The End of The Epic Road Trip and a New Project Unveiled! Finnegan's Garage Ep.145 

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We've come to the end of our road trip from California to Georgia. In this video you'll see Newbern and I battle through the worst storm we've ever experienced as we journeyed through Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama. We managed to bring two new project boats home with us. The first boat was loaded inside of Lincoln Hawk for the trip home and if you're a fan of Roadkill then you'll recognize this 1976 Rogers Bonneville TR jet boat. The second boat has been under wraps literally and figuratively speaking, since I ordered it from Eliminator Boats in Mira Loma, California last year. We managed to tow it over 2,100 miles with a custom Kokopelli trailer riding on golf cart tires behind Lincoln Hawk and now it's time to unwrap it. We'll be refurbishing the Rogers and building the 21-foot Eliminator tunnel hull from scratch. Stay tuned for more videos on both boats plus more fun with Game Over, the 711ci twin-turbo jet boat as well.

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2. mai. 2021





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Alicia Ajoc
Alicia Ajoc 7 dager siden
Dang man. I kinda wanted to hear that turbo .
Hudson 9 dager siden
I'm still impressed Finn moved to Georgia I commented on a roadkill video about it being a honey hole to find solid cars to restore when the picking was slim out west for project cars within months he was living there and buying the Firestone firebird somewhere I have a letter he wrote me when I was in sixth grade we had to write an essay to an editor of our favorite magazine I wrote it to Freiburger about all the work me and my older brother were doing on a 68 Dodge Monaco and about wanting to work for Peterson publications but Finnegan was the one who replied to my letter he had just got the job working for them at the time and gave me a bunch of incite on what was involved with working for them he's the reason I took automotive engine rebuilding and machining and welding courses at trade school these days I do custom interior carpentry but I have multiple garages that I don't own storing multiple project cars from Georgia and mountains of parts for if I ever get the chance to really get back into working on my cars again
Mr Joe Smith
Mr Joe Smith 9 dager siden
Alright, great video. Now, wheres the list of music in it? I see nobody credited in the "About" drop down menu.
bluekoi455 21 dag siden
That new Eliminator hull is Hotttt!
everynameipickisunav 28 dager siden
You only know a true friend when you road trip.
Faux Que
Faux Que 29 dager siden
I had no idea Eliminator was still making pickleforks. Very cool
Richard Young
Richard Young 29 dager siden
Mike, when was this filmed? I am trying to get Eliminator to dust off the mold to build me a 21 to replace mine that burned in a gas fire. Please email me at rcyoung1@cox.net with any details you can share. Thank you for time.
Brian Bales
Brian Bales Måned siden
great music kool truck
DamnTrue Måned siden
A kodiak that’s rattling itself apart? Weird.
Rare Form
Rare Form Måned siden
Color and lines SEXY Pickle
GarThor Son of Odin
GarThor Son of Odin Måned siden
wow, that is an awesome looking boat.
dave g
dave g Måned siden
Do a V DRIVE And compare it to your jet
Joey Yearian
Joey Yearian Måned siden
Where do you find those tires in a radial with wheels?
Thumper Van squeaky nuts
Man you travel way slower than I thought you would on long trips, I’m freaking out whenever I have to go below 70
J Maudsley
J Maudsley 2 måneder siden
She who must be obeyed. Drive the car, carry the money....best game in town. Girls are the best.
Andrew Schmidbauer
Andrew Schmidbauer 2 måneder siden
NICE , Had a rare 21 eliminator V drive found out why they didn't make too many of them very finicky on set up jet or outboard the way to go
Russell Collier
Russell Collier 2 måneder siden
She's a keeper. Hurry up and get it done. Haha
Keith G
Keith G 2 måneder siden
Man I love this channel. Keeping it 100.
Derek B. Miller
Derek B. Miller 2 måneder siden
I love Daytona’s 👍👍
Daryl Ward
Daryl Ward 2 måneder siden
Love your channel. Jet Boats make the channel even better. I contacted Eliminator back in January to build me a 21' Daytona and was told it would take over a year. I want another Jet Boat so bad.
offthebeatenpath 2 måneder siden
sooo are they actual trailer tires or not for road use golf cart tires cause ive been running 1 of each on my little 8x8 snowmobile trailer i normaly only haul a 6 or 700lb honda forman but i was curious lol
Tom Miers
Tom Miers 2 måneder siden
521 bbf with 429 heads would look very nice!
