First Fire! Insane 711ci Twin Turbo Hemi Jet Boat is Alive: Finnegan's Garage Ep.93 

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After nearly six years of construction, my 19-foot long Placecraft jet boat is ready to rip the water. In this video we finish fabricating, wiring and plumbing the 711 cubic inch Sonny Leonard Racing Engines twin-turbo Hemi and it roars to life. We also drop this brand new boat into the water to see if it's floats. This video also gives you tips on building battery cables, fabricating aluminum parts and how I used compressed Co2 aka Carbon Dioxide to control the Precision turbocharger wastegates as well as the shifter and Place Diverter adjustable jet drive nozzle.
As much as I'd like to make a fast pass in Game Over there is still a lot of tuning to do before this boat is safe. The engine has not been Dyno-tuned and we'll likely do that ourselves by driving the boat and making changes as we go. That takes time so bear with us as we take baby steps towards finishing this insane pleasure boat project.
Special thanks to the companies who build such great products that brought this project to life:
-We wired the boat front to back using nothing but products from Wirecare.com
-Holley.com provided the complete Dominator efi system including a touch screen, 160 lb/hr injectors (We will probably change those our for 220s), and data acquisition sensors.
-Stainlessheaders.com provided the hard parts we used to build our custom turbo headers.
-Precision Turbos build the custom turbos, intercooler, blowoff valve and waste gates
-B1 Racing build the custom jet drive
-Sonny's Racing Engines built the Hemi using parts from Brodix, Sonny Bryant, Carrillo, CP Pistons, Total Seal rings, T&D Rockers, Bullet Racing Camshafts, Accufab throttle body, MSD Ignition, etc
-Peterson Boat Specialties and Advantage Custom Boats created the fiberglass boat hull
-Chastin Brand lettered the hull
-Earle's Performance Plumbing provided the hoses and fittings
-Race Part Solutions provided all of the mandrel bent tubing and connectors for the cold side of the turbo system
-Odyssey provided the lightweight battery
Stay tuned for more videos about this awesome project as we explore the limits of this jet boat and my intestinal fortitude to drive it.




10. mars. 2020





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Tyler's Goat Insurance
Tyler's Goat Insurance 5 måneder siden
Should have put a mopar 426 hemi into game over, not a chevy hemi
Bass Mechanic
Bass Mechanic 6 måneder siden
My condolences for Bella
alex mariot
alex mariot 6 måneder siden
u got that
petnzme01 10 måneder siden
What a stupid build.
Dávid Varga
Dávid Varga 10 måneder siden
9:47 "didn't cut any of the strands" at least then don't show in close up that you did :DDDDDD I would have believed you.
Jay Dunbar
Jay Dunbar 10 måneder siden
I have the same hydraulic wire crimp, got it from Amazon and it works great. But it does require printing off the convention table as it does not come in AWG.
Scotty Ingham
Scotty Ingham 10 måneder siden
I know this is an older video.. But I can say I work at Boeing and we use identical connectors to what you put on your center console. Quality stuff Mike!
Scottie Johnson
Scottie Johnson 11 måneder siden
Where's the NOS button?
barry versola
barry versola År siden
you are a bad ass!!!!!!! from the 808
Gary Goodlund
Gary Goodlund År siden
Regarding the sacrificial water hose, you reminded me of an old Navy Chief I once worked for. As I was attempting to get a piece of electronic equipment mounted up on a platform about a hundred feet above the deck, it was after hours and there was no immediate parts support. Of course I needed a fitting to get the whole mess finished before we went to sea the next morning. I knew where to "liberate" the correct parts but the supply guys weren't on board... they had gone home hours ago. The Chief just smiled and said, "Son, you'll find in your Naval Career that it's sometimes much easier to ask forgiveness than to get permission." So be it!
Danny Curtis
Danny Curtis År siden
I've been waiting for this one for a long time... Thanks and Congratulations!!!
jittychitty År siden
Cool looking boat there feller
Is it fast?
Emory Fitts
Emory Fitts År siden
Those aircraft connectors and crimp tools gave me flashbacks. We had that stuff in the USAF. I've changed so many 120 pin connectors in my day
spede År siden
how much power
Ken Adams
Ken Adams År siden
it's not a two stroke. it's MONEY !!!!
Evan Perez
Evan Perez År siden
Sorry ur dog passed away
No Name
No Name År siden
Better tether a line to your drink to so u can enjoy a nice cold drink on your way down after the parachute opens 😜
Don Wilson
Don Wilson År siden
Very nice boat!!
TheLouisamite År siden
I take back my comment about the firing situation,,,,dude you went all out with this built-...well that's an understatement, ,,you created a monster that's gone take a special person to handle full throttle with this thing,,
TheLouisamite År siden
MONSTER,,,,,,BEAST,,,,TIME TRAVEL just be honest iv watched you on the water and your freaking scared of this thing,, you don't want no part of full throttle ,,,I'm just saying guys,,,,lol
Don Wilson
Don Wilson År siden
I like your set-up with the o-ring v-clamp, if it gives you trouble still, try doing both ends of the tube that way.
Pub60 År siden
Another great vid, game over is madness!
