My Bodydropped, LT-Swapped C10 is back: Finnegan's Garage Ep. 127 

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You've asked for it and we are delivering more content on my 1967 Chevrolet C10. This is the truck my friends I began building more than a decade ago. The backbone of this truck is a tube chassis with a Ford Expedition 8.8" IRS. The front half of this truck came from MRC Fabrications. The truck rides on Mittler Brothers Hydroshox. In this episode we rebuild the rear suspension mounts and get the truck ready for plumbing and wiring.
If you want that cool tool that i used to hold the tubing in place while i welded it to the chassis then go here:
and if you want some cool Finnegan Speed and Marine swag then go here: www.fsmgarage.com




5. feb.. 2021





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AUSTIN Måned siden
There is literally no way that bent while just sitting there. That was surely bent from heat warpage
Adam Garon
Adam Garon 2 måneder siden
Steven Wechter
Steven Wechter 2 måneder siden
is it me or does the camera make mike look like he had a face lift it must be the exposure
Centurial Inc
Centurial Inc 2 måneder siden
Hey guys just saw you video. Thanks for mentioning the tools. Keep up the good work.
Gregory Corral
Gregory Corral 2 måneder siden
"Why did you let me hit it twice with these pythons!"
Tim Yoder
Tim Yoder 2 måneder siden
Watching this C10 build, realy makes me want to get back onto my '69 C10 build which has been on hold for about 3 years now. Good thing these trucks are timeless. Looks great man, great work.
Time1800 2 måneder siden
At this point you should just whack it back and forth till it falls off start over.
Larry Barnes
Larry Barnes 2 måneder siden
Weird how things get put on the back burner family does that thought when my kids were raised I could build my short bed Chevy the only car I really ever finished I sold when my mother got cancer if you don’t get yours done soon everything you’ve done will be out of style again
David Farr
David Farr 2 måneder siden
You've got to practice vertical up down hand is not structurally sound.
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 2 måneder siden
5:24. When they both look over at the level. It reminds me of the three stooges way too much 😂😂
T1000AX 2 måneder siden
david newbern looks like kevin james.
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 2 måneder siden
celebratory burnouts when they are back on 4 wheels!
Peter Carlsson
Peter Carlsson 2 måneder siden
What is the name of the "protractor" you use at the beginning of the clip 3,10? And where can I find it?
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 2 måneder siden
Dear Mike, you are an inspiration to all of us. My most sincere condoleances for the loss of your father.
The Pidgeon’s Forge
The Pidgeon’s Forge 2 måneder siden
Hey Mike, Almost cried when I saw that your Dad had passed.. For all the education, laughs, absurdity and fun you have given us.. thanks and condolences to you and all those who loved him.
Travis S
Travis S 2 måneder siden
I really like that chassis it looks sick.
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 2 måneder siden
Awesome informational educational video experience Y'alls God Bless Ya 🙏
joe #212
joe #212 2 måneder siden
Sweet a c10 update. Ready for a Caddy up date also
david appleton
david appleton 2 måneder siden
i watch all the road kill stuff and love it ,,stopped watching Finnegan garage because of shit sound a year or two ago .....you can film it on a 240p potato i don't care but i don't want to be straining to hear it ...just think i will try the channel again ...WTF still shit sound... 3/4 of a million subs and the chanal cant run to to a $150 radio Lav mike ...see you in a year or 2
Psychic Records
Psychic Records 2 måneder siden
"Pythons" is now the official unit of measurement for hitting things.
Tom Land
Tom Land 2 måneder siden
Internet 2 måneder siden
Building a 68 c-10 going a auto cross type setup would you do a fully floating 9” rear end (nascar style) or a more traditional style from somewhere like Currie? I have a full Qa1 suspension setup, wildwood spindles and brakes going to put an LS in it after i finish body work.
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 2 måneder siden
Hey Mike, good to see you working on the C10 again finally, I have a 28lb sledge hammer you can borrow, or is that a little too delicate for you.
cyfris 2 måneder siden
Buy a microphone!