Casey Smyth
Casey Smyth 2 måneder siden
Wifey crackin the whip.....that tells me youve got an unlimited budget 😉😎🏁
Nun Ya
Nun Ya 2 måneder siden
I have already have a go fast boat and I wish I had a wife
Roger Minter
Roger Minter 2 måneder siden
Was that a pint of booze and a coke? If so, i'll ride with ya!!!
David Windsor
David Windsor 2 måneder siden
Hurry up and get it done. Yes dear.😉😆👍
opie dooner
opie dooner 2 måneder siden
You live in America now. You can pull a trailer over 55mph.
meep 2 måneder siden
lol @ getting a boat that is so weak some hail can ruin it.
Wes Hillsberry
Wes Hillsberry 2 måneder siden
Thank goodness your goin more in the dragboat world I was devastated when u mentioned selling game over!! I'm die hard vdrive guy and approve of game over because the setup is insane but we wanna see a vdrive next!!!!
Rune Jonassen
Rune Jonassen 2 måneder siden
Ever tried Aquapel? One of those products that actually does what they advertise. Makes your windshield aquaphobic and rain blows off without the need for vipers at 40+. A bit hypnotizing effect until you get used to it. Quite nice product and it lasts for months (depending on how well you apply it)
Chase Farmer
Chase Farmer 2 måneder siden
The air was thick as we awaited wife's approval
DtEarth 2 måneder siden
Can't believe you went the whole trip and didn't buy new wipers
Tracy Lash
Tracy Lash 2 måneder siden
I kinda miss the thing's to do in riverside
Evil beetle kustoms& creations
At 7 minutes 39 seconds I thought he had a bottleI of Jack Daniel's in the center console 😂 but to be fair they have drive-thru daiquiri shops in Louisiana!!
Don Mears
Don Mears 2 måneder siden
I hope you look back and see this. You gotta hijack that BBC that they called the Tunnel-Cram from Engine Masters , put in the new boat and that will make it haul ass for sure!!!
Matthew VanDerNoord
Matthew VanDerNoord 2 måneder siden
keep the hard work up
War Like
War Like 2 måneder siden
Roof lights notorious leaders, get rid of the seals and red silicone them
kelly densmore
kelly densmore 2 måneder siden
at the 15:01 min mark of the video you can watch the price of diesel change in the top right corner, not that this matters at all but it happened.
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 2 måneder siden
The sign was cycling between cash and credit prices.
Terry Nicewonger
Terry Nicewonger 2 måneder siden
Awesome Color Choose looks great, even better it is a Family Boat build!
The_essential_gringo 2 måneder siden
Seeing Mrs. Finnegan be excited and demanding that you hurry up and get it going is the best part. I hope my girl is as cool as that, though I have my doubts...
Rui Gaio
Rui Gaio 2 måneder siden
So damm beautiful!!! Your wife reaction killed me 😁
Chris Sperling
Chris Sperling 2 måneder siden
Finn you need to put a lift inside the the Lincoln hawk that way both boats are inside. God bless and Semper Fi
christian gerrmann
christian gerrmann 2 måneder siden
What would have made this better would have been for her to say now the game over power plant needs to move
aaahhhchew 2 måneder siden
I thought this was a finnegan the fox video that youtube keeps popping up on me. but nope... a different finnegan.
bob bob
bob bob 2 måneder siden
In the UK and Europe you can buy a low profile 13" tyre. 195/50R13C which is 900kg per tyre and rated for 140kmh.
David Katz
David Katz 2 måneder siden
Love your videos!!
greg king
greg king 2 måneder siden
So glad you got your dreams
John Versluis
John Versluis 2 måneder siden
Your Wires reaction and hurry get it done (Priceless ) !!!
