I Go Wide-Open in My 711ci Twin Turbo Jet Boat! Finnegan's Garage Ep.105 

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This time on Finnegan's Garage we build a supercar exhaust system for Game Over, my 19-foot long fiberglass jet boat. We hooked up with the dudes from Stainless Header Manufacturing to install a new tip that looks like it came from a Lamborghini. We cut and TIG-welded 4-inch diameter exhaust tubes to connect the Precision Turbos 88mm twin turbos to the new tip and then we went back to lake Allatoona in Georgia to see how she sounded. The noise was glorious!
13:44 Go here to see and hear it.
Want more info on the parts we used? Go here:
Wanna know how we are able to stage the boat in the water and then launch it like we're shot out of turbocharged cannon? Give Henry Morris a call for info on his awesome jet drive neutral bucket:
H.C.M. Inc Performance Jet Parts (302) 530-1522
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1. juni. 2020





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Mark Lang
Mark Lang 3 dager siden
Would a “Whirl Away” one way decoupler between the motor and pump provide some safety for you should the rotating assemble lock up?
a b
a b 12 dager siden
He'd get to mars before Elon
Squirrel Master
Squirrel Master 17 dager siden
that last run was insane......
Gruby Groove
Gruby Groove Måned siden
Feckin classssa boi😎
Yeti8it Måned siden
This boat will be GREAT for holeshotting that HUGE lake trout or catfish once hooked lol
Yeti8it Måned siden
Nice build on the boat ...I personally prefer V drive
Grannywankanobie Måned siden
Watch his foot at the end........Smash the gas.....Stay down Bitch........I’m not Scared......love it
Rodney Hendrickson
Rodney Hendrickson Måned siden
Man that is Bad ASS! I love it
Infinity - DIY
Infinity - DIY 2 måneder siden
Have a nice day everyone
Curtis Larson
Curtis Larson 2 måneder siden
When those blow up they cut your legs off. Hi from lake havasu.
bramgrin 2 måneder siden
Put a skier or wakeboarder behind it
lol br
lol br 3 måneder siden
Does the teacher let you guy's play with sharp pointy thing's?
bowlweevil 3 måneder siden
what brand of hull?
finneusj 4 måneder siden
Finnegan you are the man! You MUST find your way (with your boat) on to Grass Lake in Antioch, IL for “Thunder in the Chain” Thursday night drag boat races! Blarney Island is a bar on an island (well, the bar IS the island ... it’s on stilts!) on the Chain O Lakes in Northern IL. They host boat races every Thursday evening, and is a great place to party! www.blarneyisland.com/boatraces.html
Harry taylor
Harry taylor 4 måneder siden
David Elliott
David Elliott 4 måneder siden
Some K&Ns on the turbo inlets would protect the rotors from impact damage.
Bass Mechanic
Bass Mechanic 4 måneder siden
Amazing boat sir. Sounds sexy as fuck.
Hamish Fullerton
Hamish Fullerton 4 måneder siden
Tubbing and watersking on the back of that 🤔🤪😱🥴gee wouldn't want to piss the driver off , it wouldn't have much trouble getting a single ski up on the plain thou lol😆😅
Eric Thompson
Eric Thompson 4 måneder siden
Nice little bass boat.
Mother He
Mother He 5 måneder siden
Salute from China.
ShortStroke 5 måneder siden
Camera is too low Couldn’t see anything but your feet. Kill switch didn’t appear to be hooked to you. Just sayin! Love that bad ass boat! Awesome!
Roger Brown
Roger Brown 5 måneder siden
Soon dumb question. Had a jet boat in late 70s couldn't get it over 5k rpm. Was told thats all a jet was good for. Obviously thats not true. How do you get to use 1700 hp, when i couldn't use 500?
sadie376 5 måneder siden
I saw this & thought of you... nosections.info/green/zHdgqKaWaYCNs8g/video.html
darek4488 6 måneder siden
You didn't even attach the kill switch tether to you. That's just stupid on a boat the would easily leave the water and go through the woods if you fall out.
Tug Captain
Tug Captain 6 måneder siden
Mike, are you still wearing a helmet and straps when you run fast? check this out: - nosections.info/green/zHdgqKaWaYCNs8g/video.html
Metro Lakes
Metro Lakes 6 måneder siden
@finnegansgarage why weld on a blanket??
texn8 6 måneder siden
Mike, have anyone put a g-meter on that bad boy? The exceleration seems incredible!!!
prostreetgsxr 6 måneder siden
That is sweeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!
