Finnegan's Garage Ep.65: The Biggest Wheelie and Race of My Life! 

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This is it, the fourth installment of an incredible cross-country road trip to race Jon Chase at the NHRA Winternationals in Pomona, California. Yeah, you probably already know the outcome of this race because it happened weeks ago and there's plenty of videos from the Hoonigans, Motor Trend, TheCraig909, FourSpeedFilms etc, but this is the tale from my point of view.
I'm picking up the road trip to the race as we prepare to leave The Horsepower Connection in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. We finished dyno-testing Blasphemi and although it would not stop leaking water from the cylinder heads into the crankcase, it did put 1,070hp to the tires. To prevent making a motor milkshake during the event we decided to drain the water out of the engine and only run it long enough to race down the track.
The new ramp truck, Square Force 1, was running great but only getting about 5.5 mpg and we wanted to know why. Sure, it's loaded down with Blasphemi, my tools, boxes of t-shirts and is pretty much a 14,000 lb brick pushing through the wind, but we still wanted to know how the 454 V8 engine was running. So David Newbern, Mike Cotten and I, along with Steve Darnell and Merlon Johnson from Welderup, decided to install a Holley Wideband O2 sensor and custom gauge to see the air/fuel ratio of the engine in real-time.
Here is a link to the gauge we installed:
Since we weren't at home in my garage we brought along the portable Miller Welder Multimatic 220 AC/DC MIG/TIG/Stick welder. You've seen this machine on my channel before and it's become my go-to welder because I frequently switch from MIG to TIG welding without having to disconnect the torch or gun and I can leave both the pure argon and argon/co2 mix bottles connected to the machine. It really saves time. Here's a link to more info on that welder:
I also brought along the Miller Fusion 160 generator/stick welder for a couple of reasons: first off, the new ramp truck isn't that reliable and I figured at some point during this 5,300 mile trip we'd brake down in the dark somewhere and it would be nice to have a generator for power. We also relied on the 6,500 watts of electrical output to run all of the electric items in our racing pit. The Fusion 160 powered our battery charger, the lights in Square Force 1, the Multimatic 220 and a four-inch angle grinder without any issue.
Here's a link to more info on the Fusion 160:
When it came time to MIG weld the O2 sensor bug into the exhaust system of the ramp truck we simply connected the Multimatic 220 to the Fusion 160, hit the electric start switch on the generator, and were off and welding in no time. It really is a great combination of portability and welding power!
The wideband sensor and gauge revealed that the engine was running perfectly and there was very little room to improve its tuneup for better mileage.It also revealed a small exhaust leak when the engine was idling that falsely gave us a lean air/fuel ratio. Once the engine was above idle and there was sufficient exhaust speed the leak went away and the gauge read normally and indicated the 454 was operating an an efficient 14.5:1 air/fuel ratio. If we keep searching for better fuel economy we may have to look into an overdrive transmission or diesel-swap the truck like the we did to the Roadkill ramp truck.
Anyway, we made it to Pomona on-time and sleepy. Since I hadn't driven the car since 2018 and the engine, shifter, fuel system and ignition were all brand-new, we chose to make a couple of test passes before racing started. The first pass resulted in a massive wheelie! The second pass yielded the best ET I've ever ran; 8.68 at 160 mph! When it came time to race Jon Chase, the car ran just long enough to get the job done and then the Hemi quit on me. It's currently out of the car for an autopsy to find the reason for the water leak and see if we did any other damage.
Now that this trip and race are over we are going to switch gears and get back to work on the OG Roadkill Ramp Truck, the twin turbo Jet Boat, and m '67 C10. Look for an update on the ramp truck's broken rear axle in episode 66!
and if you'd like to support this channel and my bad decisions involving cars the please cop a hoodie, a shirt, a hat or some stickers here: www.fsmgarage.com
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Jon Nun
Jon Nun 7 dager siden
Did you say "finnerator"?!
John Stroud
John Stroud 10 dager siden
Erik Johnsen
Erik Johnsen 16 dager siden
Why don`t You put the cummins from the other ramp Truck in it ?
israel pacheco
israel pacheco Måned siden
Diesel engine and alison tras.
Richard Green
Richard Green Måned siden
Juuso's Garage
Juuso's Garage 2 måneder siden
Turn that Turbowing upside down and it might improve your mileage. So it doesnt bend air upwards, it should extend the from top of the windshield straight to the roof. www.driverknowledgetests.com/resources/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/cab-aero-4-595x432.jpg
Brad Clayton
Brad Clayton 3 måneder siden
Wtf is wrong with uncle Bobby?
