The 1-Week Chevy C10 Build and Road Trip-PART 2: Finnegan's Garage Ep.133 

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The crew is working 12 plus hour days to design, fabricate, assemble, plumb, wire my C10 pickup so that we can go cruising. Yesterday we made great strides on the fabrication side of things, checking off items, which include the radiator mount, stainless steel exhaust "x-pipe" and V-band joints, as well as custom flaring stainless steel brake lines. The Cab of the C10 is still not back on the custom tube chassis. Maybe that will happen tomorrow.
We have less than a week to get my 1967 Chevy C10 running and driving so that we can cruise it to MRC Fabrication in Kernersville, North Carolina. We are going to drive it there on Sunday March 7th to go check out the progress on my 1961 Cadillac Coupe DeVill. You guys are welcome to meet us there if you want. The address is 616 Indeneer Drive, Kernersville, NC 27284.

All of the C1 videos we are uploading this week have been made possible by the good folks at Wire Care. Wire Care distributes everything you need to wire and plumb your hot rod, muscle car, truck, drift car or tricycle and we are using everything from battery cable to heat shielding products during the thrash to finish my C10. Want to see more? Visit www.wirecare.com
There's also bonus daily content on Wirecare's Instagram account, which is @wirecare_inc

and Here is a link to the Fireflex product we used to protect our battery cable: www.wirecare.com/category/bra...

Like my radiator? Here's a link to the Delta PAG's website: deltapag.com/

Like that Eastwood Tools flaring tool? go here: www.eastwood.com/professional...

