Twin-Turbo Jet Boat Holeshot Secret Revealed! Finnegan's Garage Ep.106 

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So many of you have wondered how we are making the twin-turbo jet boat sit still while revving the Hemi and then launching it that we decided to drop a new video explaining why Game Over looks like it has a trans brake. It's true, this jet boat has no brakes, no seat belts, no transmission and yet we still treat it like a fast drag car when we spool up the turbos and unleash the twin-turbo Hemi on the water. How is this possible? Well, we'll show you.
In this video we explain how we redirect the water coming out of the jet drive to the sides of the boat, which enables us to rev the engine to over 4,000 rpm and then drop the hammer and take off like we've been shot out of cannon! and just for fun, we lined up 100 ft behind my neighbors PWC for a short drag race on our local lake! No surprise, we blew past the PWC like it was tied to a dock. It was still fun though.
Want more info about the jet drive parts we are using? Give B1 Racing a shout at (949) 294-1394 or Henry Morris at 302-530-1522.
want a Game Over shirt? visit my website at: www.fsmgarage.com
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8. juni. 2020





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Robert Roe
Robert Roe 5 timer siden
It'd be interesting to see a race against one of those turbo jet skis then run 130mph.
Zer0 C00l
Zer0 C00l 17 dager siden
Russ Wilkerson
Russ Wilkerson 20 dager siden
WoW Guy
WoW Guy 28 dager siden
I think you are gonna need a bigger lake
AMJB100000000 2 måneder siden
Get a seadoo rxt 300 and race it I bet it keeps up
Xtroll1738 2 måneder siden
This may have been asked and answered but I missed it, if so, sorry. Do you have the pop off safety valve wired so if the engine suddenly stops running for whatever reason, it activates to release the water? Reason I ask is the way I understand your description, you are activating it and you said that if the engine were to lock up for some reason, it would kick the stern up and the bow down therefore turning your boat most likely into a submarinewho's crew had just been give the dive, dive, dive, order.
Jason Thinnifel
Jason Thinnifel 2 måneder siden
Noob is annoying
Anthony Green
Anthony Green 3 måneder siden
Lol sea doo only moved maybe 20-30 feet before Finnegan passed it
Randy Fehl
Randy Fehl 4 måneder siden
👍👍🙂...@10:10 ....i heard a couple of snapping noises in the hull area ..kinda near deceleration/redline time......BADDASS 👍👍🤪
Cameron Bohman
Cameron Bohman 4 måneder siden
the sounds this boat produces make me happy in all the right places..
joseph c
joseph c 5 måneder siden
What top speed have you achieved so far?
A Helgeson
A Helgeson 5 måneder siden
Can we get some in-depth videos on your under hull hardware? I'm building a 77 Sanger Superjet into a drag boat and don't really understand shoes and rideplate.
ShortStroke 5 måneder siden
Bye bye jet ski!
JIM C 6 måneder siden
Do the river racers here: nosections.info/green/sYuSr4CLhqab1ro/video.html use the same pump? JIM
D Killer
D Killer 6 måneder siden
I recognize that spot on the lake!
Ambro s
Ambro s 6 måneder siden
The video at 8:39 is why you build a jet boat. That is an incredible burst of power in a small area... that jet drive is amazing... You gotta open it up and let it drink!
Rodney Austin
Rodney Austin 6 måneder siden
Not sayin it would hold a candle to that bad boy but id like to see it against a kawasaki 310r
Soysauce 92
Soysauce 92 6 måneder siden
I watched that boat launch like 50 times. Definitely a badass hunk of metal dude!!
Justin Matthews
Justin Matthews 7 måneder siden
Just found this channel this is dope man keep the good work up
wnhb n.
wnhb n. 7 måneder siden
Thanks for the info. I know more than I care too.
Conner Merritt
Conner Merritt 7 måneder siden
R.I.P other boats🤣
DreamTheory 7 måneder siden
clicked like but it only lets you sub once per channel :(
Animalistic_ GamingV
Animalistic_ GamingV 7 måneder siden
Imagine just wakeboarding behind that
Firstname Lastname is allowed
That "race" was just adorable!! LoL 😆 quick question, when you were showing the jet right at the very end there i noticed there was all kinds of water venting out of the pop off before you had hit the actual button. Is that normal or is that the excess water that just cant make it through or somthing like that? The pop off is basically a blow off valve that blows off water instead of air and you control it instead of vacuum from the engine in a sense ya? Maybe? Idk...lol
Erben 7 måneder siden
9:48 is what you are looking for
CRYPTOMAN 7 måneder siden
Wow 🤩
Double J
Double J 7 måneder siden
I didn't know anything about boats other than they go in water when I woke up this morning. Now I'm basically a boat expert! Try to tell me I wasted the day playing video games.