John O'brien
John O'brien 4 måneder siden
160 dislikes??? Unbelievable!!!! What's NOT to like about these guys?!?! I'll wait....
Alexpmgr8 K3
Alexpmgr8 K3 7 måneder siden
Clearly, The Force Is With This lot.. awesome show. Thanks soo much Bro.
WonderDeathz 420
WonderDeathz 420 8 måneder siden
What about the stubby bob
Jacob Embert
Jacob Embert 8 måneder siden
I think it's time to diesel swap the box truck and add a manual. That oughta get you back in the double digits.
fzs600Yamaha 8 måneder siden
it will cost me less if i buy everything in pices from biltema. inc mask and gloves. think i can buy a car also for the price u want for this producks in my contry. Norway
Bobby Sanders
Bobby Sanders 8 måneder siden
Mike, Is that a Simpson fire suit you had on?
Leslie Harding
Leslie Harding 8 måneder siden
Black power? I see a bunch of white folk
typhoon320i 8 måneder siden
I didn't watch the earlier video until now. I didn't Realize that the reason they ran without coolant is because it puked it all into the oil every time. Disappointed in the engine build now.
GalaxyGachaTiger 9 måneder siden
What are the odds of the ad i see pop up is mike talking bout his welder lmfao
noremac cystoms
noremac cystoms 10 måneder siden
Surely the hauler engine would be most efficient if running at peak torque ? I reckon a turbocharger could yield better mpg ? Unless it already is ?
Jeremy Dickman
Jeremy Dickman 10 måneder siden
You need a shorter exhaust system, some small custom stacks would look amazing.
Zack Mong
Zack Mong 10 måneder siden
I feel u on the mgps I drive a 1999 gmc suburban that as a 454 big block in er as a daily single digits awesome 😂
Ryan Dass
Ryan Dass 10 måneder siden
Man 3 grand for that welder, thats what you call affordable... My HF welder has been holding up real nice for the past year and a half and was good on my wallet. I'd love to try out that welder but it's not "affordable" to me. Love your channel brother, keep burnin' rubber
Ken ross
Ken ross 11 måneder siden
Attaboy Mike , your presentation is great!
ted evans
ted evans 11 måneder siden
what rpm is it now with 4.56 gears at 80 mph ? I am guessing 3500 + ? I think I would swap a cummins turbo in there , and swap the rear gears to 3.73's . My 02 dodge dually 4x4 is a 3.54 gear , with a six speed stick and I have towed my 45 foot enclosed , loaded , and I got more than 3 times the mileage you are getting . I love the cummins turbo's torque , and it get's 22 mpg with just the truck .
Sir LurksaLot
Sir LurksaLot 11 måneder siden
How does running it without water make it run better? I don't get it
Brian Riley
Brian Riley År siden
What about putting on a gear vendors overdrive unit? Keep the stock trans and get O/D.
X Mo
X Mo År siden
Man, Blasphemi can git! 🤠 I think the last episode I had seen is when they hauled it home, got wheels, and stopped by The Crow's place. Which episodes have the engine build?
gary mathews
gary mathews År siden
try out Bars leak for coolant leaks
m.j t
m.j t År siden
is that sensor close enough to the engine?
Bariako År siden
5 mpg? imagine the fuelcost of driving this in europe! around 8-10 dollars for each mile only in gas!
Zach Acevedo
Zach Acevedo År siden
You can see the wheel wobble in the 1st dino pull from the housing and axle being bent. I just noticed that. I just watch when the put the new rear end housing in it before drag week.
Larry Vollmar
Larry Vollmar År siden
Simple 1: Move wing forward about 4 feet. Stand it up a liitle taller. 2: Buy a gear vendor over/under drive for it. 3: Where's the pic of John shaved?!?!?! haahahahahaha You'll see 10 mpg.
Michael Simoneau
6 time champion XD DAMN SON
Smitty's channel
SO WHAT is the song at the opening??? shazam has no idea......
cudaphil År siden
The real star of the show @18:50
Strange Times
Strange Times År siden
Time for a Revenge- his Beart is almost ready!!
With What You Got
These dudes are hilarious
Robert Ordewald
Robert Ordewald År siden
We drove our truck far, far way to do battle with some young Hoonigan's who had this idea that they could successfully do battle with the mighty Roadship, Blastphemi. With our Beard-shields on we proceeded to do battle, We strike once, A victory! We strike twice and alas our opponent is no more, his beard-shield was simply not strong enough to do battle against us. As he withdraws from the battlefield in defeat, shorn of his locks of power, a broken man. We stand tall, ready to do battle with all those undeserving, unworthy teams that think they hope to claim victory against the mighty Team Finnegan and the Amazing Blastphemi!!!!