Luigi G DeLucia
Luigi G DeLucia 6 måneder siden
When you said that it went 113 mph in 4 seconds at 90 % throttle I broke out laughing like a school girl LOL. HAHAHAHA
EST1981 ANDY-O 6 måneder siden
You my friend just clowned on every jetboat out there........
Phy 6 måneder siden
I was searching for a drag racing boat that was running on methanol with a blower. This was not what I wanted to find, but it was good enough regardless. I saw this for Cleet do this channel.
Fred Frodesen
Fred Frodesen 7 måneder siden
Awesome tip collector!
Dan _
Dan _ 7 måneder siden
Dayum, son ! Love it ! Stay safe out there while at play !
GLEB BUGATTI 7 måneder siden
So how much fish can you catch
SCOTT WAYNE SR 7 måneder siden
YOU put a Tornado in a washtub. I did too.
John Berry
John Berry 7 måneder siden
Those bottom welds don’t look 👀 that bad, what top speed have you got that monster up to? Coool video, you go bro!
David Donaghy
David Donaghy 7 måneder siden
You need to put a couple of fishing rod holders on the boat and see if a fish will hit a lure going 200 mph.
Robert Kohut
Robert Kohut 7 måneder siden
Simon Lee
Simon Lee 7 måneder siden
This is rad!!! Quick question - I've noticed you installed C02 bottle to open/close the gate. How come it's not on top of the wastegate?
Giorgio Di Lella
Giorgio Di Lella 7 måneder siden
Ahhh. pretty slow...hehe. Ur sick.
Marcel Zuidwijk
Marcel Zuidwijk 7 måneder siden
Ok, I've got nothing with boats and racing... yet watching this video makes me wanna buy a boat like this 😍 (oh, that never gonna happen, yet it is so exciting to watch!!!)
Frans Badenhorst
Frans Badenhorst 7 måneder siden
Wow! Takes off like a bat outta hell! Amazing job 👍🏻
Angel Ramos
Angel Ramos 7 måneder siden
What are you doing with the waste gate pipes after that ? 🤣🤣🤣🤣are they for sale ? I need some pre made 2.5 inch pipes for my exhaust cutout and those are the perfect shape and they have v band flanges too so let me know dude
Shark Mahoney
Shark Mahoney 7 måneder siden
Jet drive?
Devon Henry
Devon Henry 7 måneder siden
I wanna see someone on a tube with that damn thing I volunteer for content purposes
Adam Hoague
Adam Hoague 7 måneder siden
You know your doing good when the ads on your video feature yourself lol
Calvin Evans
Calvin Evans 7 måneder siden
Two of those engines hooked up to toronado transmissions for a AWD car. Please, just do it.
Kyle Phillips
Kyle Phillips 7 måneder siden
Your *what*
pcparts2u 7 måneder siden
Any chance you could wear a mic ?
300zxdriver 7 måneder siden
Looks like it ran better here than the other day with Cletus.
James Gibbs
James Gibbs 7 måneder siden
Bring that thing to lake murray beer on me?
Chris Haberland
Chris Haberland 7 måneder siden
all though i don't own a boat on steroids, it's nice to learn about some of the engineering involved ...cameras are great, i've never seen a boat step out and launch this way...awesome machine and hats off to your piloting skills
Chris Shears
Chris Shears 7 måneder siden
LOL 666k subs. Monster of a speed boat! Like insane.
Trent Cardwell
Trent Cardwell 7 måneder siden
Love the square nose superjet in the background
Trent Cardwell
Trent Cardwell 7 måneder siden
Great content
Trent Cardwell
Trent Cardwell 7 måneder siden
Your very brave
Jerald Lifsey
Jerald Lifsey 7 måneder siden
What would make the jet pump run out of water? Is it planing over the water too much?
Sergey Lyutik
Sergey Lyutik 7 måneder siden
mackinley philip
mackinley philip 7 måneder siden
bring stubby bob back
Joe Momma
Joe Momma 7 måneder siden
How much is it to buy something like this?
Corey Cripps
Corey Cripps 7 måneder siden
That thing is fuckin nassssty bro.
Chris White
Chris White 7 måneder siden
Dude that was Insane , seeing the Water Shoot out sideways , then it launches 🚀 !!! Damn near goes Airborne
Andrew West
Andrew West 7 måneder siden
2 turbos but 8 pounds what
JC Mac
JC Mac 7 måneder siden
WOW, Dave Mathews really knows his stuff doesn’t he.
