I Run 130 mph in my Twin Turbo Jet Boat!! 

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This week on Finnegan's Garage- Ep. 148- This is what it took to make Game Over, my 711ci Hemi Twin Turbo jet boat, run its fastest pass to date. Watch as I take a grinder to the bottom of my fiberglass boat hull and radically change its shape in search of more speed. The re-shaped keel increased the water volume of water entering the jet drive and also increased the water pressure inside the jet drive. The results was a 15 mph increase in speed after just 1 hour of work on the bottom of the hull.

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30. mai. 2021





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Prince Bytor Frunobulax
I want that engine, (NA) in a 72 Monte. Maybe w/a gear driven cam to spice up the sound.
Kenny Ball
Kenny Ball Dag siden
This thing is bad ass o.m.g. iv got to get one
mtrevino01 Dag siden
Not gna lie, but I think I just came a little when Finnegan throttled that beast. Friggin NOICE!!!
WheelieGriff Dag siden
Hey you should turn on the gopro telemetry to show your speed
Crude Rude
Crude Rude 2 dager siden
my fathers passing away and i'm about to inherent a 1930 desoto with a 305/th350 mustang 2 clip that i have the goal of building into a daily driver/strip car along with entering rocky mountain race week,drag week, and power cruise in memory of my father. it would be epic to have a chance to own a nice welder to help with my project. ive taken welding classes but never had the cash to buy a nice welder.
Phil Covino
Phil Covino 3 dager siden
Pick me. Even though its too late
William Saxon Build's
i would like to see them build a stick figure of a human out exhaust tubing with detailed facial features with both fat and skinny mufflers lol
Robert Dennis
Robert Dennis 3 dager siden
Pan hard mount is already cracked on trailer at 9:14
Teddy Jones
Teddy Jones 3 dager siden
Philip Boismier
Philip Boismier 3 dager siden
Holy kevlar shorts batman This thing is fast
John T. Starkey
John T. Starkey 3 dager siden
hEY sUCH A bOAT MY 16'85 mERCURY MAKES IT TO 37 mPH AND WE WERE THIRLD to get there the first time, so your racer is the top of the game with what you do,congrats and we enjoy watching your success. Thks again for your videos.
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson 4 dager siden
Beautiful boat
Stop Spam
Stop Spam 6 dager siden
That is airplane speeds!! Just sayin.
Robert Gill
Robert Gill 8 dager siden
Daaaang, that Thang has a flip flop print gas pedal!
Garrett Davis
Garrett Davis 9 dager siden
Did anyone notice the suspension on the boat trailer?
Criss Cornia
Criss Cornia 9 dager siden
Thousands are not metric. Just fractions of inches.
M Hughes
M Hughes 10 dager siden
Laying on your back grinding and sanding fiberglass sooooooo much fun. Not Looks like you should disappear back to the future at 88mph
Tim Hardin
Tim Hardin 11 dager siden
Glad you didn't sell the boat I have a love / Hate relationship with mine🙄lol. Can't wait for the next videos
Puritan 74
Puritan 74 12 dager siden
Wow, that put a huge grin on my face just watching it, I can only imagine what it was like to ride!
Don Keziah
Don Keziah 12 dager siden
Fine detailed and designed boat!!! Colors a great also!!!
Don Keziah
Don Keziah 12 dager siden
Does the #999 have any significant meaning or ties to the past?
Don Keziah
Don Keziah 12 dager siden
What power plant resides inside the hull and drives the pump?
Thomas Roberts
Thomas Roberts 13 dager siden
Boy she scoots now great mod btw
Tony Necas
Tony Necas 18 dager siden
Hi my name is Finnegan. I built a boat that literally is so fast it goes into plaid speed. I'm gonna make it just a bit faster. Why? Why not??
Lee Vahal
Lee Vahal 21 dag siden
Your patience amazes me.
David Millar
David Millar 22 dager siden
David Millar power it feeles Good
John Fasoulis
John Fasoulis 23 dager siden
Unbeleveable , straight hot rod on e ater
Dale Farmer
Dale Farmer 24 dager siden
Insane ...
MintPimp 24 dager siden
Get it hot!!
Michael P
Michael P 24 dager siden
@Finnegansgarage I seen another jet boat here on youtube with a what looked like a 2 speed lenco. Do you yourself run something similar for a transmission on Gameover?
Fire_ShotZ23 24 dager siden
Finnegan. Got a question was that hemi built for marine use? They say marine motors have loser tolerances, or is it built for use on land?
Robert Kotula
Robert Kotula 26 dager siden
An STV tunnel hull with a racing 2.5 outboard will smoke your car motor.
Aaron Wagner
Aaron Wagner 27 dager siden
I told my wife I need Kevlar shorts. She laughed and said need a bigger engine.