Jerin Cooke
Jerin Cooke År siden
Hog ass cam
Tricky Ricky Cars & Sheit
This is going to be EPIC!
Francis Gomes
Francis Gomes År siden
wt happen 2 roadkill? n wr iz ur partner ? I was abroad fr 2 years nw u wrk alone wr iz t other guy ???
Andy Wolfe
Andy Wolfe År siden
Awesome boat dude; well done! Sorry about Bella :-(
kman 4443
kman 4443 År siden
Unless its aluminum, do a little magnet fishing and you'll find the waste gate.
kman 4443
kman 4443 År siden
@32:50, The neighbors must hate your azz Mr. Finnegan.
Chesthair Ascot
Chesthair Ascot År siden
Man, well done on the wire harnesses. That's not easy or intuitive work.
Running a u-joint driveshaft with "zero degree driveline angle" is guaranteed to cause u-joint/driveshaft "failure" even without the additional "don'ts" of no "slip yoke" and no "torsional damping" on the drive end of the driveline. Additionally the "critical speed" of that aluminum driveshaft is nowhere near high enough to keep it from "breaking" before the engine "redline" and that pathetic little "safety loop" is in the perfect spot to "saw through" the driveshaft tube when it hits "critical speed" and starts "whipping".
Zachary Scheele
Zachary Scheele År siden
Bro i wish i knew as much as you do holy shit😂
Doug Mallozzi
Doug Mallozzi År siden
Boats, hoes, and bros.
Motorheadmike År siden
Yvngin Quan
Yvngin Quan År siden
Put a glass pack on the boat
Michale Swain
Michale Swain År siden
I know where yall are! I cross that bridge all the time for work. I watched that dock and gangway eventually submerge with the frickin back-to-back monsoons we had. Congrats on the boat, and very sorry about your pup.
Pill Sharks
Pill Sharks År siden
My boats got a Yanmar 2GM20 in it...lol
Matt Clegg
Matt Clegg År siden
You're a master at explaining the how/why of building projects. Thanks man
Pablo Lopez
Pablo Lopez År siden
"this will keep the boat from heading to shore at high speeds & searching for small animals" LOL
Vincent dimatteo
Ive been curious about the sonnys engines. Does anyone know what the block design is based off of? I hear BBC with hemi heads but im not too sure.
Mikel Ellsaesser
Sweet Is there going to be a passenger seat.
Sawblade02 År siden
Put a sprag clutch behind the fuel pump pulley so you can prime it with a drill.
joshcrosson År siden
26:20 Mike, just use a giant version of the prime bulbs like they use on a weed eater 🤣
jonne ihminen
jonne ihminen År siden
37min speak 1 min drive mitä vittua
Stian Værøy
Stian Værøy År siden
31:27 Hello there
Peter Mordan
Peter Mordan År siden
Why wouldn’t you use an air operated crimped ?
Stu Jones
Stu Jones År siden
listen to him before he fires her up "cmon baby" just willing that big girl to life..
Stephen Cox
Stephen Cox År siden
wutz yur wife going to say when u wreck it ?
David Johnson
David Johnson År siden
Bout d#@m time
m 88
m 88 År siden
i have these connectors in my boat for my dash gauges and buttons and i just soldered the wires in the pins, protects the wire from corrosion and then i coat the back of the connector with liquid neoprene. im not a fan of crimping bare copper in pins for boats, water vapor, especially salt water will find its way into every tiny spot and it likes copper very much. + i would never pay so much money for a simple crimp tool xD
Jake Botelho
Jake Botelho År siden
I like the CAD design, just like project binky
jim h
jim h År siden
Beautiful boat I personally I would feel more secure with two containment loops for the drive shift... 👍👍👍👍👍
Adam Gotto
Adam Gotto År siden
Thats the most excited Finnegan I have ever seen! I was actually wondering if he ever got excited lol.
Beebo the mighty little bear
That Holley efi system is ridiculous. We’re in the future
Czechbound År siden
TIMESTAMP 31:00 ... just off camera, the biggest fire extinguisher ever made :)
Vio's Funhouse
Vio's Funhouse År siden
I did not see a life jacket? Testing purposes only don't count in this instance, and if you had it on under your jacket, then I apologize. Be safe. After 6 years of love on the boat, and many many years of your entertainment in the world of hot rods, and mini trucks,, We'd hate to lose you to the water brother! Also, that boat looks huge until you sit in it on the lake and you and the engine are the only things to see, lol!
Chris Todd
Chris Todd År siden
Robin is the man. He tuned my ls swapped caprice wagon before the power tour, got me in in immediately, fixed the rough idle in 10 seconds after hooking up his laptop. Cannot say enough good things about him. Too bad the car got stolen on the power tour :(
Daniel Thomason
Daniel Thomason År siden
Lake Allatoona, I drive by and over the bridge in the background everyday.
Jason Bernhardt
Jason Bernhardt År siden
I could listen to that monster idle all day long!!! Sounds freaking amazing! Now if I could smell the fumes I would be in heaven.
