Twin-Turbo Jet Boat Rips the Water! Finnegan's Garage Ep.96 

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Our fourth lake test was a success! After troubleshooting the ignition and fuel systems that plagued our last test session, we finally got to rip across the water at 90 mph and there's plenty of speed left in this beast once we get the air/fuel mixture tuned perfectly and stop the turbos from trying to melt the fiberglass boat hull. This video has lots of tips about troubleshooting V8 engines and it ends with us having the time of our lives in Game Over, our twin-turbo jet boat.
Note: I live at the lake and nobody was near me when we tested the jet boat. We are staying away from people just like you are, I just happen to be fortunate enough to live in a rural part of Georgia. Anyway, thanks for watching and for liking and commenting on this video. We'll be back soon with another one!
If you'd like more information about the ultrasonic parts washer that we used on the spark plugs in this video then go here:
Game Over is a 2017 Peterson Placecraft fiberglass Jet Boat hull
It's powered by an aluminum 711ci Sonny Leonard Hemi with twin Precision 88mm turbochargers. It features CP pistons, Carrillo connecting rods and a Bullet camshaft. T&D shaft rockers and Manley valves and springs are in the heads. The engine and boat is wired completely using Wirecare.com and Techflex products. It runs on 118 octane Rockett Brand racing fuel. The efi is from Holley, the ignition is MSD and the jet drive is a Dominator pump built by B1 Racing. I welded the headers from a kit by Stainlessheaders.com.




6. april. 2020





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Bobby Vance
Bobby Vance 11 dager siden
Nasty ass lake ,,,,, if I’m going to get in a lake I have to be able to see my feet
ENGINE BAE 21 dag siden
I thought Finn was gonna start a cooking channel when I saw that fancy crockpot....🤔
Brandon Campbell
Brandon Campbell 28 dager siden
That thing is bad to tha bone
GlassTopRX7 Måned siden
This is why I don't live on a river, to pay all that cash for property on a serene river only have jackasses creating a whole bunch of racket on with power vehicles.
Gemhet Always
Gemhet Always Måned siden
Show gearbox
banshee01ful 2 måneder siden
Been a while since I was on your channel . What a great video about Game Over. I watched you built it . Now I got to see you Tune it in the hydro.
banshee01ful 2 måneder siden
Sorry to hear about your POPS:_(
Steven Dusa
Steven Dusa 2 måneder siden
MAN! What a great sound she makes!!!!👍😁😊
HoundDogMech 2 måneder siden
Just a suggestion REMOTE MIC.
Rafael Villareal
Rafael Villareal 3 måneder siden
Need a kicker.
Nunya Bizznizz
Nunya Bizznizz 3 måneder siden
david lecapitaine
david lecapitaine 5 måneder siden
Very kool video, SUPER kool boat & motor, fun day of testing, ;-), I ran outta fuel on my my 4th test run too, On the wolf river and without a paddle, good thing there's always a friendly fisherman around to pull me back to the dock,
shazoph Mitchell
shazoph Mitchell 5 måneder siden
Let’s build a electric boat together I have the boat let’s just build it. My email is blackcowboy3113@gmail.com
B6 schilke
B6 schilke 6 måneder siden
Cylinders not firing? Do an oil change! That should fix it. Lots of money and little “mechanic-ing” skills would be a clue.
Sick Man
Sick Man 6 måneder siden
Just lov'in it !
Homefront 6 måneder siden
Jedi Drive
Homefront 6 måneder siden
ewww crap water
David Elliott
David Elliott 6 måneder siden
Chuck on an ultra fine bypass oil filter. Catches the brick ends let through by a clean standard filter.
Chooper 6 måneder siden
For some strange reason your head doesn't fit your body... Did you used to be really fat ? Or were you born with some weird medical condition that makes it appear that way ?
C. J. Lau
C. J. Lau 6 måneder siden
You guys wasted your time. The metal in the oil is normal for the break. And nothing related to the crank or bearings will cause misfire.
Ward Fertuck
Ward Fertuck 6 måneder siden
I've got 8 inches of height...... And now we know why his wife let's him get away with so much!!!! LOL 😂🤣😆
Bryan Fonzy
Bryan Fonzy 6 måneder siden
What a pooch
Rusty Ray
Rusty Ray 7 måneder siden
ShortStroke 7 måneder siden
This time your forward looking camera was positioned perfectly. Thanks
Growmie Greenthumb
Growmie Greenthumb 7 måneder siden
Don't hit a wave. Damn that looks like so much fun
Brandon S Yates Sr.
Brandon S Yates Sr. 7 måneder siden
I love you can see that spring.
thirdy III
thirdy III 7 måneder siden
kind a misleading title, i thought it was a twin G.T.E.
m l
m l 7 måneder siden
stealth418 7 måneder siden
I don't think 200-250 ohm is that bad, even if the wire is that short...