Denis Iwaszczuk
Denis Iwaszczuk 2 måneder siden
One ping only
Duner250R 2 måneder siden
Mike, you said "keep subscribing" Well how in the fuck do I subscribe more than once, Finnegan? Good to see a video from you. Your expertise in fabrication and design is truly an inspiration to me.
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 2 måneder siden
celebratory burnouts when they are back on 4 wheels!
cfaber 2 måneder siden
Next time use something other than LEAD for the strut mounts? :)
M H 2 måneder siden
Hi Mike, I just watched the Smokey and LeMullets! Roadkill episode. You and your family have my condolences on the passing of your Dad. One could easily see the love you had for each other. KenoshaKicker.
npsit1 2 måneder siden
7:09 How many people actually get this movie reference? I assume it was a reference and not just an accident.. Yes, The Hunt for Red October..
Patrick Feuillet
Patrick Feuillet 2 måneder siden
Dear Mike, you are an inspiration to all of us. My most sincere condoleances for the loss of your father.
AdventureVenture 2 måneder siden
That is one busy looking area. Can't help but think it could have a more elegant design to simply things.
Steven Jennings
Steven Jennings 2 måneder siden
Awesome informational educational video experience Y'alls God Bless Ya 🙏
T B 2 måneder siden
I just watched the first season 10 episode of Roadkill and was excited for the episode. First I heard of your fathers passing. I’m so sorry Mike. My condolences to you and your family. I’m sure you all have been in a lot of prayers from the Roadkill/FSM family. Hope your all doing well.
Kevin Stone
Kevin Stone 2 måneder siden
Just watched roadkill sorry for your loss
Yvan Quirion
Yvan Quirion 2 måneder siden
Sorry for your lost my friend praying you and your family
Mike Wasfaret
Mike Wasfaret 2 måneder siden
Just watched Roadkill. So sorry for your loss. I you and your family are doing well. Your dad seemed like a great guy.
Darin Peirce
Darin Peirce 2 måneder siden
Just watched the most recent roadkill episode! Great show. What is newbern doing with the all black suburban in the background??
Andrew Peterson
Andrew Peterson 2 måneder siden
Glad to see your working on this truck again. What ever happened to “J low”??
Darrell Blair
Darrell Blair 2 måneder siden
do you ever give a 4x4 truck away i need a truck but i can;t buy a wheel for one darrellgblair59@gmail.com
TheHankerchief26 2 måneder siden
Dem pythons, man. Gotta be careful!
Films4Fun96 2 måneder siden
"We are going back and forth between the C10 and the Caddy". Sweet! My two favorite projects. Can't wait to see the fab work and finish work on both. Not to mention the celebratory burnouts when they are back on 4 wheels!
werner KEGGENHOFF 2 måneder siden
Mike did you guys every get the Ratsun back that was stolen ?
ebels3 2 måneder siden
They have the rotson. The mazdarati was stolen. No. They didn’t get it back.
Kay Genotte
Kay Genotte 2 måneder siden
"One ping only" I heard it!!!!!! I love it!!
Tom Vetter
Tom Vetter 2 måneder siden
Hello Mike, I am a big fan and I just watched the latest Roadkill. I was very saddened to see the passing of your father. I just wanted to let you know you have my deepest condolences.
Gregory Brumm
Gregory Brumm 2 måneder siden
Same here. Sorry to hear that you lost your Dad. Condolences
Eric Lizotte
Eric Lizotte 2 måneder siden
Life goal is own a truck like this
William best
William best 2 måneder siden
At least you weren't wearing crocs...
