
BANDIT Grizzy 5 dager siden
GuyRightSome 5 dager siden
Will that trans bolt up to my 2018 5.7 Ram? Lol
Morgan Crowell
Morgan Crowell 5 dager siden
When should i expect an email for winning? I won the signed hood peice and T shirt, no emails yet
Steve Lowery
Steve Lowery 3 dager siden
@Finnegan's Garage email sent. Thanks!!
Nick Szczerba
Nick Szczerba 3 dager siden
@Finnegan's Garage just sent an email over. Thanks again.
Finnegan's Garage
Finnegan's Garage 3 dager siden
@Steve lowery - send me an email at finneganspeedandmarine@gmail.com- thanks!
Finnegan's Garage
Finnegan's Garage 3 dager siden
Hi Nick, send us an email at Finneganspeedandmarine@gmail.com- your email isn't updated on your page.
Nick Szczerba
Nick Szczerba 4 dager siden
@Morgan Crowell nothing yet. I'm assuming this week. They are probably busy with family during the weekend
Fileeraus 5 dager siden
Sad it was america only ;(
NoName 5 dager siden
Why did the live feed show starting @ 2:00 am Feb 20....?
Timothy Steen
Timothy Steen 5 dager siden
Great episode gentlemen I think that sports complex made a big mistake by banding you they need to pay you to bring out some of your cars and do burnouts for the crowd Wishing everyone there well Take Care Guys
Brock Chamberlain
Brock Chamberlain 5 dager siden
that 6-speed tho !
M K 5 dager siden
Where’s stubby bob
Jerry Jacob
Jerry Jacob 5 dager siden
Dam. Too late. Jerry at mthp inc
Marty Ramsey
Marty Ramsey 5 dager siden
Guy's love your show..
Restos & Rebuilds
Restos & Rebuilds 5 dager siden
Wish you would do the big prize a different way. Many of us have absolutely no chance because of internet speed and I have the fastest internet available in my area, so it's not me being cheap lol.
Elizabeth Guisleman
Elizabeth Guisleman 5 dager siden
Finn ill sell you my 90 Toyota celica. Former endurance car. Running and driving current autocross car
Big Guy
Big Guy 5 dager siden
I don't see the live chatbox
Big Guy
Big Guy 5 dager siden
It's beautiful....
Big Guy
Big Guy 5 dager siden
How do we win the trans?
Michael Merta
Michael Merta 5 dager siden
Burn outs are all ways all right!!!!
Michael Merta
Michael Merta 5 dager siden
Is it beer
Michael Merta
Michael Merta 5 dager siden
Michael Merta
Michael Merta 6 dager siden
Michael Merta
Michael Merta 6 dager siden
Electric censor like vw cc Passat
Michael Merta
Michael Merta 6 dager siden
A cheater
Mike Barlow
Mike Barlow 6 dager siden
I'm deaf please put the closed captions back on i love watching you all ..
Michael Merta
Michael Merta 6 dager siden
125 ercolina
Randy & Kraig Brother's
It was bent
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford 6 dager siden
Rigged like the rest
PJ C 6 dager siden
Missed this as well this would have done great on my 91 s10 lol
david jones
david jones 6 dager siden
well you can just send me the free parts and make my day really good lol but hey I'll just love your channel thought I'd be a little wisecrack Y'all have a good evening
RB26DETT BNR34 6 dager siden
Merry Christmas...... shitter was full
Brandon England
Brandon England 6 dager siden
not bad but questions didnt all come from last 4 episodes
WienerJura 6 dager siden
That's my
WienerJura 6 dager siden
WienerJura 6 dager siden
How fuck knows
WienerJura 6 dager siden
WienerJura 6 dager siden
WienerJura 6 dager siden
chillymac4748 6 dager siden
Are y'all wearing pixelated masks??? Lol...
WienerJura 6 dager siden
Fak seik
Randy & Kraig Brother's
Would this be able to be put behind a ford 429
DallasDrifts 6 dager siden
Oops I just got home from work to slow
Drag Racing Nc Chapter How's those tail lights
Definitely give me a shout out Mike Brown from North Carolina Gastonia
morris hibbard
morris hibbard 6 dager siden
Will that fit my 72 c10 I've had sence 91 after I returned from Dessert Storm ?
Turbo Ls/cummins
Turbo Ls/cummins 6 dager siden
Dang I missed it
Brandon England
Brandon England 6 dager siden
it wasnt from last 4 episodes ot was all over plaxe winning answer from trans came from episode 1
Jody 6 dager siden
Me too..no notice
The Void
The Void 6 dager siden
I did too.....sigh
Drag Racing Nc Chapter How's those tail lights
What's up Finnegan long time road kill watcher the OG days
Neil Amalfitano
Neil Amalfitano 6 dager siden
Is your camera covered in syrup?
William Preston
William Preston 6 dager siden
The episodes in the description were more of a guide line than a rule. Having the winning answer come from episode 1... Unexpected. Not like I spent a few hours trying to memorize the details of 4 specific episodes or anything. I definitely couldn't have told you the tubing bender from 125 was made by Ercolina
Dan Thomas
Dan Thomas 6 dager siden
After the first question when they said the answer came from episode 88 I knew they would "fudge" a little. The question about why did Mike paint the bead rolled bezel came from episode 128, guess the questions weren't about actual content in the 4 episodes, but about whatever else on the vehicle/engine, cause it was "in front of them", or in the "live video", when they talked about the contest episode. Ya the transmission question being from episode #1 was a little much, if you're the one that makes the rules you can bend them.
Grabasandwich 6 dager siden
Congrats to whoever won. I don't have a project car, so I have no reason to enter lol.
Glenn Coasty
Glenn Coasty 6 dager siden
Hi from Australia
BlizzConline Day 1
Ganger 1,4 mill