Want some Finnegan Speed and Marine swag? Go here: www.fsmgarage.com

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4. mars. 2021





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Landlock beachbum
Landlock beachbum 7 dager siden
Shitters full Clark!
Internet Måned siden
Here rewatching and picking up ideas and motivation for my truck
Lovin' KPs
Lovin' KPs 3 måneder siden
First the google shirt then a bad obsessions shirt... awesome!
Eastwood Company
Eastwood Company 4 måneder siden
Great demo of our Pro Brake Line Flaring Tool!
Rooster 4 måneder siden
Bad ass hot rod truck
James Peterson
James Peterson 4 måneder siden
Love the fact that most of the comments re about the BOM t-shirt rather than the car...
Daisy Roberts
Daisy Roberts 4 måneder siden
Quality Energy ❤
Stella Vanover
Stella Vanover 4 måneder siden
Mullet gang
KB 4 måneder siden
Charles Bronson poster is perfect for the show!
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 4 måneder siden
The easy to say all that is "Alls we lack is finishing."
Adam Garon
Adam Garon 5 måneder siden
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 5 måneder siden
Amazing video man
callthemall 5 måneder siden
Props for the BOM shirt!
Gord Roberge
Gord Roberge 5 måneder siden
Looks great, I may look into getting the deltapag cooling fan system for My 03 S/C Marauder.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 4 måneder siden
Thumbs up for Christmas vacation poster
Lyle Bartels
Lyle Bartels 5 måneder siden
benny 5 måneder siden
Project Binky has been seven years, project C10.......7 days.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 5 måneder siden
Really amazing
G&GFactoryMade 5 måneder siden
D W 5 måneder siden
When and where will guys be back in North Carolina again?
Will B
Will B 5 måneder siden
I am sure the sponsor loved to hear you call their product "scrap" 😉 😂
Leho M
Leho M 5 måneder siden
Using compressed air to put cables ints sleeves is old telecom tric. Nowdays we blow kilometers fiberoptics into underground pipes in one go.
Richard Barr
Richard Barr 5 måneder siden
I've sleeved cable in garden hose to help prevent abrasion in the past. Didn't think of the compressed air trick, instead I stood on my roof and let gravity assist! Dumb yes, but if it works...?
Nice Guy
Nice Guy 5 måneder siden
Why not move the trottlebody about 90 degree, then you get a nicer bend on the tube..
confucious say
confucious say 5 måneder siden
That flare tool is the absolute BEST!! Worth every penny.
Sammy Pettit
Sammy Pettit 5 måneder siden
Great job on explaining how to use the flare tool
JP S 5 måneder siden
Does anyone else miss the cardboard to-do lists? This whiteboard stuff is throwing me off
zero two
zero two 5 måneder siden
love the BOM t shirt !
Joshua Barker
Joshua Barker 5 måneder siden
Big props for Bad Obsession shirt
Nathan L
Nathan L 5 måneder siden
Thumbs up for Christmas vacation poster
nathaniel vanorschot
nathaniel vanorschot 5 måneder siden
brennenrulez 5 måneder siden
shitters full!
Soulflylost 5 måneder siden
How many degrees was the an flare again? =)
MrAnnoyedGuy 5 måneder siden
All that video and I still don't know the angle to flare for AN fittings
Al .D
Al .D 5 måneder siden
Cfm? Cub ft per min? Still no idea what that’s in metric. Cheers from a EU viewer. Because of beers in my hands I can’t use a calculator now
Emiliano Paz
Emiliano Paz 5 måneder siden
half of the video is how to run a wire
Alan Pittman
Alan Pittman 5 måneder siden
Is that Randy Quaid? "Shitter's full"
Harold Birge
Harold Birge 5 måneder siden
I have a 70 short box C10 an original 396 truck it's kind of my roadkill truck dangerous to Drive so fun
Mark H.
Mark H. 5 måneder siden
I would really like a ramp truck update.
Ryan templeman
Ryan templeman 5 måneder siden
Awesome build can’t wait to c it done I have a c10 that’s been waiting for attention so I understand the feeling
Alden Larrick
Alden Larrick 5 måneder siden
BOM shirt but yet not once did I get a chance to get my funk out or have a biscuit. One bracket was made but not video of it being made.
Chase Morgan
Chase Morgan 5 måneder siden
Big props to the whole team to hustling this build, I have been excited about it for years! And a big shout out to Chris Read for getting an edit out every day. Damn impressive.
Marty Roberson
Marty Roberson 5 måneder siden
Looking like awesomeness
AJ 5 måneder siden
LOL! Its almost, kinda, pretty, so, close to being done!
Farmer Jim
