Surprising My Wife On Our Wedding Anniversary With a New Car-Finnegan's Garage Ep.118 

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There's so much good stuff happening in this video. I haven't been home for many of my wedding anniversary's due to work commitments and drag racing events. This year is kinda special because it's our 15th anniversary and so when my car broke at Rocky Mountain Raceweek 2.0 on the first day of the event, I decided to cut my trip short and surprise my wife by coming home on our special day. I also had another surprise in store for her, which was a custom 1966 Chevrolet Suburban SUV, which she didn't ask for but that I figured she would fall in love with. Watch the the video until the end to see her reaction.
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6. nov.. 2020





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Daniel Marek
Daniel Marek 6 timer siden
As the saying goes "If she ain't happy you ain't happy!"
YELLOW08Z06 13 timer siden
Beautiful home. Beautiful neighborhood
JJ TT 17 timer siden
JJ TT 17 timer siden
Edmund Squid
Edmund Squid 2 dager siden
Twizted1 3 dager siden
That Burban is bad to the bone!! Congrats on 15 years!!!
pmcpcmike 3 dager siden
Is your anniversary November 6, That would be really cool my anniversary is the same date and my 1st name is Michael too. That would be really freaky if your wife is named Kim
Al Ale
Al Ale 4 dager siden
That driver seat has some serious spring in lincoln hawk.
Bob longdickder
Bob longdickder 5 dager siden
10 toes up 10 toes down.
Krazy Mitch Adventures
Happy 15th Mike. Here is to another happy 15 years.
David Perez
David Perez 9 dager siden
Should call it juggernaut
Legends Workshop
Legends Workshop 10 dager siden
@14:36 We knew one of y'all was gonna cut one, it was just a matter of when.
Richard Head
Richard Head 10 dager siden
0313bouchey 10 dager siden
Is a sweet Burban!
The Grey Spectre
The Grey Spectre 15 dager siden
That is a very nice ride.
Adam Griffin
Adam Griffin 20 dager siden
Love watching the channel. But I must point out. Mike you said “Deez nuts are from Lincoln hawk” lmao. Keep up the entertainment!
Michael Ratliff
Michael Ratliff 22 dager siden
Bryant Anderson
Bryant Anderson 23 dager siden
That suburban is absolutely beautiful! My first car was a 1965 GMC and I so regret selling it.
Scott H```````````
Scott H``````````` Måned siden
dream truck, the university geology class had one,
Bradford Eldridge
Bradford Eldridge Måned siden
Man you’ve always gotta smile and are always on the positive side.
Sam Plass
Sam Plass Måned siden
That suburban has a pretty mean sound to it, hope you're keeping it cuz it's awesome
R S Måned siden
What????? ANOTHER car.... Jesus Christ Man.
The Gamer
The Gamer Måned siden
"Maybe they're on to something" ROFL
RedNeckRacing 88
RedNeckRacing 88 Måned siden
She kept rubbing her nose as she just got done doing a line of coke I tried going on FSM garage.com and it won't let me it says that it's unsafe to go on that website because of hackers I was going to order your FSM Mopar sweatshirt can't seem to find it now
Kyle Critchnau
Kyle Critchnau Måned siden
Holy crap, at the beginning you're like two miles from my house! Recognize that bank anywhere.
Jonno Piper
Jonno Piper Måned siden
MrMidiman33 Måned siden
Whats the music at 7:50?
thumperpaul Måned siden
Optimus Prime sounds better
glenn bellman
glenn bellman Måned siden
Cool Suburban
franko send it
franko send it Måned siden
Tried that once I didn't get a happy wife lol but I did get a second daily for small stuff
Luis Rivera
Luis Rivera Måned siden
Hammer is a great commercial gps for your phone and its 100% free to use. I drive coach buses and I use hammer all the time.
Tony Thies
Tony Thies Måned siden
I don’t think she likes it...
david bush
david bush Måned siden
I love it
Peterson Oliveira
Peterson Oliveira Måned siden
Boa noite carro 1972 blazer US mags nimilz vai sim e não bom olhos
jean Demie
jean Demie Måned siden
You did good Mike 👍!
Jay Johnson
Jay Johnson Måned siden
Totally awesome !!! Your a good man giving your wife such a great Americana vehicle. Thanks for sharing your life with us.
Tom Bratton
Tom Bratton Måned siden
Awesome ep!
Juris Klavins
Juris Klavins Måned siden
28:30 I was waiting for the missus to ask: 'where's the cupholder?' 😂
Herbert Laughlin
Herbert Laughlin Måned siden
Dude, your Chevy Carryall looks exactly like my '66' 4 speed stick 4x4. I bought it way used back in 79 and put allot of time into repairing it's mechanical problems and body rust. I ended up giving it a paint job almost exactly like yours except I painted it green. It was blue when I bought it, but after the body work, I spent the day in a paint booth putting on an some epoxy based shit. This thing came stock with a 327 with a Holly. Yours looks nice.