Jonathon White
Jonathon White 7 måneder siden
those ultra sonic cleaners are miracles for old carburetors.
malcolm nicholls
malcolm nicholls 8 måneder siden
Calmly and clearly presented. Enjoyed this. Back in the day we always had to replace wires and distributor cap on our rusty old bangers (UK). What a lovely clean shop.
George Fourniotis
George Fourniotis 8 måneder siden
where are the fishing rods
Jessy Bwoy86
Jessy Bwoy86 8 måneder siden
ha man a huge shiver just went across my whole body !
Joe Valdrighi
Joe Valdrighi 8 måneder siden
If you don't understand the basics all the electronics in the world are can help you . The boat is a turd . It's hard for me to believe this guys making videos that you're supposed to learn from . When he showed to the spoon directing water into the pump . That's totally wrong . Ron Hamilton the original owner of place craft . Knew exactly what to do . I saw with my eyes at High Point with North Carolina one of his boat go 175 miles an hour . Finnegans boat will never see that speed unless it goes off a cliff . All the old-timers didn't have all the computerized technology . But they went fast as hell . Can you imagine having spent this kind of money . In the boat misfires . Unused Fuel injectors don't go bad . Roadkill needs to stick with the junkyards .
put name here
put name here 8 måneder siden
Camera man: i am speed
Todd Clark
Todd Clark 8 måneder siden
Such a beautiful sound can't think of anything better
Ethan Wrinkle
Ethan Wrinkle 8 måneder siden
1,000$$$ dollar life jackets. Haha it better save your life
Chris Haberland
Chris Haberland 9 måneder siden
what is the cylinder with a valve that you open for...sorry if i missed your comments about this
Chris Haberland
Chris Haberland 9 måneder siden
i found the answer to my question on the next video i am viewing...thanks
Mr Mike
Mr Mike 9 måneder siden
That's not a boat. That's a floating engine stand
workingclassmf 9 måneder siden
This thing does lines like johnnny depp
James Breedlove
James Breedlove 9 måneder siden
brentwilkey 9 måneder siden
What lake is this?
Jacob Moses
Jacob Moses 9 måneder siden
I saw this and thought you might enjoy it nosections.info/green/pKWpa5V8rYuo1p0/video.html
Кирилл Ермаков
Кирилл Ермаков 10 måneder siden
Tell me what spark plugs you use on this engine.Thank you.
jettelo 10 måneder siden
Attention span too short. Like a 15min drag race. The race is only a few seconds sooooooo............ What's the other 14.5 mins. Talkn
jettelo 10 måneder siden
I wouldn't watch a 20+ min vid even if it was naked p@$$€😀😄 Square bizzness. Nice motor doe
justingt3rs 10 måneder siden
i ran out of gas on my first snowmobile, a 700. i took the carbs completely apart before realising
Alfred Lukasek
Alfred Lukasek 10 måneder siden
Darrell Wilson
Darrell Wilson 10 måneder siden
Chuck Rice
Chuck Rice 10 måneder siden
Spark! Injunction! Fuel! Lmao!
Niklas Hultkrantz
Niklas Hultkrantz 10 måneder siden
When the tune is finished to you have to hammer the pitch of the propeller to get a better gear ratio?
L Kanan
L Kanan 10 måneder siden
You're boat sounds bad bro it really is. Might want to do a lot more fixing.
carol harris
carol harris 11 måneder siden
time for a drop snout and place diverter..
Cobra 427 V8
Cobra 427 V8 11 måneder siden
Cool , might need to add some sensitivity and clamp to the accelerator pump shot .
D R 11 måneder siden
Александр Бетехтин
Какая скорость?
elkramo 11 måneder siden
waiting to see ruth langmore on the bank
Jimmy Kirkpatrick
Jimmy Kirkpatrick 11 måneder siden
Waqar Ghulam
Waqar Ghulam 11 måneder siden
You were never not referring to cylinder 7, but 8, 7 was on the opposite side
Big Daddy
Big Daddy 11 måneder siden
Is that a fucking Toyota pickup? What happened to you?
Big Daddy
Big Daddy 11 måneder siden
You know what's great about Georgia? Fucking nothing! By the way, you should put a Honda VTech in that thing, that would be so tight, bro!
Max Savelev
Max Savelev 11 måneder siden
Блесна работает при скорости в 2, 3 мили/ч
Max Savelev
Max Savelev 11 måneder siden
Зачем ? Проглот . Паралельно лодкам обычным мотором 150hp .
Jacob Nix
Jacob Nix 11 måneder siden
Your multimeter was measuring that 230ohms was off the scale while set on 200ohms.
Frans Badenhorst
Frans Badenhorst 11 måneder siden
I will lay awake nights thinking what kind of ride that must be....
Scottie Johnson
Scottie Johnson 11 måneder siden
Never thought about putting spark plugs in the ultrasonic cleaner. We have a smaller one we use for carb parts.
Brett Caldwell
Brett Caldwell 11 måneder siden
Anyone else notice how close his ripcord came to snagging his throttle bracket?