Shaun C
Shaun C 2 måneder siden
Lol the old guy in the background doing yard work not giving a single fuck
Sean Duggan
Sean Duggan 2 måneder siden
27:54 That cringe worthy moment someone rubs the freshly painted body. Then to realise that somebody has a ring on and you hear the ring side all the way down the side
Lee Francis Zurcher
Lee Francis Zurcher 2 måneder siden
your roadside landscapes are pure beauty, wish I could join you on some of those road trips. If you ever find yourself in south africa be sure to drop me a line so I can take Y'all on a South African road trip. Cool Beans Man. BTW Game Over is a Game Changer ;-)
Thurman Bright
Thurman Bright 2 måneder siden
It’s like peeling off a giant sticker.
Brandon Deel
Brandon Deel 2 måneder siden
Man that dot of blue at 11:19 made me think my phone shit a pixel.lol
lonny self
lonny self 2 måneder siden
like she said get it done lol
Petterjunior 2 måneder siden
Love the boss inspection at the end 👍🏻👌🏻
Dennis J. Foley
Dennis J. Foley 2 måneder siden
8:23 Shreveport shoutout... Independence Stadium (home of the Independence Bowl) along the highway in the rain. Gotta know how the ride quality was on that stretch of 20. Used to live in Shreveport, had to drive a big rental truck with a boat trailer in tow through there on a long distance drive a couple years ago and that was BRUTAL. Can only imagine what that must have been like with that truck AND with water getting inside.
J A 2 måneder siden
Always entertaining!
Gerald Troxler
Gerald Troxler 2 måneder siden
We have gone from mid Ohio to New Orleans, Louisiana pulling a drag boat on a dolly trailer
bmwe345 2 måneder siden
I know you know this but your wife is awesome.
Boss Tadow
Boss Tadow 2 måneder siden
Bro beautiful red🚤... like the Bosslady said hurry up...👍👍
koobra87 2 måneder siden
That blue light reflecting on the windshield tripped me out. I kept thinking my screen had a pixel out.
Daniel Kavanaugh
Daniel Kavanaugh 2 måneder siden
On your new rig ya ought think of putting a nose cone on it. Your mileage will improve a bunch
Ken Johnson
Ken Johnson 2 måneder siden
is this one '' GAME ON'' ?
Andrew Keefer
Andrew Keefer 2 måneder siden
love the video. loven that your wife is wanting it done. your a lucky man Mike. you have a cool wife.
fin screenname
fin screenname 2 måneder siden
Never liked those little wheel trailers. I hope they have progressed from the time we used to run them.
Jonathon Rose
Jonathon Rose 2 måneder siden
I can’t watch motor trend on demand it doesn’t work in New Zealand
Dak446 2 måneder siden
This is the first time ive heard finnegans voice since roadkill left youtube. I was a civilian then
aserta 2 måneder siden
One of the reasons why i custom ordered foam laced tarps for most of my stuff i care about. The same kind of foam you get PC cases shipped in. In rain season, everything's covered. It's not 100% sure, but most of the stuff is going to survive up to 4 cm hail.
LegacyMuse 2 måneder siden
Now you gotta get Lincoln Hawk painted up to match.
stefan w
stefan w 2 måneder siden
Finn should have millions of subs by now! Come on people the guy has a hovercraft!!! Maybe he's just missing the mullet? Let's get finn to agree that when He hits 1 Mill he grows a full blown mullet for one year!
Erik Rapoport
Erik Rapoport 2 måneder siden
Hurry up and get it done, I'm ready! Same thing my wife said last night
B Dahl
B Dahl 3 måneder siden
What ever Happened to the LT swapped C-10 pick-up. Was it ever finished completely?
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 3 måneder siden
They have a lot of content of the truck in episodes 127 - 140. (Including a 1 week build series)
Jonathan Dyer
Jonathan Dyer 3 måneder siden
Fun fact...if you buy 60 gallons worth the fuel loves will give you a free shower...all you have to do is say you need a team shower and they'll give you two separate showers.