Mario År siden
Amazing boat.
mathieu verhaeghe
Awesome boat man, and my condolences for Bella, also lost my dog last week after 12 years, only thinking about the good life he got :)
Cookie's House Cannabis Co
Co2 systems??...... I know what you're *really* doing over there, mike.
bobhoe 1960
bobhoe 1960 År siden
You didn't hit it
Albie Rossouw
Albie Rossouw År siden
Beautiful Boat mate and would like to see it race
Paul George
Paul George År siden
Why would you put a Sonny Leonard motor to a jet. You could probably go just as fast with a 383 with a can unless you spent a fortune on the pump. V DRIVE, V DRIVE, V DRIVE
Paul George
Paul George År siden
He won't be ripping across the lake very far. That boat has nothing to cool the motor. If it has an impeller you need a new one cause you ran it dry as in no fake s lake. 😕
Chad Snyder
Chad Snyder År siden
Damn dude im impressed.
boone dalton
boone dalton År siden
When i was a young man ,and my ole man fired up the KB flatbottom , i had to go around to all the neighbors in So cal within a 2 block radius and let them all know we were starting our drag boat...
Roger Fleury
Roger Fleury År siden
MidwestCatz År siden
Sorry bout Bella stay strong my dude!
Big Tasty
Big Tasty År siden
"Mom can we get a boat?" "No, we have a boat at home." Definitely not boat at home:
AlphaKilo År siden
Aw man I miss yalls content. I completely forgot about both your channels when you guys went to some Netflix priced service for just a single show
Poppa Wheely
Poppa Wheely År siden
Great now i have a 711 ci twin turbo hemi n 1 hand and a bud light n the other. What could possibly happen. Sorry officer I really didn't see that train coming. 🍻. Nice rig...
Brian Samuel
Brian Samuel År siden
Where were you bro? Missed the channel man.
Jeff Freeman
Jeff Freeman År siden
Oh boy, somebody's gonna die in this thing.
James Bond
James Bond År siden
I want to see this fly on the water
Redchevy 02
Redchevy 02 År siden
Look up Cummins boat. Next boat build. Watch "Cummins Diesel Boat Video 2.0" on NOsections nosections.info/green/mXehj2qMjGiNyNQ/video.html
Andrew Campbell
Andrew Campbell År siden
Mike looks like the guy from grownups that shits in the toilet at the store😂☠️☠️
Ron Fleming
Ron Fleming År siden
Thanks for your time It's all good
Aron Douglas
Aron Douglas År siden
The difference between a real gearhead/car guy/engine builder/boat guy and Finnegan @ 30:38 Finnegan is watching his finger on the push to start, while a real enthusiast would be watching his engine/project he just built as it comes to life.
midgetrace År siden
If you dont want the weld to crack later purge weld the fabrication to the turbo, plug one end of the tube and put argon into the other while you weld it.
Völl Däpp
Völl Däpp År siden
Frankly I was thinking that this is one of those "never finshed" projects. (To bad with the dog)
Robert Tainio
Robert Tainio År siden
Very nice work. Bravo!
James Robin
James Robin År siden
Or 11,650cc’s....thats a decent size army of Hayabusas?
James Robin
James Robin År siden
Sorry bout your pooch to man...R.I.P.
Chad Moyer
Chad Moyer År siden
For the best part of this video skip to 38:46. Your welcome
Lagle David
Lagle David År siden
Nice job
Edward White
Edward White År siden
Great to see the boat on the water... when do we see it run? Fast?
Corey Grabert
Corey Grabert År siden
So sorry for your lost rip bella,aswome damm BOAT
Kevin Szor
Kevin Szor År siden
I have to say that the boat is bad ass you guys killed it. also the 12 16 20 are not for wire gauge but the size of the terminal you are crimping the the black dial is to set wire gauge .
trey capers
trey capers År siden
You should put that engine in blaspheme! That would be really cool 😎
Steve Terry
Steve Terry År siden
Ya buddy!! Do you think you will be racing here with the njba or possibly next year?
Auto Body Everything
Idk...... lol that drive shaft will put a hole in your haul or do some lethal damage to anything it comes in contact with. I’d make a bell housing.
Salty Dog
Salty Dog År siden
Congrats man!
goget'em188 År siden
Big D H2o's
Big D H2o's År siden
So sorry for the loss of you great companion! Bella is a beauty. Your boat on the other hand, is a Beast! Looking forward to seeing more vids on this boat. Thank you!
Kevin Kendrick
Kevin Kendrick År siden
Our pup will turn 11 on 3/23. Though he is just a part of our lives we are his whole life. Love my pup! (More than my kids, at times) LOL Nice boat! I thought you were from somewhere out west. Never would have guessed Georgia.
MRBLACK947 År siden
If you really want to scare us Mike, can you give a rough guesstimate of how much dollars is invested in this beautiful boat? I figure that engine alone has to be like 69K?
Cano penner
Cano penner År siden
I stuck a twin turbo in a boat just like that back in 79'. Yawn.
Combo År siden
Calm down big dog
Yde Bouma
Yde Bouma År siden
this is better than porn!
Adam Heazlett
Adam Heazlett År siden
Wow you do not weld down like the other EXPERTS on you tube Great to see some Real knowledge Cheers Adam
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