Ryan S
Ryan S 7 måneder siden
Did you wire pop off valve solenoid to a safety relay or trigger of sorts, as a safety against the motor stalling/seizing? Something that would auto open the valve in the event it stopped seeing engine RPM but ignition was still on. Excellent build. Hope you get that scoop/cavitation issue solved.
Ross Johnson
Ross Johnson 7 måneder siden
Oh gosh I wish I was somewhere near you I just bought a Kawasaki 310x, that thing to me is mind blowing fast and I know game over is faster and its hard to fathom it😂😂
John 7 måneder siden
Stick a modulating valve on the jet pump intake. Use a type of RAM controller to modulate it
Jon B
Jon B 7 måneder siden
Should try it against a rxtx 300
Logan Van Le
Logan Van Le 7 måneder siden
welsh kraken
welsh kraken 7 måneder siden
Make a bigger intake? Or move it more forward on the boat. I dont see that the boat is struggling to take up water (at least from the clips you are posting)
Chip Douglas
Chip Douglas 7 måneder siden
This thing is sick I miss seeing these real jet boats on the water all the time when I was a kid. Never see them anymore just those crappy sea doo / scarab jet boats that are just big heavy jet skis
Thomas Gulick
Thomas Gulick 7 måneder siden
Please race this against either a Yamaha GP1800 or a Seadoo 300. I'm curious to see it against an actual racing jetski not a cruiser with barely any hp.
David Cyrus
David Cyrus 7 måneder siden
The pop off valve need a puke face🤣🤣
ACE GARAGE 7 måneder siden
What lake is this
YellowVtec 7 måneder siden
Try racing a stage 2 supercharged ski see how that goes
Kim Nielsen
Kim Nielsen 7 måneder siden
Hello! Good explanation. Hi! You need better sound in your microphone, sometimes we hear you very badly in your youtube clips.
Anthony b carroll
Anthony b carroll 7 måneder siden
Found me a new bass boat lol al it needs is a trolling moter
Warren Carr
Warren Carr 7 måneder siden
hey finnegan can I have a ride like we did at lake Elsinore
Tony Zuccaro
Tony Zuccaro 7 måneder siden
He has a 155 bruh get a rxpx 300
CN Gaming
CN Gaming 7 måneder siden
1700 hp on that tiny thing? DANG
Wookie Pookie
Wookie Pookie 7 måneder siden
Go tubing behind it
MineStrongth 7 måneder siden
Make another cap for your neutral cap and have reverse again.
Sads gaming
Sads gaming 7 måneder siden
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Controlled Chaos
Controlled Chaos 7 måneder siden
Couldn’t you add a hydrofoil to the bottom aft so it keeps the backend planted and rams water into the jet drive intakes simultaneously?
Richard Goodwin
Richard Goodwin 7 måneder siden
Hey hey race my gp1800r!
Jimmy Tweedale
Jimmy Tweedale 7 måneder siden
I want a 100 yard head start! Lol🤣🤣
Warren Carr
Warren Carr 7 måneder siden
hey Finnegan nice boat get in touch with me need some advice on my blazer I have a 1989 K5
Sammy Buswell
Sammy Buswell 7 måneder siden
Fuel has left the chat
Jordie Hulton
Jordie Hulton 7 måneder siden
Race a Rxt 300 got are slow......
Stephanie White
Stephanie White 7 måneder siden
What lake
N Moran
N Moran 7 måneder siden
How fast is it ? Pwc does what 70-8o
Brian Robbins
Brian Robbins 7 måneder siden
That thing is insane
Shay Aycock
Shay Aycock 7 måneder siden
Josh_pridmore 94
Josh_pridmore 94 7 måneder siden
I want to see how long my supercharged 325 horse seadoo RXP will hang with it
Trevor Mcalhany
Trevor Mcalhany 7 måneder siden
I’ll give you $1,000 for it
joei1382 7 måneder siden
You should consider ditching the jet for a twin v drive system. I run that in my hydro. So much more effective plus you have steering after you cut the throttle. Also you might wanna consider some chutes soon.
Wayne Lowhorn
Wayne Lowhorn 7 måneder siden
Is this Altoona?
Patriot Rob
Patriot Rob 7 måneder siden
I had a 71 sanger drag boat with a blown big block the supercharger came from Ron braaksma! It was pretty fast ran 8.40s in the liquid 1/4 Wonder how that would do against the old bone?
dan tsy
dan tsy 7 måneder siden
Now do a Bugatti vs human 1 mile race. Should be close
Hockeypickles23 7 måneder siden
gotta come to lake wallenpaupack to really stretch those legs!
dronus 7 måneder siden
put a scoop on it
Bill Gorsey
Bill Gorsey 7 måneder siden
Game over wouldnt stand a chance against my 14ft smoker craft with a 30horse ... >.>
Chris Edge
Chris Edge 7 måneder siden
It's pretty amazing to watch the drive and watch the steering cables slack up I'm guessing from the force being put on the hull. The side x side shot was excellent.