Matt Howson
Matt Howson År siden
The fast and the furious quotes probably some of the funniest. Love it man
bobby Troy
bobby Troy År siden
not going to lie, and not trying to be an asshole, but john is def not a driver... for other drag guys out there who have ran cars doing mid to low 8's like myself,you can tell he has no idea what hes doing and hes not great at it lol. he needs A LOT of seat time.
bobby Troy
bobby Troy År siden
such a beautiful truck though... thing is so clean
Andy Nichols
Andy Nichols År siden
Best trip eva
DormantIdeas NIQ
huhhh! that's why they make DIESELs
ace mechanic
ace mechanic År siden
U need a better roof scoop i should say
ace mechanic
ace mechanic År siden
It helps so much and u know as well as i do fuel directed towards each cylinder efficiently is the best way to go
ace mechanic
ace mechanic År siden
It would be better that u install a efi system and also a fin on top of cab
Mike Skidmore
Mike Skidmore År siden
I like that Mig / TIG welder have not looked at welders for a couple of years.. I only use Copper anti seize on exhaust system threads ..
Mike Skidmore
Mike Skidmore År siden
The amount of unused Oxygen .. my 1988 Chevy K-20 got 8.8 MPG in the winter pulling a small tandem axle enclosed snowmobile trailer speed limit 55 short headers and timing advances to make up for stretched timing chain . My 79 Chevy half ton short Box with quadrajet 4 barrel and headers got way better mpg
Enjoy! År siden
You know with that kind of fuel mileage, you may as well buy a TRACTOR-TRAILER.
Mr M
Mr M År siden
I dont even play with cars but these vids are cool af.
Steve Prestek
Steve Prestek År siden
Anti seize on a stick!!!! Man I gotta get me some of that! I bought a bottle of that stuff so long ago I forget how long it's been (it could be 20 years, huge bottle) and it doesn't make any difference what you do, you get a little dollop on your part and that stuff ends up EVERYWHERE on EVERYTHING!! Gotta get that stick! One word for better mileage - diesel.
Jacob Chandler
Jacob Chandler År siden
Put a mild built duramax in it with about 3.73s
Patriot3210 År siden
Damn, that radio reminded me of the sounds you hear when you pass out lol
aaron År siden
Pushing those venders hard today. I think that when shows die.
Scott Cardwell
Scott Cardwell År siden
Infomercial nice!!!....Thanks for wasting my time
Donald Burkhard
Donald Burkhard År siden
Surprised you have turbo or super charge motor.
Jubal Wright
Jubal Wright År siden
ahhh my 489stroker burb gets the same milage but its only 5000lbs and has overdrive, but its evil \m/ I do say being able to read AFR is great
Keaton's carlott
Super proud of you. Always been a favorite person.
doyourealycare År siden
for the ram truck i would put a cummings engine would save so much mpg
Golman’s garage SDG Motorsports
if i were you i would do some episodes of swapping the ramp truck motor into square force one and just put the good reliable motor back in the ramp truck call it a day it
warren hymes
warren hymes År siden
My kid runs a Chevy dually with the 8 liter, loaded heavy with a big box trailer gets 8.0 MPG, 12 running empty. Sure doesn't feel slow, either.
Joseph Langford
Joseph Langford År siden
My 85 chevy truck going from Ks to Az only got 4 mpg.
pat loughner
pat loughner År siden
Blasphemi is just bad ass!!!!! I
8ball4554 År siden
You guys live the dream Finnegan, thanks for sticking around youtube and not following along with all the other corporate tv shows, and letting us see the things you guys build. Awesome content
ron watson
ron watson År siden
Pixie dust and unicorn piss.That's funny right there.Good show but enough with the stupid mask. Damn Also it's time to give Tom Nelson a call.imo
karl knudson
karl knudson År siden
put coolant back in but get a electric water pump
karl knudson
karl knudson År siden
put ceramic wheel bearings and in rear end and transmission should of put the oxy sensor right by the collector after all pipes cone together or right after the stock intake manifold
Ian Brown
Ian Brown År siden
How much did you get paid to say these things
Lloyd Ankney Jr.
You have me watching all these Jack Commercials i need to go mix me a drink...Thx Finn, It's only 6:00 AM....)
69NOMAN69 noman
69NOMAN69 noman År siden
i was really hoping jon beat this douche bag.
Try Thinking
Try Thinking År siden
Ought to put a Cummins diesel in there.