Jonathan Dyer
Jonathan Dyer 2 måneder siden
@Corey M agreed. lol
Corey M
Corey M 2 måneder siden
"team shower" just sounds wrong
merlinwag 3 måneder siden
Wow! Eliminator knocked it out of the park! Now, please listen to your wife "now get it done". Seriously, thank you bringing boats back to the mainstream. Most hot rod guys do not realize how huge the hot rod boat boat culture was back in the 50's, 60's, and 70's. As much as I love "hot rods", I love "hot rod boats" more. Appreciate all you do for the sport!
jim skelton
jim skelton 3 måneder siden
Music list
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 3 måneder siden
Here are a few of them: Saint Anyway - Goodbye Carolina Rose Saint Anyway - All the Way to Me Geva Alon - Long Summer Night Cody Martin - Kiss of Daybreak
Fred Lindstrom
Fred Lindstrom 3 måneder siden
What's group names music in your video for road trip
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 2 måneder siden
@Fred Lindstrom You're welcome.
Fred Lindstrom
Fred Lindstrom 2 måneder siden
Found it thanks
Fred Lindstrom
Fred Lindstrom 2 måneder siden
When guys paused on side of hwy is one of them
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 3 måneder siden
There are multiple artists. Here are a few of the songs that were used: Saint Anyway - Goodbye Carolina Rose Saint Anyway - All the Way to Me Geva Alon - Long Summer Night Cody Martin - Kiss of Daybreak
Fugly Feet
Fugly Feet 3 måneder siden
*clap clap* hurry up and get it done. Lol ilove it!
FPS_ CHEWY 3 måneder siden
There was an old man named Michael Finnegan He had whiskers on his chin-a-gen Along came the wind and blew them in again Poor, old Michael Finnegan, begin again There was an old man named Michael Finnegan He had whiskers on his chin-a-gen Along came the wind and blew them in again Poor, old Michael Finnegan, begin again There was an old man named Michael Finnegan He had whiskers on his chin-a-gen Along came the wind and blew them in again Poor, old Michael Finnegan
William Parker
William Parker 3 måneder siden
I have 10” tires for my pontoon trailer that are rated for the road
michael honeychuck
michael honeychuck 3 måneder siden
best product for that gel coat is PRO TEC senioa ga, nothing can compete with there system
Erik 3 måneder siden
the link to flying sparks garage doesnt work.
Luc Turcotte
Luc Turcotte 3 måneder siden
Hey Fin, I have a brand new set of old stock mirrors for that sweet ass truck of yours. Let me know if you need a new set
James Spikes
James Spikes 3 måneder siden
Coolest. Wife. Ever.
thudtheace 3 måneder siden
Cousin Randy?? My disfunction ears first heard cousin Eddie!... Cheers!
Thomas Ballew
Thomas Ballew 3 måneder siden
You in trouble now Mike you better hurry she's gonna want to ride before summers over
stoker20 3 måneder siden
Welcome to the modern world of air entrapment. You'll love the ride at speed.
eager400 3 måneder siden
Instead of LincolnHawk name it LeakingHawk. Love your videos!
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 3 måneder siden
Leakin' Hawk.
Jon stinnett
Jon stinnett 3 måneder siden
Todd Bertram
Todd Bertram 3 måneder siden
27:15 boat can be seen, BADASS. Just needs a little trolling motor and she is ready to rock.
Mr Sauce
Mr Sauce 3 måneder siden
19:41 they finally quit talking about golf cart tires and get wrenching
Steve Beavers
Steve Beavers 3 måneder siden
She purty
tree18is 3 måneder siden
like and commented before this episode blows my mind
Mongo's Garage
Mongo's Garage 3 måneder siden
Hurry up and get it done! Truer words have never been spoken!
Wikkus 3 måneder siden
Got to say, that Eliminator is a lust-making thing, Your missus is bloody right :D
BlackKnight BcKc
BlackKnight BcKc 3 måneder siden
Yea a lot of us boaters have dolly trailers with only two tires and we go from Nor cal to Arizona all the time
stkrrauch 3 måneder siden
so cool nice job great video
Carl Svedenius
Carl Svedenius 3 måneder siden
Stupid Question , why use wood at all and not only grp or divinycell ? It looks like a dream =)
Lukes Workshop
Lukes Workshop 3 måneder siden
The start of the episode and watching Mike just glide over bumps with the air ride seat and Newbern being jolted by each bump made me wonder if they fight over who gets to drive Lincoln Hawk
D4 VE 3 måneder siden
Arent they same as classic mini wheels/tyres?
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