Farmer Jim 5 måneder siden
The last 20% of work consumes 80% of project time...
Jsib0 5 måneder siden
yoooo big up the bad obsession shirt
Spearmint T
Spearmint T 5 måneder siden
Hey Mike, I've seen a Ford Centurion rolling around Marietta with Roadkill decals on it, you know anything about it? Seems like the kind of thing you'd buy or trade for a little project!
Stinkydogfart 5 måneder siden
The wiring guy gets some credit for the BOM shirt, but this show is in need of some serious bracketry!
Jeff E
Jeff E 5 måneder siden
If ya'll are ever anywhere near Charleston SC doing an event, please please let me know.....I'd love to buy ya'll a beer and shake Mike Cotten's hand. He never fails to give me a laugh.
Kenneth Washburn
Kenneth Washburn 5 måneder siden
Anybody else get cringy when Cotton kept saying 37 degree flare when there was clearly a 45 degree flare still in the tool? Whew!
Kenneth Washburn
Kenneth Washburn 5 måneder siden
@Norm Graham I have the same tool as well. At the beginning it looked like a 45° flare before the work started.
Norm Graham
Norm Graham 5 måneder siden
5:21, you can clearly see 37 degree on the die and 37 degree on the turret... Or am I missing something else in the video??? I have that same tool from Eastwood with both sets of dies, it is an awesome tool to have.
Tad Sona
Tad Sona 5 måneder siden
Why do all of the episodes about the c10 feel like 70+% product advertising and 30% work/tips? i'd be much happier if it were closer to 70% work and tips and 30% ad/product advertising.
Jared Miller
Jared Miller 5 måneder siden
I love my Eastwood flare tool, it’s the only one that I could personally get to hold the larger tubes and not slide
Antonp21654 5 måneder siden
Super video! I applauded for US$10.00 👏👏👏
Doug Hills
Doug Hills 5 måneder siden
Thanks for improving the audio. Very clear now.
Tim Anderson
Tim Anderson 5 måneder siden
I've got the same brake flare tool. Works great. I gave my other brake flare tools away. Good looking truck.
Traveling Kaspers World
Traveling Kaspers World 5 måneder siden
I wanted to help too, but I showed up in an orange t-shirt and they sent me home for dress code violations.
maybe paradigm
maybe paradigm 5 måneder siden
Done at 4:04 just one long asssssss commercial. F off
Bill Taylor
Bill Taylor 5 måneder siden
Awesome Build!
ChristianX Z owner
ChristianX Z owner 5 måneder siden
Does the board list work better on this show..💪😁♥️
Nick Rynenberg
Nick Rynenberg 5 måneder siden
You guys making good progress, hopeing you guys had a good sleep and it get even better as you go!
Christian Jud
Christian Jud 5 måneder siden
RandomRon 5 måneder siden
@Finnegan's Garage building a slammed 67 C10 to go check out your badass Caddy. Thank you for doing this for all of us!! Now let's talk about that paint job on Binky.
Mazdarati 86
Mazdarati 86 5 måneder siden
BOM and FSM collaboration 🤔
BIG K 5 måneder siden
Man I'm loving theses vids. Short and sweet but lots of action.
Murray Liley
Murray Liley 5 måneder siden
TO MUCH TO DO, YOU WONT MAKE IT. SORRY MATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
marty 5 måneder siden
BOM?? Aren't they the wankers that started a project 100 years ago and are STILL fooling around with it??? Come on Binky!!
Nigel Noles
Nigel Noles 5 måneder siden
Hey .Mike. any chance you would sell me those Moroso valve covers? Mounted on the wall. They would be giing to a good home here in Australia
teamidris 5 måneder siden
12ft of power cable and I’m thinking it might as well be a copper rod in a plastic tube run down the chassis like a brake pipe. *thread the rod ends for cable-eyes.
Shane Williams
Shane Williams 5 måneder siden
Content hasnt been this good since Tim the tool man Taylor
steve earley
steve earley 5 måneder siden
Let Mr Cotten do more how to do's so so well articulated , thumbs up.
Restos & Rebuilds
Restos & Rebuilds 5 måneder siden
Less talking, more work being done is what I'd rather see lol
Scott M Brown
Scott M Brown 5 måneder siden
where is the road trip?
draggonhedd 5 måneder siden
Radiator fans always trip me up with the blade design. Are those blades mounted the right way around for a pull setup?
banditlow12 5 måneder siden
You should just give me this truck....I've watched, commented, and liked many of your videos! Love the content. Keep up the "ok, it's good enough work" Can't wait to see the caddy.
Rickey Racer
Rickey Racer 5 måneder siden
Roll On!
imports145 5 måneder siden
To much talking in videos no building 👎