Chris År siden
Dave doesn’t like cotten much does he
Cecil G. Relation
Play with tire size a bit. Final drive ratio will change things for you
MrDuckynme År siden
Put a Gear Vendors overdrive unit in the beast
Jeremy Odell
Jeremy Odell År siden
Duramax swap. LBZ with allison
Daniel Bonner
Daniel Bonner År siden
22:30 at least Jon remembered to take the cardboard out of his NHRA hat lol 😂
wha _
wha _ År siden
If your gonna two step maybe try stiffening the car
Füel injectiön
Swap it with a Detroit Diesel. 6V71 with a 5spd manual and stacks... That would be so badass
Towallomee sgel
Towallomee sgel År siden
That was pretty far away from a satisfying victory.
dylan baron aka tractormad101
You should put a super charger and blower in the ram truck
Muzalli Sam
Muzalli Sam År siden
Ain't a blower and supercharger the same thing?
Rangersplash94 År siden
I totally agree. its a big block with a carb and its heavy as shit. one word DIESEL.
William Stone
William Stone År siden
Hey Mike is the Blasphemi street-legal still
Clyde Monroe / snakeeater445
isnt funny Finnegan help him work on his car and if you watch their video they were talking about staging slowly so finnegan heat soaks his car because he was running no coolant, shows the two sides of the automotive world, glad jons car got that death wobble
Gaming Whiz
Gaming Whiz År siden
I thought Stubby Bob was your biggest wheelie ever, guess im wrong
Jeff Kedrowski
Jeff Kedrowski År siden
my 1998 with my 44 foot and just under 26k gross was getting right at 10..... it also got right at 10 empty so.....
Aviator Jake
Aviator Jake År siden
cummins swap the ramp truck
Shad Rogers
Shad Rogers År siden
Mike ment to say unburned fuel instead of unburned oxygen, right?
J Schmelzer
J Schmelzer År siden
Wtf was that chipmunk? XD
Rebel with a Cause
Swap the engine for that diesel ya put in the convertible cadilac 👍
Jason Estrada
Jason Estrada År siden
When adding wheely bars. Defenatly will help down the track.
the new Kenedy
the new Kenedy År siden
Did anyone else hear someome say white power in the back when they were holding the trophy at 23:02
Stephen Stanley
Stephen Stanley År siden
I wanna see A DURAMAX swap on the ramp truck!
Silas Williams
Silas Williams År siden
Your biggest wheelie was in stuby bob
justin fryer
justin fryer År siden
i got jumped by 6 people at Cadillac ranch.. great night!
Steve Ramirez
Steve Ramirez År siden
Hunter Jegou
Hunter Jegou År siden
Do another diesel swap, now the OG ramp truck can have a diesel buddy
sanford rhudy
sanford rhudy År siden
Dave Wright Jr. gave Blasphemi some hook?
Jeff Heyman
Jeff Heyman År siden
Cummins swap
Mike Behrens
Mike Behrens År siden
BTW. Congrats on keeping your beard.👍👍👍. Hope you get that coolant issue figured out
Mike Behrens
Mike Behrens År siden
I run a 7k 1 ton dually towing a 14k trailer. 21000lbs combined I get 17 mpg average and we got serious hills here. The trick to it is to run a mildly tuned diesel,with out emissions. Nothing like freight training passed people on a 12% grade (2/3s to the boards, 23 psi boost, 4th gear, 2900 rpm at 92 mph). Nah,nah,nah,nah. Hey,,hey, Good Bye sucka 😂😂😂 Ditch that 454 and do another 12 valve conversion.😉
Randall Franklin
Great job Mike...., That cars is so Badass!!!!
Dan W
Dan W År siden
Looking at the 'wing' you have on top of the cab at 10:27, it's mounted too far back and not nearly wide enough to break up the airflow going over top of the body. If you get one of those fiberglass units off of a semi that gets wider toward the back (especially one that would cover all the way to the corners), it will help considerably. You also need something on the back of the body to break up the vacuum 'pocket' directly behind the vehicle. I'm sure you guys could fabricate something using some modified technology from F1 and GP cars, that would do that, and still be easily moved to get into the back of the truck. Another thing that would probably help, if you hadn't already done it, is get that intake air temp down to a reasonable level, and maybe use water/alcohol injection to increase the combustion efficiency. Even later model 454's have junk heads with lousy airflow characteristics, so they need all the help they can get, especially if it still has TBI on it. Just an FYI: Overdrive is not going to do it. The engine probably won't spin fast enough to stay cool at lower rpm's. 4.56 is a good ratio for a tank like that, (unless you decide to go with a 6 cyl. Cummins, and solve the majority of your fuel consumption!)😉👍
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