Mike Smith
Mike Smith Måned siden
When you guys are waiting for your wife to come out you guys all sound like three little kids in high school waiting for the girl to come out so you can ask her on a date....lol
Sgt Highway
Sgt Highway Måned siden
Over the top was extremely good movie
Schneider Classics
Schneider Classics Måned siden
thats awesome mate
Edward Måned siden
copilot truck gps app is what semis use.
Brody Paxton
Brody Paxton Måned siden
24:54 The front of Lincoln Hawk looks like a tool box
jeannette f
jeannette f Måned siden
The farm tuck would drag you.
Sam Hong
Sam Hong Måned siden
GJ buddy.
Valerie Pickens
Valerie Pickens Måned siden
Yes sir,...from what I understand, your looking for sponsorship from an automotive Audio manufacturing company. I represent Kraco audio, and for no better then the crap your buying is lasting, you might as well have gone with us. We now have a state of the fart head unit, ( retails for a buck minty) will only make enough noise, to interrupt you personally from singing. Your friends find our unit to be priceless. For speakers, we duct tape to junior high school girls to the front doors of your car, because when we brought out our last head unit, you said that you couldn't possibly imagine anything more annoying. Yes,...you were wrong again. This method has people calling the police nationwide! Please contact us at anytime,...it doesn't matter, because we won't answer anyway. Cost is the same as with most sponsors, free,...but at least this time, everybody gets their money's worth. Thank you very much.
Alex Ibarra
Alex Ibarra Måned siden
Haha she’s definitely the 1... full support on the cool new Suburban and just happy you’re home with her
Alex Ibarra
Alex Ibarra Måned siden
Love the “Save the environment” pitch while literally owning GASSERS haha
Mitch 2 måneder siden
You two are so cute. Congratulations!
Jimmy Parkhurst
Jimmy Parkhurst 2 måneder siden
Cool truck congrats !!!
KallaMigCP 2 måneder siden
when you buy a car for your wife under the guise of getting it for yourself
Johan Nilsson
Johan Nilsson 2 måneder siden
Allright canceling the motortrend sub.. this is all i need. love it so far!
Ryan Putnam
Ryan Putnam 2 måneder siden
What state are you broadcasting from ?
John Stroud
John Stroud 2 måneder siden
AWESOME !!!!!!
Sam C.
Sam C. 2 måneder siden
I think Mike’s wife is very attractive! I bet he got lucky that night!🥖💦
Brian Kreiter
Brian Kreiter 2 måneder siden
put rv plates on Lincoln Hawk then you should be ok on the weight
Running Ragged Ranch
Running Ragged Ranch 2 måneder siden
Nice burban I've got a original 1970 chevy 3 door 4x4 with the str8-6cyl anonly 42,000orig miles but a tree fell on the back a Florida truck all its life ut havent decided what I wanna do ifim hona restore it or custom it to a panel van or make it a cop top c10ish wagon or turn it to a exten cab pickup with the 3rd door or a reg cab ling bed pickup or even thinking cut the back off an get a van body an make it very cool tinny home custom or say hell with it an sell it an just by a c10 or better a k10 pickup
Ivybilt 2 måneder siden
Anything 26,001 and over requires a class B CDL. As far as navigation goes, They sell Rand McNalley truck GPS units. Use the app Truckerpath to let you know where all the truck services are at. You'll be fine!
Igneale 2 måneder siden
Happy wife, easier to get away with a clogged driveway...
Igneale 2 måneder siden
Blame Cotton is the new theme of 2021-2029
wslcfarm 2 måneder siden
Professionals In Progress
Professionals In Progress 2 måneder siden
always watching your videos multiple times haha you rock bro keep it up!!!
Papa Greg
Papa Greg 2 måneder siden
Height would probably be 13ft 6". Any bridge or awning lower, you would take the top off!!!😲😲😲
Trent-Catherine Hewitson
Trent-Catherine Hewitson 2 måneder siden
Poor old square force one looks like shes bending the frame @ 12:18. Kodiak is a monster.
Samuel Negron
Samuel Negron 2 måneder siden
That truck has lazy boy captain chairs in the front 😂😂
Billy Buckner
Billy Buckner 2 måneder siden
Yooo wtf..you are not the only one to get to Tulsa and have a backfire and put a hole in the exhaust...this is getting creepy...
scott evangelista
scott evangelista 2 måneder siden
How in the hell do you not figure out the 1-2shift is backwards before you try to make a run?? ..didn't you at least drive it in the parking lot? Maybe a short test drive after a shifter change. Wasn't the burnout in the wrong gear? Well I'm proud of you for admitting the mistake, just can't figure how you didn't catch it.
Peter Grubb
Peter Grubb 2 måneder siden
15 years. Nice work Mike.