RecoilFreak 2 måneder siden
Two words: Volume Normalization
Chris Garcia
Chris Garcia 2 måneder siden
Drink q Miller lite in the next video to show you read your comments. Love the channel keep it up. I follow all your build. Once I get everything in line I will subscribe to motortrend I promise. Lmfao
Manny S
Manny S 2 måneder siden
Sweet red/black mechanic's chair! Who makes it? Great video as always. #FSM
brdnsky64 2 måneder siden
I've seen these shocks advertised and have wondered whether they would be better than the air. Also why didn't you run a Caddy 500 stroker in the Caddy instead a stroked BBC and keep it all the same. Ronnie.
Dillon Topham
Dillon Topham 2 måneder siden
Honestly love all of your projects. Really excited for the next caddie update
Micah Buchheit
Micah Buchheit 2 måneder siden
Pound for Pound one of the best channels !!!
Hookemups 2 måneder siden
well... that was exciting... bring back binky and brackets
Vannucci’s Garage
Vannucci’s Garage 2 måneder siden
Are you going to the Goodguys event out in Fortworth Texas?
JP's Johnson
JP's Johnson 2 måneder siden
Looks like you come a long ways from getting kicked out of the neighborhood for having too many toys and nowhere to store and work on. Nice shop, nice work, and awesome job 🤘🏻
Diesel Lover
Diesel Lover 2 måneder siden
Why is it wen I see a video and they weld I turn my head???
Stephen Brake
Stephen Brake 2 måneder siden
More c10 videos. Been looking forward to this truck since the way back, C'mon Mr. Finnegan.
Danny Wilsher
Danny Wilsher 2 måneder siden
I built a 67 truck with a 427 big block and turbo 400. Wow what a fun truck to drive that was. This one is so much better and going to be much more of a blast!!!!!!!!!!
kayweb 2 måneder siden
I was just talking about this thing yesterday!
Robert Bradford
Robert Bradford 2 måneder siden
This thing is awesome I would love to take it for a spin!👌
Chad Prenzlow
Chad Prenzlow 2 måneder siden
I’m in Minnesota watching. I’m a little jealous seeing the garage doors open. It’s -8 today here.
AB-80X 2 måneder siden
Well, I had to leave this here. It's too funny not to:D nosections.info/green/1qt0jaqBin19uMg/video.html Hope it's okay Fin:)
Adam Holmes
Adam Holmes 2 måneder siden
Dudes you all need microphones i love what you guys do i can just never hear you guys unless you guys are wicked close to the camera!! keep up the cool shit and get mics!!
maxst2 2 måneder siden
John Roberts
John Roberts 2 måneder siden
Great content thanks for sharing
gearheadperkins 2 måneder siden
We need a c10 shirt again.
yYmMyY yYmMyY
yYmMyY yYmMyY 2 måneder siden
U need a mic mate. Audio is not loud enough versus background noises
Mike D
Mike D 2 måneder siden
I'm not nearly as busy as these guys, but it does make me fee justl a little better to see projects sit for a minute or two. Some of these channels make a guy feel like a car or truck should be done in a matter of a few months, if not weeks. .
BertZX9R 2 måneder siden
Love the C10 content. The 3D printed tube holder is brilliant
Reece Lines
Reece Lines 2 måneder siden
I want more updates on the Cadillac Mike!
MajorRowe 2 måneder siden
Whats the deal what that rear end? It looks beefy enough to survive a tactical nuclear strike.
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 2 måneder siden
It's a Ford 8.8, out of an Expedition.
Gord Ner
Gord Ner 2 måneder siden
Oh come on, I lasted 5 minutes.
geoff donovan
geoff donovan 2 måneder siden
I want this truck so badly
BenRittenhouse 2 måneder siden
Tim datoolman
Tim datoolman 2 måneder siden
The C10 is going to be sweet when it's on the road.
M1911 A1
M1911 A1 2 måneder siden
Is it wrong to be more excited abut the ramp truck, lol?
K3NnY_G 2 måneder siden
8:59 - Genuine ow, my ear is ringing; this shit's not cool. Re-watch your crap before uploading or get whoever you pay to edit it to. Almost a million subs and I'm getting squelches like it's some kid on his mom's XP machine in movie maker who threw the video together. Do better, on this front, at this point. Oh nice, 10:09 too..