Ribhi Kamal
Ribhi Kamal 28 dager siden
wow it's been such a long journey to get to this point.
ibkg 28 dager siden
That was a awesome run I'm sure everyone on that lake loves your boat
motorv8N 28 dager siden
In...effin.....credible. So nice!
Rooster 29 dager siden
Thats a wikked water missile
Gorg Reez
Gorg Reez 29 dager siden
aw man how rad it would be to own a welder like that. diggin your vids and your boat mod ,keep rockin it bud
scott kelly
scott kelly Måned siden
Your videos are making me late for work all the time. Can't quit watching while I'm dropping a duece! You guys rock with your work, love it!
Ugly_Dub Måned siden
How does one get the stubby bob banner behind you? I have seen it a few times and it’s amazing!
chris ehmen
chris ehmen Måned siden
I remember when you pulled that boat outta storage in Cali with freibuger
garyl campbell
garyl campbell Måned siden
Good job Mike
danny pais
danny pais Måned siden
Now I have one more thing to say how much more scary can we make dead bald because I have seen in have known of argyre have in the moor scarious fuckin' get bored of all times now I don't remember his name scene and once on the water N people are saying that this but was fuckin' insane OK so the while the guy was doing some testing any and coming to the Ds into the dark to get some fuel by I said to him this fuel is a good night for you any say no no no this is the is a little spotted this dock station has 94A gain Gazze by P edge and a jet you're doing anyway he were doing something so I documented how said Holland saying in a heated
danny pais
danny pais Måned siden
The I love the Show and for modification to the bowl is quite wild now I always like jet boards like you by I always watched you N you and roadkill and and whatever else you do um the board has a pick up when I see a take of it instant loveydovey to the water because of the fact is that you have the water getting pushed directly into because before the was a ridge to it or as you as you would say he'll do it so basically now you have it smoothing out to appoint work the water is just The water's been pushed in at the right angle and yeah I think it's great what or small modification to about
Brent B
Brent B Måned siden
Curious as to your educational background. Have you attended technical school or college for mechanics 🧰?
Scott Wurm
Scott Wurm Måned siden
Game over, play again?!
finpainter1 Måned siden
That boat is crazy ,rewound.
Blair Tighe
Blair Tighe Måned siden
1970 camaro I'm 32 and just had my second kid and need a new welder to Finnish my 70 camaro that has a LS swap t56 and I need to finish my twin turbo set up. Love the show best of luck
Hugh Stratton
Hugh Stratton Måned siden
Cool.. but do you ever race it?
kevin keller
kevin keller Måned siden
Rename the rocket New Page
Michael Lucht
Michael Lucht Måned siden
Do you see guys putting Coyotes into these things yet? Have the Ford Tritons ever been tried and successful?
Coldoh86 Måned siden
Kev at KSR is possibly the best fabricator I've ever seen.
Coldoh86 Måned siden
Should be good to go upside-down and inside out. Why bother with anything else
Coldoh86 Måned siden
The fact that ppl don't use a dry sump all the time scares me
TheFinalApproach Måned siden
Shout out to Kevin! Always making everything run NICE!
David Martin
David Martin Måned siden
Another thing...what kind of disconnect is between the engine and pump? How does that pump survive out of the water? Curious.
Dusk13 Måned siden
You've a sick wip water baby there dude !
dragonettiification Måned siden
Everyone whos a Finn fan think "oh blashemi that's his baby"....real Finn fans "no no no gameover is his baby"
David Martin
David Martin Måned siden
Congratulations on 130. Like what you did to figure out how to load the pump. I'm assuming that the loader grate I suggested last time would just get in the way and slow things down. Watching you work on this boat is kind of rekindling my fire. I too have been contemplating selling it. Not so sure any more. TX20 Banks BBC Twin turbos
00UncommonSense00 Måned siden
I have a jetski that goes 60 mph. That's all I can handle. I want no more than that. Can't imagine going 130 on water. Balls of concrete.
Howabouthetruth Måned siden
Wow!!! The video footage of that hole shot looked like the video was sped up, lol. That crazy acceleration....it didn't even look real.
ĽőL Nitrous
ĽőL Nitrous Måned siden
V-drive guys don't try this at home
ĽőL Nitrous
ĽőL Nitrous Måned siden
I knew you could do it bro congratulations beers are on me in lake Havasu city.. lol 😂
Tom H
Tom H Måned siden
If you flip that boat things will go to hell really quick. That 999 upside down is 666. The number of the beast. 😆 Or, is that 999 really 666 upside down meaning you've tamed the beast? 😁
kevin cresswell
kevin cresswell Måned siden
I like that he is willing to learn daily .