winston cryer
winston cryer 5 måneder siden
Yeah you can tell he needs to get some sleep man you can barely understand what the hell are you saying and I don't think he knows quite exactly what he's saying go to bed 🥱🥱
winston cryer
winston cryer 5 måneder siden
Please forgive me but is anything getting finished I know it's a lot of work four guys. 😁😁😁😁🤪😜
John Davis
John Davis 5 måneder siden
Dude I'm trying to turn around a head gasket replacement in a week, and here y'all doing a whole truck!
Things I Use Everyday
Things I Use Everyday 5 måneder siden
Love this build! I need a montage for my 66 C10
jobravo55 5 måneder siden
Finnegan , check your messages
Lyle Hann
Lyle Hann 5 måneder siden
I had to do a pull of just shy of an 1/8 of a mile of wire through 1 pipe with 7 turns and 4 elevation changes. Actually it was 9 # 12 wires, hardest pull of my life. I suck a string through with a piece of caution tape on it with a vacuum, used that pull a small rope, then used that to pull 1/2 rope then taped rope 15ft down down wire and had some kid literally shove handfulls of yellow 77 which is basically yellow astroglide and used 1 1/2 5 gal buckets but we got that bitch through. It was a gas plant so we could not have a junction box it had to be solid runs. I was a stones throw away from hooking up the winch off the truck
Shadetree Mechanic Racing
Shadetree Mechanic Racing 5 måneder siden
You are getting it ready for me? I already have a C10.
AMLagonda 5 måneder siden
BOM Represent (òÓ,)_\,,/
Jack Mortenson
Jack Mortenson 5 måneder siden
That exhaust looks really sweet.
Manny S
Manny S 5 måneder siden
That transmission costs more than my car.
Robert Wallis
Robert Wallis 5 måneder siden
better than road kill
Talsu 5 måneder siden
Just knocking over a couple of extra jobs while it's off the road getting a tail light replaced... 😅👍
TheZmt325 5 måneder siden
Rick flair enters the chat. Whoooooo thats a lot of flare!!!!
Jon Hill
Jon Hill 5 måneder siden
Support 👍
Mark Brewer
Mark Brewer 5 måneder siden
1:26 is that Randy Quaid dumping the shitter in Clark Griswald's planter there on the right?
Finnegan's Garage
Finnegan's Garage 5 måneder siden
it is!
Jer Sargis
Jer Sargis 5 måneder siden
shua87 5 måneder siden
Love seeing the Bad Obsession Motorsports shirt!
Josh Jones
Josh Jones 5 måneder siden
Are the rad fans oriented correctly?
John P
John P 5 måneder siden
@Josh Jones my pleasure
Josh Jones
Josh Jones 5 måneder siden
@John P Awesome. Thank you for being willing to engage the community like this, even for such a simple question.
John P
John P 5 måneder siden
@Josh Jones oh, the way the blades look, right, yes they are pullers. The DeltaPAG blade geometry is very unique and designed for efficiency and to take advantage our brushless motor tech. BTW, I'm one of the engineers at #deltapag
Josh Jones
Josh Jones 5 måneder siden
@John P cool. The blade pitch just seemed off to me. It looked like they will push air forward though the rad instead of pulling into the engine bay.
John P
John P 5 måneder siden
Yup, did them myself, ecms on the bottom
John 5 måneder siden
Not sure why I get truck videos when I look on you tube. ? Not sure why dumb guys work on trucks all the time? I think it reflects thier personalities. Stupid generic and dull, as these idiots are.
Jason Boyce
Jason Boyce 5 måneder siden
Love the builds and content going back to the very first roadkill episode. This is too nice of a build to be done so soon. I’d like to see it get done, but my bet is, “You’ll never make it.”
Ben Blank
Ben Blank 5 måneder siden
Will the racepac PCM controll the fan speed without the controller ? Think they do pwm
MillerStudio44 5 måneder siden
Keep going.....
Cloud Sheppard
Cloud Sheppard 5 måneder siden
Wish Mike Finnegan would come to Texas and rewire my Chevy truck and help install a Camshaft. It is in bad fire trap status. 😂. That would be awesome. I just haven't had the chance to mess with it. I have pretty much Roadkill'd this thing for 4 years straight. Just keeps on working hard.
Will Brock
Will Brock 5 måneder siden
Mike, you should check out Duke Engineering Solutions, he makes some really cool things I think you might like. Specifically tool and battery holders that mount to your wall.
Robert Lambert
Robert Lambert 5 måneder siden
SHITTERS FULL! 1:28 and 1:50
plepgeat 5 måneder siden
Andrew and that feller with the FireFlez make Mike look like a midget.
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