K J 7 måneder siden
now go race a rxp 300 with a tune and bigger supercharger wheel.
Gavin Blanchard
Gavin Blanchard 7 måneder siden
Imagine tubing on that thing!!
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson 7 måneder siden
Gotta have a bungie cord tow rope so it doent rip ur arms off😅
DrDajom 7 måneder siden
That is the sickest thing I have ever seen... wow!
Jdub 7 måneder siden
Shenis a beast
Nick Bentley
Nick Bentley 7 måneder siden
Here in havasu those hills are everywhere but this one is insane
Schuylar Holden
Schuylar Holden 7 måneder siden
that’s nuts. crazy
Joseph Almo
Joseph Almo 7 måneder siden
Where do you launch from? I’d like to see how it does against my ski that’s quite a bit faster.
Channel Zero One
Channel Zero One 7 måneder siden
You could add another valve and path to that neutral bucket to effectively get reverse. Obviously you would have to be creative and make one. I can see several ways to do so. I am sure if you wanted reverse you could make it happen and still have your neutral bucket work about the same.
mr. Pineapple
mr. Pineapple 7 måneder siden
Is he cooling the charge air with the water from the lake?
Clayton Weber
Clayton Weber 7 måneder siden
Could you please do some driver camera shots of the boat
Alexander1485 7 måneder siden
wish the sound was better
luisworld911 7 måneder siden
A gti that’s not a fair comparison
Hunter 7 måneder siden
Sweet Jesus thats an awesome boat
215 maloneboy
215 maloneboy 7 måneder siden
How often u refil bottle
Michael Harrison
Michael Harrison 7 måneder siden
How does the hole shot of a jet driven boat compare to a prop driven boat?
Rayford Hickman
Rayford Hickman 7 måneder siden
That boat is "dialed in".
jesse arias
jesse arias 7 måneder siden
So you mean to tell me Gameover is basically a koenigsegg 1:1 but in bost version? THAT'S AWESOME!!!!
Michael Hite
Michael Hite 7 måneder siden
Cleetus just called you out. Hovercraft vs Game Over.
will m
will m 7 måneder siden
I didn't realize I was a boat guy until i learned you had a boat. Now here I am.. Full boat guy.
Mircica B
Mircica B 7 måneder siden
1700 hp, cable steering 😂
Imagine A World
Imagine A World 7 måneder siden
That mills valve can give you a reverse? 🤔
Imagine A World
Imagine A World 7 måneder siden
You sir have been CALLED OUT by that stinkin PINK GIRAFFE
JoManOut 7 måneder siden
3" outlet on your jet drive is why it accelerates like mad and runs out of top end. You can only cram so much volume through a 3" hole before your cavitating the water pre-pump. I think this is signified by the short rpm burst when you open the neutral bucket, the first .5 second you see the jet stream drive backards and the engine increases rpm momentarily then decreases back down when the water volume is sufficient to supply the pump
Chris V
Chris V 7 måneder siden
That is one of the slowest PWCs on the market.... what a joke...
Markku Viantie
Markku Viantie 7 måneder siden
that is fast :D
I DREWZY 7 måneder siden
Imagine tubing with this thing omg that would be scary
Brandon Osterhues
Brandon Osterhues 7 måneder siden
I love your videos, but the audio comes through so quietly i cant even hear it through my big monster blutooth speaker in my shop:(
A C 7 måneder siden
Man, that’s an awesome deal. Nice video Fin!
Stewart Boyer
Stewart Boyer 7 måneder siden
I'd suggest a solution to your jet pump starvation but I'm just some dude in the comments section. Just remember Bernoulli's principle applies in any fluid. Creating a raised area pre-flow to the intake mouth will induce an acceleration in the fluid medium and a drop in pressure over the obstacle. Additionally, if placed correctly the fluid will have an accelerated velocity and lowered pressure in relation to the surrounding "atmosphere", i.e., water which might more readily force the fluid into the intake. Or in other words place the upper chord of an airfoil/waterfoil in a semicircular area in front of the inlet and allow the fluid dynamics to work their magic.
jklivin2007 7 måneder siden
Did you buy the hull brand new or was it used???
Locally Hated
Locally Hated 7 måneder siden
Anyone got a name on the song playing at 10:30?
ok 7 måneder siden
that boomer was cringe
Dave Bowles
Dave Bowles 7 måneder siden
Very impressive
JSQUAD 7 måneder siden
To quite had my volume up and I could still barely hear the video
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