Rear Engine Shop
Rear Engine Shop 2 måneder siden
This truck is going to be awesome when it’s done. 👍 Maybe you guys have too many projects? Kidding, there’s no such thing as too many projects.
Jeff Jaeger
Jeff Jaeger 2 måneder siden
The classic BFH adjustment tool.
David Szakacs
David Szakacs 2 måneder siden
Please consider using clip on mics.
matt sez
matt sez 2 måneder siden
will someone PLEASE.................................get this man a mic
Clarence Hatfield
Clarence Hatfield 2 måneder siden
That rear suspension looks like a cluster fuck from ova cheeeer...........lol
E Zacher
E Zacher 2 måneder siden
You really like doing the same job multiple times huh?
darren mcgowan
darren mcgowan 2 måneder siden
More uploads on Yt then on Motertrend App!!! Smh
Curtis Muma
Curtis Muma 2 måneder siden
Sorry, cant hear you
Jaison Bairstow
Jaison Bairstow 2 måneder siden
hey Mike, what was that drill attachment to sand things back after you're boxed it all in? it looked like a triangular linisher?
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 2 måneder siden
@Jaison Bairstow You're welcome.
Jaison Bairstow
Jaison Bairstow 2 måneder siden
@Flat4Buggy 2 ep44 was a long time ago now... I don't recall that haha. Thanks :)
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 2 måneder siden
It's a tube sander from 525 Industries. Mike featured it in episode 44 of Finnegan's Garage.
Kenneth Welch
Kenneth Welch 2 måneder siden
Sorry I'm a drink or two blah blah blah
Kenneth Welch
Kenneth Welch 2 måneder siden
Grow up in a junkyard since I'm knee-high to an ankle soldier lol whatever the f*** that means got my own shop lost all interests don't know how you do it would love to do this for a living again miss my hot rods and love of doing it. How to get started question
Andy J Can’t
Andy J Can’t 2 måneder siden
About damn time!
T Hman
T Hman 2 måneder siden
You have flipped so many ramp trucks i don't remember which one that is
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 2 måneder siden
It's the original Roadkill ramp truck.
matt vorhees
matt vorhees 2 måneder siden
What's up with newburns hair? Looks like he got attacked buy spray can hair from the 90's.
robert sears
robert sears 2 måneder siden
In Aerospace and Aeronautics there is rule of thumb that says, every member should serve at LEAST 2 purposes, if not more. Am I missing something here? I see a Lot of seat of the pants, useless structural members here. Also known as a "Charlie Foxtrot". Maybe your desire is a 7000 lb. vehicle. Maybe your design intent is a submersible that "dives" quick....?????
Sruli K.
Sruli K. 2 måneder siden
I love the Channel ! there's just 1 problem, SOUND ! The sound is low ! please do something about the sound.
bmxscape 2 måneder siden
when will we see more of the 200 mph caddy?
Andrew DePolter
Andrew DePolter 2 måneder siden
Dave is not fooling anyone with that spray in hair
Tim dontwannasay
Tim dontwannasay 2 måneder siden
Awesome! 3 of my favorites!
Lyndon Wortley
Lyndon Wortley 2 måneder siden
Squirrels! Where?
Rob Burk
Rob Burk 2 måneder siden
What's funny is, he probably owns a porta power. Just saying.
Zachary Peralta
Zachary Peralta 2 måneder siden
I love watching this show makes me remember to work harder everyday so I can finish my truck recently had to park it need to do a back half old c notch broken bent my frame and whole bunch of junk keep it up
Jdiddy 2 måneder siden
Audio levels need to be worked on! But love your content!
paullutterloh51 2 måneder siden
You need a eyelet in the concrete to connect a chain and use a jack and pull the mount down. For the future
Eric06410 2 måneder siden
It doesn’t make the noise!!
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Bicycle of Hydraulics
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