Michael Hoffman
Michael Hoffman 7 måneder siden
Are you running an inducer in your pump? Its like a little tiny impeller thats installed on the main shaft in front of the impeller. It helps load the impeller with more water.
1 M
1 M 7 måneder siden
Dude if you just want to turn on that speed your Dead 💀😂😂
Kefka 7 måneder siden
riding this thing in flip flops you are an animal mike!
jeremiah davis
jeremiah davis 7 måneder siden
Pull someone a hang glider and send them flying across the Pacific
jeremiah davis
jeremiah davis 7 måneder siden
The Turboat
Александр Максимов
Классный аппарат!! 😁👍👍
Chris Chick
Chris Chick 7 måneder siden
Coz air filters are overrated
Faeraby 7 måneder siden
That's one sick boat... Great job Finnegan.
IHG RV and Trailer
IHG RV and Trailer 7 måneder siden
Does the boat go in reverse with this set up?
l Lucifer l
l Lucifer l 7 måneder siden
I thought drag racing was scary fuck me
Devon Shaw
Devon Shaw 7 måneder siden
For the badass Mike is I figured I’d see a full pie cut exhaust
Reeferdog Bassin
Reeferdog Bassin 7 måneder siden
try foiling the strakes on the intake- id gain 20-30% more thrust doing this to outboard jet pumps.
Xristos Koutsos
Xristos Koutsos 7 måneder siden
have you built and a water to water cooler for the engine or its just straight through the engine?
lewis kelly
lewis kelly 7 måneder siden
I want to see this race twin turbo Todd's k swapped boat from pfi speed think it would be a really imtresting race :)
StreetStrip NMud
StreetStrip NMud 7 måneder siden
Came here from the Cleeter. Staying for the spicy live action!
Grant Houle
Grant Houle 3 måneder siden
How do you think Finnegan and Freiberger are gonna do at LeMullets? BECAUSE ROADKILL
Waylan E
Waylan E 7 måneder siden
Sexy work but now it's harder to access than when you should have been wearing armor. ; )
tyler womelduff
tyler womelduff 7 måneder siden
"It needs more work it's not fast enough"
Sassafras Wake Boyz
Sassafras Wake Boyz 7 måneder siden
Hell yeahhhh
Michael Laughlin
Michael Laughlin 7 måneder siden
Eric Borchardt
Eric Borchardt 7 måneder siden
Can I go tubing
Stooch 7 måneder siden
What you and the boys are really doin when you tell the wife you goin fishin
Times Running Out
Times Running Out 7 måneder siden
Great work
Denniz Cudi
Denniz Cudi 7 måneder siden
That’s fukkkknn sick
Jack Clanton
Jack Clanton 7 måneder siden
Did you accidentally make some boat on your engine?
Theos Milonakos
Theos Milonakos 7 måneder siden
Only 8psi ☹️. What’s holding you back 😂
Saskwatch 7 måneder siden
My wife said the same thing. “No more pokey pokey”. Well, she really didn’t say it outright....that status sort of evolved and grew into its own monster with two heads. 🤪
Bash Bros RC
Bash Bros RC 7 måneder siden
Amazing work!! Can't wait to see more ..SubD you up!!👏🏼👊🏼
Jdub 7 måneder siden
Mopar Man1527
Mopar Man1527 7 måneder siden
Why do the turbo wheels look orange and rusty?
holeshot 1
holeshot 1 7 måneder siden
Even Moe
Even Moe 7 måneder siden
Who else want to see this with a tube behind?
Projects and Bikes
Projects and Bikes 7 måneder siden
What do you edit these with i would like to know😃
soyounoat 7 måneder siden
B Perkins
B Perkins 7 måneder siden
Dear god.😳
Zach Sanders
Zach Sanders 7 måneder siden
I'm a new subscriber and a huge jet boat aficionado. I lived in Lake Havasu City, AZ and would take my 19' Advantage Banshee jet boat down to the Parker Strip regularly, so I'm happy to have discovered your channel. If I may offer a tiny bit of advice to make your channel perfect, I would suggest a quality wireless microphone so I can hear everything you're saying. Thanks for sharing!
Jordan Lenards
Jordan Lenards 7 måneder siden
The poor fish in that lake😂
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