Honey Badger Offroad
Honey Badger Offroad 2 måneder siden
@18:14 "...mission, get home, make wife smile, and then sleep." Yeah that's pretty much all our missions man...
Jared Breash
Jared Breash 3 måneder siden
The second-hand cauliflower holly live because nitrogen elderly tame plus a unsightly bandana. zippy, somber cuticle
Albino Viper
Albino Viper 3 måneder siden
So your commitment to your wife came last not first. You married your wife right? are you committed to your "job" more than your marriage cause you pretty much admitted it and here honey i got you a gift a car from my "job" WOW that will show her! I thought after watching you and that dude on SpeedTV show you had some sort of imagination but hey even a smart guy is wrong here and there but hey after missing so many what could be better to bring home to her? the very thing that "kept you away" a car any how many does she have access too? OH all of them and now 1 more from the thoughtful husband.
Fine Classics
Fine Classics 3 måneder siden
What are you two planning to do in the back of that Chev? Remember to video that and put it up. Like if you two play snakes and ladders and stuff. Why, what was everyone thinking?
Kendall Osenbaugh
Kendall Osenbaugh 3 måneder siden
nice job, happy wife, happy life!
AxeMastersINC 3 måneder siden
3:33 LOL, good stuff. 2,1. That there is some of that Jethro Bodine ciphering.
RANDALL Foster 3 måneder siden
Call it hawk-zilla go go hawk-zilla
Onedisaster Attatime
Onedisaster Attatime 3 måneder siden
Nice touch dude.
Greg Ballard
Greg Ballard 3 måneder siden
CDL license not required for any non commercial truck including semi's but non commercial status may be hard to prove as there has been private non sponsored racers that were deemed commercial due to money received for wining a couple sat night events
Justin Thomas
Justin Thomas 3 måneder siden
On the navigation thing they do make one specific for bigger rigs kenwood garmin radios they have ones that will only guide you through area's it knows are okay use it for towing my boat sailboat would hit bridges and trees only downside is cutting the dash to fit a double din but I'm sure you're more than capable of doing something cool
Jackson Everage
Jackson Everage 3 måneder siden
Mr. Flannigan lol you don’t listen to anything.
Randall Franklin
Randall Franklin 3 måneder siden
Nice to meet Mrs Finnegan!!! Wishing you both the best!!!
Tom Smith
Tom Smith 3 måneder siden
How come that truck has its hazard lights flashing when it was infront of lincon hawk
joe green
joe green 3 måneder siden
At least mike had a happy ending!!! Sad to here about trans
AR3A_69 Sanchez
AR3A_69 Sanchez 3 måneder siden
What she didn't do a burnout?
skitoles 4 måneder siden
Mad Mat
Mad Mat 4 måneder siden
That’s a Killa ‘Burban. So cool.
Peter Smith
Peter Smith 4 måneder siden
Josh Holbert
Josh Holbert 4 måneder siden
Big red should have gotten the Name “Heavy Flow”
shari & aaron 699
shari & aaron 699 4 måneder siden
My favorite Finnegan's Garage so far! Very cool
Norse77 4 måneder siden
"This hat, it's like switch" great name
J Street
J Street 4 måneder siden
Can't wait to see all 3 Square Bodies side by side, Bagged C-10, Ramp Truck, and Lincoln Hawk* !!!
pauly repa
pauly repa 4 måneder siden
Its good 2 c a good man. Well played Mate! 👍
Shawn Bishop
Shawn Bishop 5 måneder siden
That was cool of you to surprise your woman! It almost jerked a tear !! LMFAO 😂 BTW LOVE THE SHOW BRO. You've got it made , keep up the good work !!
Stinkeye Customs
Stinkeye Customs 5 måneder siden
Love how you surprised your wife. My wife is super into the car and bike scene and I'm trying to sneakily build her a new motor for her car but its rough because she handles all the incoming and outgoing money for the shop so I'm having to be extra sneaky!
Get Real
Get Real 5 måneder siden
Look whats at 4:30 nosections.info/green/2aVdmWZ1mGuEypk/video.html
Get Real
Get Real 5 måneder siden
No cup holders ?
Dylan Kerr
Dylan Kerr 5 måneder siden
Alright Mike I see why you don't need to hire pretty, you got it at home hahaha. love the vids man, glad she liked it.
M Whitelaw
M Whitelaw 5 måneder siden
CDL B If it has air brakes You'll need that endorsement Just be legal The tickets are expensive The state I'm from charges $13,000 for driving a cmv without proper license.
truckN961 5 måneder siden
I live the explanation on the roof wing, an why it needs to be put back on in traffic
Robert Dunham
Robert Dunham 5 måneder siden
So......when are the "Flannagan Speed & Marine" shirts coming ??
Who Is SMARTER? 😂 #shorts
Who Is SMARTER? 😂 #shorts