Steven Finnegan
Steven Finnegan Måned siden
Came across your channel, and especially to see another Finnegan, doing great, keep up the good work. Steve from London, UK, Family from County Limerick, Ireland
Dean L.
Dean L. Måned siden
thats one bitchin boat but dont waist your time putting any decals on your helmet unless you just wanted some sticky spots on it!!!
Keith McNeil
Keith McNeil Måned siden
Nice job brother nice job I think I would have named the boat just add water but that's me keep the videos coming stay safe and healthy your family also much love and respect.
Collin Smith
Collin Smith Måned siden
Damn I want one! 🤙
Brenda Berrones
Brenda Berrones Måned siden
Wow das so fast 😂😂😂😂 you seen one sucker boat you seen all 👎👎
thomas hartle
thomas hartle Måned siden
Well how fast did it go??
Princess Paula
Princess Paula Måned siden
Now you need to find a brave waterskier.
yote asche
yote asche Måned siden
who knew all she needed some death wheel love.
cadillac crow
cadillac crow Måned siden
love your boat! man, it's the bomb!
dieselphiend Måned siden
He needs an 6700 full face respirator. How much glass dust is he getting in his eyes? That can't be good.
Mike Gorelyy
Mike Gorelyy Måned siden
If its not scaring you its not fast enough yet
Oldtimer f7
Oldtimer f7 Måned siden
Nice. Now drop that engine into a 67 Chevelle.
T Overturf
T Overturf Måned siden
Next time you do fiberglass cover exposed skin with Vaseline before you start grinding the glass. It works to combat the itching.... Your welcome
MTN Outlaws sled shop West Yellowstone MT
Love your Channel been waiting to see what’s going on with Game over rig.. Great to see she’s shredding as she should 😎🤘 Also Kevin with KSR is the man 🤘💪 Keep it up brother !
Craig Mercer
Craig Mercer Måned siden
Wow she stuck in and put the grind on. I'm so glad you hung in with the boat, I grew up on the pamlico river in Washington NC and watched Reggie fountain go from a nothing to the top of his field and you my friend, I've been watching, are doing the same and I'm proud to say that your accomplishments are outstanding and impressive. Keep learning and explore EVERY option that's interesting to you! Life is short and we only get one ride on this merry- go- round! Great job and look forward to seeing the next cool and inspiring videos. craigmercer9@gmail.com PS I COULD REALY USE A GREAT WELDER.
Jeffrey Wheeler
Jeffrey Wheeler Måned siden
Would love to see your thoughts on the Jet Boat racing they do up in the pacific north west. Salmon River race is an awesome race and a blast to watch.
northtexasrangers Måned siden
Pick me I like welder!
Randy & Kraig Brother's
Love your inthusiasum and willingness to take a chance. I have built lots of stuff out of junk , including a rat rod made up of AN ASTUN AMERICAN, Datsun pickup frame 383 and transmission dodge and ford 9 inch, with 13 inch Terra tires and only rear brakes. Fun car.
Ping Måned siden
That absolutely rockets! 😮😮😮
Juiceman Måned siden
I almost need brown kevlar shorts just watching this video.
nickg0411 Måned siden
so its a bit faster than the mopar muscle boat...lol
Erric West
Erric West Måned siden
Bout to go where no man's gone to on a boat with the grinder sitting there haha
Ben Barnes
Ben Barnes Måned siden
I prolly mìssed out but im a fan of yours from now on
Pocket_Knivez Måned siden
18:05 when she says she’s home alone but ur car is broke
Dopey Tripod
Dopey Tripod Måned siden
haha you went coo-coo for coco puffs
Andrew Rose
Andrew Rose Måned siden
Maybe next time use a big fan to blow the cloud away from you while sanding so you're not getting pounded by dust.
Austin Lee
Austin Lee Måned siden
Imagine if people could do a little reshaping to their civic and pick up 30 mph. They’d still be going 85 TOPS
Tom Mc
Tom Mc Måned siden
Grinds off the fiberglass and gives away a welder? Nothing to see here!
SaxdudeGCGT Måned siden
Kevin from KSR in amazing. Great guy, great team! Thank you for giving him a shout-out! Also, Game Over is just as sick as ever
LOMan Måned siden
Don't let Cleetus drive it.
Brian Giller
Brian Giller Måned siden
William Stamper
William Stamper Måned siden
Jet boats are F'ing crazy 550 hp is scary
MKruge 907
MKruge 907 Måned siden
The 999 logo is actually 666 upside down. Refers to "mortals".
Alanna partin
Alanna partin Måned siden
now do 1/4 degree wedges on the nozzel... its just a touch flat..... not much but it could run a bit more nose up
Josh Neibert
Josh Neibert Måned siden
Making Stump Grinder
Ganger 1,7 mill
Help Me
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