Michaelktm 11 måneder siden
I am surprised that you would put the kevlar underwear on given your usual disregard for your safety by your reluctance to use jack stands, safety glasses and hearing protection in all your videos i've seen over the years.
4x4chevy 11 måneder siden
Send oil sample for testing to identify type of metallic particles
How to win. Facts.
How to win. Facts. 11 måneder siden
That day could of made you 5 grand but instead your accounts not plus 5 and now minus than when you got up
Luca Nissoli
Luca Nissoli 11 måneder siden
FJ80Coop 11 måneder siden
Who thumbs upped Finnegans being stranded on the lake due to loose nut behind the wheel error ? 😂
Steven Bowles
Steven Bowles År siden
That damn boat does over a hundred without breaking a sweat
Chris Collum
Chris Collum År siden
Heighth isn't a word..... It's should be, but it isn't.
Duane Ross
Duane Ross År siden
Glad things are improving for you.
J Doyle
J Doyle År siden
Don't need 23 minutes to tell me to used NOS get to to the point buddy If you you want to paid bu y NOsections
Radio Flite RC airplanes
After you get it all dialed in and go back and forth 20 0r 30 times ..then what? Sell it and next project ? I bet that would be awesome for trolling for trout with my dog stumpy!
AceOspades År siden
My god....that thing was just skimming on the surface of the water. Daaaaaaamn.
James Smith
James Smith År siden
Next step: make it/make a hydrofoil like this so Finnegan sees it! 🤣👌🏻
Andrew Litchfield
Just a quick tip, When using an Ultrasonic cleaner to clean up plugs, ensure that no moisture gets into Centres as they will pop them out the porcelain and leave the steel threads in your engine block lol!!
Nigel W
Nigel W År siden
Gday Finnegan, Man! Now that’s my kind of “social isolating”. Great job on the setup and all the best with the ongoing tuning. Just wondered what that “fat rooster tail” was at 21:26? Maybe a lowered pick up or trim tab etc? Nothing beats hammering across a glass-off in a big block powered boat! 🤤 We see you guys are copping it bad up there at the moment. Hoping it’s all over sooner rather than later. Our thoughts are with you, stay safe and well, Cheers from Oz 👍🍻
Dominic Gonzales
Not a boat guy, but why is there carbon dioxide tanks?
Dominic Mauro
Dominic Mauro År siden
can you call it a jet boat without a turbine engine?
bilinas mini
bilinas mini År siden
Holy Hell! I’ve been watching these videos for over 4 years? I remember game over going to SEMA. Where has my life gone?
Carolina Dreamer Automotive
Life jacket isn't going to do much at that speed. Stay safe Mike
Ramy Anthony
Ramy Anthony År siden
looks like it does a football field in 3sec flat
Ibnu Mas'ud
Ibnu Mas'ud År siden
Is this mr beast when he's get older
Mr Nisqually
Mr Nisqually År siden
Where was the laptop?
Mack Foster Sr.
Mack Foster Sr. År siden
That much money in that setup and your running royal purple you must be a gambling man....
Stephen Miller
Stephen Miller År siden
All i wanted was a boat to go fishing in
TM P År siden
Wind socks are your friends.
LOL old guy in the beginning hears this beast....then runs up to call the cops.
Bobby Tucker
Bobby Tucker År siden
This is the first time I've had time to watch this, I have really been looking forward to it. Gonna be a rooster tail about 50 feet high, or are you just going to "Part the Waters"? lol.
donald allen
donald allen År siden
I am surprise you just did not switch wires around it cheaper and faster to find out if it is your wires .........OK your guess was right this time
Bill Oklahoma
Bill Oklahoma År siden
As a matter of curiosity, when you were diagnosing the engines ills what were the compressions readings? Thanks!
Wyatt Cannon
Wyatt Cannon År siden
whats the hp
Steven H
Steven H År siden
So I got a couple questions one of the neighbors get upset because you're driving a drag boat out on the lake? 2. does that lake have a speed limit law I know up in Minnesota you can only go so fast out on the lake otherwise the DNR can give you a speeding ticket. 3. Could you build a motor like that for my pontoon boat? That would be exciting.
oldodger gray
oldodger gray År siden
My Dad told me years ago to install a strong magnet to your OIL filter (and pan) to hold any steel or iron particulates from going back out. (of the filter). I do it to this day....:) Change the oil and re-use your magnets !
Robert Hull
Robert Hull År siden
That's actually a great idea. But if your engine is shedding some metal isn't it on its way out anyway?
old magician
old magician År siden
Boat= big hole in the water in which you throw enormous sums of money!
Joshua S
Joshua S År siden
Lol not even a splash guard for the driver and passenger. Things just a huge engine mounted on a peace of wood.
REBELDAWG .308 År siden
ran out of gas really...... BECAUSE ROADKILL...... you cant get away from it Mike it just follows you everywhere.....I think it's because you and David created it??????
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